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Found 11 results

  1. Bmachime


    I have a bad medical condition that requires me to have an absurd ammount of salt everyday (10,000mg). I have become very used to having 7000mg or more with homemade popcorn cooked in olive oil. Would it be possible for me to do the Whole30 and also have popcorn. My other option is to take salt pills but I would require me to take 21 of those a day to replace my popcorn. It would cost me a lot of money and would prefer not to do that unless absolutely nessisary.
  2. I wasn't quite sure where to put this... I put salt on nearly everything, especially breakfast food. If I'm making eggs, kale, salad, or any kind of meat, there's gonna be salt involved! I've found it's a good way to get myself to eat more veggies and it brings out the flavor in just about anything. Say I make four eggs for breakfast, I'll use at least two pinches of salt. I'll probably have a bunch of kale and maybe some sweet potato hash as well, so that's at least four more pinches of salt. How much is too much?
  3. For background: Growing up, I was raised by a single father. He cooked all the time, so unlike many kids raised by single parents, we very rarely ate fast food or anything like that. My younger brother has autism and loves McDonald's, so we had that about once a month and I often got a salad instead of a burger and fries. Once in a great while, my dad would be tired and order us a pizza, but other than those 2 days out of 30 in a month, he cooked every meal for us. I find I have a unique childhood in this way. My father also has been taking blood pressure medication since I was a kid. He is very fit and healthy and active, and he cooked us well-rounded meals, but his genetics were simply not in his favor here. At his current age of 68, he is in excellent physical shape. He owns a home improvement company, and he still will hang siding or install a roof himself. He is strong and has very low body fat, and often has to work to put on weight when summer comes around and he is working more hours in the heat. But because of his lifelong high blood pressure, I grew up almost never eating salt. He didn't add it to anything he cooked, because he was told not to with his blood pressure medication. He bought low- or no-sodium everything. When I was a teenager, I struggled with chronically low blood pressure and my doctor told me to eat more salt, and I remember my dad saying that he didn't trust that doctor because salt could not possibly be the solution. However, he started buying lunchmeat or soup or whatever for me that had sodium in it, and saving the low/no-sodium versions for himself. Fast-forward to 30-year-old me, and while both my dad and I understand I need salt in my diet, I never quite acquired a taste for it. Now that I'm cooking for myself, and have been for several years, I still struggle to add salt to recipes. I don't like salty foods like potato chips or whatever, and snack foods have never been a thing for me. When I have gotten french fries at restaurants, I would actively try to wipe salt off of them or would ask if I could get them unsalted, often causing my dining partners to think I was crazy. My favorite taco place is preferred because the chips they bring out with the salsa are unsalted. The only food I've ever cooked that I have added salt to were scrambled eggs. Other than that, I've relied on using tons of herbs for flavor. I came into Whole30 as someone who wasn't struggling with the Standard American Diet as much as many others. I've said in other posts that I've struggled with IBS, so I have eaten fairly well most of the time with a diet high in fresh produce. I do have quite a sweet tooth, but my primary motivation for doing Whole30 has been to identify allergens or food sensitivities as I was waking up with swollen eyelids and figured something has to be causing this (I have ruled out environmental factors, and I honestly think dairy is my problem). I have tried to make a point of adding salt to my food, but I am feeling quite like I am sick of it. I probably add a teaspoon or less of salt to most recipes I make, and each recipe is split up into several meals since I am single and live alone. I make enough to have leftovers, and actively engage in weekly food prep as a convenience thing. I still feel like a pinch of salt added to my food is salt overload, and it is almost all I taste. Pre-whole30, I got plenty of salt in cheese and things that didn't quite taste salty to me. Because I am eating virtually nothing that is packaged, I have made a point to continue adding salt to food so as to avoid blood pressure issues that still plague me. I know I'm not getting enough salt when I can't stand up without blacking out temporarily, and my blood pressure usually tops out at 90/60, although 85/55 is probably more common. I am on Day 15, and I am just so sick of my food tasting like salt. The tiniest bit added to food makes the entire dish taste salty to me. So, I guess my question is: How do I continue to get salt without creating dishes that taste so salty? Is it possible to get over this super sensitivity to the taste of salt? Why am I a weirdo who doesn't like salty food? Are there any salt mixes or sea salts or anything out there that have a milder/better flavor?
  4. Aleenie


