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Found 10 results

  1. Toni Bass

    Round 2 Immedietely

    Hello All, This is the first time I have posted in here. I just completed Day 24 of my first ever Whole 30 cycle. So here goes my fear, babble, confusion rant, lol. I will admit here I am 29 years old, 5'4" and my starting weight was 286.6, I was at the heaviest I have ever been in my life. I was bingeing on fast food sometimes 3x a day and always eating out. If i had to guess my daily caloric intake was 5000+. I'm a cardiac register nurse in a hospital, I know hypocrisy right. Well i finally reached my breaking point of being sore, tired, depressed, angry, moody, broke, nasty skin, no sleep, no focus, pain and just miserable. I'm too young to be feeling so immobile at work and after work, I plan to be in this career for 20 plus more years and the way i was headed I was going to be a patient soon. I've been single since I was divorced at 23 and I feel my weight is a huge factor and loneliness has set in hard. So my aunt mentioned this and how her and my uncle saw great results. I felt i needed something tough and strict, something to complete do a 180 with, I've tried other things in the past and I would sabotage myself the second the scale didn't show as much weight loss at the week before, then proceed to gain everything back, plus more. That's long story forward to today Day 24, I feel freakin amazing, my skin is so clear, i have no dandruff, I'm not nearly as sore after a 13 hours shift and I can see small physical changes. However I don't feel prepared for reintroduction. I'm obese and very unhealthy and still have major cravings and want to binge, i feel i need more tough strict love before i'm released into the "normal" world, lol. I was thinking about doing a round 2 immediately. What are the thoughts or feelings about this? Is there a reasoning that this may be frowned upon or detrimental to my overall health transformation. I'm open to any and all suggestions. Thank you. Toni
  2. This is my umpteenth attempt at trying to introduce myself here. I have typed out more posts than I care to admit and each one seems worse than the last. I wanted to come up with the witty, funny, get-your-attention words that might get this post some responses. Then I realized that I just want to put my story out there and connect with people who are similarly struggling, so here it goes... I did a round of Whole30 back in June of 2016 and after 30 days.... nothing. I honestly don't remember feeling any of the amazing changes that people claim to feel while doing the Whole30. I remember feeling tired, grumpy, having "bathroom" issues, feeling hung-over and hungry, but never really feeling the food freedom or control of food that I had come to expect after a Whole30. And before you ask, I followed the rules to the T - well timed meals, the plate template, the no-no list. All of the rules. I did manage to lose some weight during those 30 days but I ended up putting it all back on, then some. In January of 2017 I decided enough was enough and I refused to cry one more time while getting ready for date night because I hated how I looked and felt in my clothes and in my skin. Changes were made and here we are just under a year later, almost 30# and 20 inches lost. While I am looking better and feeling better, I also realized something along the way: the sugar dragon always wins. I hate that food rules my life. The more I think about it, the angrier I get. I happen to be a night shift RN working three to four 12-hour shifts a week. In those 36-48 hours, I see people hurt and dying of diseases that are almost completely avoidable, preventable, or manageable with right dietary modifications. Yet here I sit eating fast food, ice cream, and all manner of truly toxic food feeling a myriad of unpleasant side effects because of my addiction to the foods I know are slowly killing me. No more. I come here today to say no more: to being tired all of the time, to being short with my children and my husband, to fighting the fog when I am trying to take care of the people who are sick or hurting, to working out with limited results. No. More. Today is the start of a fresh year, a chance for me to take the things I have learned this last year and make even more positive changes in the coming year. Here is to the next 30 days of what I am hoping will be the start of my life-changing journey towards health, personal, and professional happiness.
  3. Probably too much information, but I feel the need to share... At one point in my life I was fairly thin and in good shape. Then after my Dad passed away in 2009 I gained about 60lbs in 2 years. I was broken inside and out. In 2013, My eating was horrendous and all I could manage to do was go to work and go home. I think I went with friends about 6 times in 2 years. I was fed of with being hijacked with my emotions and this person I didn't recognize in the mirror. I was fortunate to have a good friend who recommended a gym - a powerlifting and weightlifting gym. I had no idea what that had in store for me, but I quickly adapted a obsession for the barbell and lifting weights. I also had a coach who motivated me like no other and he introduced a macro's diet with some balance that really helped me reach goals. I managed to lose over 50lbs, but I looked like I lost closer to 80. Not to mention I was strong af. I don't know if I got overconfident or what, but i lost my drive and I'm almost back to where I was. I've gained over 40lbs and my drive is gone. I feel weak, ashamed and I stopped going to my gym because I was so embarrassed I lost what I works so hard for - I'm still in this space today. Recently, I've found a new trainer and gym, which seems to be helping. I can only go about 2x a week because I'm so incredibly sore I can't function. However, I think I'm about at the point I can add in another day soon. We just moved to powerlifting movements and I'm finally up to 90 kilos again - (my max, for reference was 137kg/300lbs). How did I get here? Looking forward... This will be my second time doing Whole 30. The first time I did pretty good, but didn't follow it to the letter. I failed with sticking to 3 meals a day and snacks as needed. Sometimes I "snacked" instead of breakfast - that happened in the evening too. I guess I didn't feel bad about it because all the food I ate was compliant and it must count for something (right?). Well my belly got flatter and I lost roughly 6lbs. I felt really good and was really afraid to reintroduce foods because i wasn't sure my cravings were completely gone. Welp here I am, 2 months later, back to eating sugar, diet pop, those evil but so good banana chips, and beer (and wine). I haven't got on the scale, but I know I've gained that weight back and I'm super bloated. I have managed to eliminate dairy since I realized from round 1 how terrible dairy makes me feel, but that's about it. This week and next, I'm cutting out grains and sweeteners, and limiting sugar intake. I don't think I can take the full shock to the system. I want to be successful. Of course I'll take the weight loss, but I really want to improve my relationship with food and use it as a fuel to be more active. I may do this round longer. I wonder if 45-60 days would have make a difference? Of course I will stick to meal plan closer - the structure and not just the foods. Here's to Round 2.
  4. brittanyxo

