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Found 106 results

  1. I have been off whole30 for a long time now, time for me to get back on track and start eating healthy again. I just purchased a Vitamix blender because I think it will help with such things as nut butter, and nut milk, and soups. If anyone has used a Vitamix on their whole30, I sure would appreciate some recipes or ideas, need to jump start my whole 30 again soon as I get this cast off my wrist~!!!!
  2. bombermcd

    Starting March 1, 2018

    Starting the Whole 30 journey March 1st, 2018- scared and intimidated at the moment!
  3. I made spaghetti squash in the instant pot last night. It's the easiest thing ever! One pot - easy cleanup. The best part is, you steam the squash whole, so cutting it after it comes out is easy. (I can never cut one of those things without risking my life!) I used this recipe, without the parmesan cheese: DH added his cheese on the plate. I sprinkled some nutritional yeast on mine. We both gave it a thumbs up.
  4. melissajoy89

    Recipe Blogs

    What are some of your favorite Whole30 recipe blogs out there as I begin looking at meal planning my January Whole30 with my fiance? I love cooking and trying new things, but lately I've been feeling a little bored with everything and need some spark back into my meal planning life!
  5. I’m on day 3 of my first Whole30 and I’m feeling great! However, I’ve been seeing some mixed messages on what I can and cannot eat as a pescatarian on the Whole30. Are legumes and tempeh allowed for the vegetarian Whole30? Also, I’m feeling a little overwhelmed with all of the meal preparation. I’m not the most confident cook. Does anyone have some super simple recipes?
  6. I finally bought some almond butter because it seemed like everyone really likes it, but I don't know what to do with it. All I have been able to find are suggestions to dip apples into it, but I do not like apples. Sarah
  7. I just started my second Whole 30 today. So far, so good. While I was shopping yesterday I came across a new item at Trader Joe's that I thought was pretty exciting- frozen cauliflower rice! And the ingredients? Just cauliflower! 3 servings at 30 calories per serving. I've always wanted to try cauliflower rice but was afraid to mess it up. Anyway, just wanted to share.
  8. The Chad

    Air Fryer Recipes

    I am looking for good Whole 30 Air Fryer Recipes to try. Thank you for your help in advance. Chad.
  9. marioncortina

    Recipes in Spanish?

    Hi, does anyone know where I can find the recipes in Spanish? Searched amazon for The Whole 30 Book & Whole 30 Fast & Easy Cookbook, Whole 30 Cookbook & Well Fed, but none of them are available in Spanish. Thanks so much & have a wonderful day!
  10. Lunalux

    Vanilla flavoring

    Can someone share with me how to make a whole30 approved vanilla flavor. I wanted to bake some apples and use vanilla as a flavoring but since I can use extract and I couldn't fine any bottled that would suffice I bought whole vanilla beans but am not sure what to do to get the flavoring. Tia
  11. We've been doing whole 30 since August. Still sticking with this way of eating most of the time. My bigger problem is finding recipes we like. We're really not picky eaters and I'm a fairly good cook so I'm a little frustrated. I've probably only kept 5-6 recipes to make again. (Not including grilled meats and veggies, egg salads, roasted veetables and pot roast.) I thought it might be fun to post what we had for supper last night (or any other night) and if you liked it. We had chicken skillet with sweet potatoes and apples from We really liked it and it's very easy to make with enough for leftovers for lunch today. Now I'd love to hear from you!!!
  12. Hello! I've been on W30 since April 17 and so far so good. I've been passively reading these forums and thought it was time to contribute. Here is an easier way to make your homemade almond milk with NO straining! 3 tbs compliant almond butter 1 cup of water Put ingredients in blender and mix until combined. That's it. Add optional cinnamon or other w30 compliant flavorings. You can strain it if you like but it's not necessary. I store mine in a regular mason jar. You will need to shake it up before each use as it will separate in the fridge. This is a great recipe if your using it with your coffee. It lasts me about a week While I enjoy a good black cold brew, this was a nice way to shake things up.
  13. Hi, everyone! I've been doing my first Whole30 with my friends, and have spent hours searching for recipes and compiling this Google Doc. I initially did it with the intention of keeping it organized for myself and helping out my friends, but I figured y'all might find it useful as well!!! Each recipe links to the original article, so no copyright is infringed It is organized by appetizers, meats-- well, just see for yourself! If you have any recipes you would like me to add, please reply with it to the post and I'll be happy to share it. Happy Whole30ing!
  14. socalmama

