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Found 24 results

  1. I felt a cold coming on and drank a Kroger brand essence-c without even thinking about it. I'm on day 13. I didn't have the box (with the list of ingredients), just the packet, so I didn't even think about sugar or fructose until I had swallowed it all. Tasted sweet and started freaking out immediately. Looked online, and sure enough, fructose is the first ingredient. ugh. Do I have to start over?? So bummed, I've done everything by the book. The even dumber thing is that I ate an orange right before I drank it, I didn't even need the stupid thing.
  2. So day 28 is finishing up for me which means I have two days left. At the beginning of this whole30 (my first time), I did feel little stomach aches now and again... nothing that seemed too concerning. I figured it was all the vegetables I was now eating. (I was trying a lot of new ones too! -or at least ones I hardly ate before: cabbage, butternut squash, spaghetti squash, beets, kale, swiss chard, etc.. At the beginning of today, I started to feel my throat sore. I cheated and had one honey-lemon drop (didn't help much so I didn't have anymore). Feeling a little feverish, I took some medicine, slept, and pretty much feel the same (but with no fever). I feel terrible/sick! About once a year, I tend to get "sick symptoms" but never actually get sick (I really rarely NEVER get sick). -Usually this happens because I get stressed and my immune system weakens just a tiny bit. 95% of what I've been drinking has been water (a gulp of pineapple or apple juice if a recipe calls for it). My meals are usually some kind of meat/protein with vegetable (cooked in fat: oil or clarified butter). I think during week two, I skipped a few meals because I was just so full! For snacks, I have apples, oranges, or approved larabars. I'm quite concerned about this because my day 30 is so close! I'm determined to go to the end... but I wonder... what about my re-introduction phase? I can't really re-introduce things if I feel sick? I might confuse symptoms! (was it because I am sick, or because I ate the bread?) I almost feel like I spent a month for nothing! D: (I really wanted to do this 98% correct and told myself if I decide to do it next time, that I'll know what other food groups upsets me and take it a little easier for myself) Also, I know it's not day 30 but I weighed/measured myself. I haven't lost weight (or gained) any, but I did loose an inch around my stomach! yay! I'm quite happy about that! I'm honestly not concerned with weight numbers but am very happy about the measurement on my stomach. ^^ Another thing: pretty sure I didn't catch this from anyone as no one around me (that I know of) is sick... and I'm on my 4th day of vacation, so I've been kinda isolated... Sorry for the long post/Thank you for those who read the whole thing!
  3. I started on the 13th and haven’t cracked. I’ve been pretty good. But this morning I wasn’t feeling well, so without thinking, I took my elderberry syrup like I usually do to feel better. I totally forgot to look at the ingredients. It has raw honey, elderberry, organic ACV, propolis tincture, echinacea purpurea tinture, grain alcohol and purified water. Do I really have to start over?
  4. I am very sick during whole 30. I am bloated and stomach sick every night after dinner. Days 5-6 I was sick and the last three days 14-16 I have been really sick though. Vomiting and bad diarrhea. Pure liquid out of both ends. I think it's linked to potato's and maybe FODMAP foods and maybe Cajun spices. It's hard to tell but both times I had eaten spice cod and potatoes before the sickness started. Any way I am feeling very discouraged. And I want to go back to my old foods still I won't be sick anyone. What can I try? What should I do? Will going to my doctor help?