    Whole 30 Friends!! Please read and follow the instructions given for the whole 30 program. In the author's note in 'It Starts with Food' it reads, "Salting your food is good, even, especially when you're not getting a ton of salt from all those processed food you used to eat." Salt isn't evil. It isn't the bad guy. Please add salt. My mom didn't add any of the salt called for in recipes and on Day 22 had to be admitted to the hospital for CRITICALLY LOW sodium. I know this is an extreme case, but I don't want it to happen to anyone else. Spread the word. Follow the rules.
  5. ninadude

    New Rules?!

    I accidentally, and I believe completely by chance, learned that there are new rules to W30! All potatoes are compliant. I looked back at the shopping list and did not see white potatoes listed. I know it is not an exhaustive list, but had GFChris not seen a comment I posted to someone about potatoes, I would have never known the news. Also, when learning about the new approval on all potatoes, salt came into the discussion as "now" being compliant. But salt was compliant before. So I fear that I am somehow out of the loop. I'm not on Facebook,Twitter or any other social media. Is that where the latest news travels? Am I missing other important updates? Please advise. I'd greatly appreciate it. I'm a rule follower & want to keep up to date and keep doing W30 properly. Thanks!
  6. Hi!! SO I am on DAY 12, (i had to restart TWICE due to my old habits getting the best of me and I ate a peppermint patty, and the second time I had some chai tea that had sugar in it without thinking) Anyway my skin does seem clearer, my ribcage seems to be getting smaller and I overall feel better about myself. TWO OBSTACLES I HAVE ENCOUNTERED: 1.I still have sugar cravings, when i wake up all i want is my normal smoothie with fruits or dates and cacao 2.I feel like I am eating TOO MUCH FRUIT. Its so easy to grab and when I am leaving the house in a hurry or out working out or sleeping out I always have fruit with me! Veggies too yes, but Its so convient to grab blackberries, or an apple on my way out or at home. What other things can I be grabbing (i know the formula for post and prework out mini meals) if needed, but I have trouble with it. What suggestions do you all have for eating too much fruit---and some good post and pre workout combos! Thanks so much! Happy WHOLE30!!!. P.S I just realized the salt i have been using has dextrose in it! I WOULD HAVE NEVER CHECKED SALT, but as i was cooking I randomly did. (any thoughts) I really cant start over again I have worked all way to hard and put countless hours into this to have to restart again!
  7. organiclover

