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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all! I have googled and searched these forums for a lot of help throughout my first Whole 30 but haven't quite found the answer to this one. Starting Day 7 up until today, Day 14, I have had a horrible cough which has turned into what feels like a sinus infection. Since it just started with sore throat, I did search for that and found that a few people have had some silent reflux issues. So, I started taking some Prilosec. It seemed to work a bit but obviously wasn't the source of the problem since it's been about a week that's probably not it. I also searched and found quite a lot of people saying that the sore throat and stuffy nose aren't part of the carb flu. So that was out. So, to continue with the rambling, yesterday I went for a run. I run with a ton of people who have done Whole 30s. One of them is an ENT and suggested, after I told her I itched like crazy up until day 5, that this ickiness I am having could just be a heightened histamine reaction. I do love bananas and eggs and have had at least one of each since day 1. What do you think? Could this be a rough histamine reaction to my diet change or am I just sick (The weather was cold and rainy after lots of heat where I live this past week as well). Thanks for any help!
  2. I am on day 27. I feel like I have had a head cold the whole time, with exception to a couple days. I normally don't have bad allergies. I am miserable. Is this happening for a reason? I was under the impression that allergies got better not worse. Thank in advance for your help.
  3. Hi All, One of the reasons I was excited about starting the Whole30 was (hopefully) getting rid of excessive mucus/congestion. It's worst when I first wake up in the morning. I'm a mouth breather when I sleep (because I usually can't breathe through my nose) and wake up with a dry throat and have to do a lot of hacking (maybe too much info, but the truth). I'm on Day 26, and though my sinus clarity has improved TREMENDOUSLY, I'm still experiencing what seems to be an excess of mucus and have to clear my throat quite a bit. However, maybe I don't know what the "normal" amount of mucus is supposed to be and I'm fine. Any insights? I've been really compliant with the dietary guidelines. Could I perhaps still be eating some foods that cause congestion? Thanks in advance! Holly
  4. I'm reposting a query from my W30 log: One thing I'm curious about are the afternoon/evening headaches I've been experiencing. They feel like a sinus headache - lots of pressure in my forehead and behind my eyes. Not sure if it's related to W30 or if it's just seasonal allergies, although I've heard that seasonal allergies often improve during this program. Thoughts?