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Found 81 results

  1. I am toward the end of my third Whole30. Every round, I have sleep issues. I can fall asleep just fine but I wake up around 4am - sometimes after only 5-6 hours of sleep. I feel energetic and ready to take on the day when I wake up but I feel that I am not getting ENOUGH sleep (based on the 7-8 hour requirement that I've always heard). There have probably been 2 or 3 nights during this round of Whole30 that I slept 7-8 hours (and honestly, I was more groggy on those mornings). I have tried (individually) Sleepy Tea, melatonin, natural sleep aid from Whole Foods, and magnesium (Natural Calm). Is it possible that my body only requires 5-6 hours of sleep? If so, I am okay with this. I've just always read that "healthy adults require 7-8 hours of sleep per night"... and I am feeling pretty darn healthy these days so what gives? My energy levels remain stable and high throughout the day until I think to myself, "I only got 5 hours of sleep last night" then I start feeling run down (so I know that part is mental). Any advice on the sleep requirement or suggestions on promoting a longer night's sleep are welcome and much appreciated!
  2. So I’m on my third ever round of Whole30 and have to say, it has been the easiest yet and really the smoothest. I’ve not struggled with cravings as much and finally understand SWYPO fully, so actually following all the rules this time. I have noticed that I’m sleeping much better overall—I typically struggle with major insomnia and wake up constantly throughout the night and that has been way less frequent—but the mornings have been rough. Bearing in mind, I have a very abnormal schedule because I’m self employed/freelance classical musician, so no 9-5..Most days I teach late and get home late and then often dinner is 9, 10 pm, and I may be meal prepping well into the night... It’s felt just about impossible to get up these past few mornings (it was a busy week for sure, but today was calmer and I let myself sleep in and found myself still exhausted at 10 am and ended up sleeping until noon). I’ve been trying to figure out if my sleepiness is just from an unexpected busy week, or something else. It’s really only the getting out of bed part that’s been rough...after breakfast my energy and focus levels have been way higher throughout the day. Yesterday, day 15, felt like I had gotten to tiger blood stage once I was out and about, but one of the most exhausting mornings I can recall in ages. It’s just strange to me since I’ve been sleeping so well! Not always getting 7 hours of sleep, but definitely way better quality than I have in a very long time.
  3. Anxiety before bed?

    Question: my husband and I started January 2 so on day 5! We love it and notice a difference already! The whole family is doing it! 4 kids and ourselves! At night my husband and I notice anxiety before bed? We have tried all different things to try and calm down, ie: working out, reading, tv, tea, etc but nothing seems to help? I literally felt like a drug addict coming off dugs day 3 and 4. Hoping this too shall pass? Any help?
  4. Hi all, I've just completed day 10 of my first Whole30. Finding it hard to feel results because im just not sleeping well... I m don't feel stressed... just came back from a holiday, having a lovely time hanging out with friends and doing nice walks during the day. Very simple life right now. I go to bed round 10pm and have little trouble getting to sleep but find I am either waking up for 2-3 hours in the early morning or feel like I sleep so shallow I wake up every time I turn. Fyi - caffeine I have 1-2 black coffees with breakfast and that's it for the day. I have no idea what it's like to wake up 'on the right side of the bed' and feel refreshed or like I had a good nights sleep. Any tips welcome and appreciated!
  5. Hi guys and gals. Yesterday was day 1 of my second W30. Last night I had absolutely zero sleep. I had to stop my first whole 30 three weeks in in June this year because of the same thing.. insomnia! I am not even tired. Like, at all. Actually i feel completely WIRED. My diet wasn't really too bad before...little sugar, no caffiene at all for years, but maybe a bit carb-heavy. I have several chronic illnesses, all of which are exacerbated by a lack of sleep. I REALLY want to do the whole 30 days this time, so am desperate for any ideas (btw my sleep hygiene is good) I am going to have potato with my evening meal to see if the carbs help, but other than that, searches are throwing up nothing... PLEASE HELP!!!
  6. Morning grogginess

    So I am now on day 20 and for the most part things are going well but the last week and a half or so something really odd has happened. Every day when I wake up I feel like I've been drugged. I get to bed quicker which is great because I usually I have a lot of trouble with that. But it's seriously feels like my body is full of lead when I wake up in the morning. Like I downed a bottle of NyQuil the night before. Has anyone else experienced this around this time? Do you think I'm still just kind of detoxing? Any information or stories would be helpful.