    Continuing On - The Next 30

    For the lovely ladies who have chosen to continue on with their Whole 30 (60? 90? 120?) Journeys! Mine started April 24, 2017, and will go for 120 days til August 21st. @EKuhl @aussiegal @Potion One ... Let's do this! Anyone else who is continuing their journey, no matter where you're at, please join!
  5. Hey there world! Im about three weeks into a second round. It's taking a lot longer to feel a lot of the effects I felt last time. For example, I'm still feeling fairly bloated, my skin hasn't cleared up the same way, clothes aren't fitting better yet. I remember this happening around week 3 last time- if not earlier. There were about 4 months of sloppy eating in between. Have others had similar experiences in a second/third/etc round??
  6. Day 30! whooop whooop! I did hop on the scale today. I might of lost up to 2 lbs but not positive as I am not sure where about I started. My numbers can fluctuate within a few lbs at any given time. Anyways i am happy because it is day 30 and I am on a Whole30 journey until June, my bday. I have lost body fat and that is huge for me. But the numbers, as much as I hope they went down more than they did, are not super big to me as long as they continue to go down. I have about 12lbs that I am hoping to lose. My husband is excited for me and thinks I should keep going, which makes life easier that he isn't teasing me or getting irritated that I won't eat butter, etc. But I think it motivates him to see me continue. I thought about not being so strict but like I told him, it just takes the pressure off by knowing what i can and what i can't have. I am so glad I did this during the holidays. I would be feeling so very crappy about myself had I not been on the whole30 during the holidays. The last few days were the hardest for me on this round because of holiday habit... drinking and eating things because they are just there. And I know myself pretty well... a little creamer and I will start chewing gum. And then I will have chipotle every now and then and then I might of well have the chips. And then I am right back to where I was 30 days ago. My plan is to go to my bday. And then I am actually having a bday cupcake (carrrot cake/frosting) but i do not like that kind of stuff but there is this cupcake place here in my town that i discovered when some friends came to visit. And I had one and have been craving it ever since! I am doing that for my bday present. It was that good. I do now have to revisit some issues that came up in Round 1. 1. I got into fruit more than I normally would eat, which could contribute to not losing weight. But I am also going to fight for the fact that it isn't the end of the world to me if I eat too much fruit every now and then. I am not a huge fruit person typically but I feel like I have needed it to bring more variety to my diet. My past W30, it was the nuts that got me into trouble. And in this least year, I have learned that I don't feel great eating nuts which bums me out but i get so many stomach issues and I itch really bad. 2. 3 meals. I wasn't exactly at the three meals which again, not that big of a deal for me but instead of using my pre and post workout meals, I just got lazy and wanted to make a meal and get it over with. I am one of those people that i don't like to waste time with eating. I literally would not eat if I didn't have to. I don't taste a lot of foods which probably is why I am not a huge food person. I just basically don't want to be hungry. 3. Cooking. I don't cook and my goal was to do 1-2 new dishes a week. I never did that but I did start doing a few things that seems like cooking to me (but it won't to you). Like even making cauliflower mashed potatoes. I did that for xmas day and it was like something brand new in my world. Anyways, I need to make myself do a few more things so I don't get so sick of the foods I am eating which is what I normally eat for the most part whether I am on paleo, the whole30 or not. My stables are always chicken, veggies- brocilli, cauli, sweet potato, buttenut squash, avacado, eggs and more eggs. So really, i need to cook something new. 4. Starches. I do love my sweet potato and butternut squash. I limited myself but sometimes need the extra carbs for my workouts or if my energy levels are super low... . I just need to keep an eye on things. I will be starting up my new season and my training plan for tris and starting into crossfit. I sometimes get SO hungry and I need to make sure I am getting in enough calories. I feel like I eat way more than other people looking at their menus and my workouts are pretty minimal right now with mostly lifting, so I just need to plan maybe better wtih my pre and post workout meals. So here is to finishing day 30 and rolling into Round 2 tomorrow! Whooo opps!
