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Found 9 results

  1. Sara Liz

    Whole30 - Day31

    So, I did a Whole30 and dragged the McHubs into it with me (for an almost Whole30, because of nightshift) and I had some interesting results. Bear with me, this is a little long. I previously had some food allergen testing done in August 2016 - and dairy (the love of my life) was marked as a pretty high irritant (cow’s milk, specifically - followed by 3 types of cheese and malt). 4 grains, gluten, peanuts, yogurt, and chicken were also listed as irritants. So when I decided to go Whole30, I was already armed with some background info. Guys, no cheese and no wine - no alcohol at ALL- was hard. Label reading was not too much of a challenge, and the cooking was - dare I say it - more fun than I expected, even with McHub’s and I’s busy schedule. Here is a list of what I noticed on my Whole30 before I got down to the brass tacks … taken from a long list. I noticed the following - Undereye circles marginally better - at least in my opinion. Wedding ring fitting better - more comfortable. Less bloating after eating. Better GI stuff. Better seasonal allergies. Less anxious. Feeling in control of food. Fewer carb cravings. Better food relationships/improved disordered habits with food. I listen to my body more. More nutrition in my meals. Better understanding of cravings vs. hunger. Fewer ADHD symptoms. Sounder sleep. No 2pm crash at work. Changed tastebuds - I can tell if diet soda is real or diet again! The tape measure gave some odd results - I added inches in some areas and lost inches in others, which may be why clothes were fitting differently. I lost .2% body fat, which is nothing, and the scale did NOT show the work I put in on food this month - I lost around a pound. Frankly, I was pissed off. I completely committed to eating healthy, avoiding allergens, and eating ‘clean’ for a month, following the rules to a T, and nothing happened on the scale or the tape measure that I can’t explain away with normal body deviations. Especially as this is the longest I’ve gone without binging/emotional eating in a while. I ate well, I didn’t fight with my body about portions, and I got balanced amounts of fresh veggies and protein. I won’t say this month was a waste - but I will say that I am terribly disappointed in my results. McHubs raised the point that while I don’t like my weight where it is, I typically don’t eat junk, and I cut out a lot of unnecessary carbs/grains/etc on a regular basis. Due to this, I have fewer things that I removed from my diet, which may be why I didn’t notice a drastic change in my body. I also haven’t been exercising, which would have likely had an effect. I still am kinda pissed off. #whole30 #beforeandafter #mixedfeelings #healthyeating #frustrated
  2. lvburnsieburrns

    2nd whole30-so disappointed

    Good morning! Today is Day 31 of my second round of my whole 30. I am seriously bummed with the results and I was hoping for some advice on how to proceed. I'm 5'9. My fighting weight is generally around 135 lbs. In August I noticed I had crept up to 143. I did a round of whole30, easily came back down to 135 and stayed there until it started creeping up again around the holidays. I started this whole30 on April 11 at 143, followed it to the letter, and weighed in at 141.5 this morning. Let me say, super snappishly, I KNOW IT ISN'T ABOUT THE SCALE. I realize that I am no where near overweight, but I'm in the spot of having to accept this new weight and get rid of a bunch of clothes or fight on. All of that said, I haven't had any change in measurements, decrease in bloat, increase in energy, or any of the positives of my first whole30. I am trying to decide it I should extend to a 45? A 60? Or just start the reintroduction and hope for the best? I've exercised about 3-4 times a week. I wish it was more, but I work full time and am a mom, so time is limited. Should I be making the push to get up super early to exercise every day? I appreciate any advice. I am so frustrated!
  3. Just finished a round of Whole30 with my husband. I did it because I have 30 pounds that I can't seem to lose, no matter what I do. My husband did it along with me, for support. We figured he could probably stand to lose about 10 lbs. Well, just finished and the results are in- he lost 21 pounds (what?! from where?!) and is definitely at his ideal weight now. I lost a whopping..... 4 pounds. I tracked NSVs along the way so I wouldn't miss them, and didn't see a ton of improvement there either- redness/eczema has maybe improved a tiny bit, allergies seem the same, still get puffiness/swelling in my hands and face. Energy levels are ok, and my sleep has gotten a little bit better. My clothes seem to fit exactly the same. My biggest NSV is seeing the cookies / desserts we always seem to have at work and not touching a single one! What went wrong? We ate according to the template. We both ate the same things (I obviously ate less than he did, adjusted for our size). Didn't eat a ton of fruit, maybe 1 serving a day if that, often a few strawberries. I do 4 hiit cardio / lifting workouts per week. My dr. just suggested I start a trial of Orlistat, a weightloss drug that blocks fat absorption. I told her no way and am now in the market for a new doctor. I had labs done and everything seems normal. Any ideas? I'm very discouraged. Maybe I need to extend to a Whole60?
  4. evaq

