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Found 10 results

  1. Melissa24

    Healed my gut

    I completed the whole30 three weeks ago. Before I did this, I had gluten intolerance / wheat allergy for a number of years (please note I was not a coeliac). Since the whole30 program ended, I have eaten quite a lot of gluten products and I haven't noticed any terrible symptoms at all. I was skeptical that I would see any improvements to my body and digestive system after the whole30, I had zero expectations and therefore I was just sitting here and suddenly had a light bulb moment when I realised - hey, maybe my gut has actually healed itself. Maybe this 30 days actually did something! On a side note, I know the program allows coffee however I cut out coffee for the entire time and when I started drinking it again, I had side effects from the caffeine, so now I've had to remove coffee from my diet as it was causing rapid heartbeat and anxiety like symptoms until the caffeine left my system. Food for thought!!
  2. Hi there, I am at the re-introduction phase and having issues with almost all of the food I didn't have during the whole 30! When I reintroduced wheat and soy (wheat, then soy), I had allergic reactions: hives, itchiness, and even throat-closing (I was almost getting Epipen!). Prior to the whole 30, I have no problem with wheat or soy, other than minor digestion issues. Sugar gave me a migraine (wasn't able to work for a half day). Rice, which was introduced the first even before wheat and soy, turned out to be OK, although I had a bit of bloating and tiredness. I feel like I am "oversensitive" to the food that I didn't have during the whole 30. At the post-whole 30, has anyone experienced allergic reactions (or allergy-like symptoms) to the food that you used to be OK with?
  3. Hi W30 community, Curious if you have any thoughts or tips on food combination sensitivities and testing for this with reintroduction. My food background (impetus for question) is I was gluten free for 2 years about 4 years ago. I used to get terrible stomach aches unexplainably but its not the typical celiac story in that gluten did not seem to be the main cause. I never really ate sugar (even in coffee), not a fan of sweets, or most fruits for that matter. I also was not a big dairy consumer except for the occasional wine with cheese. I did notice these terrible stomach pains which were only alleviated by laying down horizontally, would come up when I would have some kind of starch sugar combination (usually high starch and high sugar-- so think margarita wth something pretty wheat heavy). Ive never been able to pin point the exact cause but these symptoms are really intensely painful. Going gluten free really did help and I saw benefits after about 6-8 weeks (higher metabolism, no pain, less bloating, more energy, better mood, etc). Last night after finishing the W30 I had 1.5 hot toddies and some french fries (happened to be the exact sugar/starch issue I've suspected). The reintroduction being alcohol first, which maybe wasn't the right way to go. After about 15 minutes of completing the meal and sitting around with friends I started to feel as if I were going to black out. I started loosing my hearing, vision, body temperature increased, and I slowly started to feel a little nauseous. I started chugging water thinking maybe I'm really dehydrated (the fries were pretty salty) and eventually I stepped outside and promptly vomited twice very instantly. Immediately after the whole ordeal (about 1 min) I was completely fine and felt instantly better. Ive read on this forum that vomiting after W30 is not common. I am a big fan of the diet and do not think this experience means the whole diet is in any way suspect. But I'm so confused now about how to figure out what caused that and how to tell if its a combination thing as I've been suspecting or not. Ive had fries independently and that was fine. I did not drink much alcohol, so it just seemed strange (I was in no way intoxicated). Thanks! Nikki
  4. Hi! I'm about 3 1/2 weeks into my Whole30 and feel great! One of the main reasons for starting was to alleviate chronic headaches I had pinpointed as food related. After the first week of Whole30 the headaches were completely gone. Yay! Prior to starting the Whole30, I have suffered from a garlic intolerance - and the fresher the garlic, the worse the symptoms would become. Fatigue, mood swings, abdominal pain ... to name a few. Recently I dined out for lunch and had what I'm learning to be is an excessive amount of garlic. Almost immediately after lunch I experienced all of the symptoms (but worse) pre-Whole30 plus a slue of new symptoms - sore throat, stuffy nose, sinus headache. Has anyone experienced heightened reactions to food sensitivities since their Whole30? What might be the reason? Thanks in advance
  5. Last year in December 2015 I completed my first whole 30 and felt amazing! I realised I am sensitive to a lot of things! One of them was milk which I really love so went back to having here and there even though I hated the reaction. All was good until today I accidentally over did the caffeine had around 320mg when I calculated but it was or shall I say IS the scariest thing ever. I don't usually have a lot but today I did and a few hours later I got crazy hives all over my body and felt really really dizzy with a super headache! it's been over 6 hours now and I still don't feel myself, I never realised I was sensitive to caffeine but now I'm very freaked out and it hit me again how the food we feed ourselves play a big role in how our body functions some obviously more than the others but it's just NOT worth it. I know we should prepare for a whole 30 in advance but I just decided I'm starting my second whole30 tomorrow I'll try to wake up early and make sure I have all the groceries because I am really scared and I DON'T want to ever feel this horrible again! I feel like I really need to clear my body of all these toxins! Hello WHOLE 30 2 I'm so ready for you! Yes unprepared and unexpected but feeling this bad made me remember how good I felt halfway through my last whole 30 and I need that right now!
  6. T_Wrecks86

