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Found 26 results

  1. I felt a cold coming on and drank a Kroger brand essence-c without even thinking about it. I'm on day 13. I didn't have the box (with the list of ingredients), just the packet, so I didn't even think about sugar or fructose until I had swallowed it all. Tasted sweet and started freaking out immediately. Looked online, and sure enough, fructose is the first ingredient. ugh. Do I have to start over?? So bummed, I've done everything by the book. The even dumber thing is that I ate an orange right before I drank it, I didn't even need the stupid thing.
  2. Hello! I’m on day 15 of my program. My fiancé gave me a vitamin C tablet (Kirkland) and I took it without thinking. The ingredients I’m worried about are: sorbitol, corn starch, sucralose, and lactose. Have I wrecked my progress? Should I restart? How much of an effect could this have? Thank you!!
  3. Brightside


    Noooooooo! I am on day 26 and just saw the super fine, almost illegible, print on the gourmet coconut oil cooking spray that it contains lecithin. I could cry. I am crying. The label says "made with 100% coconut oil"...okay, I get it in hindsight, 100% coconut oil is an ingredient not and the product is not 100% coconut oil. Day 26 and I was so excited with how well I had done.
  4. Newlywed2017


    Ok so I had been in the grocery store for about an hour reading labels then I was at the end of my trip got in a hurry and picked up some almonds that said “May contain peanuts “ and ate some before realizing it!!!! Does this constitute a start over??? Any help appreciated!!!!
  5. GUYYYZZZZZZ! I started my Round 4 on January 15 and am FINALLY on Day 15!!!!!! First restart came on what would have been day 10: January 24. I'd been hit hard by the stomach flu and stayed W30 for the first 2 days. On the third day I just wanted the comfort of oatmeal and blueberries, so I did. It was magical and healing. No regrets. Second restart came on January 29 after I bought and ate a peanut butter RX bar and it completely didn't cross my mind that PB is a W30 no-go. DOH! All the regrets! So, new Round 4 day 1 began on January 30. I'm still here doing W30 and my husband, who has not had to restart, is on day 29 today. I'm just trying to swim in my own lane emotionally and support husband through his W30 process. I hope you all are having a good week. Happy Tuesday!
  6. On Day 23 my mother added grated Romano to my garden-fresh tomato and cucumber salad; I took 2-3 bites before I smelled it and spit it out. Yes, I know I should start again from Day 1, but here's my question: is it okay to continue to Day 30 with everything except dairy? Then by Day 30 for everything else, I'd be at Day 7 for dairy? I think I know the answer, but if you don't ask the answer is always no.
  7. MrsWinstonSchmidt

    Freakin Carrageenan SMH

    sigh. I don't even effin LIKE turkey. In fact, I wanted the pre-made salmon salad to put on top of my greens but the organic mayo it was made with had CANOLA in it. I thought I was being intentional. I was proud of myself for not compromising on the canola even though it's "ok occasionally" when dining out. I told myself, you're in a grocery store, you have other options. Welp--I bought some Applegate deli meat. I saw the carrageenan description but it was followed by "seaweed" so I figured "plants. it's fine." SMH I should have pulled out google for the ELEVENTH time during that grocery trip. I didn't know any better, until I read on another whole30 blog today that carrageenan was a no no. fuuuugggmyliiiife! If I'm gonna go off plan I'm gonna willfully nose dive into some prosecco, not accidentally eat some lame azz turkey slices! By day's end the package was gone. It was less than half a pound. What say ye, O Whole30 community? Am I sentenced to a re-start??
