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Found 30 results

  1. Looking for any suggestions for tortillas/chips that are compliant.
  2. Day # 50

    It is 50 days since I started whole30. I tried a single buttered corn on the cob for re-entry & it was yummy, but no need to repeat that. Used to have low carb ice cream every day, but none at all now. I drink mostly sparkling water with lime sections. I've had to half my blood pressure med 'cause pressure went too low. Stopped having constipation. I've never eaten so much vegetables & fruit in my life. Breakfast is commonly spinach, green bell pepper, onions, & tomatoes, 3 egg omelette. Very little coffee. Using salt more because you pointed out non-processed foods have lowered my salt intake. I'm sleeping very well, excercising most days with moderate weights & 2 mile walk. Lost 8lbs in 1st 30 days & plan on another weight at day # 60 to avoid weight dependent mood swings. So glad I overheard someone encouraging my friend to try whole30. He didn't, I did.
  3. So I finished my Whole30 14 days ago, I managed the Reintroduction pretty well and slow but I went on a trip this weekend. I Wanted to stay as "healthy" as possible but --- ok here's the confession time... I had Pizza, Birthday Cake, Beer, some Tequila Shots and Whiskey, I also had some popcorn and a Muffin.. so yup... I Kinda fell of the wagon I mean the muffin and the popcorn were hangover consequences, I didn't feel any changes on my body on the weekend, just kinda bloated. I came back to the city and on Monday I was completely Whole30, but yesterday I went to the movies with a friend , I decided I was going to eat a whole bucket of popcorn (why not.....) caramel and butter popcorn... I ate the whole thing..and consequences where horrible. I felt I was going to explode, I was so tired througout the rest of the day.. My face started breaking out today , I couln't even sleep or wake up early... Ugh!!! I even noticed I had some new breakouts around the legs close to the .. uhmmm butt area. I'm not sure if it was a mix of the weekend and the popcorn but definitely popcorn didnt make me feel well, I mean i'm so gassy... tired and my appetite is kinda supressed.. so yup there goes popcorn. It's gonna be a while I guess till I decide to eat some again. I recently started reading "Full Freedom Forever" let's see how that goes...
  4. Day # 31

    I weighed myself for 1st time since I started & lost 8lbs over whole30, that's 2 lbs a week. I did catch accidental glimpses of my mid-section tire deflating over the month. I'm not craving anything to reintroduce, but I thought I'd try corn on the cob. I'm not going back to sugar or artificial sweeteners. I've never eaten so many vegetables & fruit, and I'd like to keep that up. I had no trouble adhering to the plan on the road or in restaurants. I appreciate whole30 for teaching me how to eat sanely. I am a medical doctor, but untrained in nutrition. Thank you.
  5. Ok, forgive me for the graphic descriptions and I am sorry if this has been addressed already. I could not find anything that specifically focuses on post program bowel problems. Especially when there weren't any during the round. Throughout my 30 days I followed everything to the T. I remain 100% compliant to this day minus the 4 re-intro days and a 5th day where I ate half of a twix stick (out of 4 sticks) - this was the first time I had sugar in 49 days but it was after I was already having the problems so I don't think it is related. During whole30 my bathroom time was not the best but not the worst. I actually had relatively solid movements (sometimes not but not diarrhea) and pretty regular movements. This is different for me as I have suffered from constipation and IBS since I was a child. I expected this to happen with such a drastic diet change and it was welcomed. After whole30 I did reintroduction and everything effected me minimally (mostly bloating, gas, acheyness)... until dairy. Dairy hit me HARD. My belly threw a giant temper tantrum and I struggled for 5 days with persistent diarrhea daily. Multiple trips to the bathroom and no substance what so ever. I drink lots of water though I don't exactly count how much. My meals since whole30 have gotten smaller because it seems that if I eat too much or honestly eat at all it makes my stomach upset. I keep them mostly compliant to the template though. On the 5th day I decided to try a probiotic and a digestive enzyme. I researched and got the 50billion ultra jarrodophilus and the garden of life raw enzymes for women. The day after that I felt great, no multiple trips to the bathroom, but by the end of the day I did still have diarrhea. For the last few days after starting the supplements I continue to have diarrhea about once or twice a day. It has been 9 days since dairy re-intro. I typically have over easy eggs in the