    Yay! Whole 30 Results

    I can't believe it's been over 30 days since I started this journey. I am so thankful I stumbled onto ISWF and Melissa and Dallas. I've gained a much healthier relationship with my food, my eating and more importantly realizing that my health is my choice. Or rather, a series of daily choices. I understand what makes my body "happy" and I am so grateful to ISWF and the amazing support group of moderators and whole 30ers. Y'all are wunderbar! It feels like after 43 years, I finally have the owner's manual to my body. This nutritional reset forced me to acknowledge some uncomfortable truths (sugar owns me, mindless snacking, sloppy eating habits, trusting food labels). I liked to think that I was pretty healthy beforehand but doing this *squeaky clean* whole 30 nutritional reset made me realize there was definitely some wilful (or lazy) ignorance on my part and I can now take full ownership of my eating. Was it easy? No, of course not. The path to change is always going to be challenging. The status quo is what our bodies, minds, friends and family find comforting. But I wanted a better and healthier version of me, so I chose me instead of the status quo. Yes, there were lots of social situations and celebrations to navigate. Chinese New Year! New job celebration! Family suppers! Yes, I had some bad workouts. Yes, I was tempted. But through it all, I just kept saying to myself "I choose me". Here's a recap of my whole 30, by the numbers and more: Pounds lost: 7 Waist: -2 Hips: -2.5 Bust: -2 Arms: -0.5 Victories I had to face the fact that a lot of my recent eating was emotionally based (sugar, you have so many tempting forms). This nutritional reset taught me that if I ate 3 nutritious and balanced meals, I would drastically reduce the need for snacks, treats or extras. I can say no thank you to food I don't want to eat. I have control over my food and what I eat, not the other way around. I am feeling so much more attuned and at home in my own body, in my own skin. Speaking of skin, definitely better skin. Crazy good sleep, 8-9 uninterrupted, deep restful hours every night. Calm and even tempered disposition. My chewing tempo/speed changed without conscious thought or effort. Even when I was really hungry, my meals would be eaten with a zen like pace. I never got hungry. It felt like my mouth (and appetite) was being controlled by the Dalai Lama. Chili. I am addicted to chocolate chili. I had it for 21/30 days of my whole 30. I probably would have had it for all 30 but I only discovered it on Day 5. I can't quit you Melissa Joulwan. Difficult Changes I think The Whole 30 needs to be renamed Whole 30 Non-stop Peeing Nutritional Reset. I got my TOM during the 3rd week when tiger blood should have occurred. The tiger was MIA. Running was no bueno. My legs felt like lead sticks for the first 2 1/2 to 3 weeks. Every run was willed into completion by pure obstinance and courtesy the mileage bank. It hurts to know that many of the foods I love(d) don't help me. In fact, they do the opposite. Navigating the post whole 30 world is going to be interesting. As someone who pre whole 30 liked to eat 1/3 to 1/2 of their meals without meat, I struggle to reconcile what this will look like post whole 30. What Now? I'm in the re-intro phase now, and have had some eye-opening reactions to dairy and other non compliant foods. I definitely plan to incorporate most of the whole 30 principles to my day-to-day eating going forward (leaving room for celebrations etc). My body felt/feels so good, I don't ever want to lose this feeling.
  5. I start my 2nd Whole30 tomorrow, and I am so excited! I would love some buddies this round! I think I'm better prepared this time, now knowing exactly how many veggies I will be plowing through, and my fridge is full to bursting. I even scored some local buffalo, grass fed beef, and ground lamb to play with. My 9 yo has decided to join me this time and will attempt her own Whole15 (stopping in time for Halloween). We've been having sugar issues with my girls, so I'm extra excited about having her buddy with me. I hope to get the whole family eating a lot more healthily with us. I mostly lived off Whole30 recipes I found online last time, and this time I plan to play around and make some of my own recipes. The first one was for learning, and now this one is for fun! I also didn't really exercise the first time around, excepting