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Found 15 results

  1. Tonight I just wrapped up my Day 30. I got sick last week and now cannot taste or smell ANYTHING... Anyway, will this matter with my reintroduction? I'm not sure how all this will work, since I got hit with a bunch of sinus stuff right when I was supposed to experience tiger blood, so never had that high to compare anything to... And I'm really missing comfort foods right now and really want to reintroduce and just get to my FF already. Any thoughts?
  2. I'm on Day 28. In addition to the Whole30 basic list of foods to eliminate, I also excluded tea and nightshades. I'm wondering where nightshades may fit in an ideal reintroduction. Should it be first or last? I will be seperating tomatoes from peppers when I do it. Also, when reintroducing gluten grains, can one eat bread as it probably has sugar? Thanks
  3. I did not do enough research before starting Whole30. I relied on this website to tell me about what I was getting into, and am very frustrated now to realize that they do not explain the risks associated with this extreme elimination diet. I am finishing my MSN degree and am embarrassed that I got sucked into this fad without requiring solid evidence to back it up. I was looking for a “reset”. I did not have food sensitivities that I knew of, but I wanted to be able to kickstart healthy habits by eating Whole Foods for a month. I saw healthy changes in my skin and my ability to focus, and I
  4. Hello! I am just needing some clarification on the 10-day fast track plan! Once a food group is introduced, do you keep that in your diet when you introduce the next food group? For example.... I introduce legumes first, then when I introduce GF grains two days later, am I still eating legumes along with the GF grains or GF grains only then? And one more question! Say I introduce a food group, such as legumes, do I only eat them one day and then eliminate them the next two days...... or during that two day wait time am I still eating legumes? Thanks!
  5. Hello! My family is about to begin our reintroduction phase in a couple of days! Everyone is wanting to eat at a Mexican restaurant on day 31 in celebration. I want to follow (as best I can) the reintroduction of food groups gradually as recommended, but am also really looking forward to a meal at our favorite restaurant. I am wanting to eat the chips and queso, quesadilla with chicken, cheese, and a corn tortilla, and Spanish rice.....Is this a good idea? Should I leave out the rice and just introduce the dairy/cheese/queso? (the queso is really what everyone and I are looking forward to.) We
  6. The Whole30 at home has been my third Whole30 and probably my favorite one I’ve done yet. Usually I use the slow roll reintroduction and it’s worked well for me in the past, but I decided to fast track it this time and have really struggled with feeling binge-y on reintro days. My thoughts are like “I can’t have this again for a while so I should just finish it now” which I know isn’t healthy for me. I really wanted to do this reintro the “right way” and am a little bummed this has been such a struggle. Is it ok if I switch to more of a slow roll style reintro or should I try and stick with th
  7. I'm wrapping up my first Whole 30 and starting to plan a Fast Track reintroduction. I'm that during a reintroduction day regardless of how a non-whole 30 food group feels I should still eliminate it while reintroducing another non- whole 30 food group (ex: Don't eat gluten free grain on a dairy reintro day). Looking at the Reintro guidelines I noticed alcohol and sugar are an optional reintroduction group. A few questions regarding this: 1. Once introducing sugar, is it ok to keep a little bit of added sugar in your reintro period? Even on the 2-day whole 30 reset days? (I really hate
  8. I am sorry I am still not understanding reintroduction. I have read and re-read so many things. 1) For example, on day 31 I would add (legumes) back into my diet. 2) Does that mean legumes for breakfast, lunch and dinner? OR Just one type of legume for one meal? 3) Then on day 32, I would go back to eating only Whole30 compliant? or I would be eating Whole30 compliant- plus also eating the legumes? I am not understanding when I am adding the foods back in (and maybe out?) and when I am continuing with that same food. Thank you so much for any clarification.
  9. I know, I know... The official ISWF position seems to be "Don't" but for those of us that still want to occasionally imbibe, the book is sorely lacking on how and when to reintroduce alcohol. Day 1 is dairy. Day 4 is gluten grains. Day 7 is non-gluten grains. Day 10 is legumes. Should I sprinkle alcohol in there somewhere? Wait until the end, do it first, or what? Right now, I'm thinking I might reintroduce alcohol first so I can understand the effects of that before reintroducing anything else. Thoughts on this?
  10. Hi everyone, I was doing a whole30 when the corona virus hit the West really hard. I live in the UK and have just finished our 2nd week of lock down. I am in the reintroduction phase at the moment, however when I get really anxious my stomach seizes up and usually my lower back will go back too. I've been trying to reintroduce foods however I can't tell if what I am eating is causing discomfort or the anxiety. Is it allowed in reintroduction to try say gluten free grains 3 times, with 2 days rest or however long needed in between? This is my first "correct" reintroduction and id really l
  11. I have started reintroduction and I am not reacting well to any of it so far, legumes and non gluten grains. Should I stop and continue with the Whole30 for another few weeks before trying dairy and gluten?
  12. Hi there everyone! I finished my Whole30 last week and chose to reintroduce legumes on day 31. I ate black beans with lunch and then hummus and carrots for a snack. I felt fine the next two days after that. I didn’t want to reintroduce peanut butter on the legumes day because in the past i would always get a stomach ache after having it. But on the day I was supposed to reintroduce gluten-free grains i decided to give peanutbutter a try after all (which I’m not even entirely sure if that was ok... but I gave it two days) It did give me a slight stomach ache which was gone as fa
  13. I have finished my first Whole30. Decided what I was missing most was dairy and had cream in my coffee this morning and another cup late afternoon. Planning to have some yoga with dinner. Noticing no response so far from the dairy. And my questions, for the 2 in-between days do I continue to have dairy or wait until day 3 when it is time to introduce a new food. As I write that, going back to no dairy does not seem to make sense because if I only had it one day and then add it in again with another food, if there is a reaction.... which food? Please advise. Tomorrow is tomorrow! T
  14. Hey everyone!! I finished my Whole30 on January 26th. For the reintroduction of legumes I made a chili with beans. What I noticed is that shortly after eating, I felt like I got pretty congested for about 45 minutes to an hour. Is this something anyone else has experienced? I know that inflammation can cause that congested feeling, it's just not one I was expecting. Thanks!!
  15. I'll be finishing up my first Whole30 on the 2/1, and leaving for a trip on 2/5. Any tips as I'm traveling? I am nervous about reintroducing and being on the go. Any tips are appreciated!