  8. So I already had to restart my Whole 30 on day 5 because it turns out that the case of broth that my partner bought from Costco (the one that looks exactly like the fully-compliant broth that I normally use) lists cane sugar as the 3rd ingredient and I used it in 2 sauces. That was demoralizing, but I bit the bullet and began again. I realized this evening that the melatonin that I take so that I can sleep contains a small amount of rice powder . . . it's listed in print so fine that I needed a magnifying glass to see it and was not on the part of the label where the other ingredients were listed. I have since triple-checked all other pills of any kind to be sure I was not missing something else that was non-compliant. I am told that Advil and other strictly-necessary OTC's are ok despite having some small amount of starch. Normally I don't sleep very well and take both melatonin and an antihistamine that is sleep-inducing to get a few hours of shuteye, though I take breaks from the antihistamine since using it uninterrupted is not great for you and it becomes less effective the more you continually use it. My nighttime ritual would also include a couple of glasses of red wine if I weren't on the Whole 30, and I have successfully gone without alcohol for the duration. So my question is: do I have to start over again because of a few possible milligrams of rice flour each night? I'm on day 4 of the re-start (almost back to where I was before the sugar-broth fiasco) and honestly I nearly cried when I thought of having to restart again, going without the melatonin, or having to spend more money on a new supplement that is compliant-- doing Whole 30 is already breaking the bank since I am a woman of modest means right now. If I do have to start over, does anyone know of a compliant brand of melatonin? Below is a picture of the offending brand.
  9. I did great on my first Whole30. Lost 11.5 pounds I was SO Excited... I started my reintroduction phase & with white rice only on the first day. Had a headache the next day. The next day ate dairy with no problems and the next 2 days I have been out of control... eating pizza, chocolate, cookies, now fried things - back to sneaking foods because i am ashamed... and i was just doing SO GOOD... WHY.... any advise??? should i do another 30 days? what is my problem???? Any wisdom would be greatly appreciated....
  10. So before you berate me please understand I'm sensitive and have already cried twice over my screw up today. I'm human and I made a massive (predictable) mistake. So yesterday was day 3 for me and it was rough. I wanted nothing more than salty chips, cheese and high fructose corn syrup pickles. But I stayed strong! Even while making my boyfriend extra cheesy ground chicken nachos with loads of non compliant salas and toppings. At one point I almost gave into his taunting to have just one. But I went to bed satisfied after the compliant chipotle meal, and my meal prepping for today. Then today, day 4, I woke up exhausted, I hit the snooze button, or so I thought and woke up and hour later running late for work. I scrambled to get ready and in my rush I forgot all of my whole 30 compliant meal prep food. On my way to work I stopped to grab something, anything compliant to hold me over. When I got my breakfast I discovered not only had they added bacon (which I asked them not to do) they added cheese. I knew I was wrong but I ate it, about half way through the guilt came, and then about an hour later the upset stomach followed. Now I know I am in the wrong, I also know I probably would not have slipped had I not forgot my lunch. BUT i also understand I have had a very unhealthy relationship with food in the past. It's been my comfort, my reward, my sabotage, all of that. That is why I started the whole 30 to begin with. To have more control and a better understanding of my relationship with food. On the bright sideshow stomach ache was enough to make me realize I've GOT to complete a whole 30 days no matter what. I know I can do it, I just need to be better prepared, more motivated and smarter with my choices (ex I could have stopped at a store to grab some fruit, carrot sticks, Lara bar, etc) anything better than what I had. So here here are a few things I'm trying different when I restart Sunday night, any tips and HELPFUL not hurtful comments are welcome. 1. Keep a daily food diary, track what I'm eating, how much, how I feel, etc. 2. Better prep, keep emergency food in my car strictly for emergencies not for snacking. 3. More meal prep! Bigger portions to cut down on my snacking. Doing my best to stick with the meal template. 4. Reaching out. Keeping in contact with others doing the whole 30. Also letting those around me know what I'm doing for more support and accountability. 5. Avoiding temptation. In a perfect world there would be no sweets around me and my boyfriend would be whole 30 too. But that's not the case. So instead I'll try my best to not be hungry when I know I'll be around temptation (eating dinner before cooking my boyfriends yummy food, having a handful of nuts before going to the cafe with the delicious pastries near work for play dates, etc) I screwed up and I'm owning up to it. But I'm not giving up!
  11. swimmingjess

    Such a failure

    So I am seriously struggling with staying Whole 30 for more than a week. By week 2, my Sugar Dragon, and all his friends, are breathing fire down my neck. I eat a great breakfast full of protein, healthy fats, and vegetables, and then an equally comparable lunch but by 3:00, all those desires to EAT ANYTHING are knocking at my door. So frustrating!!! If I try to ignore it, I find myself chewing on my fingers and/or the inside of my mouth which is also not healthy. Am I doomed? Will I ever beat this thing that keeps setting me back and putting me back on day 1 over and over again? HELP!!!!
