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Found 4 results

  1. I am 16 days into my first whole30. It's going really well thus far, but I am struggling with the meal times due to my active career/lifestyle. I am a ski and bike patroller at a resort in Colorado. I am either skiing or biking/doing strenuous physical labor for 8-10 hours per day. Of course I have down time, so I'm not outside the entire day, but in general I would say my day is very active. I have always been the type of person that eats something basically every two hours to keep me fueled without feeling too full and crampy while I'm working. Since I don't have a set workout time, it's hard for me to know when is appropriate to have a pre or post workout meal. Should I just try and eat 3 meals anyways, or have 2 snacks during mid morning or afternoon? Although I've stuck to only whole30 foods so far, I have definitely been snacking more than I should and my goal is to establish new meal habits for the future so I don't feel like I need to constantly snack all day. Any advice with this would be greatly appreciated!
  2. I am trying to find food that keeps me warm while skiing for many hours. We usually stop for lunch and that is the time for getting cold. I usually eat a whole pile of cheese and nuts for my snacks, those are mostly out. I have thought of olives, turkey slices, baby food vegetables, almond butter, compliant trail mix, but none of them thrill me like cheese does. Any other ideas out there? I could buy a little thermos and make some soup but I really don't like to carry much weight or waste much time. I already carry a thermos for tea (used to be hot chocolate).
  3. Skiing and whole30 meal

    Hi all! I am on day 18 of my whole 30 program. It's been great so far with meal planning. But I will be going skiing this weekend and would love to get some ideas for meals (both pre- and post-wo) I am planning to bring my own lunch so that it'll be whole30 compliant and save money from the expensive cafeteria! Any good ideas for pack-able meals? Thanks!
  4. Hi--I am a mountaineer who started my first W30 on January 1. I will be in the mountains this weekend snowshoeing for 7-8 hours each day away from any type of shelter and facilities. I made some homemade key lime larabar energy balls and I'm wondering if the dates should/would affect my current progress on this program. Should I chose to pack something else for quick fuel? I would love some recommendations. Also, are there any meals that can be eaten with one hand from a ziplock or wrapped if foil? I am currently planning to bring lettuce wraps with grilled chicken tenders, sunshine sauce and veggies, but I'm not sure how well the chicken will taste in the cold outdoors. Thank you!