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Found 41 results

  1. Hi all, any other Whole 30-ers in Washington DC? I'm on Day 6 and I cook a lot, but wanted to share how I've managed to go to restaurants so far. Hope others will contribute a few ideas, too! Casual dining: Sweetgreen, Cava, Beefsteak, Taylor Gourmet, Pleasant Pops (if you can resist the popsicles!)... DC is at no loss of good, fresh, fast-casual restaurants for the 9-to-5 lunch crowd. You just need to (nicely) request substitutions, oil and vinegar dressings, etc. etc. Restaurants: Agora, Zaytinya... Middle Eastern has been the way to go for me. Plenty of compliant dips, veggie tapas, and grilled meats to go around. Food shopping: It's August, so farmer's markets are your best bet! Honestly, going to Safeway is uncomfortable, Whole Foods has too many "healthy" temptations, but the Dupont Farmer's Market made me so happy. Just walk really quickly past Keswick cheeses.
  2. seattlenick

    Seattle restaurants

    Hi all, Anyone have any good Seattle restaurant recommendations that have Whole30 compliant options? Thanks a ton! Nick
  3. Over the weekend, I travelled from Seattle WA to Spokane WA to see my cousin in concert. Unfortunately I was on Days 5-7 of my 2nd Whole30 round, which as you all know, makes travel + dining out a little bit complicated. However I was able to plan ahead of time by researching restaurant menus, and e-mailing chefs to ask questions. I think this is DEFINITELY the way to go. If you have enough time to plan ahead for dining out, e-mail the restaurant with an outline of the Whole30 rules and ask specific questions about which entrees you'll be able to enjoy. Just make sure to apologize for seeming high-maintenance and say lots of THANK YOUS! Anyway - we wound up at Bruncheonette for brunch and at Clover for dinner. I received such sweet, accommodating e-mail responses from both chefs. At Bruncheonette I was able to have the Verde Hash, sans cheese, with added guacamole. Bruncheonette makes all of their meats, and sauces, in-house from scratch. They use canola oil for the potatoes and eggs, and there are no sugars / sweeteners in the carnitas or in the potato seasoning! My hash included the potato medley, carnitas, peppers & onions, basted eggs, and verde sauce. Totally filling and delish - plus I got veggies, protein, and plated fat with my guacamole. Chef Cody at Clover sent me the following e-mail response: "Hi Anna, Thank you for contacting me directly. We regularly make accommodations for our guests’ dietary needs, so this will be no problem. Having a heads up makes it even easier. Most of our dishes are cooked in an olive/canola blend or clarified butter. We would be happy to use straight olive oil, Lard, Duck Fat or none of the above. Our cured dry chorizo is an item we source, and does have sugar. Our house made chorizo is a great substitute for both the octopus and the Piri Chicken, as my linguica also has sugar. All of our veggies are roasted with salt, pepper and our oil blend. We can always roast fresh veggies for an order as well. Honestly, we can make most of our menu work for you, or I can create something just for you, if you like. We enjoy the challenge and love to test our creative side, with such limitations. It usually ends up the prettiest plate at the table, so I hope we don’t let you down. This weekend, we will be featuring Oregon Rockfish. Our scallops are always top notch. Let me know what direction you would like to go. Have a safe trip to Spokane and we’ll see you on Saturday night!" Again - SUCH customer service! I wound up having a simple dish of the Oregon Rockfish, with a medley of broccolini, mushrooms, and fingerling potatoes garnished with pine nuts. As for travel snacks - I brought with me a baggie of baby carrots w/ a guacamole cup, sliced Fuji apple with almond butter, and RX Bar & Epic Bar, almonds, and olives (no - I did NOT eat all of the above but it was nice to have options).
  4. Hello! I'm in the marketing business which means a LOT of client lunches. I'm on day 3 of whole30 and completely forgot this would be a hurtle. I'm going to Chef Geoff's tomorrow, and after talking to the chef, I think I have a few options but know I am going to dread being "that person" with the finicky order. Does anyone have any experience at this restaurant? Anything helps! Thanks! Lizzie
  5. I am going to Sundance Film Festival for 4 nights, I have to go for work, but I want to stay committed to my January Whole30 the whole time. I’ve never been to Sundance but have heard stories about it being a huge weeklong party: drinking and staying up late, shmoozing, eating out, drinking, drinking and more drinking. Ack! Anyone been to Sundance on Whole30? Anyone going to be there this weekend and want to check in with me? Would appreciate all the help I can get.
  6. Hi! New here and just trying to see if anyone else has eaten a compliant meal at Freebirds, and if so, what was it? Freebirds has locations mostly in Texas and California. It's basically like Chipotle but without all the "faux healthy" hyperbole Chipotle is so fond of. I searched the forums and a couple of people had posted about FB back in 2014, but nothing since then. It's one of the few options available to me in my small city where I feel like I could still stick to W30 rules and get a decent meal on the go, i.e. one that's not grilled chicken on salad with no dressing. Freebirds online allergen chart lists chicken, carnitas and steak all as maybe having soy, but not their ground beef. The old posts indicated chicken and carnitas were fine, but of course that could have changed drastically between now and then. Anyone else? Thanks!
  7. kmgoreilly

