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Found 7 results

  1. krystalmiller09

    School Lunch Ideas/Recipes

    I am looking for recipes or breakdowns for school lunches. My son is in 2nd grade and loves taking his lunch. He's not too picky but they also do not have access to a microwave to heat up their home-brought lunches. I need help with a lunch plan for him. He enjoys packing his own lunch so I would love ideas where he can still either put things together himself or where I can maybe help a little too. I keep finding web searches that either appear to be complicated (not time friendly) or have things that aren't fully Whole30. We are starting our first Whole30 on Feb. 1st, I am making meal plans now and am just drawing a blank for school lunches.
  2. I started the Whole30 8 days ago - going great so far. I also restarted a low intensity core strength course and getting up at 5am. I get up, have a handful of nuts, and barely break a sweat for about 45 minutes. The problem starts after the workout. I need the morning to do school before my kids get up, so want to spend 5:45-7 doing school, not eating an intentional breakfast (I found myself reading and eating today, which is not ideal) I would like time to enjoy my coffee and read / do my coursework and have breakfast with my family. Could I bridge this gap with some coconut milk and collagen in my coffee? Any other ideas? I know I could scarf something down, but I'd rather not do that
  3. ghennessy

    After School Snack

    HI! I'm in high school so every morning when i wakeup i eat a good breakfast at around 7:15-ish but then at about 10:45 i have to eat lunch because that's when my scedule says it is. i can't really eat in another class because i have no time. this wouldn't be that much of a problem but 1)i'm not overly hungry by that time and 2)when i get home (about 3:30-ish) i am STARVING! i need an afterschool snack! any ideas?? i would still eat a normal whole30 dinner like i would without school so it doesn't need to be a huge meal! thank you! i would also like to avoid nuts and fruit because i feel like they awake my sugar dragon (:
  4. I am a nursing student full time most day I have class from at least 11 am to 4pm some days less time spent there, then I also work between 4 to 6 days a week at a busy hospital on night shift 7p to 7a. It is hard to space out meals I need the energy to keep going but also do not want to over eat even if it is healthy food. Most days my schedule is the following eat breakfast around 9 am if I was off the night before school from 11-4 eat lunch between classes around 12:30, sleep for about an hour or 2 then go to work. I usually eat dinner around midnight if I work (if I am off I usually eat around 7:30) Then if I work the night before I eat my breakfast early since I am usually needing energy to finish the shift so around 4:30 I eat breakfast then start the day over I snack sometimes like I might have some fruit or some nuts between meals... I cram what little sleep I can get into my down time and study as much as I can at work or between classes during meal times etc. I get at least 4 hours of sleep per day I know it is not much and the days I do have off I try to sleep more. But desperate times cause for desperate measures especially when it is trying to maintain a household. I feel like I am eating all the time even though they are smaller meals. Is it too much or should I do something different. I don't eat unless I am hungry unless I know if I don't eat I won't get to eat till next meal time and by then I will be starving and overeat if I see something I want I will slip. So I try to keep ahead of the game. Any suggestions or tips will help (: thanks! I don't want my busy schedule to hinder my effort of trying to keep this lifestyle change going!
  5. Hello! I am planning on starting Whole30 on January 5th and I am really excited! Well, nervous for sure, but still excited! The main reason I am nervous is that I have a lot of new changes coming up and I don't know if it would be worth it to wait till I am "settled." On the 5th I am starting a new job (yay!) that I will hopefully love and then I am going back to school on the 13th (night classes, not as big of a yay). Would it be smarter to wait till I am in the groove so I don't have as many changes or should I just jump right in? I've read a bit on the Paleo diet and on Whole30 and have read that the first two weeks are brutal with the "carb flu" and I want to try to be 100% when I'm starting the new job and school! I know there will always be obstacles and struggles, but I'm almost thinking that have these two major changes in my life might be too much. Anyone else run into this issue of major upcoming changes pushing back your start date?
  6. vegetablecupcakes

    Day 1 Tomorrow

    I have been creeping on here for a while, and did 10 Days of Whole 30 in August before I quit. BUT....tomorrow is Day 1 and though it will be rather easy for our 3 year old son, our 8 year old daughter is going to be though cookie to crack. She has gotten better in recent months with her father and I going Paleo, but her breakfast go to is a bagel, or waffles. I told her she had to have REAL Maple Syrup from now on and not the other crap we have been buying. Needless to say she has not have waffles in two weeks. So my question is, with out my daughter getting bored with her lunches any suggestions on different lunches I could send her with? We have a Bento box for her, and she eats mainly apples, pickles, oranges, cucumber, sausages, sandwich (only lettuce, meat, and homemade mayo), bacon among her "snacks" We allow her to have one. She is a tough one and has been picky since she started eating. Thanks.
  7. I am trying to keep my 9-year old gluten free this year at school, and I need some individually wrapped snacks that I can send to school that they can keep for when an unexpected snack time (someone brings in cupcakes, etc) occurs. I send food other times, but I really want some backup food for him that is wrapped in individual servings and will keep for a while. I can't seem to find anything like that anywhere - any suggestions?