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Found 45 results

  1. So I finished my Whole30 14 days ago, I managed the Reintroduction pretty well and slow but I went on a trip this weekend. I Wanted to stay as "healthy" as possible but --- ok here's the confession time... I had Pizza, Birthday Cake, Beer, some Tequila Shots and Whiskey, I also had some popcorn and a Muffin.. so yup... I Kinda fell of the wagon I mean the muffin and the popcorn were hangover consequences, I didn't feel any changes on my body on the weekend, just kinda bloated. I came back to the city and on Monday I was completely Whole30, but yesterday I went to the movies with a friend , I decided I was going to eat a whole bucket of popcorn (why not.....) caramel and butter popcorn... I ate the whole thing..and consequences where horrible. I felt I was going to explode, I was so tired througout the rest of the day.. My face started breaking out today , I couln't even sleep or wake up early... Ugh!!! I even noticed I had some new breakouts around the legs close to the .. uhmmm butt area. I'm not sure if it was a mix of the weekend and the popcorn but definitely popcorn didnt make me feel well, I mean i'm so gassy... tired and my appetite is kinda supressed.. so yup there goes popcorn. It's gonna be a while I guess till I decide to eat some again. I recently started reading "Full Freedom Forever" let's see how that goes...
  2. Its day 4 of my first whole 30 and I've come down with an awful cold. Sore throat, fever, coughing, chills, you name it. I tried making my usual chicken noodle soup recipe, sans noodles. It was okay. Whats everyones favorite whole 30 comfort food to eat when they're sick?
  3. Hello Everyone! I finished my first whole 30 on April 24 of this year and I've been battling digestive issues ever since. After my whole 30 ended I began reintroduction of grains and dairy in small amounts. Two weeks passed and I felt completely fine. Then suddenly I began getting extremely ill immediately after eating. At first I had severe pain in my upper middle abdomen, nausea, acid reflux, and vomiting for about three weeks. At one point I even went to urgent care because the pain was so severe I was afraid I had been poisoned or something. Now I'm experiencing bloating, cramps in the lover abdomen, and diarrhea. It doesn't matter what I eat. Everything is making me sick. I've been reading on here that other people have had similar experiences. I'm hoping that someone who has had this can tell me how long it took for your digestive system to get back on track? Any comments or suggestions are much appreciated. Thanks so much!
  4. Hi, All Logically, my immune system should be humming perfectly on Whole30 (Day 18 now). But both my teenager and I caught a wicked bug that's been going around. I'm confused because I haven't been sick in about 5 years (been Primal for 4). As soon as I start Whole30 I get wholloped - what's going on? Bad luck? Super bad bug strain? Or does my immune system take a dip during Whole30 before it gets better (just like the rest of the body needs to adjust to the new diet)? Thoughts? Thanks! Amy
  5. I'm on day 19, and I feel sick... really bad stomach problems, constant headaches and overall low energy. Not a drop of Tiger Blood to be had... I haven't changed or added in any foods in the last few days and I know I don't have the flu or anything like that. Is this a common thing to have happen? Is my body just ready to be off this ride?
  6. Sick

    I am on day 8 and have a horrible sinus infection and bronchitis. I just feel terrible and am so bummed out. I talked to a number of friends who did Whole30 and they got sick the first week too. I don't understand why that would be since I'm eating so healthy. Any insight/encouragement would be helpful! I'm nervous I'm going to have this cold the whole time
  7. Hi all, I've been motoring along fairly well here, have some good NSVs and had a couple of rough spots, but reading this forum has really been helping. However I just came down with a bad cold, am not hungry and am having trouble swallowing due to the congestion. Does anyone have any tips? I really hate eating veggies when I feel like this! Thanks! Just In Case: a normal day for me is breakfast: veggie, egg, ground turkey frittata with guacamole and coffee, sometimes fruit lunch: roasted veggies (butternut squash, onions and Brussels sprouts) , chicken (I prep big batches) and guacamole- sometimes I forget the fat here so I'm working in that Dinner: stir fry veggies, lamb/beef/or pork, a small serving of a starchy veggie like part of a sweet potatoes with ghee. I try to add some leafy greens if my other veggies are light. Drinks: 1 cup of coffee, 1 GTS kombucha, water and tea throughout the day Snacks: I have epic snacks but I never eat them because I'm too full Thanks for all your help!