  5. I'm a full week into the flu. Not a stomach bug, but the real nasty flu. I'm exhausted, but I've made it to day 19. I've managed to continue to cook for me and my family, but I am so tired. I made a big batch of chicken soup, but don't want to eat any more of it. Not really digging the pulled pork at this point. Oh, and if I want to stay on plan, I have to do the cooking. So instead of resting, I cook. I'm bound and determined to finish, I only have 11 more days, but ...Oh! did I mention that the microwave died too so any meat from the freezer has to be pulled out in the morning? Yep. I've hit a stumbling block and need help getting over it. Last night, the whole family got take out (yummy teriyaki takeout), and I had leftovers. Now lunch is here and I just want a big drippy messy Dusty Burger with fries. I won't have it because, well, I'm quarantined at home. Ice cream sounds great too. I just want to go back to work and I can't. Any suggestions for easy meals? BTW, I'm allergic to beef, so that's one protein down. thanks in advance
  6. anon922204

    Tums & Peptobismal

    Hi all- I'm currently on Day 23 and have been feeling great until today. I was not very hungry this morning, but forced myself to have a simple breakfast (eggs, bacon, strawberries). About an hour later I grabbed an apple because I was both hungry and not hungry at the same time, but have usually had apples in the past when I've got some nausea and they've helped. After that my appetite and energy took a nose dive. I laid in bed for 3 hours and couldn't imagine another piece of food. My boyfriend suggested grabbing me a cold pressed juice that has worked in the past for my tummy issues (which are very frequent). After drinking most of it, I took a shower and within 15 minutes ended up throwing up everything I ate today (even the breakfast from 8+ hours ago... they were still solid food items). Currently drinking fresh ginger with a little lemon and took out some veggie broth soup I had in the freezer. My boyfriend and family are suggesting I also dose up on some medicine (specifically peptobismal). I want to stay on track, cuz i've been feeling great and have been looking forward to a slow re-introduction period, but I am also a professor and may have to teach 3 classes tomorrow. Any suggestions on if this is okay or not and if it's okay, are there preferred kinds (i.e. liquid/non-cherry over tablets). I saw tums was not approved, but then saw a peptobismal post where it seemed kinda iffy. Thanks!
  7. R2D15 and R2 is hard for all the reasons people say it's hard.. less exciting and less quick results. On the plus side: I think I'm fighting off a the flu - i feel crappy but not as crappy as I would usually feel when sick. But feel run down and frustrated and bloated today - I've eaten a ton of compliant carbs. Plaintain with lunch, potato with dinner and a banana at the end of dinner. I knew I was basically making myself a dessert I didn't need with the banana - especially given that I had two other carbs today, but I was upset and wanted something. And of course, now I'm grumpy that I reacted that way with food. This R2 doesn't fully feel worth it (but I know it is), and I'm craving ice cream like crazy. I could use a small pep talk.
  8. Hi all - whole 30 neophyte here. I'm really looking forward to my first whole 30 journey, but I don't want to set myself up for failure, so I am really taking this planning and preparation stage seriously. Here's the deal. I have an ear infection. I was diagnosed a day or two after Christmas, and have been through my first round of antibiotics. Looks like I'm headed back to the doctor because I am feeling crappy again. I'm working slowly on getting the pantry cleaned out and starting to do some meal planning, but I still haven't picked a day to start. Should I wait until I'm better from this ear infection? Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere...I promise I did try to find it... embeesea
  9. Hi everyone! I am seeking advice about what I may be doing wrong or if my body just isn’t ready for the extremity of Whole30. I started the program for the first time back in 2016. I felt the normal symptoms of carb flu, but mine actually never went away. I attempted to eat as many clean carbs as possible to up my energy. I made it to day 23 and had a very high fever. I went to the doctor and tested positive for strep throat. I chalked it up as a coincidence rather than a result of the Whole30 diet. A few months later, I attempted again. This time I made it to day 3 and began to have very extreme symptoms of carb flu and a fever. This time I was diagnosed with the flu. I vowed to never try the program again as I truly felt it was not right for me. Going into 2018, I really wanted to give it another go. This time I only made it to day 2 before I could feel flu like symptoms. I currently have a fever of 101.7. This one feels like the flu again. Is it possible that Whole30 and my health are correlated? I am a pretty active person. I workout 2-3 times a week at a bootcamp style class and teach dance twice a week. I am thinking that maybe the drastic changes of the diet are sending my body into shock mode. Any advice would be great. Thank you!!
