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Found 4 results

  1. Several years ago did the WH30 for about 90 days and felt great. Sadly, did not do the reintroduction correctly and slowly but surely, went back to some old habits especially over the last holiday season. Back at it again. Today was day 1 and I already had a failure although I am not really counting it as a complete failure. My husband had made a wonderful chicken and fennel soup with egg noodles. Well, I could not bear to see it go to waste, so I had it for lunch today. Everything else has gone well as far as eating. I did not eat any of the awesome mac and cheese leftovers that I had from last night (yes, I seldom have my favorite food but figured if I'm going to go WH30 for another 30 or 90 days, I'm having it before I start! It's a family recipe!) BUT! I could not waste the soup, so day 1 is a partial failure. Everything else will be compliant but those darn egg noodles. Sooooo-technically, tomorrow will be day 1! I am ready for this.
  2. anamchara1317

    EV's Whole30 Round 2 Food Log

    Day one (yesterday) Breakfast: 2 medium eggs fried in olive oil, with cayenne pepper, salt and black pepper and Cholula hot sauce. 2 cups black coffee Lunch: 3 large olives, 2 dill pickles; small bag of (approx 10) radishes, can of grapefruit sparkling water dinner: local grass-fed steak strips over salad (spinach, romaine, avocado, celery, carrot, green onions) with homemade dressing (chimichurra sauce from cookbook Well-Fed Paleo)
  3. anamchara1317

    Introduction - started April 1

    Hi. My name is Erin and I started my second Whole30 yesterday (4-1-19). My fiancé and I did one together 4 years ago this month. He is supporting me this time with an alcohol fast and by making me breakfast (while I make compliant dinners for us). I've said many times in the past year that I was going to do another Whole30 but this is my first time getting back to it. I am also logging my food this time, which I did not do before, so I hope that makes a difference. My primary goal is to stop craving my big 3: wine, bread and sugar. I'm glad to have this community and I'm happy to communicate with anyone who needs/wants to share or talk. We can do this!
  4. My eating habits were atrocious. Before the Holidays, I'd decided that I'd start the New Year off by at least cooking a slow-cooker meal a few times a week. Went to Target, saw the Whole 30 Slow Cooker Cookbook. When I got home-excited about my cookbook- I saw the Whole 30 Book on my shelf. Apparently, I'd plan to make changes around this time LAST YEAR! Decided to do Mantra for 2019 is FULLY COMMITTED! Started New Year's Eve (Monday). By day 3, I didn't have to take my nightly Pepcid/Tums! By day 5, I woke up HUNGRY (hadn't done that in decades). By day 6-7, sleeping so good! Not to mention, feeling my body change. More energy. No midday slump. More focused. Clear thinking. Truly, the list goes on and on!! Can't say it's all been easy, but I'm enjoying NUTPODS in my coffee. Love new recipes. Sometimes overwhelmed by the cooking and dishes. But, it's 30 days...or 60. To change habits for LIFE. It gets easier. I'm learning that the occasional "craving" if more of a pity-party. I just do something I love. Read. Write. Cook. Go to be early. My body is Healing. This is a Life-Changer...that is no exaggeration. And not just for me, but my family (and friends are INSPIRED!) Love the food. My husband (a "never eats veggies" guy) told my daughter (16) that I'm "ruining them", cuz they can't go out to eat! Food HERE is too good!! (He modifies it, but still..healthier than before!!) Last year at my last check up, my NP ran the "inflammatory" tests...all of mine were HIGH! My next appointment is March 1. I will complete Day 30 (Round 2) on Feb. 28!! I'm actually excited to see the look on her face when she seems my results. I love the empowerment--knowing that I am dong something about my risks for so many disease processes. OH, and by the way...stupid "little" change for me...I have not bitten my nails in 37 days!! I'm 49 and have bitten my nails ALL MY LIFE! I'm getting manicures!! (nice non-food treat!). I'm down about 10 pounds, finally at 199.4..under 200. Haven't been there in years. But, like so many, the weight loss is not the goal--the feeling of health is! I'm telling everyone about this program and will continue to do this--to inspire others to take control of their health. This. is. not. hard.! LovingMyWhole30Life!