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Found 5 results

  1. Bschori

    How many servings in recipes?

    I have just started the program and am working with the first week recipes in the book. Can someone tell me if a recipe says 2 servings that is meant for 2 people? For instance, the first night’s dinner is a lb of ground beef with tomatoe sauce over spaghetti squash and it says to have the “leftovers” for breakfast the next day. It says 2 servings on the recipe. Is that dinner and breakfast for 1 person or 2?
  2. Is there a way to get post publication corrections for a cookbook? P218 of the Whole30 Fast & Easy cookbook has the time to cook listed as 6 hours on low and 8 hours on high, which is obviously incorrect. Is there a correction anywhere?
  3. We host a big family Easter lunch most years. We live in the South and the food usually reflects that! I’ll be on day 20 of my Whole30 so while the sugared spiral ham will definitely be on the table I’m going to try for a compliant main protein to accompany it and see if I can sneak in several compliant sides. I’m curious as to what folks will be bringing to the table for the holiday. Thought it might be fun to share favorite recipes that others will go for and that might work well when preparing a lot of food.
  4. Settyfitness

    Instant pot recipes?

    Hello everyone. I’m on my 6th Whole 30 go around and wow is it getting easier than ever to be Whole 30 compliant all the time! I’m expanding my horizons sooooo....Anyone have any good WHOLE 30 Instant pot recipes I can try? I’m new to the Instant pot....and i am curious what everyone likes in there the best... Thanks in advance and Happy Whole 30!
  5. bombermcd

    Starting March 1, 2018

    Starting the Whole 30 journey March 1st, 2018- scared and intimidated at the moment!