  10. I'm on day 26. My husband and I have been diligent in all things Whole30 (even during Halloween and so many gatherings). On Day 2 on I got a head cold but limited myself to tea, rest and some meds that contained no added sugar (super hard!). On Day 11, I came down with the classic flu but, again, avoided non-compliant meds. Now I'm in my last few days and I've had some sinus congestion/allergies for the last 3 days. I'm worried that my reintroduction will be meaningless because I don't know what my healthy body feels like over these 30 days. Should I just end it?
  11. So I finished my Whole30 14 days ago, I managed the Reintroduction pretty well and slow but I went on a trip this weekend. I Wanted to stay as "healthy" as possible but --- ok here's the confession time... I had Pizza, Birthday Cake, Beer, some Tequila Shots and Whiskey, I also had some popcorn and a Muffin.. so yup... I Kinda fell of the wagon I mean the muffin and the popcorn were hangover consequences, I didn't feel any changes on my body on the weekend, just kinda bloated. I came back to the city and on Monday I was completely Whole30, but yesterday I went to the movies with a friend , I decided I was going to eat a whole bucket of popcorn (why not.....) caramel and butter popcorn... I ate the whole thing..and consequences where horrible. I felt I was going to explode, I was so tired througout the rest of the day.. My face started breaking out today , I couln't even sleep or wake up early... Ugh!!! I even noticed I had some new breakouts around the legs close to the .. uhmmm butt area. I'm not sure if it was a mix of the weekend and the popcorn but definitely popcorn didnt make me feel well, I mean i'm so gassy... tired and my appetite is kinda supressed.. so yup there goes popcorn. It's gonna be a while I guess till I decide to eat some again. I recently started reading "Full Freedom Forever" let's see how that goes...
  12. Hello Everyone! I finished my first whole 30 on April 24 of this year and I've been battling digestive issues ever since. After my whole 30 ended I began reintroduction of grains and dairy in small amounts. Two weeks passed and I felt completely fine. Then suddenly I began getting extremely ill immediately after eating. At first I had severe pain in my upper middle abdomen, nausea, acid reflux, and vomiting for about three weeks. At one point I even went to urgent care because the pain was so severe I was afraid I had been poisoned or something. Now I'm experiencing bloating, cramps in the lover abdomen, and diarrhea. It doesn't matter what I eat. Everything is making me sick. I've been reading on here that other people have had similar experiences. I'm hoping that someone who has had this can tell me how long it took for your digestive system to get back on track? Any comments or suggestions are much appreciated. Thanks so much!
  13. Hi, All Logically, my immune system should be humming perfectly on Whole30 (Day 18 now). But both my teenager and I caught a wicked bug that's been going around. I'm confused because I haven't been sick in about 5 years (been Primal for 4). As soon as I start Whole30 I get wholloped - what's going on? Bad luck? Super bad bug strain? Or does my immune system take a dip during Whole30 before it gets better (just like the rest of the body needs to adjust to the new diet)? Thoughts? Thanks! Amy
  14. Hi everyone, I am on day 12 and everything was going well. I came down with a cold the past couple of days and today I am dying. I didn't eat that much yesterday and today I haven't really eaten at all because I feel like I'm going to throw up. Does anyone have any suggestions of easy put together meals? I was sipping on bone broth yesterday and today which seems to be fine, but today I feel worse and my stomach is all queasy. Plus I'm so sick of cooking and need to run to the grocery store to purchase more protein, which I don't know if I have the time or energy to do so after work. This may just be me looking for sympathy and wanting to vent cause I'm stuck at work and feel like crap haha but any suggestions would be amazing! Thanks! Amy
