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Found 6 results

  1. Samantha Ribeiro

    Relay Mountain Race

    So my friend das a Relay Race next saturday. Today she is currently on day 25 on Whole30. She´s going to wake up around 4 a.m have breakfast and then off with the team to the race. But she is only going to run probably até noon, (but she has to go early with the team). She´s going to have a second meal around 9 a.m and she was thinking about a pre-run snack around 11a.m since it´s a mountain race and her part is around 6,5 miles. Since it´s mountain she´s going to finish it around 1 hora and 20 or 30 minutos. What should she have during the race? She´s going to be on the reintroduction phase but she´s not going to reintroduce anything on the day of the race or the day before.
  2. I'm in Jan 2! Looking for a support group, especially runners who are trying to complete the challenge and not totally have your training program messed up. Interested in hooking up with any type of runner for support whether you just run a couple times a week or daily - a runner is a runner. Done/tried the Whole30 several times, even once successfully - but did not really take the reintroduction seriously - going to do that this time. I am thinking sugar may contribute to my body aches. I have been spending the last couple of days at least cutting down on the sugar so it doesn't hit me quite as hard. Also need to work on cooking food, and eating more veggies are my long term goals. my story - I am a distance runner and this years running challenges include Jan half marathon (day 19 of Whole30 should be interesting), March birthday trail marathon, April trail 50k race, and August run/hike around Mont Blanc and possible an BQ attempt in December (finally old enough I have a slight chance)- so lots of training and have to be fueling my body better. Also doing Run the Year - 2019 miles which I will include running and walking/hiking. I would love to here about your running goals. (I am a total running geek).
  3. Im about halfway through my first whole 30 right now. I’m eating plenty of all the right foods suggested to be fueling my workouts as I’m training for a half marathon that is just a few days after I complete my Whole30. I strength train a few days a week and run a few. I ate fairly healthy and exercised regularly prior to beginning the whole 30. My issue is that I rarely have enough energy and motivation for a good workout. The instant I begin a run I feel drained and struggle to complete the run. I’m wondering if this could be a result of the whole 30 or something I’m doing wrong? I’m on day 16 and had hoped this would pass by now. I’m getting worried because now I haven’t gotten the proper training runs in that I should have by now. Any advice or suggestions as to why my energy levels have dipped so dramatically as I thought they would have picked up by now? Or any similar experiences? Thank you!
  4. I'm nearing the end of my second Whole30 and thought I would pass along three recommendations of good finds that helped fuel me during this round: 1) This breakfast casserole recipe from Nom Nom Paleo: I added unsweetened coconut milk in with the eggs. 2) These sweet potato/apple baby food pouches from Earth's Best: 3) Artisana almond butter pouches: good after workout, On my first round, I really struggled to find breakfast foods that fueled me for morning runs or workouts (OrangeTheory, Barre3). But I had much better luck this time!
  5. Bethany Lannon

    Any ultrarunners?

    Looking to possibly train for my first ultramarathon in December. I've done a couple full's and lots of half marathons, but as you can imagine, I'm used to the "carb-loading" aspects of training/long runs. I'm on day 14 of my first W30 and I want to maintain this type of lifestyle, so I'm starting to research now about fueling. I'm wondering if there are any ultrarunners on these forums who train for and fuel their long runs/ultramarathons in a paleo fashion? I would love to pick your brain about what you eat and when you eat in days before an ultra, night before (when the traditional carb load meal would take place), the morning of, and fuel for during your long runs/ultras and how you best approach your recovery meal(s). Thanks in advance!
  6. loser_bride

    Heart Rate During Whole 30

    I am currently on day 16 of my Whole 30 journey and following the program as exact as possible, poor fiance hates that I spend more time reading labels anymore.. I know there is a curve from going from sugar energy to fat adapted and I'm slowly getting my runs longer and faster, however I'm experiencing something new... My resting heart rate has dropped since starting Whole 30 from 65/67 to 59/60 but my running heart rate has jumped through the roof. Example: Resting heart rate today as 59, but my 4 mile run of a 9:35, 9:24, 9:14 and lastly 8:44 had my heart rate well above 155-172 at it's highest. Has anyone else experienced this before? I have done about 20 half marathons and am not new to running in any respect. The above times are significantly slower than I was running pre-Whole 30 but the heart rate has gotten higher. Really trying to get a grasp on this whole thing. Thanks so much for any and all advice!! I feel like I'm some anomaly at the moment.