    Day 1 Worries

    So coming to the end of the first day of my January whole30. There has been so much temptation already. My husband is a big "whole30" skeptic and isn't very helpful when I mention I cannot have something he is having. (He's a picky eater so my love of my new fav whole30 recipes, like cauliflower fried rice is not shared. He is also very pro-dairy, pro-rice and wheat). Also, I feel like I am snacking on nuts between all meals so I stay full. I feel this might be a bad sign? I work the next two nights: I'm a night shift RN so it should be interesting how cravings play out. I'm taking a lot of pointers from paleobailey although she just announced she's leaving her job to become a full time blogger. (Congrats Bailey!) I'm going to lunch with my family tomorrow (CAVA. Anyone have one near them?) and I am not sure how to approach ordering. Do I need to ask about seasoning on the meat? I hate to be that person...Does anyone go to CAVA and can you tell me what I can order?!?! Basically I just need to feel normal and feeling pretty abnormal.
  8. Hi everyone! I'm planning to start my first Whole 30 in just over a month. I am an American living in Vienna, Austria, with at best only passable German. This leaves me mainly concerned with eating out (and a little bit about grocery shopping). Has anyone done this in Vienna? Any recommendations for specific restaurants you frequented/frequent that have whole 30-friendly menus or at least where there are options that are easy to modify? I've found many restaurants here aren't super excited about modifications in general, so the idea of trying to explain all of this with a possible language barrier on top is a bit daunting. Thanks in advance for your advice!!
  9. any experiences with whole30 friendly restaurants in philly? with multiple restaurant weeks coming up in the next few weeks i'm bound to go to one... i would like to keep compliant with whole30 rules while still being social help!
  10. Hey everyone! It is day 31 and I have a couple of questions about reintro. But first, a short story. I originally intended to come back to the forum and write a post with a ton of specific questions about reintroduction. I was basically about to do a post saying "I'm so glad THAT'S over! Can I eat chocolate on the same day as I reintroduce wine?" but first, I did my Non-scale victories worksheet. Now that I look over it all, I'm thinking to myself...."maybe I can go without chocolate for a couple of weeks" and "I don't even really miss beans" and "I don't eat pasta like that, anyways." and this is how they get you. You get all motivated to do the Whole30, you stick with it because you've made such an investment of time and energy (and $$) and then you can't abandon what you've learned because you've changed for the better. Thanks a lot, Whole30 ! But seriously, one of the things I miss the most is being able to eat out or at least pick up to-go foods from Earth Fare or WholeFoods. Our weekends are very busy. Most days we leave the house in the morning and don't get home until late that night. Without spending my entire life in the kitchen, it was getting dang near impossible to actually get 3 compliant meals in during our Whole30 on the weekends. We ate a LOT of mediterranean tuna. A lot. I'm trying to set my reintro up for success around that part. Being able to eat out again as soon as possible. We'll still make healthy food choices but the thing that gives me anxiety is the cooking oils. Many restaurants I've called in my area aren't really that aware of what oils they are using or they'll just say "vegetable oil" or a "blend". Has anyone had these concerns before or have any ideas on how to navigate this? I'm assuming that I wouldn't be safe to eat food that cooked in corn oil until I've reintroduced non-gluten grains, is that right? Finally, are home made french fries back on the table or do those count as SWYPO and need to wait until after reintro? Thanks for your advice!
  11. Ntruffin