  7. I want to preface this post with the fact that I know Whole30 is about the non-scale victories and not ultimately about weight loss, BUT since I have completed my second Whole30 after taking a slight week-long break in order to continue to shed some more weight/become more lean... this is important to me. I have had some non-scale victories as a result of this lifestyle (such as increased energy levels despite my Hashimotos), but I am pretty overweight and don't have many ailments outside of my hypothyroidism (26 years old, 5'4", 183 lbs). I'm relatively active since I work outside a lot thanks to my career as an environmental scientist, but since I'm a consultant there's A LOT of traveling and I haven't had time to hit the gym on top of meal-prepping. I have been biking to and from work the past week (totals to about 30 minutes a day, more if I need to bike to the grocery store) just so I can get SOME soft of activity in. I want to get back to a weight where I can start running long distances again without irritating my hip, since I am signed up for my second half marathon in October (I start training officially in August). I ran my first half about two years ago and was about 170 lbs and had no issues with my joints. Anyway, I was wondering if it's totally wrong to kind of count calories in the back of my mind when I'm planning my meals? I am still making sure that I'm following the palm-protein, thumb-fat, and rest of the plate with veggies. My typical day looks something like this M1: Breakfast scramble (prepped Sunday with 5 veggies I get from my CSA that week. This week it was beets, radishes, kale, mushrooms, bell pepper with compliant chicken apple sausage and eggs. The veggies vary slightly since it depends on what I get in my share that week, but I try to have 5 different vegetables with the sausage and egg). M2: Leafy greens (again, depends on CSA share) topped with tuna/avocado or ground beef taco meat/avocado, 1 serving of fruit (apple, banana, blueberries, or grapes), and an extra veggie (carrot, sugar snap peas, or snow peas) M3: This varies a bit... I try to change the protein I have each day (chicken, beef, or ground turkey). I again keep the palm-protein, thumb-fat, and rest of the plate with veggies rule in mind with each meal. I also take a multivitamin with either lunch or breakfast (depends on when I remember lol). I am also on Levothyroxine for my Hashimoto's. This is a pretty vague post, but I was just wondering if anyone had any advise about how to drop some weight so I can start running again without pain.
  8. Hi all, I completed my first round of whole 30 over the summer. I was so proud of myself and almost slightly prideful and self righteous during it. I couldnt believe that I actually made the commitment to the strict 30 days and held myself to it. It was tough. 4th of July, girls wine nights, etc. I was sure at the end of the 30 days I would "see" significant physical changes. Well I did not and the scale said I gained a pound. I was livid and bitter to say the least. But I remember how much better I felt from doing the Whole 30, no bloating, I was regular, I had more energy and definitly slept better. I also did not follow the reintroduction protocol because i was so angry that I had gained weight. So now Im here 7 months later and my body is screaming at me. I am constantly bloated and full feeling and my sugar dragon is worse than ever. I know I need to do another round for strictly the purpose of feeling better but in the back of my mind I want to lose some weight. I am not over weight and have been the same weight for a while now. I am sick of feeling "gross". I am an athlete and i should feel good inside my body and right now I do not. Anyways I am resisting doing a round 2. I know how hard it was on the first round at times. I also was off during the summer and could focus on me 100% and now I am back at work ( Kindergarten teacher) and my days are crazy. I find myself reaching for anything sugary at school. I know these are fear in the form of excuses. So I would love and welcome any loving constructive suggestions to help me take the dive into choosing whats right. I know that it truly is one day at a time. Sarah
  9. Hello Whole30 Forum, I successfully completed my first W30 in May 2015 and felt incredible. I lost over 9 inches, had clear skin, healthier nails, better sleep and overall looked healthy and felt great. Fast forward a few months and I haven't been as diligent with my diet and exercise. I have slowly slipped back into old habits (and gained weight) and I am just not feeling all that great. I know that another round of Whole30 is what my body is craving, but I am struggling to get my act together and commit to 30 days. I keep making excuses related to upcoming events and celebrations (i.e. a friends wedding in Oct, camping trip with friends and my birthday Oct 26). I can't seem to find the 'magic' 30-day window where I won't be tempted. I know this sounds ridiculous (I realize that as I am typing it), but I am still struggling to get round #2 going. I know the benefits, I know it's only 30 days, and I know I will reap the benefits in how I look and feel, but I am still stalling. :-( Does anyone out there have any advice for me or has experienced something similar? I need a swift kick in the pants my Forum Friends. Help a fellow Whole30er out. Thanks in advance! Shannon Orange County, CA
  10. Today is day 1 of my second Whole30. Last year, I immediately slipped back into my old habits. Lately, I've been noticing a lot of symptoms after I eat - I'm flushed, hiccuping, stomach pains. A friend of mine suggested I may want to cut gluten out of my diet, as she did and her similar symptoms went away. This made me remember how AMAZING I felt after doing a Whole30 last year. I slept harder (and an appropriate amount of hours as such), I felt happy all the time, food was becoming a fun thing to experiment with, and I had the energy to get everything done, and start back at the gym. I hope this time I adapt this as a lifestyle (although I will HAVE to eat pizza on occassion... and pasta. I'm Italian, ok!?). I want to be the best me I can be, and I hope to find the support and wisdom to help me on that journey here. Thanks! Rachael