  15. Hello Whole30ers! I'm on Day 19 of my first Whole30. Aside for a quick visit to KillAllTheThings land in week one, the program has been going well for me and I've noticed some very positive changes like improved focus, clearer skin, less gas, no PMS, being able to go hours between meals without feeling like I'm going to faint, and feeling like I'm finally conquering my sugar dragon. YAY! In the last 3 days, however, things have gone a little downhill. I've had bad gas, constipation/diarrhea, sore throat, swollen lymph nodes on my neck, and my mood has fell. I'm in bed today feeling pretty sick, bleh, and discouraged. I'm not sure if this shift has been caused by something in my diet, or if it's simply all part of my body adjusting and like any standard cold/flu rest will cure it. I was diagnosed Bipolar 2 a few years ago so I'm pretty hypersensitive to these kinds of changes in my body. As soon as I have a low day I'm like, "Oh crap no not again I've been doing so well!! " etc etc and stress out. Which obviously doesn't help haha. Can anyone with a mood disorder/depression/anxiety relate? Anyways I'm trying to think of anything in my diet/lifestyle I can control that could be an issue... - Too much omega 6 or nuts. I know the importance of keeping omega 6 to omega 3 ratio intake in check with a mood disorder, so maybe that's been out of whack and causing the change in mood? I've been having up to 1 avocado a day, which I know is high in omega 6. I have a little olive oil here and there in a dressing, and I cook with coconut oil. I don't eat many nuts BUT I've had more almond butter in the last few days. Do nuts also influence some kind of hormone? - Too much fructose. I'm not eating a lot of fruit on Whole30, and when I do it's almost always eaten with a meal. I eat 1-2 bananas a day, occasionally by themselves. I had dates with almond butter and coconut flakes as a snack 3 days in a row a couple days ago. Maybe that was too much sugar? Could that cause digestive upset or mood changes? - Increased exercise too quickly. I did two pretty intense workout classes last weekend. I walk a lot but haven't done proper makes you sweat exercise in over a year. I felt great during and after the workouts, but maybe that was too much stress on my body right now and made me sick? - lithium withdrawal. I had been taking lithium for nearly 3 years and have been VERY steadily decreasing it from 1200mg 18 months ago to 300mg a month ago. I dropped down to 300mg 6 months ago and stopped taking it altogether 1 month ago, a week before starting my Whole30. I'm not on any other medications or birth control. I take vitamin D, B vitamins, omega 3, magnesium, and a probiotic. I didn't feel any lithium withdrawal when I stopped a month ago, I was on such a lose dose, but maybe it's coming back to bite me now? I'm sure my liver/kidneys are under some stress right now clearing out that medication and adjusting to a new diet. I know I've probably put my body through too much at once, especially stopped a medication so close to a Whole30, so it's hard to tell what's causing what. My diet isn't drastically different than before, I'd already cut out gluten, alcohol and most dairy two years ago. The biggest change is no sugar and no grains. I'm not looking for some kind of bulletproof solution as all of these things are probably factors, just any insight or personal experience as I'm sure I'm not alone in this. I'd love to start a conversation about it we could all benefit from!