    Salt, Spices and Fat Question

    I am just starting the Whole30 and am getting the hang of it, however, I just wanted to confirm a couple of things. I am on day 2 and yesterday I made the following: Breakfast: Two eggs scrambled with spinach and red peppers, t Tablespoon of ghee for cooking Salsa Cup of blueberries 1/2 avocado Lunch: Salad of arugula, radicchio, belgian endive, grape tomatoes, 1 grilled chicken breast, 1/2 avocado Dressing of 1 tablespoon of olive oil and 2 tablespoons of balsamic vinegar (naturally occurring sulfites) 3 small spoons of organic raw almond butter Dinner: Lamb loin with cumin, cinnamon, coriander, ras el hanout (states 200 mg sodium per tsp on jar), salt, pepper and sherry vinegar (has naturally occuring sulfites). The other spices does not state how much sodium is on the jar. Mashed sweet potatoes with the creme from canned coconut milk, ghee, salt, pepper, cinnamon and nutmeg. Shitake mushrooms, spinach and scallions sauteed in ghee. I woke up feeling pretty puffy even though I also drank 64 ounces of water. I did weigh myself even though I know we are not supposed to, and I found out I gained a 1 1/2 lbs. So...I was wondering is there a rule of thumb on the sodium intake for salt and spices or did it look like I overdid it on some other things? I generally do not use much salt. The jars I have are primarily from Spice Islands and some organic brands from whole foods, but most of them do not state ingredients or sodium amounts. Also, for the fat intake per meal. Is it only for one type of fat per meal, such as if you use a tablespoon of ghee, that is it or is it okay to use two versions (such as a tablespoon of ghee for cooking and then a 1/2 of an avocado) or do people use even more type of fat servings than that? I am assuming two is normal, such as using ghee for cooking and then 1/2 of an avocado and that is it. I am trying to lose ten pounds in addition to eating clean, so any rule of thumb would be appreciated. I have also read that people wanting to lose weight need to watch the nuts and fruit, so I am not going to be eating more than 1-2 servings of fruit a day and maybe not eat the almond butter much. Thanks!
  8. So.....I started the 30 day challenge yesterday.....I'm on day 2 then I think I want a smoothie...when I go to Smoothie King I ask them if they have any sweetners in them, they say the orange juice is regular I get mangosteen extract, mango fruit, strawberry fruit, papya fruit, and kiwi fruit thinking I'm ok but it was so sweet it HAD to have sugar in it....right? So, I figured I fell off the bandwagon and tossed out my unfinished smoothie. Next, I go to Texas Roadhouse and order veggies, baked potato, and filet mignon....NOT BUTTER OR SEASONINGS......veggies and sweet potato were ok but the steak had a salty seasoning.....BOO! Do these 2 slips mean I have to start over? No clue.......eating and traveling is so hard
  9. How many of you use salt during your 30 day challenge? I read some saying only sea salt while a few people say eliminate it all together. I'm aware that alot of the food eating on Paleo is not processed thus there's is a definite lack of salt. Also, that salt is necessary in maintaining electrolyte balance. What are your thoughts? Yay or nay?
  10. I have always loved Veggies but knew it was time to cut out certain things out of my diet (those daily pastries and alcohol). Just a week into the program I am sleeping better and have no anxiety which I think was directly related to the foods I have been eating. I had a question about supplements. I do take Omega 3, Calcium, Magnesium and Dry D 3 on daily basis. I also take Chlorella which was recommended to me by a nutritionist. Anyone else recommends Chlorella or should I take it out of my "Daily regimen" I also was wondering what do you drink. I am a big green and white tea drinker (3-4 cups per day) sometimes coffee (now with no Stevia or Milk) and of course water with Lemon. What other drinks do you drink during your plan and also what about Salt intake. How much is okay to use...? Thanks so much! And I look forward to making it through the 30 days.
  11. Becca In Cle

    Feeling dehydrated

    I am rocking Day-13 on my W30 now. It's almost half-over and I'm feeling FANTASTIC...with one exception. I feel dehydrated all the time. My mouth is dry, my lips are chapped, my throat's rough and I'm thirsty constantly. The symptoms are worse than what happens during my average, drying Cleveland winters too. This is all despite the fact that I'm drinking anywhere from 4-6 of my 24 oz cups of water a day. I really feel like I'm just peeing it all out or sweating it out during workouts and not holding on to any of it. My boyfriend (who is also on the plan, but a week behind me) suggested that maybe I'm not getting enough sodium in my diet to help me "hold on" to the water. Any thoughts? On top of drinking all food log looks something like this too... Breakfast: Sweet potatoes and ham cubes "hashed" with two scrambled eggs mixed in Whole tomato, sliced 1 apple 1 cup of coffee with coconut milk Lunch: Large Salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, lettuce and balsamic/olive oil with a sprinkle of dried seasonings 1 cup of home-made chicken soup chock full of veggies 3 "deviled eggs" made with guacamole and egg yoke instead of mayo Dinner: Flank steak with a balsamic marinade Grilled red cabbage with some olive oil and pink salt Swiss Chard with (sugarless) jowel bacon and apples (with a touch of apple cider vinegar for kick) Help! Sincerely, Permanently Parched