  7. Started July3, 2017

    This is day #6. Most dramatic effect is no constant craving for junk, no cravings at all. Using George Forman grill for burgers, sausage patties, chicken breasts. Hard boiled eggs per Whole30 book. Stopped all caffeine cause drank it 24hrs/day in past. Headache day 2 gone. Feel really good energy which I failed to get from coffee. Sleep deep. Salads with balsamic vinaigrette out of the book. Water always with me. No more Diet Coke. Stopped daily weighing. Walking 2 miles, plus moderate weight lifting most days. Still cautiously optimistic.
  8. About the first 12 days I was exhausted, and definitely felt like I was hungover and detoxing. Had very low energy. After day 12 I started having a lot more energy. I started doing more around my house, more errands, and have more energy at work. It's like my mind is hyper focused. But I've had so much mental and emotional energy that I haven't wanted to start working out again. I worked out before w30. I also had a lot of insomnia. And now I'm enjoying the good nutrition and being able to sleep. I think exercise is going to have to wait until I can/want to focus on workouts. I'm on days 18, but extending at least a couple of days because I was taking a non-compliant vit d3 with glycerin for the first 2 days. Oh, and I have Hashimoto's and psoriasis (autoimmune disorders). Now zzzzzz
  9. GOALS: I started the program with the intent to improve my inflammation levels while putting weight loss in the secondary column. I’m happy to report that I have not been disappointed! LIFE BEFORE WHOLE 30: - Seasonal allergies were literally out of control resulting in constant sinus pressure and pain. - My right eustachian tube was diagnosed as "disfunctional" resulting in negative pressure, muffled hearing and inability to clear my ear after traveling by air. - I was working around previously diagnosed food sensitivities (dairy, eggs, cane sugar and almonds), but not as strictly as before. - All in all, my days were spent: Struggling to get out of bed. Starting my day with a protein smoothie and big plans. Literally forcing myself to accomplish said plans. Lying on the couch in defeat. Attempting to eat “clean” but failing more than succeeding. Regaining the weight that I had lost in the last 2 years doing the “21 Day Fix” program. LIFE AFTER WHOLE 30: Inflammation: Very pleased with the results in this category! Day 1: I notice a big change in my sinus inflammation. I was able to blow out 4x more than the gates opened in my head! Day 7: I notice that my right ear could hear more clearly as my eustachian tube was opening up! Day 10: My rings are sliding off and on more easily and I’m seeing my cheekbones again! Day 12: My husband says I’m not snoring anymore! Mood/Energy: I had a few cranky days, usually on the weekend when I couldn’t have wine with a meal like salmon, steak, etc. Day 2 - 8: Seemingly boundless energy! Maybe it’s because I had been eating better previously than I thought! I was so giddy with excitement about my new eating plan, my husband accused me of being drunk when he called on Day 6 on his way back home from a trip! Far from it! Day 8 and on: I find I have great energy during the work week, but when Friday hits, I drop off. The weekends are the toughest! Day 28+: Energy and motivation are steadily returning now since I’m sleeping better. Food Relationship: I had minimal cravings, but didn't deviate from the approved food list. Day 1 - 3: Had some rough patches with working around my already-known egg sensitivity. Learned to make breakfast into Meal #1. Day 4 - 8: Got into the groove of cooking on plan when my husband was on a SCUBA trip for a week. Upon his return, he remarked that "he never saw this for me" (meaning me cooking nearly every meal I ate!) I replied: "If this is what it takes to feel good, I'll do it!" Day 14+: Got a little "burned out" on my basic cooking, so I tried to add in as much food variety as possible. Ordered in special condiments I couldn't find locally. Searched for compliant foods constantly. Roasted chickens twice a week and make bone broth to drink in the mornings. Sleep: Still a work in progress, but getting better and better! I generally go to bed earlier than before and wake up at 5:30 am. Day 1-28: I would have trouble drifting off to sleep without the help of Melatonin, Magnesium, etc. Day 28: I stopped drinking coffee after 1:00 pm, and my sleep has improved immensely! Weight: I “cheated” and stepped on the scale. (It did do a “head game” on more weighing until Day 31!) Day 9: Was down 2.7 pounds. Not as much as I would have guess with the inches lost! Day 31: Lost a total of 7 pounds! Would like to lose maybe 5-7 more! Body Size: My trendy clothes have become my favorites again! Everything is fitting like it’s supposed to! Day 7: Have lost 1” in my waist and abdomen, and 1/2” in hips already! Day 9: Have lost 6.5” overall (1.5” in my abdomen now) and my back fat is disappearing! Day 31: Down 12” overall (3” from my abdomen and 2” from my waist) FUTURE PLANS: I’m planning to stay closely in line with the Whole30 program, with occasional wine! As a matter of fact, tonight my husband and I will be celebrating my 58th birthday (a week late) with a compliant restaurant meal and some white vino! I had an outpatient surgical procedure the day before my birthday, and didn’t feel up to making it a full celebration at that time. Now, I think it’s time to celebrate my "rebirthday", with the help of the Whole30 plan!