  16. (I did a search for similar topics, but everything I found seemed to relate to nausea in the first week of the program). I'm on Day 18 of my first Whole30. Up until now, I've been feeling pretty great. No Tiger Blood yet, but so much less tiredness, fewer headaches, better focus, etc. Then after dinner on Day 16, I began having a lot of *ahem* digestive issues. No throwing up, but gas, bloating, nausea, lack of appetite, and frequent trips to the bathroom. Bad enough I used a sick day. My hips (w/ psoriatic arthritis) have been very painful for the first time in months, and I feel achy all over (I also have fibromyalgia). And yet I don't really feel "sick" like when I have a virus. See below for what I've been eating Day 15-18. Up until Day 15, I was really trying to follow the template, but now I'm just trying to find things I can eat and still stay on plan. I'm feeling hungry, but nothing sounds appetizing and it upsets my stomach when I eat it. I've been drinking 32oz. of kombucha a day, but I've been doing that for two weeks now, so I don't know if it would suddenly come back to bite me now. For the record, my mother thinks I might be pregnant. I doubt it, but I'm taking a test tomorrow morning. This has been going on for two and half days, so I just want to know if you think this might be a reaction to a food I'm sensitive to, or some sort of stomach bug? Too many FODMAPs? Background info: I'm 26, drink more than 100oz. of water a day, am 5'9", and weighed 216 last time I checked. DAY FIFTEEN M1 (8AM): 3 tilapia fish cakes, 2 tbsp mayo, 1 cup steamed cauliflower, bulletproof coffee (w/ 1.5 tsp ghee, 1.5 tsp coconut oil), 1 tbsp ACV [meant to eat more cauliflower, but felt a little bloated and nauseated. Full disclosure: I drank the tbsp. of ACV straight by itself because I was silly and didn't look up that you're supposed to add it to water, and I nearly threw up ] M2 (1:30PM): 3 hot dogs, Tessemae's ketchup, handful of olives, 1 fist of Whole Foods sweet potatoes, 1 kombucha M3 (4PM): 1 Epic meat bar, 12 oz. honeydew [terrible, I know, I know] Pre-workout: 1 salted HB egg [pretty tired during workout, but no other issues] M4 (8:45PM): 1 bag steamed ratatouille vegetables (zucchini, eggplant, onions, tomatoes), 1/2 bag steamed root veggies, 2 chicken bratwurst, 2 tbsp ghee, 1 multi-green kombucha [Note: this was my first workout since starting my W30] DAY SIXTEEN M1 (6AM): 4 eggs w/ 1 tbsp duck fat, 6 oz. steamed broccoli (half bag) w/ 1 tbsp. mayo, 6 oz. raw apple slices (half bag), bulletproof coffee (w/ 1.5 tsp ghee, 1.5 tsp coconut oil), 1 kombucha M2 (11AM): 3 hot dogs w/ Tessemae's ketchup, 10oz. raw bell peppers, 1 heaping handful shredded coconut M3 (8PM): 2 palms pork roast, 2 fists white potatoes mashed with coconut milk, 1 kombucha NOTE: Started to have lack of appetite during day. Wasn't hungry for M3 at 4PM like I should have been. Ate a fair bit at dinner to make up for missing M3. Felt really sick to my stomach after dinner. DAY SEVENTEEN - STOMACH ISSUES DAY 1 M1: 3 HB eggs w/ compliant dijon mustard, 2 cups blueberries w/ 1 handful shredded coconut, 1 kombucha M2: 1 cup bone broth M3: paleo pad thai (shrimp, zoodles, cabbage) w/ sunshine sauce, 1 kombucha [not the easiest on my stomach but there was no other dinner in the house] DAY EIGHTEEN - STOMACH ISSUES DAY 2 M1: 1 cup bone broth, 1 cup of tea M2: 3 white baked potatoes w/ salt and 3 tbsp ghee M3: 1 cup bone broth planned M4: compliant shepherd's pie NOTE: A little better than yesterday but still nauseated and gassy.
  17. Go figure, I have a cold. It was pretty bad yesterday (day 2) and I kept waking up in the middle of the night to cough my heart out. My whole life I usually get a cold in the springtime, but this one is especially hard because I cannot just go and cook up a can of Chicken Noodle Soup. Today's email let me know that it is common to get sick in the first week, but that does not make life any easier. Does anyone have any advice during this time? What kind of cold remedies worked for you (Whole 30 approved)? Thank you!