    Zoe's Kitchen

    For those of you that are die hard Zoe's Kitchen fans like my fam, here are a few tips while on Whole30. I have eaten there several times during my Whole30 AND spoken with them personally to obtain details. UPDATE: It's official... Zoës Kitchen is now a Whole30 Approved® partner! You can see the full list of Whole30 Approved menu offerings here. Click here for a list of ZK locations near you.
  12. Hello. I have now finished my Whole 30. I feel pretty darn tip-top. Reflecting on my month, I thought you guys might like to read my opinion on the differences between US and UK restaurant customer service and the impact on us Whole30-ers? Thank you!
  13. Hi! I'm on Day 4 of my 3rd Whole30. My boss treated a group of us to lunch this afternoon. Typically with these lunches we don't know where we're going until we're in the car, and he will ask for suggestions. I suggested a place with good salads to give myself an opportunity to order a compliant dish. We ended up at Biaggi's after the original, local place was closed. I double-checked to make sure the oil on the table was only olive oil as it was their "house blend with herbs and spices." I ordered a salad with salmon cooked in olive oil and lemon on the side. The salad itself seemed fine, but halfway through my meal, I started having a slight headache that's usually a sign of something uncompliant (legumes or dairy). When I got back to the office, I had an ache in my back that I usually get from something uncompliant. I'm wondering if my salmon or the table olive oil had some traces of something uncompliant. I know my breakfast was compliant as the only packaged ingredient was sundried tomatoes that had no other ingredients except tomatoes. Does this mean I need to start over , or will my results still be okay on day 30?
  14. So, I am on day 5 and feeling pretty good. However, I have a question. I went out to a bar and grill sort of place last night (Three Wise Men). The absolutely didn't have anything on the menu for me that I could eat but I asked them if they could just grill a chicken breast. What we ended up doing was "adding" chicken to the salad that my friend got but requested it on the side and that's what I ate.It was breaded or fried. It was seasoned with some salt and pepper. But there was likely some sort of cross contaminant and I am honestly not sure what kind of oil they cooked it in or if it was slightly processed. I am not the most hardcore person but I do want to play by the rules and actually do this thing. Thoughts...? Did I do the right thing? Also, I have been carrying a bag of raisins (whole 30 compliant) and nuts but I left it at home, otherwise I would've been fine!
  15. livzweig96