  8. Extremely sick

    Hi everyone. I'm excited to be doing this program, but I'm suffering from a slight rough patch that is making me and my husband worry for my health. I'm on Day 8 and I feel terribly sick... so sick I thought I had food poisoning. Nausea, diarrhea, stomach cramps (severe), vomiting, headache. And dehydration as result of all of them. I know days 8 and 9 your body is getting used to healing itself. But are these symptoms typical? Should I stop?
  9. Hi everyone, I am on day 12 and everything was going well. I came down with a cold the past couple of days and today I am dying. I didn't eat that much yesterday and today I haven't really eaten at all because I feel like I'm going to throw up. Does anyone have any suggestions of easy put together meals? I was sipping on bone broth yesterday and today which seems to be fine, but today I feel worse and my stomach is all queasy. Plus I'm so sick of cooking and need to run to the grocery store to purchase more protein, which I don't know if I have the time or energy to do so after work. This may just be me looking for sympathy and wanting to vent cause I'm stuck at work and feel like crap haha but any suggestions would be amazing! Thanks! Amy
  10. Hello Whole30ers! I'm on Day 19 of my first Whole30. Aside for a quick visit to KillAllTheThings land in week one, the program has been going well for me and I've noticed some very positive changes like improved focus, clearer skin, less gas, no PMS, being able to go hours between meals without feeling like I'm going to faint, and feeling like I'm finally conquering my sugar dragon. YAY! In the last 3 days, however, things have gone a little downhill. I've had bad gas, constipation/diarrhea, sore throat, swollen lymph nodes on my neck, and my mood has fell. I'm in bed today feeling pretty sick, bleh, and discouraged. I'm not sure if this shift has been caused by something in my diet, or if it's simply all part of my body adjusting and like any standard cold/flu rest will cure it. I was diagnosed Bipolar 2 a few years ago so I'm pretty hypersensitive to these kinds of changes in my body. As soon as I have a low day I'm like, "Oh crap no not again I've been doing so well!! " etc etc and stress out. Which obviously doesn't help haha. Can anyone with a mood disorder/depression/anxiety relate? Anyways I'm trying to think of anything in my diet/lifestyle I can control that could be an issue... - Too much omega 6 or nuts. I know the importance of keeping omega 6 to omega 3 ratio intake in check with a mood disorder, so maybe that's been out of whack and causing the change in mood? I've been having up to 1 avocado a day, which I know is high in omega 6. I have a little olive oil here and there in a dressing, and I cook with coconut oil. I don't eat many nuts BUT I've had more almond butter in the last few days. Do nuts also influence some kind of hormone? - Too much fructose. I'm not eating a lot of fruit on Whole30, and when I do it's almost always eaten with a meal. I eat 1-2 bananas a day, occasionally by themselves. I had dates with almond butter and coconut flakes as a snack 3 days in a row a couple days ago. Maybe that was too much sugar? Could that cause digestive upset or mood changes? - Increased exercise too quickly. I did two pretty intense workout classes last weekend. I walk a lot but haven't done proper makes you sweat exercise in over a year. I felt great during and after the workouts, but maybe that was too much stress on my body right now and made me sick? - lithium withdrawal. I had been taking lithium for nearly 3 years and have been VERY steadily decreasing it from 1200mg 18 months ago to 300mg a month ago. I dropped down to 300mg 6 months ago and stopped taking it altogether 1 month ago, a week before starting my Whole30. I'm not on any other medications or birth control. I take vitamin D, B vitamins, omega 3, magnesium, and a probiotic. I didn't feel any lithium withdrawal when I stopped a month ago, I was on such a lose dose, but maybe it's coming back to bite me now? I'm sure my liver/kidneys are under some stress right now clearing out that medication and adjusting to a new diet. I know I've probably put my body through too much at once, especially stopped a medication so close to a Whole30, so it's hard to tell what's causing what. My diet isn't drastically different than before, I'd already cut out gluten, alcohol and most dairy two years ago. The biggest change is no sugar and no grains. I'm not looking for some kind of bulletproof solution as all of these things are probably factors, just any insight or personal experience as I'm sure I'm not alone in this. I'd love to start a conversation about it we could all benefit from!