morning with some sort of veggie and avocado or ranch or pesto. If I am in a hurry and can't cook I will have applesauce or grapes and some cashews but this doesn't happen a lot maybe twice in the last 9 days. my lunch usually consists of dinner leftovers which have been: buffalo chicken salad (buffalo sauce from book, small amount of onion and mushroom, chicken, romaine and home made ranch) swai (fish) with garlic lemon ghee topping, chipotle seasoning, zoodles and cauliflower alfredo (cauliflower, garlic, onion, nutritional yeast, chicken broth, coconut cream) I do not snack. I do drink kombucha on occasion - maybe 1/4 to 1/2 a bottle once or twice a week (typically GT's Trilogy), and I don't really eat fruit other than the occasional hurried breakfast. sometimes after I eat (since reintroduction) my stomach becomes rumbly and I feel a bit nauseous and gassy. I am thinking I need to eliminate nuts for awhile just to see, but I don't really know if this is the overall problem as I was eating these during the round as well. All of these major, questionable, annoying problems started after whole30 re-intro... Should I just keep waiting it out? Is this just a delayed detox? I am getting very frustrated and so sick of having to go to the bathroom all the time! Thanks for any help you can give!
  6. I'm on day 1 of reintro. Had some peanut butter with breakfast. Felt fine. Had some black beans with lunch. Within a couple hours, I was sure my body and black beans do not get along. So, does this mean all beans are out for me? Or is each bean different?
  7. My W37 ends next week and because I'm a nerd I like to plan in advance. I don't want to wake up on day 38 and have to figure out what to do. So I've read up on the 10 day re-intro, the slow roll re-intro, and "riding your own bike". I feel like a slow roll re-intro is going to work best for me. I think adding so much back in in such a short period of time isn't going to make me feel my best. I've stated before that there's nothing really "calling me" aside from a glass of wine. LOL Sure i'd love some pizza maybe, but again, W30 has made me so aware of how crap food makes me feel...I don't wanna say crap food. Pizza is awesome. Let's just say it has at least 4 possible components that may be giving me trouble and I'm happy to have that info now so I can truly decide if that slice is worth it. Two slices. Let's be real. Onto my questions. If some experienced folk can weigh in that would be great. SOY - is the only reason soy was eliminated is because it is part of the legume family? Or do soy products (tofu, tempeh, soy sauce, miso, liquid aminos, etc) have their own unique negative effects on the body? Can anyone speak to some of the not so great effects of consuming soy? Tempeh, tofu, and liquid aminos come up ALOT in my life. SUGAR - Sugar doesn't have its own re-intro category. I guess we're just all in consensus that sugar should be limited and we generally know the danger of over consumption? Same comment/question for alcohol. CANOLA OIL - this was eliminated but not given it's own re-intro category. I guess the rule is use high quality oils at home but relax about it when out. I don't even know what canola oil does to you. Observation--Not that anyone cares, but another thing I've learned from doing W30 is that I just really don't care for meat very much. LOL I know there are ethical vegetarians and vegans, and I get why, but for me, I really think that lifestyle is just what I prefer. When I was growing up I used to HAAAATE fried chicken, or pot roast, or pork chop night. I hate seeing fatty chunks on meat. BLEGHH. As a kid I would opt for PBJ and get scolded about how I better not come back later and say that I'm hungry. LOL As an adult, I chose more vegetarian meals because I THOUGHT meat affected my digestion. Well I've eaten more meat on W30 than I have in years and my digestion is SUPERB! Mostly I'm eating seafood and eggs but I have had some chicken at CAVA and grass fed patties on lettuce when I was out and about with no options. So for these reasons I keeping my fingers crossed that I have no issues when I reintroduce SOY! lol
  8. It's incredible to me the effects your diet has on your body. Last night, I wanted to try eating black bean nachos from Gringos. Not surprisingly, I went to bed extremely full and with indigestion. However, I was surprised to wake up with a stuffy/itchy nose, super tired, and foggy feeling. After a little research to refresh my memory, beans are high in histamine. This is great insight into my allergies. Histamine reactions can be caused by many things. It's interesting to now know that specific foods I eat can really affect different systems in the body. Bye bye black beans. Also note, the cheese made me feel super swollen all over, including my knuckles (which I knew dairy did to me even before I started Whole30).