    W30 & InstantPot

    I would love to start a thread for InstantPot recipes. My IP is being delivered 2/1/17 so any & all ideas are welcomed =)
  15. Hello Whole30ers! I'm happily on day 34 - completing the whole 30 with varied recipes, delicious food, etc. etc. I was a happy girl! Now that its over, I'm surprised to find that I'm not 'craving' anything major - I don't have cravings for pizza or pad thai, in fact, I've loved what I've been eating the past few weeks - my problem is that I feel I've hit a food rut. I've scoured all the websites I could find with easy recipes, I've read the Whole30 book and recipes in that - i think i'm just tired of the whole30 staples. Does anyone have advice, or has been through this before? I want to keep going for sure- I'm incredibly happy with my results on and off the scale - i'm just tired of the food! All my thanks. lindsey
  16. Hey guys!! I've done 2 rounds of Whole30 before and I LOVE how I feel after. This time I'm getting in shape for an upcoming trip, and this week I'm preparing for my March 1st start date by researching (reading the 30 day guide as fast as possible), printing my favourite recipes for easy access, and talking to my friends about my journey! If you would like to chat about Whole30 and nutrition, (and maybe you even have some travel suggestions for Australia) please join me!! We can keep each other excited, motivated and accountable ☺
  17. liv_whole30

    Reintroduction Recipes

    Hey! I am on Day 30 of my first ever Whole30. I absolutely loved it! Does anyone have tips or food suggestions for reintroduction? I have a sample of my plan below. Open to suggestions / comments! Thank you Day 1: Legumes > Breakfast: peanut butter with apple > Lunch: any suggestions besides miso soup?> Dinner: Side of black beans > Day 4: Non-Gluten grains > Breakfast: gluten free oats > Lunch: quinoa > Dinner: brown rice > Day 7: Dairy > Breakfast: plain greek yogurt > Lunch: cheese on salad > Dinner: Arctic zero ice cream after dinner > Day 10: Gluten Grains > Breakfast: whole wheat bagel > Lunch: two slices whole wheat bread > Dinner: side of whole wheat pasta
  18. I was concerned about following the Whole30 plan during Thanksgiving. I worked it out with my family to bring a couple of dishes so I will know there is something I can enjoy. These are some of the recipes I plan to use Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy!
  19. I was reading the W30 blog post on Oct 7, which led me to the Well Fed website. Browsing thorough it, I found a recipe for "Fried Apples" - which is labeled as Whole30 Compliant. The ingredients are W30 cool, but I just want to check and see if y'all think this recipe stays within the spirit of W30. I thought this may be a way to slip some fruit into my husband's diet (who is joining me on this great quest and not a fan of fresh fruit), thoughts?????
  20. HaleyB

    Giving it a shot

    Ok so I am about to give his whole 30 a shot with a friend and my husband(if I can convince him). Wish me luck! I have tried every other diet out there and I always hav really good results I am just looking for a way to cut out all the artificial this and that and every other bad things I eat daily. Image watching my now 2 year old son scarf down hot dogs and mac and cheese and want to try other recipes he will benefit from. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  21. HELLO! I am looking for fellow Whole 30(ers) in the Chicago area. I know the city is fairly large and expands pretty far in all directions. I am located in the South Loop area (near UIC) however I would love to meet up with others (in this area or near by) to discuss recipes, progress maybe even have a dinner meet up? I was able to recently meet Melissa Hartwig at a private event here in Chicago and there was a good size crowd of fellow Whole 30 people, however I wasn't able to chat with everyone. I have had such a positive experience completing my Whole 30 I would love to share and listen to others that have had a similar experience. Salena
  22. Dawnski55

    Can I just say.......

    ....... a big thank you to the cooks that came up with the recipes in the Whole 30 book? Everything I have tried so far has been a success and they are all absolutely delicious So thank you from someone who thought the W30 would be boring
  23. Knlmommy0305

    Bok choy

    Anyone know of a good bok choy recipe or what to even do with it lol I bought it at the farmers market and I'm clueless lol
  24. Heya, I made a batch of mayo yesterday but failed to plan ahead, so I actually have no idea what to use it for. What are your favorite Whole 30 mayo recipes? Preferably things that don't require too many ingredients, because I don't have the money to shop 15 things that I won't even use up Thanks in advance!
  25. I understand we need 1-2 servings (thumb-size) of fat each meal. Easy enough when I'm eating "whole" goods like eggs, a piece of chicken, etc. But I'm a bit unclear about how much to add when making recipes. Example- I made the Salmon Cakes from the Whole30 book tonight (yum). I used crabmeat instead of salmon, just to change it up. There is no added fat in the recipe. The book says it's a complete meal, but I may want to add sauce. How is it complete if there is no added fat? I ended up eating it with lots of veggies, and used a few tbsp of the red pepper sauce. But the sauce only has 1/4 cup olive oil in the whole recipe, and I barely made a dent, so I doubt I had much oil. more fat or no? I'm totally satisfied now, and I rarely get hungry after dinner anyway. If it matters, in addition to doing Whole30 for the usual wonderful benefits, I am trying to lose weight. So although I want to eat enough of everything to keep me satisfied and healthy, I am concerned about eating too much of anything in fear of hindering my weight loss. Thanks!