a few walks on pretty days. I was only allowed to walk due to blood pressure issues, but I've since been cleared for 'real' exercise, so I plan to do that this time around. Which means extra meals, I know, so I'll be playing with work-out foods. Would love any tips for that! For the record, my first Whole30 this summer saw: * 28 pounds lost (only 4 gained back after quitting - this broke a 3 yr plateau!) * Completely off blood pressure & thyroid meds * Was sleeping better & had more energy * Clearer skin/less acne * Stomach bloat &/or fat reduction was DRASTIC. My tummy is my problem area. I looked hot! Gotta celebrate that. * And, of course, a better understanding of nutrition and how my body responds to certain foods. Let me know if you want to buddy up! I'm going to try to post pics of my meals on facebook to keep me accountable, so PM me if you want to be friends (or look for me in the Whole30 Challenge & Whole30 Recipe Exchange groups). Thanks a bunch!
  6. Hi everyone. So, else-thread I was recommended to post some food logs. I'm not getting any sort of results from this Whole30 that I was hoping for. I'm on day 18, and my clothes aren't fitting any looser, I don't feel wildly different (although it's possible my belly is generally happier, and my pain is less, but I'm coming off a little injury, so I'm not sure about the pain), I don't have boundless energy, etc. Also, I know my breakfasts are lacking in veg. Earlier in my whole30, I made some frittatas with veg that were good, but kind of got sick of them. I struggle with eating enough (per the template) because I feel full well before I've eaten "enough". I take digestive enzymes (I've had stomach issues for a while), probiotics, compliant B complex vitamins, and a greens drink (Amazing Grass) recommended by my acupuncturist for various reasons (the only non-compliant thing in it is a little stevia, but it's Dr recommended and I can see the difference when I don't take it). 9/3 815a - 4 scrambled eggs w too much ghee (they got oily, greasy, because I cooked them too fast), 1/4 big (8" long, 3" wide) sweet potato, home fries, 1/2 asian pear. Ate only half the eggs, got too full. 1130 - had the rest of the eggs on a salad (that already had half a HB egg), 2 T vinaigrette w lots of oil (emulsion!), 1/2 avocado in salad. Salad was originally meant to accompany either breakfast or lunch, but at 1130, I wasn't hungry enough for steak, but a little hungry, so I compromised, knowing there was protein in the eggs and fat in the vinaigrette. 315 - steak, palm sized, 1 c sauteed summer squash 630 - steak, palm sized, 1/4 big sweet potato home fries, 1 c mixed frozen veg 730 - 5 raspberries, 1 tsp raw cacao nibs, 2 tsp coconut milk - very upset tummy, no more coconut milk for me. I had cut out coconut years ago after some bad reactions. I've tried reintroducing it during this whole30, with little success. I think I'm done. 9/4 815 - 3 oz steak (3/4 palm sized), 1 c mixed frozen veg, 1/2 sm avocado, half apple, 2 T almond butter. Was still hungry, but that was all I had. Need to go shopping. 12p - 1 can water packed tuna, 1 stick celery chopped up, 1/2 avocado, 2 tsp lemon juice, 1-2 Tb olive oil, 1 pickle, 5 green olives, 3 pc toasted seaweed. Belly a little unhappy, probably due to all the cold, although I did have a cup of tea with lunch. 300 - half apple, 1-2 T almond butter. Going shopping after work, needed a little more in my belly. Today's food was a little under what I'm trying for, because I need to go shopping. 630p - salad (1 c packed field greens, 1/2 c chopped cucumber, 1/2 a radish, 1 carrrot grated, 1 green onion), 2 T balsamic vinaigrette, 1/4 sweet potato home fries, 1.5 palm of chicken breast 9/5 830 - 1.5 sausage (jones, clean), 1.5 egg (of 2 eggs, cooked with 1 T olive oil/ghee mix), 2-3 T mashed sweet potato (also w ghee), 2 raspberries. Didn't feel good after eating, which is why I ate so little. I've been constipated, though, which I think affected how I felt. 1245 - salad (1 c packed field greens, 1/2 c chopped cucumber, 1/2 a radish, 1 carrrot grated, 1 green onion), 2 T balsamic vinaigrette, 1 palm chicken breast, 7 black olives, 6 raspberries. Still feel a little hungry, but I'm out of food. However, my belly feels full. dinner - planning on pork chops and zoodles, but will depend on shopping tonight.