  9. Howdy! This is a new thread for all of us who started the Whole30 on March 27th 2017 and want to keep in touch during our re-intro phase.
  10. I waited until day 39 to start my reintro because I was very stressed at work and wanted to let that die down a bit. My NSVs include reduced anxiety, more energy, and better sleep - even with all the stress at work. So, I waited until everything calmed at work and decided to reintro the only thing I really missed - dry, white wine. My husband bought a very nice dry sav blanc, and I had 1.5 glasses with dinner last night. Except for that wine, I have been completely compliant and am eating that way today. I drank the 1.5 glasses over a period of three hours. By 10:30, I had to go lay down because I felt terrible. Today, my joints are aching, my muscles are tight, and I have a killer headache. I am shocked that I am hungover. What's interesting to me is that I have had 1-2 glasses of wine with dinner for years, have given up wine (and all other alcohol) for Lent several times, and have always been able to go back to drinking it without these problems. Although I enjoyed the wine last night, it is not worth the pain I'm feeling today. As far as the rest of my reintro, I am re-thinking that plan now due to having such a strong reaction to the wine. I don't care for corn/grains/rice and rarely ate bread anyway. I have always drunk my coffee black and don't have a strong attachment to desserts. I like cheese, but I am ok without it. My question now is should I delay further attemps at reintro? I'm nervous because I could not go to work in the condition I'm in today (lucky it's Sunday!). Should I only try and reintro on the weekends? Would it be ok just to stay on Whole30? Thank you to all for feedback/suggestions.
  11. Hi everyone! I did my first W30 in 2015 and it was AMAZING! I finally had the motivation to do another when my boyfriend expressed interest. We did it together and felt great! We have decided to do a Slow Roll reintroduction since he is competing in the Crossfit Open and I don't want to shock his system too much. I was struggling to find a way to record how the new foods affected us! I couldn't find any good spreadsheets out there, so I decided to make one! Here's what we have so far... Feel free to copy it for your own use and giggle at our refusal to use the words "gas" or "fart"!
  12. I've been reading about reintroduction and I understand that it's set in a specific order to bring back the foods first that are least likely to cause a negative reaction. My problem is this: my first day off whole30 (day 31)... is my birthday!! Poor planning on my part. I'm thinking that I want to do sushi for my birthday dinner, meaning that I would switch days 1 and 4 from the reintroduction schedule. So I'll just have rice and leave out the soy sauce for that meal - no problem. Is something like that okay? I know there's no strict rule for this but I really would like to do it the best that I can so I understand what effect these foods will have on me. That means for dinner, I'll have rolls that are only fish, rice, and veggies - no sugary sauces or soy sauce (maybe I'll even bring my own bottle of coconut aminos! ). I won't worry about dessert, cause that's honestly not a big deal to me. The main issue is that my boyfriend and I always go out for a fancy dinner on my birthday to celebrate both of our birthdays AND Valentine's Day, so it's always been a little out of control haha. My birthday is actually on Valentine's Day, and his birthday is February 8th, so there's a lot to celebrate! Anyway, I don't want to break our tradition but I also definitely don't want to ruin my first day off whole30 by going all-out with our dinner. We both love sushi so I thought this would be a good solution. Thoughts? Other ideas or suggestions? Thanks in advance!