  11. Hi, I'm Andrea, and I'm new to the Whole30. I started on May2nd, so this is my 5th day, and I'm struggling. I felt really crappy on day 3 (apparantly normal) and came down with a bad cold yesterday. It's hard to keep motivation when I feel sick, and when I don't want to cook (because I feel sick). I almost caved yesterday at the grocery store, because I wanted to buy some of my old "comfort food." But I didn't cave. So has anyone gotten sick early in their Whole30? And if so, what helped (besides sticking with the program)? I'm sorry I'm whining...but I need some moral support right now. I'd also love to be part of a group that started (or is starting) in early May.
  12. Hi guys! So I'm on day 25 and I got sick. I have a terrible cold that turned into a double ear infection and a fever. I'm kind of miserable right now. I haven't eaten anything for three days (since I got sick) because nothing sounds good. All I want to eat is non-Whole30 food. I'm scared I won't get better if I don't eat something, but I' also scared (because I'm so far into the program) that if I reintroduce something that sounds yummy, I'll get sicker. I don't know what to do! Thanks, Erin Husting
  13. Hi, I have been doing super well on the Whole 30 so far. Feeling great and completly enjoying it. I have not had any negative side affects at all but being cranky one day about three days in. This morning, I woke up feeling fine and then immediately started feeling nauseaus and vomitting. It has not gone away. Any ideas to what this may be? Please help!
  14. (I did a search for similar topics, but everything I found seemed to relate to nausea in the first week of the program). I'm on Day 18 of my first Whole30. Up until now, I've been feeling pretty great. No Tiger Blood yet, but so much less tiredness, fewer headaches, better focus, etc. Then after dinner on Day 16, I began having a lot of *ahem* digestive issues. No throwing up, but gas, bloating, nausea, lack of appetite, and frequent trips to the bathroom. Bad enough I used a sick day. My hips (w/ psoriatic arthritis) have been very painful for the first time in months, and I feel achy all over (I also have fibromyalgia). And yet I don't really feel "sick" like when I have a virus. See below for what I've been eating Day 15-18. Up until Day 15, I was really trying to follow the template, but now I'm just trying to find things I can eat and still stay on plan. I'm feeling hungry, but nothing sounds appetizing and it upsets my stomach when I eat it. I've been drinking 32oz. of kombucha a day, but I've been doing that for two weeks now, so I don't know if it would suddenly come back to bite me now. For the record, my mother thinks I might be pregnant. I doubt it, but I'm taking a test tomorrow morning. This has been going on for two and half days, so I just want to know if you think this might be a reaction to a food I'm sensitive to, or some sort of stomach bug? Too many FODMAPs? Background info: I'm 26, drink more than 100oz. of water a day, am 5'9", and weighed 216 last time I checked. DAY FIFTEEN M1 (8AM): 3 tilapia fish cakes, 2 tbsp mayo, 1 cup steamed cauliflower, bulletproof coffee (w/ 1.5 tsp ghee, 1.5 tsp coconut oil), 1 tbsp ACV [meant to eat more cauliflower, but felt a little bloated and nauseated. Full disclosure: I drank the tbsp. of ACV straight by itself because I was silly and didn't look up that you're supposed to add it to water, and I nearly threw up ] M2 (1:30PM): 3 hot dogs, Tessemae's ketchup, handful of olives, 1 fist of Whole Foods sweet potatoes, 1 kombucha M3 (4PM): 1 Epic meat bar, 12 oz. honeydew [terrible, I know, I know] Pre-workout: 1 salted HB egg [pretty tired during workout, but no other issues] M4 (8:45PM): 1 bag steamed ratatouille vegetables (zucchini, eggplant, onions, tomatoes), 1/2 bag steamed root veggies, 2 chicken bratwurst, 2 tbsp ghee, 1 multi-green kombucha [Note: this was my first workout since starting my W30] DAY SIXTEEN M1 (6AM): 4 eggs w/ 1 tbsp duck fat, 6 oz. steamed broccoli (half bag) w/ 1 tbsp. mayo, 6 oz. raw apple slices (half bag), bulletproof coffee (w/ 1.5 tsp ghee, 1.5 tsp coconut oil), 1 kombucha M2 (11AM): 3 hot dogs w/ Tessemae's ketchup, 10oz. raw bell peppers, 1 heaping handful shredded coconut M3 (8PM): 2 palms pork roast, 2 fists white potatoes mashed with coconut milk, 1 kombucha NOTE: Started to have lack of appetite during day. Wasn't hungry for M3 at 4PM like I should have been. Ate a fair bit at dinner to make up for missing M3. Felt really sick to my stomach after dinner. DAY SEVENTEEN - STOMACH ISSUES DAY 1 M1: 3 HB eggs w/ compliant dijon mustard, 2 cups blueberries w/ 1 handful shredded coconut, 1 kombucha M2: 1 cup bone broth M3: paleo pad thai (shrimp, zoodles, cabbage) w/ sunshine sauce, 1 kombucha [not the easiest on my stomach but there was no other dinner in the house] DAY EIGHTEEN - STOMACH ISSUES DAY 2 M1: 1 cup bone broth, 1 cup of tea M2: 3 white baked potatoes w/ salt and 3 tbsp ghee M3: 1 cup bone broth planned M4: compliant shepherd's pie NOTE: A little better than yesterday but still nauseated and gassy.