  10. What tools and tricks do people have for dealing with extreme tiredness? This was an issue for me before the W30 and send to be getting worse, not better. I've been sleeping 12-15 hours/day the last few days and I am so tired when I'm awake I can barely keep my eyes open. Eating makes me more tired, always has. I don't want to add more caffeine (I only drink 1-2 cups of coffee in the morning) but I may have to just to function. I used to use sugar as a pick me up but that's out. So how can I wake up?
  11. Help!! I don't know what to do anymore. I'm on day 23, and I cannot fall asleep! I've always had sleep issues, so prior to whole30 I would take melatonin and Benadryl to help out. I'm getting around 5 hours a night, and I NEED more sleep, I just don't know what to do. I'm taking the Natural Calm magnesium, and a sleep tea. Anybody have any ideas?
  12. I eat right and think good thoughts, but I have tended to wake up around 3-4 in the morning this past week. I have taken a Magnesium supplement the past couple of evenings, at dinnertime, but I'm not sure that that is doing anything. As a result of my new sleep pattern, I either get up too early, and have a wonderful morning, early afternoon, but I drag near the evening. Or, as with today, I wake up late, because I chose to remain in bed and finally did get back to sleep. And I'm a bit groggy when I finally get up. I don't wake up with racing thoughts or resentments, I just wake up. Has anyone else had this experience? Moderator, can you provide some insight? I have searched the blog, but haven't found this exact situation. Thank you! Robert
  13. So it's day 9, and when the alarm goes off in the morning, I still feel like I've been hit by a truck. For the first time in 20 years, I've been hitting snooze, and then actually going back to sleep. I'm fine once up - once moving my energy levels are ok, even pretty high, especially over the last few days. But I have to say that it was much easier to fall asleep at night and wake up in the morning when I was having the evening glass or two of wine. With or without Whole30, I rarely get less than 8 hours' sleep, and the past 8 nights have been no different. I've tried going to bed a little earlier, but am not able to fall asleep too much earlier than normal. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  14. I am on Day 7 and just had my worst night of sleep yet. Woke up feeling congested, headachy and body achy. I had the carb flue effect on Day 2 but it was gone by Day 3. I had cut gluten and sugar out of my diet for a full year before starting the Whole 30 so wasn't expecting to have such a dramatic reaction. Wondering if this could be a diary withdrawal reaction? Also still quite a bit of diarrhea. Looking forward to all this stabilizing and welcome thoughts, insights!
  15. Hello friends, Day 5 here for me, after a really horrible Night 4. This first 4 nights of Whole30 I have been sleeping very poorly, and it's starting to take a toll. As a general rule, I'm not an insomniac. Also, I followed Whole30 guidelines closely for about 3 weeks in late Nov / early Dec (as a kind of trial run for this January Whole30) and was struck by how quickly I started sleeping like a baby. This time has been very different. It's only been 4 days, but I'm super frustrated and having to work really hard to stay focused and on plan because I'm so wiped out. Has anyone else experienced this kind of insomnia in the early days of Whole30? Any thoughts on what might be going on or suggestions on what to do about it? Thank you!