  13. Wine & Champagne

    I've planned my Whole30 so I could reintroduce wine on my birthday. I'd planned to pair a delicious Cabernet with a perfectly cooked medium rare filet... My hubby surprised me by buying my favorite champagne so we could do a champagne brunch that day. So my question is can I reintroduce both red wine and champagne on the same day? Isn't champagne essentially sparkling wine? Yes, I'm aware that I sound overally excited about my fermented grapes, but they just make birthdays so much more palatable
  14. Hi, I just finished up Day 30 of my second Whole30 on November 3rd and started the recommended reintro schedule right after. Main goals this time around have been a general reset but also to help identify any triggers for skin breakouts and general inflammation. The initial 30 days went great, super smooth. Tested legumes Day 1 with no issues. Tested non-gluten grains on Day 4 with no issues. Tested dairy and had some mild skin irritation on Day 9 into Day 10. Tested grains on Day 10 and had really bad breakout and sensitivity by the end of Day 11. Is the typical 3 days of separation enough time to attribute this to grains, or would this be more related to a dairy issue? The sensitivity was not immediate after eating either dairy products or grains; it was more delayed. Should I retest both?
  15. Hi! So I'm technically on day 33 of my whole30 and haven't really reintroduced anything yet. However, I attempted to brew kombucha and it didn't work as well as I thought, so I fear I technically had a sugary tea drink 2 days ago and this morning. I'm wanting to start reintroduction with legumes today, but I am wondering if I should wait a few days. Would having sugar over the past few days affect my reintro? Any and all advice is appreciated
  16. Hi! I'm Chellie, and I am finishing up my second Whole30 (had a day 10 fail back in January). I've discovered that the forum is really great for my accountability, so this is my new home! I'm short on time right now, so I'll do more "bio" later. I am currently training for a half-marathon at the end of the month and two triathlons (one mini-sprint, one sprint distance) this summer. My topics here will center on food choices, carting kids to sports practices, training successes and failures, and other general life stuff. Chime in! Join the fun! I'm feeling the tiger blood and wearing a tight shirt that didn't fit 30 days ago, so help me keep it going!
  17. Yesterday was Day 28 of my second whole 30. I did my first whole30 back in August, but decided to do another one because I really fudged the reintro period and tried to figure out my issues as they came and went, which didn't work out that well. Yesterday morning I woke up at 2am and was vomiting non-stop for 8 hours. I went to the ER just to be safe, and they diagnosed me with a bad case of the stomach flu and sent me home. (I'm nearly positive this came from some bad chicken that I ate a conference Friday night, but no matter.) The doctors said I can expect to feel pretty terrible for the next few days while this runs its course. I haven't been able to eat or drink much at all, but I've had a little gatorade, some Ensure drink for electrolytes/calories, and when I can manage, some bevita breakfast biscuits. I'm so bummed because I was really looking forward to having a solid reintroduction cycle, which I now feel is ruined. I have a vacation planned in 2 weeks, and was hoping to have my reintro pretty much all settled by that time. I'm wondering where to go from here. Do I have to do ANOTHER entire whole30 cycle before doing a reintro now? I hate to keep pushing it back. Is it possible to just do a week or two of whole30-style eating after my vacation, and then do a reintro, as long as I'm eating pretty clean paleo in the meantime? Thanks in advance for your input everyone. -Sam
  18. I am on day 22 and I am planning my reintro. I will have exactly 12 days before my birthday and was seeking advice on eating 2 or more off-plan foods on my birthday or during that weekend. I planned to do a regular reintro for the first few items (2-3 of the following: alcohol, sugar, gluten free grains, dairy) with 2-3 compliant days in between but was thinking of doing a combined test to 1. Celebrate the weekend and 2. See how my body reacts to more than one off plan food. Guidance on this? Will it throw off my reintro? I don't want to go crazy since meat, potatoes, veggies and seafood are my favs and compliant but I would love to have a drink and some cake or ice cream during the course of the weekend. Thanks in advance.
