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Found 4 results

  1. Hello Everyone! I'm Kristen, and I am starting my third attempt at the Whole30. I struggled the past two times and I am hoping to be successful at this round. I have definitely planned more this time around. I already know that I have some dietary sensitivities, but I have let my diet slide a lot since having my two children. My goal this time around is to really be able to see what does, in fact, bother my system and that I have a healthier view of food and eating afterwards. I wish you all the best of luck on your Whole30 journeys.
  2. Day 00: Sept 1st - Food prep I carved out the day for grocery shopping and food prep. I plan to do this every Sunday. Here's what I accomplished today: Whole 30 meal prep #1: - Chicken soup in the crock pot with jalape├▒os and broccoli (I made sure to check the chicken broth for sugar) - Egg casserole with chorizo, spinach, and a bunch of spices - 2 spinach salads portioned out with pan seared chicken - 2 more portions of chicken cooked - 1 portion of roasted broccoli - 2 portions of roasted Brussels sprouts - 10 hard boiled eggs - 1 avocado in 2 portions Additional meals planned: - Zucchini noodles with ground turkey and crushed/sun dried tomatoes - Stuffed peppers with chorizo/ground turkey - Sirloin and Brussels sprouts and roasted potatoes Here we go!
  3. JenRaye

    JenRaye's Whole30 Log

    Today is Day 1 of R3 for me. I last did a round in January of this year. Went great. Major stress hit in February, and I have been off the rails ever since. Weight is up 25 lbs. I am miserable. Inflammation through the roof. Brain fog. Awful sleep. I'm lucky if I get 5 hours a night. You name it. I am using Whole30 as a reset. My plan is to use Food Freedom Forever as the foundation for a plan based on Grain Brain Whole Life Plan and/or Bredesen Protocol. I had eggs with some berries and coffee with coconut milk for breakfast. It's almost noon, and I'm hungry. Going to make a tuna salad with some slices of homegrown tomato on a bed of spinach. And water. Lots of water.
  4. Hi all! I wanted to start a thread about Canadians competing their Whole30 on October 2nd, because the reintroduction period will overlap with our Thanksgiving! I'm completing my 4th Whole30 on October 2; however, this will only be my second proper reintroduction. My first Whole30, I did a by-the-books reintroduction, but by my second and third rounds, I told myself I would do slow roll, which turned into "eat pizza a week after your W30, feel crappy, not know what it was particularly, and just go back to Whole30 eating"... lol, exactly what you're not supposed to do, I know. I am DETERMINED to do a proper reintroduction period this round! I think I might just do dairy on October 3 (butter, yogurt/kefir, milk... no cheese yet though) and then just wait a 3-4 days until my mom's turkey dinner, and test gluten then, since there will definitely be wheat all over that turkey with the stuffing situation. If I'm remembering back to my first reintroduction, as well as the times I happened to test those dairy products properly during the slow roll attempts, those shouldn't cause me too many issues. My strategy to test those first is that they will probably also be in the turkey dinner, so if I test those first, then at the dinner with gluten cross-contamination, I'd have a better idea at least of what was making me feel crummy (because I fully anticipate the gluten to not go well, but who knows... maybe I'll be surprised!) After turkey dinner, I think I will give it a good 5 days of regular W30 eating, and then start with the prescribed 14 day reintroduction on October 13th. What are the other Canadians out there strategizing for the upcoming holiday on reintroduction? Are you just planning on Whole30'ing during family dinner? Extending the Whole30 and not reintroducing until after the holiday? Eating Whole30 up to your turkey dinners, then running wild for one meal, and hopping right back on the W30 afterwards? I'd love to hear what others are thinking!