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Found 7 results

  1. So, first time poster here. I did a Whole5 (I know this isn't a thing) before a big Canadian Rockies ski trip that ended last week, and restarted on Sunday. The past two days have been bizarre. Yesterday I was experiencing extreme itching all over my body (no new foods, soaps, etc), bad joint pain, especially in my knees, ankles, and feet, and today I've had two massive, loose BMs that resemble lighter coffee grounds, and have left me rather faint. Definitely experienced the hangover feeling this morning big time as well (expected). I'm wondering if this could be a Herxheimer reaction from SIBO die off, which I was diagnosed with recently. If so, and it progresses/worsens, do I need to pause the Whole30 until it eases, or just power through? I'm taking herbal supplements (oregano oil, berberine) for the SIBO after antibiotics were effective, but led to relapse. I'm thinking I'll lower the herbal doses by half, or maybe pause for a couple days, and proceed with Whole30. Don't want to give up already!
  2. For my #January Whole30, I will be doing a SIBO Specific Whole30. Basically, Whole30 + Low FODMAP + SCD (Specific Carbohydrate Diet). I have done this once before as part of my treatment plan for SIBO. It's very restrictive and a bit of a battle, but doable. I'm both looking for and willing to offer support to anyone who might be in the same boat. Are there others with SIBO who might be doing this?
  3. It's Day 8 for me and I slept until 8:30 this morning. This almost never happens, and I feel so GOOD. I'm tackling laundry, cleaning out closets. My body is like, "oh, this is is what energy feels like. I almost remember this." The usual pain in my joints and even the soreness from friday's yoga practice have disappeared overnight. I have SIBO - a digestive issue related to IBS - and it affects neurotransmitters that control our circadian rhythms - so this means good things are happening in my gut. Just wanted to share this happy day! I hope yours is going well too.
  4. I’m hoping someone can share their experience with me. I have endless layers of health isssues and have given up on Drs. It started with food intolerances to finding out I had a form of IBD then layered that with sibo and then sibo I couldn’t conquer due to a layer of toxic mold illness. I’ve lived about 90% dairy and gluten free for many years now and just this past year went grain free as best as I could. (I would say a 100% but I’m not perfect). However I’ve also relied on elemental drinks to help kill off sibo and heal my gut. The main ingredient is dextrose. It’s not absorbed by the small intestine so it helps keep you alive while your body kills the sibo. So with that said my body loves dextrose. I feel incredible when I live solely on physician’s elemental diet. So I know I have a sugar addiction even though outside of the ed diet I really only consumed honey or fruit. I did go a little wild this holiday! I will admit. Anyways I struggle with eating and finding what I can eat without getting hives, having my stomach turn into a giant beach ball, or having massive right side pain. So that’s my background. I decided I would just take on whole30 to help my body learn how to handle food but I’m beyond sick. The only other time I felt like this was 14 years ago when I was pregnant and I ended up in the ER on fluids. I had chronic morning sickness. I’M NOT PREGNANT, NOT POSSIBLE! ☺️ A few days ago I couldn’t even get out of bed. I feel like throwing up. I have about 6-8 bowel movements a day. I thought maybe I had the flu but I don’t. A cold has come and gone through our house. I do have some sinus congestion still. Nothing sounds good except oven roasted potatoes or some soup. Is this normal? Or is something wrong with me? I’m worried. But I told myself after thousands of dollars worth of medical bills this last year and Drs who could never help me but keep finding things wrong I was going to try this in my own. Is anyone else this sick on day 10? Is it’s because of all my health issues? I don’t want to give up at all. Looking to see if this is common???