  16. Hi everyone! The last few days have been a rollercoaster - never realized how dependent I was on bread and butter! But the most challenging this for me is that I've suddenly been having trouble sleeping every night. I likely drank too much caffeine on day 1, so I was surprised to be tossing and turning, but the last two nights I woke up every couple of hours and have been having nightmares. It could just be part of the process for me, but I wanted to hear if this is a common experience or you might have some ideas about things I can adjust that might be impacting my sleep. TIA
  17. Day 8, Day 8.

    Okay so I'm officially at that "want to sleep all day" phase. I am so the worst timing. I have finals starting in a couple days. Yup, sounds about right. Why can't that "tiger blood" come right about now? I'm also having that "am I really going to make it 30 days?" mindset. I'm only/already on day 8 but I feel like 22 more days is crazy long. I feel like I've been doing this FOREVER already and I'm only a third of the way through. Not the best feeling. I'm still on track and have been creating new food items. I'm enjoying that aspect but man do I want some ice cream right about now. Day 8, not the best.
  18. Hey Everyone! I need some help. Today is Day 12 and I've felt horrible for the last 5 days. My head is pounding constantly, I've had 1 migraine that kept me home from work a few days ago, and my back and neck feel like they've been hit by a truck. All of this is made worse by the fact that every night this week I've woken up between 1 and 2 am and have NOT been able to fall back asleep (something that never happened pre-Whole30. I'm drinking plenty of water, salting my food, and eating according to the template with one or two palm-size portions of protein, added fat, and between 1-3 cups of veggies. Some days I've haven't had an appetite but I've still managed to eat through it. I heard that eating a sweet potato with Meal #3 could help with sleep which I been trying but, alas, no such luck. Has anyone else felt his way? Will this phase pass? Any advice or red flags you see? Thanks, all!
  19. hi there Whole30 community! just wanted to share how i feel on my Day 23. I started the program mostly for the health reasons ( my sugar cravings were uncontrollable!!!!!) . I know that this is not a weight loss diet and benefits of the program are so much greater that just shedding the pounds. however i was 172 lbs on 8/17, my first day of the program and and i am [edited by moderator to remove weight] for last couple of day i have noticed that my sugar cravings are less and it seems i am able to do the right plate composition as i am now holding about 5 hour intervals between meals. however what was surprising to me, that this morning my usual portion sizes for greens and protein seemed too much food to handle. weeks ago looking at the same amounts on my plate i would say it was too little. overall i am very happy how things are going thus fur. i do not lie , i still have cravings for junk food and sugary treats, but i am managing it so much better ! Soon I will be traveling for few weeks covering different countries across different time zones, this will probably be a test to how i do in this circumstances, i would like to be prepared and keep the program going till finish 30 days and beyond. so i would like to get as much feedback from the community as possible on "survival" during travel, adjusting the eating habits to new environment and time zone too. thanks in advance,
  20. Hello all of you lovely people Glad to be part of this awesome community! I just started my Whole30 on September 1st! It's been going really well and I haven't had any withdrawal symptoms now being on Day 4. I did eat very healthy beforehand with minimal processed foods and lots of veggies with my main treats being on the weekend (Beer and pizza...) so I think that's why its been easy to adjust. I've been following the meal template with lots and lots of brussels sprouts, chicken, squash, turkey, coconut oil, avocado, some nuts, sweet potatoes, and fruit, to sum it up. I haven't been very hungry at all except right before meals. However ... first "issue" arose a few hours ago when I was dreaming about serving myself a huge plate of hash browns and homefries (the most delicious looking ones I've ever seen... yuuum) and then woke up in the middle of the night. Given that I NEVER wake up in the middle of the night I instantly knew this was weird and after searching the forum I pretty much concluded that my body was looking for starch (dream being a dead giveaway, haha) and that's why I woke up. This totally makes sense because thinking about it now I didn't have too much of it these last 3 days. Pretty much all I had in terms of straight carbs/starch yesterday was two peaches. The two days before I've had a sweet potato for breakfast. Also I'm super active and have worked out every day the last 3 days (surfing, yoga, running, weightlifting - pretty much I do one if not two of those everyday). But my question now is: If this happens again where I wake up in the middle of the night, should I listen to my body and eat something starchy, or wait until the morning? I would think I should probably eat some, but from what I gathered from another post it sounds like you could start psychologically relying on that and then you would continue to wake up. Do I need to "Train" my body to eat less starch so not give in.. ? This time I ended up eating a bit of sweet potato in hopes that I could fall back asleep (hasn't happened yet) but would love to know what would be the best thing to do for next time if it happens again. Thank you in advance for any answers and/or time. Cheers!