  12. Dear Whole30 community, I've started and failed four Whole30s. I have gotten a lot out of them, though, and really want to make the next one a success. Whole30 #1: 17 days; ended at a dim sum lunch for volunteers of an event I was at. Whole30 #2: a re-start the following week that lasted less than two days. Whole30 #3: twelve days, ended at a barbecue two days ago where there was absolutely no compliant food (not a single thing that didn't have soy or sugar or grains), which I know is no excuse, but also I had started SWYPOing with coconut milk and cocoa to make unsweetened ‘chocolate pudding’ a few days before, then finishing the half-mouthful of juice left in my daughter's cup because wasting food is bad, etc. Whole30 #4: also a re-start, started today and lasted about four hours (hungry and ate my compliant-but-too-small lunch halfway through the morning, and so gave in and ate non-compliant lunch with a friend). Here's what I’ve learned: This is probably not a productive way of looking at this, but the two longer ones (12 and 17 days), even though well short of the goal, both gave me tremendous results. Better skin, dropping pant sizes, more steady energy and less resistance to getting out of bed in the morning. Sugar and gluten really have a vice grip on me. Wow. I already knew I was addicted, but this is crazy. There was a lot of internal pressure to ‘reward’ myself for all the progress I had made by indulging. But the giving in/cheating occurred in social scenarios, not in private, where I probably would have just had another apple or handful of cashews. As soon as I gave in, I noticed the impact on my body – brain fog, bloating, needing to nap, waking up feeling I’d been hit by a bus, etc. As I type this, I’m eating a second chocolate bar and contemplating going to the coffee machine to get a hot chocolate. It’s like I can’t stop, and part of my brain is saying ‘why worry when the weight comes off so easily; just do another Whole30 again later’. I know that I eat sweets because my parents (very reasonably) restricted them when I was growing up, so they are special occasion treats/forbidden fruit, and also because they’re just plain addictive. For each of the Whole30s I have eaten a lot of fruit, including dates, which I know are just inside the dividing line between food and candy. But I didn’t really feel cravings for unacceptable sweets (or gluten) as long as I was eating compliant, it was once I ‘quit’ at a social gathering and tasted them that the brakes came off again. I think the effort of shopping, planning, cooking, and NOT buying certain things depleted my willpower to a level where once I start eating some of the things, I end up eating ALL of the things. So what I’d like to ask the ‘hive mind’ is: If you’ve quit/failed and restarted, how do you restart and stay on track, and how do you stay strong at social gatherings? People weren't pressuring me to partake, I just didn't want to explain the whole thing to everyone and have to have the same conversations all over again blah blah... I feel that the great results I’ve had should be enough motivation, but it ends up working the other way; the fact I’ve had results already (even though I’d love to drop another two pant sizes and get the ‘tiger blood’ feeling that I’ve heard about) gets used as an excuse to cheat. Argh! Advice please. p.s.: In case this is relevant, I’m breastfeeding.
  13. So I am on day 26 of Whole 30. Had on and off felt great, I have definitely lost weight, clothes fit better, sleeping like a baby, more energy during day and much stronger when exercising (Climbing/bouldering is my general weapon of choice). I also get really bad IBS, and while I still have had a few occasions of needing the toilet RIGHT NOW, the bloating and pain has completely gone. Then today, I ate some sausages. I checked them last night and completely fine: Pork Shoulder (97%), Salt, Spices, Water, White Balsamic Vinegar (0.3%) [Wine Vinegar, Grape Must, Antioxidant (Sulphur Dioxide)], Preservative (Sodium Sulphite), Sausage Casing (Natural Pork) I was so excited, I bought two packs and had two sausages for breakfast. I mentioned this to a colleague who has just started too and she pointed out that sulphites are banned. Something I had completely forgotten. I then discovered a post on here that said lots of coconut milk has sulphites in so I googled my brand, and I have been accidentally consuming sulphites all the way through. So back to day one for me :-(. It doesn't affect my plans too much as I wasn't planning on reintroducing anything yet, as I know it's helped my IBS and I have a related operation coming up. (Although I would perhaps allow the occasional Paleo Baked good thrown in, and more lenience with off-roading, following the road map). But I just feel like an absolute moron. :-(. Really down.