  19. I'm on day 22. Yesterday, I came very close to stopping the W30 because I craved a glass of wine literally all day. (I didn't stop because my husband didn't let me, and because the wine in the house has sulfites.) So, clearly, I still have cravings even though I'm eight days from the end. I'm wondering if this is a signal that I should maybe make my w30 a whole 45 or more? When, in general, do you think the w30 should be over? Are you a purest that says w30 should be 30 days long, full stop? Or do you believe that there should be a certain milestone (such as a conquering of cravings) that should mark the end? Thanks for the feedback!
  20. Hi coming up on the end of my second whole30 and I really want to try reintroducting soy by itself but somewhat at a loss as to how. I have two different organic soy sauces in the fridge but they both have wheat in them. What can I try that just has soy? Thank you!
  21. "Stacking" reintros?

    Would the following scenario be approved for a reintro protocol? Day 1 Reintro dairy Day 2 Eat W30 style Day 3 Eat W30 style Assess that dairy has caused no troubling symptoms Day 4 Reintro gluten in the form of some pizza with cheese, since dairy caused no troubling symptoms ...and so forth. I do not intend to do this IF dairy ends up causing troubling symptoms. Let's just be honest... I really miss pizza.
  22. Hello All, I'm sure there has been a post about this in the past, but I've had trouble finding one. My husband and I are on day 22 of the Whole30 so I am beginning to read up on reintroduction. To be honest, I don't really want to go through reintroduction. I've begun to find comfort in the structure of the Whole30 and the pattern of checking labels and eating only compliant foods. That said, people at our church keep inviting us to their houses for dinner....for after we're done with Whole30. I was just wondering - how do we handle a dinner invitation that is for Day 31? We can't foresee what they will be serving us and I'm sure there will be some confusion as to why we would still be restricting ourselves from certain food groups after the thirty days are up. Is it okay to eat a meal at someone's house that may contain several food groups at one time so soon after the Whole30 is done? I feel rude declining so many dinner invitations...but we live in the south where everything is covered in cheese or deep fried. Just wondering how to handle dinner invitations (and also a wedding!) during the reintroduction period. It's making me anxious to think of undoing all the progress we've made in thirty days.
  23. Well it's day 29 and although things are looking pretty darn good my husband and I have decided to proceed with a Whole45 before reintro, cause dang, it's been pretty easy. I'm still having some issues though and I'm hoping that a few more days will help with that. One of then is that my ezcema is just going crazy, bonkers instead of clearing like I was hoping it would, and I'm still having low energy days but I am still recovering from a bout of active Ebstein Barr virus. And I just found out that I'm severly Vitamin D defiencent. Obviously I still have some things to clear up. That said there have been some major benefits. * I'm not sure that my clothes are looser yet, but I know i've lost some weight, I just dont know how much. (I rode with my husband yesterday on his daily work run, that involves taking the truck over the scale to weigh the load of logs and lumber he was the one who said I'd lost.) * My sleep is getting better if the amount of drool is any indication * I am having more energy, enough so that I'm starting yoga next week * I'm not needing to have 2-3 hour naps in the middle of the day and if I need a nap I can actually pull off a 20-30 minute nap and feel good after. * I'm actually able to get up in the mornings and getting up earlier without feeling like I have to go back to bed because I'm so tired. * My libido is creeping back. I'm assuming that that might mean my hormones are starting to get back into gear all the way around. I'm sure there are probably more things that I cant see but since what I was hoping to see was my ezema clear up and it hasnt at all, I feel kinda torn but again I'm just starting on this journey and I'm sure we'll get it figured out. On my husbands side of things, the changes are pretty AMAZING. This is what he posted on FB the other day: By Monday I