  21. I am on day 23 of the W30, and along w/this many wonderful positive changes are happening. One of the things I've noticed is that I am awake early, around 6 a.m. I have read before when I was doing the Raw Juicing regime, that this is to be expected as your body needs less time recovering. I wonder if the same applies here? Who else is experiencing this? Either way, I'm happy!
  22. I have been eating strict Whole30 (~95% compliant) for nearly 8 months now. It changed my life. A new problem has arisen however. 2 months ago I started crossfit again after over a year off. I was also working a desk job during this time. I left the job shortly after starting crossfit, and recently I have begun to push harder on workouts the last 2-3 weeks. I am completely wiped out. Brain feels like mush, I am sleeping longer than normal, sometimes much longer (11 hrs last night), yet I still feel tired and groggy upon waking. I feel like my body should be adapted to this activity by now, it doesn't feel like the normal "starting-a-new-workout-program sleepiness". I've done crossfit on and off for 4 years and have never felt like this. Which leads me back to diet. Any ideas here? Am I not eating enough carbs? I am constantly, ravenously hungry yet I eat a ton of fat and am most certainly fat adapted to some degree. I literally cannot eat any cleaner and I know I'm getting adequate rest, which is why I'm stumped. Any suggestions would be awesome!
  23. Can someone help me understand recent changes with my sleep schedule? Almost always, I go to bed about 9:30 and have alarm set for 5:00. In the past, I would always have to hit snooze a time or two before dragging out of bed. The first week of W30, I would wake up fine or even a few minutes before 5:00. But the past week, I'm on day 13, I've been waking up at 3:30am or 4:00am and am usually starving! Like stomach pain hungry! Sometimes I can go back to bed but twice I've had to have a small compliant something to be able to go back to sleep. I eat breakfast at 5:00, lunch at 11:00 and then dinner about 5:00. I'm trying really hard to not snack between meals and for past week or so have been able to be w/out snacks (a huge change as I was a grazer before starting W30 program). I am not hungry when I go to bed. I have very little caffeine (maybe 1/2c of coffee in morning). I have no issues falling asleep. Any ideas? Should I have a snack in mid afternoon and try to have a later dinner? Or have a snack in evening? Or, will this pass? thanks!
  24. Hi! I hope this question hasn't already been asked--I scoured the forum and can't seem to find this specific one. It's day 24 for me and I am having a really hard time waking up in the mornings. I go to bed around 10pm, but waking up at 7:30 or 8 is a struggle--which doesn't seem right to me! My energy throughout the day seems fine, it's not through the roof or anything, but I'm definitely not super lethargic. In terms of my sleep quality, I have to wake up around 2am every night to go to bathroom (super annoying) even if I haven't had anything to drink for hours before bed. Other than that, I sleep pretty deeply. Here's a sample of what I'm eating...(I stick to this template most days--protein, starchy veg, and fill rest of my plate with green veggies) Meal 1 (eaten within the first hour of waking, around 8am) *green beans and 3 sunnyside up eggs (both cooked in about a tsp of coconut oil each) a cup of baked sweet potato *1 mug of black half-caf coffee (sipped on slowly throughout the morning from about 10am-1pm) Snack (around 12:30pm) *banana and apple, sometimes with a hard boiled egg Meal 2 (around 2pm) *big salad with olive oil and 1/2c baked chicken Meal 3 (around 7pm) *burger patty over greens with olive oil and sweet potato fries This is my 4th round of whole30 and I upped my carbs significantly this round as I notice I feel much better throughout the day, my mood is more stable, and I have energy to exercise. I just can't figure out this sleep thing! I wondered if my hormones are off, and read about doing a "leptin reset", but havent seen any whole30-ers doing it and wondered if it's kind of gimmicky. Thoughts are very much appreciated! Becky