    Reintroduce Gluten??

    Hey everyone, I have a quick question. I have been strictly gluten free for the past 6, almost 7, years.. I had some crazy symptoms and back then gluten "sensitivity" was not a thing that my doctors believed in. A food sensitivity test showed that I had an intolerance. Most of my symptoms went away, and I decided to completely cut it out. I have always had a bad gut and have alot of trouble with it. My question - in the reintroduction stage should I try to reintrodcuce gluten to see how it affects my 'healthier gut"? I LOVED bread, pasta, etc. so I'm a little afraid of the side effects and the future cravings...
  7. I'm currently on day 5 of my first Whole30. Prior to starting I would have at least 3 cups of coffee in the morning and sometimes another cup in the afternoon when I hit the 3pm slump. I have never had trouble sleeping, even with such a large caffeine intake. The morning of day 4, though, I noticed I was very jittery, weak, and having palpitations after just one cup. I immediately stopped drinking it. This morning I again had one cup with similar effects. Is it common to notice an unknown sensitivity to caffeine when starting Whole30?
  8. aliceinwonderlnd

    Garlic intolerance?

    I'm on Day 28 and haven't had any intestinal problems since the first week. Today I made a salad that included, for the first time since beginning the Whole30, raw garlic. Within a few minutes, I was experiencing shooting pains in my stomach, which later turned into bloating and gas. Can this be a sign of garlic intolerance? Has anyone else experienced symptoms like these from garlic? I haven't eaten raw garlic in months but never thought it was problematic when I had it on occasion. Can I have developed a new sensitivity?
  9. Hi! I am currently nursing my 7mo old son and I think he has a sensitivity to eggs- it's not confirmed, but I did notice he developed a rash shortly after I started eating a lot more eggs than usual. I have since cut eggs out and it's pretty much gone, so that's what I'm assuming! Anyways, I usually relied on eggs for a quick, easy, and cost effective source of protein for most breakfasts and sometimes lunch. Do you mamas have any easy egg-free breaky suggestions? I also have a hungry 3 year old to feed, so I don't have too much time in the morning for lenghtly preparations. Thanks!!
  10. I'm guessing this is a tricky question, but any help would be appreciated. When reintroducing food, what is the expected lag time for a symptom to show up? This evening I had gas, bloating and an uncomfortable BM. This morning I had a cappuccino, with milk of course. Last night I had corn tortilla. Two hrs before the discomfort I had salmon, lettuce, sweet potato. All benign food. Oh, I used avocado oil for the first time ever. My instinct is pointing to the milk but that was 8 hrs earlier. This was my first use of pasteurized milk.