  14. I was heating up pizza for my son (I know, bad mommy!) and completely without thinking, I picked a tiny piece (approx. the size of a quarter) of the melted cheese that was hanging off the edge of the plate and ate it. I realized it thirty seconds later but it was too late! I really don't want to restart because I'm doing this with my husband and I want us to finish on the same day. What do you think? Big deal or am I freaking out over nothing? (By the way, I have no issues with digesting dairy.) Thanks in advance! Alex
  15. Hi everyone! I am starting my 2nd Whole30 on November 17th- I did one in August and loved my results. Unfortunately, with the stress of wedding planning (I got married this past weekend), I fell back into a lot of not-so-great habits. I've remained gluten and grain free for the most part, but I have added a bit too much dairy back as well as some added sugars/desserts in the form of dark chocolate (and some gluten free wedding cake). I'm looking forward to using this Whole30 not only for food/habit issues, but also to reset my exercise, which has kind of fallen to the wayside the past few months, as well as my sleep schedule (I do so much better on 8 hours a night.. but who doesn't, right?). The best part is I have convinced my husband (I can say that now!) to join me in this Whole30 so we will really be feeling good for our honeymoon in December. So if anyone else is starting November 17th and wants to support each other through this journey, jump on here! I also have type 1 diabetes, by the way, so am looking to get my blood sugars back on track, as well. Talk to you soon!
  16. Hi!! SO I am on DAY 12, (i had to restart TWICE due to my old habits getting the best of me and I ate a peppermint patty, and the second time I had some chai tea that had sugar in it without thinking) Anyway my skin does seem clearer, my ribcage seems to be getting smaller and I overall feel better about myself. TWO OBSTACLES I HAVE ENCOUNTERED: 1.I still have sugar cravings, when i wake up all i want is my normal smoothie with fruits or dates and cacao 2.I feel like I am eating TOO MUCH FRUIT. Its so easy to grab and when I am leaving the house in a hurry or out working out or sleeping out I always have fruit with me! Veggies too yes, but Its so convient to grab blackberries, or an apple on my way out or at home. What other things can I be grabbing (i know the formula for post and prework out mini meals) if needed, but I have trouble with it. What suggestions do you all have for eating too much fruit---and some good post and pre workout combos! Thanks so much! Happy WHOLE30!!!. P.S I just realized the salt i have been using has dextrose in it! I WOULD HAVE NEVER CHECKED SALT, but as i was cooking I randomly did. (any thoughts) I really cant start over again I have worked all way to hard and put countless hours into this to have to restart again!
  17. Ok, so today is the last day of my whole30. Except, as I was eating my first meal today, I happened to notice that the ingredient label of the cinnamon I have been using this entire time includes hydrogenated soybean and cottonseed oil! So annoyed. I wouldn't be so worried, but I do use cinnamon frequently. What do you recommend I do? Restart the whole30 again at some point? Or is it possible to do some of the reintroduction first?
  18. Did I compromise my Whole30? I am so mad, I just realized this drink additive I've been using contains soy... Ugh. I wish I would've paid closer attention! does this mean I have to start over? It's True Lemon, but I used grapefruit and orange packets (maybe 4-5 total this week). I'm on day 6.
  19. So, I had tried to do this on my own about a month ago, writing pithy little blog comments on Facebook for my friends and family and then I got tired of exposing so much raw emotion and I quit, I went right back to the sugar, it wasn't like amazing, it was good, but it wasn't super fabulous, just okay. But then sugar lead to bread, and bread let to McDonalds and Jack in the Box and Taco Time and dun dun dah COKE, canned Coke, McDonalds Coke, Mexican Coke in those awesome class bottles and before I knew my ankles were the size of baby elephant ankles and the swirling mass of moodiness and despair that follows binge eating was back and I knew that was not good! So I have come back to this eating plan, I felt great for the first 10 days that I did it, I felt righteous and smart, and proud of eating a healthy veggie filled diet that surprisingly enough my "I am "Preservative MAN" husband also enjoyed. I think he was secretly a little sad to see the sugar back in the house. And I also decided to get some help, not just help from my friends and family (love them, but they have their own stuff) but from others who get it and who are in the fight, so I joined this forum and signed up for my daily emails. And so, day one begins in a house filled with the smell of broccoli, 4 20oz water classes lined up like little soldiers on my counter and the NomNom Paolo crockpot chicken recipe open on the iPad. Let's do this thing!