    Preserved Lemons w/Sugar

    I never add sugar to my own foods, and am trying to figure out a way to eat out without being too demanding. I've searched this a couple of times and I am pretty sure it is not posted anywhere. I'm going to a burger joint later (I'm getting a lamb burger, no bun, which comes with a Rosemary Aioli). I inquired about the aioli, and they said it was Sir Kensington's mayonnaise (sunflower oil, not the best but reluctantly compliant when eating out), as well as rosemary--the third ingredient was, as the chef said, "lemons which they preserve themselves with a bit of chili, sugar, salt, and rosemary." I can't figure out whether this violates the added sugar rule or not, as I believe the sugar draws out the juice rather than itself being added to the lemon, but I am not completely sure how it works. It seems like everything else in the recipe is compliant though (unless chili powder isn't compliant).
  16. hi all! this is my first post on the forums but i've been creeping around here for the last few weeks, so much great info on here. my boyfriend and i are on day 10 of our first w30! it's been going pretty well, and we are really enjoying cooking (we almost never cooked before... quite amazing!). however occasionally we would still like to take a break from cooking -- was wondering if there are any fellow whole30-ers in boston or cambridge with specific places they would recommend? so far, all we've done during our 2 meals out is chipotle because we know that the carnitas salad there is w30-compliant.. would love to be able to branch out thanks so much! joanne (feel free to check out how we're doing at
  17. I have some travel coming up, and I've managed to work out everything except one single lunch out at a restaurant. For complicated reasons, I am not going to be able to really depose the waiter on what is made with what. I can ask a few questions, but the situation is one where I need to minimize the degree to which it sticks out that I'm "on a diet" where I "can't eat certain things". Please trust me on this - "get over that and ask all the questions that you need to" is distinctly NOT an option. (Put it this way: were it an option, I likely wouldn't need Whole30 to undo a lifetime of maladaptive eating habits). So here's the menu: I'm thinking that options include: - steak tartare hold the croutons - Cauliflower and almonds, hold the cheddar (not sure if that would be possible if it's melted in or something) - roasted beets, hold the ricotta - slow-baked sea bass (can call and ask if they can make the turnips NOT glazed) - pan-roasted salmon, black trumpets and horseradish - roasted pork loin, plums, onions, and mustard Does anyone see anything among these choices that could have hidden non-compliant ingredients? All I need to do is get through lunch in a compliant manner without having to talk about what I'm eating to the people I'm with. I am going to great lengths to stay compliant for the rest of my trip (bringing all of my other meals, basically), so if it's not a perfect template meal...I'm willing to let that go for the day.
  18. Hello my fellow Whole30ers!! I am on day 9 of my first Whole 30 and feeling FABULOUS!!!! In about a week I will be traveling to Cypress, CA for a work trip for 5 days... I want to stay on track so am looking for compliant restaurants/grocery stores in the area...anyone local or been to this area that can give me some ideas? Thanks!!
  19. Hey all! I will have my very first dining out experience this Friday for my mother's birthday. I've been doing really great so far and I don't want to screw it up. We are going to CB and Potts.... wondering if anyone has any good suggestions for what to eat there? I think if I can find something compliant and yummy I won't have a problem, but I want to go in with a plan. Thanks for any advice you can give!
  20. Hello Whole30-ers! I think we all know (or have discovered) that planning and preparation are keys to success with the Whole30 (as well as pretty much any dietary/nutrition/lifestyle overhaul). Outside of meal planning and preparation (a topic in and of itself), what are other little tricks you've learned to use to help stick with and maintain (for those post-Whole30) good habits? I feel like it's easiest in my own home, where I have the most control over the ingredients and preparation methods. I feel like it's a bit harder at my office, where terrible packaged/processed snack foods abound (see "Steps to Success at the Office"), and hardest of all out at restaurants and friends' homes where the ingredients and food preparation are out of my hands and temptations abound: - ASK QUESTIONS: how have foods been prepared and with what ingredients? Be specific and be detailed. Of course, I wouldn't expect very good answers at say, McDonald's, but higher-end restaurants should be able (and happy) to give you this information and often will be delighted to accommodate your requests. They will know the difference between clarified butter and non. The same goes for friends and family members if you have entrusted them to cook for you. With the latter, you might even have the benefit of standing in the kitchen with them, to check labels, ingredients and cooking methods as they go. - BRING YOUR OWN: if you can't get answers as per the above, or you don't like the answers you get ("why yes, there IS soybean oil and added sugar in the pasta sauce"): bring your own. Small travel-size bottles or containers of oilve oil and balsamic vinegar for salads if you can't trust the house-provided options to be compliant; compliant salsa and baked sweet potato or plaintain chips for the next "game day" party; a compliant main dish to share for the next potluck, etc. - PLAN EMERGENCY OPTIONS: (see the Whole30 download on travel) - I am already thinking ahead to my upcoming trip to Europe and the 14-hr flight might NOT have compliant options on board (but even then, it never hurts to ask!). I won't realistically get a suitcase full of produce or meat through security (I can't even ship Epic bars because of import regulations on meat products), but I can (and will bring): packets of coconut butter, packets of nuts & dried fruit, and compliant Larabars. I might even do a few cans of tuna, carefully wrapped and packed in my suitcase. I've decided that it's possible but not realistic to be 100% compliant on my trip (all the more reason why I am only doing an "unofficial" Whole30 leading up to the trip), but there's no reason to abandon the good habits I've started. What do YOU do? Let me know if any of the tips above help you out! Cheers, -Lauren (GGG)
  21. Hi all, Any fellow Torontonians in this forum who are (or have) taking on the Whole30 journey? I'd love some suggestions for dining out in Toronto (compliant restaurants, awesome meal hacks you've discovered, etc.) So far I've heard about Chipotle, and Bareburgers. Thank you!
  22. Care to share tips on restaurant and food choices in NYC?
  23. Can anyone recommend some restaurants in Houston where I can find Whole30-compliant food? I'm going to be downtown but I can Uber to wherever. Also, since beef is huge there I know I can get steak, but can anyone advise what to ask the waiter? Is steak usually cooked in butter? Is there a particular cut or preparation that is best? Can you recommend a health food store that has good stuff that is Whole30-compliant? I'm going for work and it may be kind of last-minute. I'm considering getting a suite or an apartment when I am there so I have a kitchen where I can prepare stuff or maybe actually cook. Thanks!
  24. rickmo54

    Started Monday 5/4/15

    I am just getting started. Will find it challenging to prepare three meals a day due to working a second shift from 2:00 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. How should I balance out the meals and/or what would be the ideal times to eat!!
  25. This is my second whole 30. I feel like meal planning is a breeze and I'm happy to be eating healthy, tasty foods again. I decided to eat some holiday treats and while they tasted good, I did notice that they made me feel really awful. I think I'm going to try and stay on a paleo diet indefinitely instead of thinking that I can have cheese or bread next month. The major roadblock that I've had this time is the drinking. Somehow there are a lot of events going on in my life this month that all seem to revolve around drinking. Family visits, birthday parties, random friends wanting to get cocktails. I feel like such a debbie downer to be the ONE person who's not drinking. I guess I know how to handle it and just say no, but it's hard, and somehow it's been happening multiple times a week! (spillover festivities from the holidays, I think). It makes me depressed, like being healthy means that I can't partake in social activities that seem to be normal for everyone else. Advice? Words of encouragement? Anything?