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Found 7 results

  1. AliciaV08

    Marathon Training

    Hello! I am going to be training for a marathon (date: Oct. 6th) and am curious about how to proceed if I do another round or two before then? In the past the only way I was successful was carrying carrots, apples, bananas, nuts and larabars with me - I teach water aerobics, HiiT, and treadmill classes at our local Y. When I am in my training/running season along with classes I notice that I have to eat ALOT. (Also was training for half marathons at the time) If I eat the recommended 3 daily meals, plus a pre and a post (4th) meal. I'm still ravenous. Now, in the past I have just drank more water or some tea or tried to distract myself. But it has proven very difficult and I notice my performance is well "meh" along with I don't get tigerblood - I'm usually more like a saber tooth tiger. Anyone who has experience or insight? - I have played with portion sizes but wasn't quite sure if that was appropriate or in the spirit of W30. Also, my husband would be grateful because he is not keen on a grocery bill of $150 (or over) for 2 people for 7-10 days worth of meals - or that I eat his portions. THANK YOU!
  2. Runnerbill

    Got started on Monday

    My wife and I are doing this because as we (especially I) have aged, we are finding more aches, pains, and issues then we have had in the past. I am a 20-30 mile a week runner and feel my eat anything diet has caught up with me. Wish us luck, day 3 and I am full but tired.
  3. littleapple08

    Calcium / Iron Supplements?

    Hi all! First time Whole30-er here. I'm an active runner and pescatarian by choice (and lactose intolerant, not by choice), and have been taking a number of supplements daily: a multi-vitamin, omega-3 (flax oil), biotin, collagen, and calcium + Vitamin D. I also run between 15-40 miles a week (closer to 15 now that it's January and snowy, though I am still working out hard 6 days a week.) I know that most vitamins are not needed on Whole30 but am concerned about my calcium & iron as I am training for some spring races. Having read a lot of the forum and blog, I have not seen anyone mention a calcium supplement that's approved. I already take one that's vegan but it contains fructose, which is a no-go. I don't eat red meat and the idea of bone broth is revolting..... as is eating fish bones (I really only eat fish because I got very sick not eating any animal protein and training). Would love to know if anyone has found an approved calcium supplement, (and iron supplement but I'm less concerned there) that they could recommend? Thank you!!
  4. On December 13th, I weighed 152 (my peak weight for my 5'5 running frame). I decided to give up sugar as a way to heal my relationship with food as I have struggled with binge eating/restriction for the last eight years. With a few exceptions I stayed on track and felt relieved to have sugar out of the question. Then January 1st came along and I was ready for more. For the last 15 days I have loosely followed Whole30 guidelines as if I was in the "post-Whole 30 phase/rest-of-your-life-phase" according to FFF (I had one beer, almond milk with carrageenen, beef jerky with soy lechitin while traveling, etc.) I weighed myself today and I'm 146! Today, I'm going all in. January 15-February 14th. 30 days. I'm so excited the results from a real Whole 30! It'll be hard, but I'm ready. The main things I want to see: a better relationship with food, the scale reading 142 or less, less pain in my sciatic nerve (I run and hike a lot and it tends to get irked), improved mood, and clearer, glowing skin. Let's do this!!
  5. Rufit4u

    Running Tired

    I am almost to week 3 of Whole 30. I enjoy the plan and food. I've had great results except for fatigue and lactic acid build up with my runs which I've kept to 3 miles or a little more due to running 5 and feeling like I squatted 1,000 lbs for 5 days. Does anyone else get super tired and sore? I am a personal trainer and centerfield Nutritional Specialist. Not sure why I am not able to perform as well as usual by now. Got any ideas?
  6. I am training for a marathon and just went from 20-25 miles a week to 30-35 miles a week. I also cross train. I eat a big breakfast and then I am not hungry. I make sure I eat lunch but only because if I didn't I would get a migraine. I don't snack, just eat 3 meals a day. It is very strange for me to run more and not be hungry more. Is it because I am eating quality foods with lots of protein? I don't want to eat less and my running to suffer. I also make sure I eat plenty of approved carbs. Could I eat less if I am not hungry? I know, this is not what you are used to...
  7. Hello! My name is Caroline, and I'm a new member of the Whole30 program. In fact, today is my first day of Whole30. I'm seeking the wisdom of those with experience in maintaining athletic performance while doing Whole30. Any information, advice, or suggestion would be most appreciated. I joined CrossFit last week, and I love it. Though I haven't done every workout RX, I have enjoyed the atmosphere, the competitive nature of the program, the supportive camaraderie, and the sweat. I have been doing CrossFit 5 days/week and completing the WODS. I'm also running 2 days/week. Though I'd like to work up to more run days, I'm also trying to help my body recover. This brings me to my question: what tips do you have for someone who is trying to maintain athletic performance while completing the Whole30? Thank you for your time! Best, Caroline