  20. After going absolutely food crazy for the past 3 months feeling very discouraged. So starting again tomorrow. Just came off of a 8 day road trip to drive my daughter to college and now it's time. Today cleaning out cupboards, selected menu for week on and doing a cook up this afternoon and tomorrow. Would love support along the way. Anyone else starting tomorrow? Can use some accountability. I have a long way to go to be healthy but can't take the way I feel anymore. Wish me luck!
  21. I've had to restart my subscription so many times, I'm beginning to doubt my ability to do this. I hope there are some others out there starting today who might join me on this thread.... Today's my Day #1....again.
  22. I feel like I have a serious problem. I know I have a sugar addiction and that I easily fall victim to my trigger foods....but I can't believe how many times I've had to re-start my whole30. I really do want to do this. I don't know why I cave. It's emotional/psychological, I'm sure. Somewhere between days 3 and 7 I just lose control. I have told myself that I must keep going. I will do this as many times as it takes to put a full 30 days together. Usually my problems begin in the mid-afternoon, when I get tired and I miss being able to grab a quick snack of crackers or granola. I don't have those in the house, but I do find myself in my kids' snack stash.... I have found Larabars that are Whole30 compliant, so I am packing those, but they just don't have the same appeal...not crunchy enough. Has anyone else out there had this experience? Any advice is welcome. I know I can do this. I need to do this. But I think a part of me has decided that I'm not going to do this. How do I find and conquer that negative force inside?
  23. I'm so mad! I'm on day 23 and realized yesterday I went off track. I had about 2-3 oz of chicken that was store bought. I knew they add extra sodium but figured I could deal with that. But then last night I felt like crap and boy was I crabby to. ( I actually felt sorry for my husband) So today I decided to look at the ingredients and the chicken was filled with stuff I couldn't even pronounce...even sugar. My bad for not reading the ingrediants but it's a whole roast chicken! I had no idea. Do I have to restart? I had been trying to do a Whole 30 for almost a year now with many false starts so I've been so happy I made it this far.
  24. I am on Day 4 (have already had to restart 2 times) and today I ate a whole container of macadamia nuts and a larabar. I'm feeling pretty shitty now. I am desperately trying to kick my sugar dragon, and I think I am using nuts as a substitute for sugar. Either way, I am going to eliminate all nuts/nut butters, but I am wondering if I should restart my whole 30, or just continue without nuts. I think it would be discouraging to have to start over again, but I really want to do this right.
  25. Hi everyone! So I started my whole 30 back on March 9th, but I restarted 8 days later after I realized I had made some mistakes the first week - the sausage I bought had sugar, I was chewing gum, and then on the 17th (after 8 days) I was miserable and ate a bunch of sweetened coconut. So I restarted, and have been doing well ever since in terms of compliance. However, I'm having some issues that are troubling - first, I keep having mild headaches. Nothing too severe, but really annoying. Second, I am not sleeping well. I used to sleep amazingly well before the whole 30, but now although I appreciate the ability to get up early, I'm waking up at 4am and tossing and turning for two hours. Third, I don't think I have lost any weight. I know this isn't about weight loss, but that is a huge incentive for me to do this. I've also been having some digestive issues. I hate talking about that department, but before whole 30 it was like clockwork. It is driving me bananas to not know what's going on or when! A few sidenotes - I am hypthyroid, and I wonder if doing the whole 30 may have knocked my dosage of Armour out of whack? Also, I've noticed in the past 1-2 weeks I have been upping my fruit consumption. I'm going to cut that back. I also cut way back on eating nuts after reading the forum. But I wondered if the fruit may be causing some problems - I realize that it is triggering my need for sugar and want to fix that. Any advice would be really appreciated!!! Thank you!