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Found 6 results

  1. Hello! My boyfriend and I are on day 3 of the Whole30. We are looking for some snacks we can buy as well as snacks we can make on our own when we have more time. We live in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and most of the recommended brands in the book are not available here. Does anyone know of any snacks we can get here? So far we've found 2 types of Larabars available at Walmart. Thank you!!!
  2. Almond crusted tilapia filet

    I made this as part of my prepwork for lunches for the next few work days: almond crusted tilapia filets. Started with tilapia filets that I dipped into leftover egg whites from making homemade mayo. After the egg dunk, I coated the filets in a mixture of almond meal (purchased at Trader Joes), onion and garlic powders, fresh ground black pepper, and a bit of Old Bay seasoning (check label for ingredients). I sautéed the filets in a pan of half olive oil/half coconut oil, and flipped after two or three minutes when the underneath looked crispy golden brown. They came out great! Note - I've also done the same type of meal with catfish, sole, cod, basa, and other types of flakey white fish. I've used whole egg when I didn't have leftover egg whites to use for the egg wash. And I've also used coconut flour mixed with unsweetened coconut flakes, and a multitude of other seasonings combinations to get different effects. I don't think I've come across a bad attempt at any of the above. Delicious, nutritious, and easy!
  3. Hey all! I am currently planning my Whole30 to begin in February. It takes a lot of planning in advance for me for meals on any typical day/week and this is my first complete Whole30 and I could use any tips you got to help. I am a stay-at-home-mom of a 2.5 yr old and (breastfeeding) 7 month old. Sometimes I only have 1 hand to eat. Meal prep is a challenge on any regular day with 2 very busy kids and a hubby works either away or long hours, unable to help with either prep or the kids. I have planned lots of meals already (most of which are very basic, simple and somewhat plain, which I am OK with) but am looking for any tips from fellow moms or super busy folks out there that have any advice or specific recipes when tackling a Whole30 when you don't have a lot of time for prep. Anything throw together would be great. I am already Paleo so I do as much 'from scratch' meals as I can. Unless I can manage to do it in my sleep I don't think I can do much more. I have read posts that are geared towards breastfeeding already so I know how to keep on top of that part. Thanks in advance!
  4. Eggs in Purgatory

    Being the smug jerk I am sometimes, I thought I came up with a brilliant, albeit bizarre, PERFECT Whole30 meal. Turns out, it's totally already a thing. Oh well. I hate the name though, so maybe I'll revamp and rename it and pretend it's new Eggs in Purgatory: Poach eggs in tomato sauce. Add stuff. Eat. For real! Make some homemade marinara with those buckets of tomatoes you've been getting from your co-op (or is that just in AZ?) OR buy some W30 compliant sauce. Bring it to a simmer in a skillet, and gently lower as many eggs as you like into the sauce. Cover with a lid and let cook for ~4 minutes. I spooned out the first two onto a bed of steamed broccoli, dumped more sauce on top, and devoured! Some other ideas are to add sauteed veggies (onion, mushroom, garlic, asparagus?!) or to eat on a bed of spaghetti squash. Eggs and tomato sauce sounds bizarre but Ohhhh man is it good eats. BONUS: super easy to reheat for work lunch or whatever. I brought a tupperware with two eggs, broccoli, cauliflower, and sauce and it's a great lunch!
  5. Hey guys- just wanted to share a recent find at Trader Joe's that is great for a quick snack or add on to a nutritious meal. Trader Joe's ready to go butternut squash. You can pop the bag of squash cubes in the microwave for five minutes or stick in the oven. add cinnamon for taste.
  6. Hi! I could use some suggestions for ideas for picky ovolacto kids. The girls aren't bad but the the boys would gladly live on rice & beans, cereal & milk, pizza, pasta with cheese, a few cooked or raw veggies and sliced fruit. GAHHHHHHH!!!