will have lost thirty pounds in thirty days and I'm eating like a horse. I used to need a handful of pain pills and a cane to walk. I haven't used either in a almost a month. A month ago it was fairly common for me to take two five hour energy shots to get through my work day. I've had a grand total of one in the last 27 days. Thanks to my awesome wife, Felica Tortorici for getting me hooked on a better way to eat. But it's more than that. He's blown out one of his knees, has flat feet with arthritis in the foot joints and is pretty heavy. He'd fallen off a ladder (On his truck bed to the ground) caught his foot in a rung on the way down and broke his leg at his ankle joint 5 years ago. He ended up with a pretty severe break, surgery(15 days after the incident due to the remoteness of where he was), rods and screws in is leg, six months in a wheelchair, then crutches. The biggest issue has been the inflammation from the injury. It's not ever completely gone down and he's still been having to elevate and ice a couple time a week if its bad. It makes mobility a bit of an issue. Friday after he came home, for the first time since before the accident, he has ZERO swelling. No swelling in either is leg or his knees. This is the first time in 5 years. He's sleeping better, he's been able to work standing on his feet and can actually walk after because the pain and swelling is so much less, and you can tell he's losing weight just by looking at his face. It's pretty amazing. I'm not sure what other positive benefits he's got going on but I'm sure he has them. Now he's not planing a hiking trip to the Lost Coast yet but he's thinking if this continues he might actually get to do that down the road. He couldnt even consider it with all the swelling and pain he had going on before. I asked if he was ready to go back to his old way of eating and he looked at me like I'd grown two heads. So we'll continue for 15 more days then start reintro and start looking into riding our own bikes.
  24. Planning Ahead

    I'm on Day 17, Yeah!!! Just a little over half way to the 30 mark and I'm thinking about doing a Whole45/60 maybe more who knows. I just know that I probably need a bit longer on the plan to get my hormones in gear and to really be fat adapted as i dont nessarily expect to be filled with tiger blood by then. But I could be wrong. That said I was told last summer that I was "sensitive" to eggs but I'm not exactly sure what that means. I was thinking that on Day 31 I'd re-intro eggs and see how I do with them and if my body gives me an all clear and if so I'd just continue on and add egg back in. I love mayo, fritata's and things like that although I'm not a huge fan of eggs for eggs sake. What do you guys think, does that sound like a smart thing or should I just hold off till I'm completly done before I dive back into the world of eggs?
  25. I know, I know, I know. It's not a "diet". I completely understand that WHOLE30 is a way of rediscovering how your body will work with good quality food. I know. But. I'm fat. I had a good 65 lbs to shake off. I am thrilled to report that just about 18lbs melted away during my first WHOLE30 which ended last week. I loved the experience. I learned so much about the food we are presented with (so much freaking sugar! SO MUCH!!!!). And I love how I feel. Now, let's get down to business. I plan on continuing my new eating habits. I do not intend on reintroducing dairy or processed carbs or grains. I will have to bend a bit on the veggie oil rule in order to eat out. Legumes seem minor to me - aside from the garbanzo bean in a salad or hummus I can't seem to find them in my past diet so I'm not really missing them. The only thing I will go back to is alcohol. I'm not a huge drinker (two glasses of wine per week and a margarita on vaca) but I know this is something I want back in my world. Here's the catch. My WHOLE30 ended last week. I have not reintroduced anything yet (haven't gotten around to that glass of wine, if you can believe it!) but I haven't lost a pound in over a week. Is there a "plateauing" zone? I have the weight to lose. I am not on my last 10lbs and struggling. I have 47lbs to go. Does the body "get used" to good food and just hang there? I can't imagine cutting anything out of my diet. Do I need to ramp up the exercise? Do I just hold steady and this too shall pass? Any insight would be helpful!