  18. bertistic

    Feeling sick

    Hello everyone, I've just finished my whole30 journey yesterday, but lately I've been facing some serious digestive issues. The last few days were terrible, though everything I ate was absolutely compliant, I've been feeling very sick, and I had stomach ache as well. I couldn't find out whether it was because of any kind of food I ate or it was/is a virus I just got. The last two days were the worst, I've been burping all day and after lunch I got terrible stomach aches. 3 days earlier I had dinner quite late and I fell asleep soon after eating, waking up feeling sick and it didn't disappear for days. Could this cause such problems? Another thing I can think of is chia seeds. It happened even before knowing about whole30 that I had terrible stomach ache after eating chia seeds but I thought it's a healthy thing so it couldn't cause such symptoms, could it? Any ideas what might be wrong? I'd like to start reintroduction tomorrow but I'm afraid it would make it even worse. What should I do? Thanks in advance.
  19. I've had the flu now since day 2, and I'm working very hard to stick to the whole30 and push through. But I came downstairs this morning and my hubby (who is also doing whole30) had made breakfast and smell and thought of eating meat made me gag. Any suggestions on what to do? The thought of broth also makes me feel sick too. I couldn't find anything on what to do when you are sick with no appetite.
  20. Is the intended audience of the whole 30 people who are struggling with illnesses and potential food intolerances/allergies? I'm 7 days in and not really enjoying it. I don't like the amount of food you're meant to eat and the starchy carbs. I'm really missing wholegrains and greek yoghurt. I don't feel much better or different, my pants aren't fitting any differently and I'm starting to feel like it's a setup
  21. Hi! I finished my Whole 30 earlier this month. I'm concerned and frustrated because I was sick from week 2 - week 4. Not "I have a cold" sort of sick (nor am I pregnant). I had no appetite, was queasy and had headache's all the time. I believe I ate a lot, so I am really confused as to what happened. Also good to note I am extremely active and worked out 4-5 days a week for at least one hour. A couple days worth of meals: *Whenever I had eggs, I ate 3. Meal 1: Scrambled eggs with bell peppers, onions and sometimes avocado Meal 2: 4-5oz steak with 1-2 cups Brussels sprouts or asparagus and 1/2 cup potatoes Meal 3: 4-5 oz pork with 1-2 cups cauliflower or broccoli or 4 cups kale/spinach salad with a tessamae dressing Snack: (had to or I was ravenous) cashews and almonds (only 1/4 cup) --- Meal 1: yam hash with onion, bell peppers, poached eggs (totaled about 1.5 cups) Meal 2: 4-5 oz chicken with 1 cup mashed cauliflower Meal 3:4-5oz pork or steak with 1-2 cups mixed veggies (broccoli, Brussels sprouts, sweet potato) Snack: cashews and almonds (1/4 cup) --- I'm thinking I'm sensitive to avocado, because I was especially queasy after that... Anyone have an idea? It makes me really sad I felt terrible most of the time (only the first week was ok, it went down hill after that).
  22. I have just finished day 26 of Whole 30. Unfortunately, I have a cold. I typically turn to Nyquill to help with the symptoms and to get good sleep. However, it is loaded with sugar and alcohol which are not W30 compliant. I typically use throat drops to help with the scratchy throat and coughing. They also have a lot of sugar. Anyone have suggestions to on what to use instead? I don't want to go off W30 this close to the end. Thanks.
  23. Hey guys I'm relatively new to the whole 30 program but I'm already on Day 8 and loving it! Unfortunately I've come down with pneumonia. Any ideas or helpful tips on getting through illness without getting off course on my awesome whole 30 journey would be greatly appreciated!
  24. I just got diagnosed with a nasty sinus infection and I'm one of those people who tackles too much at once so I don't have a lot of time to cook. But my doctor highly recommended that I eat soup and also gave me a very strong antibiotic. By the time I get home from work I only have about an hour before I have to be out the door for play practice, so I'm wondering if there is a SOUP that I could pick up on my way home that is Whole 30 friendly? My original plan was going to be to cook a chicken breast, add it to chicken broth with carrots, onions and parsley--but like I said, I'm concerned about time making it. So... any suggestions on this would be super helpful. Girl wants to get better fast. Thanks ahead of time!