  7. Disclaimer: This is a message to myself. I put it in Success Stories because these are both a huge blessing... and a curse when we acquire 'comparitis' and expectation creep* Reality Check on ISWF and whole9life Book Title: It Starts With Food Not the Book Title: 30 days to a perfect you! Reverse the effects of decades of bad habits in 4 weeks! Drop those last 10 pounds the photoshopped media images say you should in one month! Tag Line: Change Your Life in 30 Days Not the Tag Line: We will fix you even if deep down you really want to keep your current life and have no intention whatsoever of ever giving up [fill in your favorite food here] Life Change is Easy and Quick! Anyone can do this! Day 31 - Poof! - You're gorgeous, thin, healthy, rich, and happy! That body part you hate? Those last 10 pounds? We will come pick them up for you and exchange them for the body you love on Day 31. Program Title: Whole30 Not the Program Title: Whole4 Whole15 Whole28 Site / company name: Whole9life Not the site / company name: Whole30 Nutrition: It's only about what you put in your mouth Whole30 Medicine: Cancer to Canker Sores: Fix 'em all with diet. Whole30 Therapy: Stop eating dairy, grains and legumes and you will never be unhappy, stressed, lonely, sick, mean, depressed, envious, sad, lazy, cranky or farty again! A Whole30 Rule: Ditch the Scale Not a Whole 30 Rule: Try not to weigh yourself Food rules are black and white, but this one - meh, whatever you want, it's a 'guideline' It's not acceptable to eat a dozen donuts in one sitting and expect to feel good / be on the program. But weighing yourself and taking some sort of meaning out of that... that's okay. On Day 31 weigh yourself! Yippee! This number equals your success! **Expectation Creep: In project management we call that 'scope creep'... you start out with goals and then as you get closer to reaching them you keep adding additonal ones or tweaking the current ones... making reaching the goals impossible - particularly in the time you allowed with the resources at hand.
  8. Day Fourteen, the almost-halfway point of my Whole30! I'm strongly considering extending my Whole30 to a Whole45. Honestly, I feel phenomenal, my workout recovery is easier, my energy levels are tremendously more stable, my body doesn't feel inflamed, and my outlook on life has been far more optimistic and positive. Waking up in the early-morning hours was nearly impossible; now, I wake up with the first chime of my alarm clock. Rather than plummeting energy levels throughout the day, my energy levels seem very stable. I find myself disbelieving that after a CrossFit WOD that difficult, my recovery time is significantly less than it has ever been before. I'm not experiencing bloating or inflammation in my hands and feet anymore. My general perspective seems lighter and brighter. I am thoroughly enjoying cooking and experimenting with new recipes too. The food is delicious!! I also went for five hours without eating today, and wasn't lightheaded or ill. Before Whole30, that would have never been the case. What's not to love? The only real struggle that I'm currently facing is what I believe to be detox. I've struggled with mild-moderate acne for years and tried lots of prescription antibiotics and harsh chemicals, but nothing has resolved the issue. I had moderate breakouts before Whole30, but around day seven of Whole30, I noticed a lot of new breakouts, especially around my mouth and chin. I also noticed a lot of whiteheads and very dry skin. I've heard that it often gets worse before it gets better, and I'm hoping that is true. The breakouts are definitely still here, but I feel like they may be less inflamed now, on day fourteen. I'm hoping to complete this program with clearer skin- however long it may take. I want to take 'Day 15' pictures, but is that like a measurement? I have not stepped on a scale or taken new measurements since I started the program. I'd love to compare what I look like now to the 'Day 0' photos, but I don't want to cheat at all. Feedback, please!!
  9. willowgrove

    Day 12 and NOTHING!? *insert tears*

    I've been 100% compliant. I've been positive and upbeat...always thinking "tomorrow is THE day" when I'll notice a change. Still nothing. I'm starting to get discouraged. I'm almost to the 1/2 way mark and there have been no changes yet? I hope I'm not the only one? I refuse to quit. I won't do that. I'm just looking for some reassurance I guess. Thank you for any advice you may have...