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Found 4 results

  1. Pasteles are one of the delicacies found in Puerto Rican homes. It is traditional food that is a treasure in a Puerto Rican food desert that is Oklahoma. I get them from my dad for Christmas. A pastele is basically a protein, some olives, and a few other ingredients that are stuffed inside a mix of plantains and yautìa, which is a corm or tuber type vegetable (?). There is also Adobo (seasoning) and sofrito (which I know is already compliant in of itself when it is homemade.) I also wonder if the seasoning Sazón is compliant. Thank you for your time.
  2. AnnaH

    Meat Marinades

    I have attempted the Whole 30, lasted 5 days and gave up. Unfortunately, I didn't pick a great time in my personal calendar. It was loaded with social engagements that made being compliant extremely difficult. I have however, found great value in following the shopping lists and meal plan template! I am trying to do the best I can with what my schedule and budget will allow. I have historically purchased my meat in bulk and then packaged them in smaller bags with a marinade. This has been great because I have been able to pull them from the freezer and while they thaw they marinade. This has allowed me to not eat the same boring plain chicken/pork each night. I have been using the Lawry's 30 min marinades - which I know is not compliant! I am looking for simple compliant marinades that are flavorful. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Josephine

    Know how to grind a pig?

    I just remembered that I have my grandfather's meat grinder. I thought I could try my hand at grinding out some sausage for patties or something. So, a couple of things I need help with, if any of you have experience grinding pigs... What part of the pig should I grind? I am getting my meat from a realiable source and it is rather costly, so I want to go as cheap as possible. What seasonings would generally make a tasty breakfast sausage? In what order should I season? Pre-grinding, during, or post-grinding? Thanks! I could probably google some info on this, but I'd rather hear from experienced Whole30'ers.
  4. Topanga

    Liquid Smoke

    So I'm making some home-made jerky. I have liquid smoke from the last time I made jerky, wondered if there is anything horribly wrong with it? I use a few drops with the marinade. The only ingredients are: water, natural hickory smoke flavour. I just have no clue how they capture this flavour in liquid form and if it's actually natural or if it's "natural" so I figured I'd ask.