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Found 4 results

  1. I first did Whole30 in October 2017 and had some pretty great weight loss success and definitely noticed a difference in my body but, I wasn’t fully committed. I don’t do the last step very well of Introducing foods back in and really accessing my body, I made myself treats and didn’t break the cycle of being “rewarded” by food. I also over ate and didn’t try to control my portion sizes as much. Now that’s it’s been a little over a year and a half my life is very different, I gained so much weight and I’m at my heaviest, but that’s not the only reason why I’m doing the Whole30. I’m doing it because with being my heaviest that I’ve ever been I am having a lot more health issues. Major acid reflux, heartburn, irregular bowl movements, skin abrasions that won’t heal, migraines, acne, a chronic rotator cuff Injury that flares up daily, etc. and I am so tired of it all. I have become a slave to my own body. So here I am, looking through different eyes than I ever have before. I also have changed my life quite a bit, I quit my job and started living full time in our RV to travel the country! I am a hairdresser so I have an amazing career that I can travel around with and so does my boyfriend. Anyway, TODAY IS THE DAY! The FIRST day of my whole 30. My mindset already feels different just from Shopping for Whole30 and throwing away all the other food. I know this time is different because I’m ready to change my life.
  2. Hi all! I'm Megan and I'm planning my second round of Whole30 to start in two weeks. If anyone has been waiting for a sign that they should give it another go, this is it! I'm calling this my body spring cleaning. We clean our houses, our cars, our yards, but we tend to neglect our own bodies in this yearly cleanse. For background, I did my first Whole30 this past January and I've totally gone off the tracks. I'm a 25-year-old designer, climber, bike commuter (when it's nice), dog mom, and ice cream enthusiast. Prior to my January W30 I was a vegetarian for five years. If you want to know what that transition was like, I'll direct you to my log for that round. In short it was miserable. If you're thinking about transitioning from veggie to omni on Whole30, take this as your first warning. I'm super excited to do another round without going through that! My main goals are to find a sustainable way for me to eat well, incorporate more veggies into my meals, and improve my climbing. Please comment here if you are joining me on this run, or if you just want to wish me luck (I could use it). I appreciate any and all input. Happy spring, Northern Hemisphere folks! Those of you in the south, enjoy the cool days coming your way!
  3. Hello again, Whole30 community! Since finishing my first Whole30 in January of this year, I've been drawn toward going another round. I learned a lot the first time and felt great afterwards, but I quickly realized that I am not much of a moderator and I need to establish some hard and fast rules. My biggest struggles during the program were transitioning from vegetarian to omnivore, cutting sugar, and eating enough vegetables. I was sick for the first two weeks at least and didn't have the greatest experience overall. I started feeling horribly sick from chicken and eggs. It wasn't until the end that I really felt the positive effects. Naturally, since I didn't feel awesome during, I wasn't too stressed about a strict reintroduction because I just wanted to feel better. A fast track reintro soon turned to "eh, does it really matter?" and subsequent binges on chocolate, ice cream, and bread. I know I don't feel good after having large amounts of sugar and dairy, but the mental reward outweighed that. In terms of my climbing ability, I was doing great for a long time! Recently however, my muscles have had a harder time recovering and my forearms have even locked up on the wall to the point where I couldn't hold on. That's not a sign of a healthy body. I'm now in the planning stage for my next run, which I've dubbed "Spring Cleaning." This time I'll be starting April 7th with the extra challenge of reducing my meat intake from the last time. I know that it's one of the most effective sources of protein, especially on this plan, but I'm also participating in the EcoChallenge, which cites reducing animal proteins as one of the best ways to reduce one's carbon footprint. There's a chance I'll have to give up on that goal, because if it's between the two, I'm going to do what's best for my body. I'm still having trouble eating eggs so breakfast or lunch is going to be a little off the suggested plate each day. I'll need protein in my other two meals of the day to fuel my body enough for my climbing and biking! This time I'll be going for less starches, less fruit, and more greens. My Goals: Determine a way of eating that I can stick with in the long term. Find new and better ways of incorporating veggies into my meals. Improve my climbing skill and stamina. My Posts Will Consist of: Sleep Meal 1 Meal 2 Meal 3 Energy Physical symptoms Mental symptoms I'll be using the colors above to reference back to my goals within each post. Feel free to follow my progress! I always appreciate tips, commiseration, and support!
  4. I’m very nervous about my second round of Whole30. Im nervous because after having my baby this past June, all self-control has gone out the window. I eat whatever, whenever and how-much-ever I want. I know this is wrong. I can’t seem to get a grip of my cravings. ’m ready to change for me and my daughter. My goals with this round of Whole30: -decrease/remove brain fog -more energy (to keep up with 7 month old) -find my joy with eating clean and caring for this vessel of mine Im excited to log my food and feelings here, along with Whole30 Day By Day. Here we go!