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Found 9 results

  1. Hi! first time doing Whole30 and honestly i have seen great things so far in terms of allergies and almost completely elimating painful sinus headaches. I feel like I’m in the groove and making better food decisions but still ... i cheated and got on the scale and immediate depression. No weight loss. Is this normal? I’m also not really working out at the moment. Stomach seems flatter but honestly kinda bummed. 31YO. Thanks!!!
  2. I finished my Whole30 a few days ago, and I lost 8 pounds. I went from 155 to 147. I'm a 5'4" female in my early 30's. BUT, *more importantly* it became obvious to me that my relationship with food and my scale isn't serving me. Here are some of my Whole30 discoveries... Realization: One of the hardest parts of Whole30 was not weighing myself which made me realize how much I let the scale define me. I used to weigh myself every morning and the number would lead to a cascade of feelings (good or bad depending on the number). This is such a limited way to view myself. To put it in perspective, if a friend judged me every morning based on my weight, I would kick that person out of my life. So why wasn't I treating myself with the same respect? New Commitment: I've decided to weigh myself far less (like 1X a month, if that). And instead, I'm now starting my days with a spiritual text - usually something about treating myself and others with kindness & compassion. I read articles that refocus my mind on the most important parts of life - human connection, nature, and simple, healthy living. I like starting the day on a positive note. It helps me live more mindfully. Realization: When I go to the grocery store, I can really only shop in 2 out of the 12 grocery isles because the majority have unhealthy choices. This was a very clear sad realization about how our grocery stores are focused on shelf stable foods with preservatives and additives that prevent them from going bad. The majority of foods in stores do not support our health. I already knew this, but this fact became glaringly REAL during my Whole30. New Commitment: Eat whole, healthy foods. Continue learning to cook. I don't need to be compliant 100% of the time since my Whole30 is over, but I'd like to respect my body and put healthy foods in it most of the time. I actually think it's healthy to eat "treats" once in awhile (for me personally, everyone is different). I think being too stringent can lead to a mentality where I'm chasing perfection...which doesn't exist. I like riding my bike. I'm in a reflective place, so I will try to come back and update this post after I've thought more about my experience. - J
  3. I just finished my second Whole30 in a row. Very proud of all my hard work - even stayed on board during a 12 day convention, cooking groceries from Whole Foods in my swanky hotel room! I don't know if I have really hit "tiger blood". I am working on thyroid/adrenal issues with my (paleo, integrative) doc. My energy is better, not awesome. Sleeping is still a work in progress. I am COMPLETELY confused about exercise given the thyroid thing and am meeting with the doc next week to discuss. That part is a little erratic. When I did my weights and measures on Day 60, the results were underwhelming. I lost 5 pounds in this one - for a total of 10 pounds in two months.My measurements, which improved fairly dramatically the first 30 days, were the same to very slightly worse. That was a huge bummer. I know my clothes are fitting better, so I don't really get that I know 5 lbs/month is "in range" for weight loss, but not really inspiring, given that I can't eat in restaurants or at friend's homes except with a lot of jiggering around, and I had to eat from an electric skillet in a hotel room when everyone else was out wining and dining. Now I'm whining. But NO CHANGE in measurements in a month, when I have been very careful? Ugh. I know Whole 30 is not supposed to be Whole 365. But at this rate it will take at least another 8 months to lose the remaining 40 pounds I need to take off. That's a long time without a single taco or glass of wine. I'm feeling rebellious. I do think my "day 1" and "day 60" pics tell a better story, though I'm mortified to post them. Need some starch - in my spine, not on my plate - to go another 30 days.