  15. I chose to have a glass and a half of white wine last night for reintroduction. I woke at 4:30am terribly nauseated. WARNING! TMI on the way....I have severe diarrhea and vomiting. I am having some soreness and aches, but that could be attributed to two days of heavy workouts. Do I attribute my sickness to the wine or is it possibly just bad timing and maybe I have a stomach bug? I did notice (too late) that the label reads "contains sulfites." Also, I thought I ate whole 30 but my lunch companion believes their was soy in the dressing and I thoughtlessly took a bite of my daughters turkey sub. What are the signs of a bad reaction to alcohol? I read that a sulphate sensitivity is similar to an allergic reaction with stuffy nose and wheezing. I have no symptoms of this nature. I'm sitting on the sofa all day. Blah. Note, I was unaware of any food sensitivities prior to the Whole30.
  16. Go figure, I have a cold. It was pretty bad yesterday (day 2) and I kept waking up in the middle of the night to cough my heart out. My whole life I usually get a cold in the springtime, but this one is especially hard because I cannot just go and cook up a can of Chicken Noodle Soup. Today's email let me know that it is common to get sick in the first week, but that does not make life any easier. Does anyone have any advice during this time? What kind of cold remedies worked for you (Whole 30 approved)? Thank you!
  17. Feeling sick

    Hello everyone, I've just finished my whole30 journey yesterday, but lately I've been facing some serious digestive issues. The last few days were terrible, though everything I ate was absolutely compliant, I've been feeling very sick, and I had stomach ache as well. I couldn't find out whether it was because of any kind of food I ate or it was/is a virus I just got. The last two days were the worst, I've been burping all day and after lunch I got terrible stomach aches. 3 days earlier I had dinner quite late and I fell asleep soon after eating, waking up feeling sick and it didn't disappear for days. Could this cause such problems? Another thing I can think of is chia seeds. It happened even before knowing about whole30 that I had terrible stomach ache after eating chia seeds but I thought it's a healthy thing so it couldn't cause such symptoms, could it? Any ideas what might be wrong? I'd like to start reintroduction tomorrow but I'm afraid it would make it even worse. What should I do? Thanks in advance.
  18. I've had the flu now since day 2, and I'm working very hard to stick to the whole30 and push through. But I came downstairs this morning and my hubby (who is also doing whole30) had made breakfast and smell and thought of eating meat made me gag. Any suggestions on what to do? The thought of broth also makes me feel sick too. I couldn't find anything on what to do when you are sick with no appetite.
  19. Hi everyone! So, I have successfully concluded my whole30 two days ago (hurray!) and decided to do a 15 day reintroduction plan until the end of the year in this order: non-gluten grains, dairy, gluten grains, sugar, legumes and wine. So every 3 days I'll introduce something new, that's exciting (at least I thought so). Yesterday I had some rice with my lunch and kept everything else W30 compliant. WOW! I was expecting no problems with white rice but it turns out that I feel bloated, I was passing A LOT of gas all night (sorry for the TMI) and I feel really discouraged of trying to reintroduce any other food groups, I just wanna crawl again under my W30 blanket. My question is: what should I be looking for when reintroducing? Is bloating and gas a problem, or is it just my body readjusting? I really don't know what to expect, in two days I'll be introducing dairy and I am soooo afraid! HELP!