  5. Hello, A little background...I've been dealing with digestive issues for over almost two years now...Everything "didn't sit well" util my husband said I should go get checked. We were super worried that it could be the unthinkable...I was having Diarrhea every day after every meal and in between meals. Never seeing a solid stool, made me depressed and scared of what I might have. Until I got a Colonoscopy & Endoscopy. Besides some internal hemorrhoids, and other common non life threatening stuff, everything else seemed normal. So I insisted my GI test me for other stuff...I had to have answers! Meanwhile my doctor had tested me for Gluten intolerance...And although my DQ8 came back positive my DQ2 didn't. Still he had me on a Gluten Free Diet. Still didn't work with my symptoms: Stomach Ache Indigestion Constipation Diarrhea Sensitivity to the Sun (making my stomach hurt/burn) (Making me nauseous & throw up or have to go to the restroom at times) Gout Nausea Dizziness Vertigo Lethargic Tired Sleepy My GI ended up testing me for SIBO(Small Intestine Bacteria Overgrowth) Came out positive. So they prescribed Xifaxan. I didn't want to be on anibitiocs. So... My Doctor started me on a Protocol after being tested Positive for the SIBO. Small Intestine Bacteria Overgrowth. I didn't want to be on Antibiotics because I had been on them several times over the past year...And I also didn't want to teeter totter with Antibiotics and Anti-Fungals for the Yeast. So I seeked advice from my Doctor, and he suggested this Protocol. Take 2oz of Bio-Active Silver Hydrasol 1hr before Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Take 1 capsule of Candicid Forte After Breakfast and Lunch Take 1 Capsule of Ultra Flora Spectrum (Probiotic) at night before Bed. I started the Diet a little early because I wanted to see what I was getting myself into. This was 9/20/2015. He decided we would Eliminate Gluten, Corn, Soy, Sugar(even natural sugars like fruit), Dairy, Legumes, or Fermented anything like vinegars, and stuff...Some Nuts for the Mold because it eradicates the Candida and Yeast....Very strict diet! Officially started the Silver Protocol on 10/02/2015 and although overall I do feel a little better...Before I talk about how it's going, I'm supposed to be on this Protocol for a period of 8-weeks. But I've scheduled an apt. with my GI Specialist to retest me for the SIBO right at 4-weeks. Ok here it goes.... I'm still feeling tired, my joints, hips, and knees hurt, I'm still tired and sleepy. No longer nauseous as often, no often Diarrhea like I used to, used to have it 3-5 times a day...Now only once or twice. Still have some indigestion, heartburn, and constipation. My mornings are my worst, have a lot of Bloating feeling, the feeling of needing to Burp, or pass gas, but can't. When I do make it to the restroom, I have Diarrhea still. But see, I've noticed since I've been on the Diet I've increased my Garlic, Onion, Bell Peppers, and a ton of Tomatoes in my recipes... I've noticed that when I usually use Tomatoes my stomach doesn't tolerate it well...After having my Dr. apt. today he's not eliminated Nightshades...I'm very new to this whole new ballgame, and frankly terrified of what's left to eat! I would love some feedback on someone who's going through this as well...I've bought/rented/borrowed every book imaginable on Paleo and modifying it to my Customizable Diet. But Frankly I just don't know what to do anymore. Adding Nightshades to an already very limited diet sounds impossible. Please Help! I should add, I'm currently getting Myers Cocktail every week for 8 weeks as well.
  6. If anyone dealing with SIBO/IBS issues would like to offer/receive support and solutions to ongoing issues, please join! I'm on day 3 of the Whole 30 program and am tired and disgruntled, bloaty, poopy. But it's been only 3 days so give it time. I've been diagnosed with SIBO and am looking for others who are dealing with the same issues. I also have IBS and have recently learned that people with IBS commonly have SIBO. Healing the gut is tricky because you can't just put it in a cast and stop using it for a while like a broken arm. My gut feels as if it really does need a break though and I'm thinking of taking a day to not eat anything but chicken broth and maybe some blanched kale. I'm considering doing that tomorrow for just a day. Any suggestions? Is that not cool on Whole 30? SIBO = small intestinal bacteria overgrowth. You can read more about it here. My doc put me on two weeks of antibiotics - an herbal remedy is also avail, but the antibiotics were actually less expensive with insurance. She also suggested following the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD), which is similar to Whole 30 but there are some glaring differences as well. I have a friend who was also diagnosed with SIBO and she did the Whole 30 program and raved about it. That's why I'm here. I'm integrating both SCD and Whole 30. Staying compliant on Whole 30 and SCD isn't too hard since Whole 30 restricts more foods - so I'm following the Whole 30 program with a couple MORE restrictions (SCD allows for honey, yoghurt, etc but since I'm doing the Whole 30 I'm not eating those right now). There are a couple-three food items I've found that Whole 30 allows that SCD restricts for SIBO peeps. They are: Potatoes Yams and sweet potatoes Water chestnuts In a nutshell, these above food items are complex carbs that sit in our guts longer and feed harmful bacteria in our small intestines, which then multiply and produce byproducts that inflame the intestinal wall. Other more simple carbs are single molecules and much more easily absorbed by the intestine wall. I can handle no yams/potatoes/water chestnuts as well for 30 days. It's a bit sucky because I LOVE yams. But I'm willing to go to any lengths to heal my gut. Please reply if you are experiencing same or have a testimonial to share or solution to SIBO/IBS issues. And/or you just need to rant. And/or you find other foods allowed on Whole 30 that are restricted on SCD!
  7. Hello. So this is my third round of whole 30. Been pretty much paleo since March of this year. I've only messesd up no more than 4 days since then. As of today, I'm on day 17 since I started over. I've been doing paleo along with the autoimmune protocol. As of yesterday, I've also started the low fodmap diet because I really believe certain foods such as apples and cabbage give me problems. Apples burn my stomach and cabbage gives me bloating and diarrhea. I've researched acne online and a gentleman named Chris Kresser stated that what he usually has his clients do to try and help their acne is not only paleo, but following a low fodmaps diet as well as eliminating eggs and nuts. He did a podcast about it and was pretty thorough in it. You can read it here: I'm wondering if any of you have tried this as a last resort and have had success with it? I'm determined to find the cure for my acne! If it takes eating paleo/aip AND low fodmaps to do it, then so be it!