  4. Disclaimer: This is a message to myself. I put it in Success Stories because these are both a huge blessing... and a curse when we acquire 'comparitis' and expectation creep* Reality Check on ISWF and whole9life Book Title: It Starts With Food Not the Book Title: 30 days to a perfect you! Reverse the effects of decades of bad habits in 4 weeks! Drop those last 10 pounds the photoshopped media images say you should in one month! Tag Line: Change Your Life in 30 Days Not the Tag Line: We will fix you even if deep down you really want to keep your current life and have no intention whatsoever of ever giving up [fill in your favorite food here] Life Change is Easy and Quick! Anyone can do this! Day 31 - Poof! - You're gorgeous, thin, healthy, rich, and happy! That body part you hate? Those last 10 pounds? We will come pick them up for you and exchange them for the body you love on Day 31. Program Title: Whole30 Not the Program Title: Whole4 Whole15 Whole28 Site / company name: Whole9life Not the site / company name: Whole30 Nutrition: It's only about what you put in your mouth Whole30 Medicine: Cancer to Canker Sores: Fix 'em all with diet. Whole30 Therapy: Stop eating dairy, grains and legumes and you will never be unhappy, stressed, lonely, sick, mean, depressed, envious, sad, lazy, cranky or farty again! A Whole30 Rule: Ditch the Scale Not a Whole 30 Rule: Try not to weigh yourself Food rules are black and white, but this one - meh, whatever you want, it's a 'guideline' It's not acceptable to eat a dozen donuts in one sitting and expect to feel good / be on the program. But weighing yourself and taking some sort of meaning out of that... that's okay. On Day 31 weigh yourself! Yippee! This number equals your success! **Expectation Creep: In project management we call that 'scope creep'... you start out with goals and then as you get closer to reaching them you keep adding additonal ones or tweaking the current ones... making reaching the goals impossible - particularly in the time you allowed with the resources at hand.
  5. I hid my scale on day 5. Today on day 21 I was super tempted to get it out. I resisted, but I'm in need of encouragement (again) to wait to see my weight. Advice?
  6. Hi everyone! I completed my first successful whole30 on January 30th. I really enjoyed the program, and felt great. Since then, I've been struggling to find balance. I miss the strict rules, but also don't want to immediately jump into another whole30 because I'm not sure if I could handle it socially and professionally (tons of work events that involve food). I enjoyed doing the w30 in January, since it was easy to turn down social events in an effort to stick to the plan. I knew that it wasn't a long-term strategy, but it helped to get me through the 30 days. I lost about 3 pounds during the w30. Since then I've been trying my best to eat as well as I can, but I have had some slip-ups. I've been proud of myself for not falling off the wagon completely. It feels amazing to eat something non-optimal, and then get right back on track the following morning. If I had to sum it up, I'd say that an average of 70% of the food I'm eating is of the type to make me healthier. But that leaves 30% of 'cheats,' 'indulgences,' or alcohol. I had planned to weigh myself only once a month, and although it's been difficult, I stuck to it. I weighed myself on Monday, and was really shocked and disappointed to see that not only had I gained the 3 pounds back, I'd somehow gained an additional 5. Is this even possible? I didn't spend February binging. Rather, I prepared and ate awesome w30/paleo meals the majority of the time, and indulged too much on maybe a few too many occasions. Sorry to ramble, but I just feel lost. I thought I was moving towards being in a better place in regards to both my health and my relationship with food. It's depressing to think of all of the hard work I put in in January being wiped out by my rocky reintroduction. And I don't know what to do next. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!
  7. My scale is missing!! My husband hid it, upon request. I missed it this morning. It is a good thing though, so many times I get on and see the same weight (like it mysteriously disappeared overnight) and tell myself “Yep, still fatâ€. I always tell myself that I say this in jest. But, it is nice, and certainly not funny. I would never say anything like that to my best friend. Plus, this is truly about health with a hopeful side effect of weight loss.
  8. Annette Louise Alvidres Grable

    A "Weight" off My Mind Followed by Black Coffee

    Day 1. Not too tricky because I've been eating this way for about 90 percent of my food choices for almost a year. Hardest changes today--not getting on the scale, a daily habit for as long as I can remember. And skipping half & half and raw sugar in my coffee. I've tried coconut milk in my coffee and cream without sugar. Neither really appeal to me. I LOVE the taste of creamy sweetened coffee, but fortunately, I also like the taste of a good cup of black coffee. I expect a BIG change from switching to black coffee--I drink a lot of coffee. Coffee = yum.
  9. BecknRdsMama

    No scale? really??

    So who here breaks this rule? I can't get past wanting to step on the scale. I lost 60 lbs last year, and have gained 30 of it back since May, mainly from eating crap. So now that I'm eating clean I really like watching those numbers go down. I know losing isn't the goal of the Whole30 but since I GAINED so much this year, it would make me feel better to watch that number get smaller. Am I the only one with this weakness. ?