  20. Is the intended audience of the whole 30 people who are struggling with illnesses and potential food intolerances/allergies? I'm 7 days in and not really enjoying it. I don't like the amount of food you're meant to eat and the starchy carbs. I'm really missing wholegrains and greek yoghurt. I don't feel much better or different, my pants aren't fitting any differently and I'm starting to feel like it's a setup
  21. Sick, help!

    So I was trying Whole30 for the first time yesterday and just felt sick all day long -- horrible headache, feeling nauseous, but I thought it was just the sugar detox. I finally sat down to eat my dinner, took one bite of my chicken, cabbage and green beans and promptly tossed everything I had eaten that day on the floor. Has anyone else had a bad reaction from day 1, or maybe I just have a bug? Either way, I'm going to have to eventually start over because the only thing I can keep down today are saltines and ginger ale. So frustrated/upset/discouraged.
  22. sick - vomiting

    Hi ... so this morning started out great and had a nice lunch ... 30 minutes later I was vominting and have a horrible headache.. already vomited 3 times and usually I would have a sip of cola and simple carbs .... but I have no appetite and feel horrible ... are there any whole 30 meals food you would recommend ?
  23. This is my first Whole30, and I was super pumped to start. I set my start date the day after my bachelorette party/shower weekend with just under two months until our wedding. Perfect events until the actual wedding. Problem is that Monday (day one) I woke up to a terrible sore throat, cough, and sinus pressure. It's continued now for 4 days (today is actually the worst). I've taken elderberry syrup and have eaten lots of pineapple (I read that helps with a cough). Second problem is that I've had ZERO appetite. Kale and eggs are the last thing that sound good while I'm sick. I've been eating potatoes, lara bars, fruit, and TRYING to down some chicken sausage with spinach and some greens, but I know I'm not getting enough of a variety. So my question is... Am I doing myself more harm than good? I REALLY want to complete the process without starting over (especially since I'm in a time crunch), but I also don't want to harm my body by not giving it enough nutrient dense foods.
  24. Bad Ghee????

    Hey guys, I'm on day 28 of my Whole 30 and I've been feeling great up until i ate dinner last night. I ran out of ghee yesterday so i went to my local indian supermarket and bought some, see the attached pictures. The ghee I've been using up until now was very smooth with no separation or anything. For dinner I had carnitas pork with veggies sauteed in the new ghee, after dinner my stomach felt full and bloated, something I haven't felt in a while. This morning I feel a bit nauseous. I cooked my breakfast of eggs and sweet potato in the ghee again to sort of test it and see if its the culprit. Could this new ghee be bad or contain any dairy? HELP! Allison
  25. I was mostly paleo before I started the Whole30 and mostly cutting off dairy and sugar this time around. I didn't have the carb flu reactions like most people talk about. And I didn't have that much sugar before hand so not that bad of headaches and really easy out of the gate. I am SO FRUSTRATED though because I have been sick twice so far on my Whole30! It starts with a tickle at the back of the throat that turns into a weird sinus thing with my ears draining or something. Then it's like the stuff at the back of my throat decides to start floating out and I get a case of the sniffles and my nose is draining NON STOP. I keep sneezing a lot too. My nose is raw from all the tissues right now. TWICE this happened to me. The first time was at the beginning of my Whole30 and also was coordinated with my monthly cycle and now it's towards the end and same thing.. monthly cycle comes in like a punch to the stomach and then SICK instantly as well. Does anyone know what is going on? I NEVER got sick before this. I usually eat really healthy with salads and mostly gluten free (ever since I cut out grains I can't really handle eating them anymore). I am a little worried as this is my second time and wondering if I'm doing something to cause this lowering of the immune system. It just sucks so much to be sick when you are eating so healthy and then to have such a horrible cycle with massive pains. Anyone else have something like this happen to them?