  25. I was in a bad place when I started the Whole 30. It was 8 months after giving birth to my second child. I was still 22 lbs overweight despite working out several times a week and choosing “healthy” foods (not much meat, lots of grains and beans). I ate zero packaged junk food, but I had delicious high quality pastries a couple times a week and thought nothing of it. Oh, and I regularly had 2-3 glasses of wine per night just to “wind down.” My childhood asthma had returned. My skin was on a hormonal rollercoaster; besides breakouts I had eczema and keratosis pilaris (chicken skin bumps on back of my arms). I was always hungry and always eating. I tried calorie counting. I tried Weight Watchers when the calorie counting got demoralizing. I tried weighing all my food when WW didn’t work. All that micromanaging sucked the joy out of living, and I still couldn’t lose the weight. My mantra was that I deserved that pastry/glass of wine/bowl of tortilla chips because I had been “so good” all day. I’d pile on the calories after the kids were in bed. But then I simply turned a corner, and decided that I deserved to feel healthy, to feel like I did before my pregnancy. Heck, why not feel even better than that? So I decided to give W30 a try. What did I have to lose? Which begs the question, 30 days later, what did I lose? As it turns out I lost ZERO pounds. 30 days of total compliance, and I weigh exactly the same. Yep, I’m one of those. (At this moment in time, while nursing, anyway.) I gave myself an hour or so to feel really down about it. But then I took at the NSVs I drafted yesterday before I weighed in. I weigh the same, but I’m not the same. I GAINED: - the ability to breathe freely without asthma. This is truly priceless. I have not touched my inhalers in one month. - a peaceful relationship with food. I’m not battling it any longer. I know what makes me feel good. And once I finish the reintros I’ll know what doesn’t! - knowledge and acceptance. I know my body is holding on to this weight because it needs it for nursing. Sure, I can tweak things here or there, but by and large I’ve proved to myself that it just doesn’t want to let go of it right now. I’m going to have to be patient. I am ready to stop nursing for a variety of reasons, but it may take a while for my hormones to catch up. So, what next? I’m going to do reintroductions to see which food group(s) were exacerbating the asthma. I'll have the occasional glass of wine over the next week or so (we’re traveling). I also had bloodwork done on Day 25. In two weeks I will meet with my chiropractor who has nutritional training to review that. Perhaps there are hormonal factors at play that can be worked on. Once I know the bloodwork results, I’ll decide whether to jump into another Whole30. For now, I will stay compliant while at home, avoid whatever it is that’s causing the asthma even when out, and have the occasional glass of wine. But mostly, I am going to enjoy the calm Whole30 has brought to my life and give my body some grace. Read on for details if you’d like. As always, I’m open to any feedback on how to move forward. These forums were an amazing resource through the whole process. NSVs: - Asthma GONE without the use of steroid inhalers - Skin clearer - Nails growing like crazy - Eczema gone - Keratosis pilaris (chicken skin on arms) drastically reduced - On the rare occasions where my alarm goes off before the kids are up, I only press snooze once instead of three or four times - I can see my waist again! hallelujah! - Clothes fit better and I can get into some I couldn’t a month ago - Even energy all day long - More time between meals means more efficient work - Free from cravings. I no longer struggle with food choices. - Not tempted to eat after dinner - I don’t “need” wine to relax anymore - I don’t need to weigh myself every day as I used to What went well: - I rocked it with the homemade condiments: mayo, ketchup, ranch dip and Nom Nom Paleo’s “magic mushroom” seasoning were my favorites - Egg bakes saved my bacon for breakfast - such a time saver, and great to start the day without having to “think” about the meal - Kombucha was the perfect treat instead of wine/beer/cocktails - I made it through Easter with flying colors - I cooked many compliant meals for my extended family (we’re talking large groups of 12-20 people, and they all loved them) - I did NOT evangelize to my family, which is something I’d done in the past, but tried to set a quiet example What could have gone better: - I ate more frequently and had more fruit and potatoes than necessary in the beginning. I was still breastfeeding heavily then (I’m down to one nursing session a day now), so I was nervous about my supply and likely overdid it. All compliant, so no harm done, but once I got down to 3 (large, by my previous standards) meals per day, which was about two weeks in, I felt much better. - Some days I ate 1/2 an avocado at every meal. Maybe I need to dial that back to 1/3. - Still having some skin breakouts but then again I’m in a transitional place hormonally as I slowly stop breastfeeding - Sleep is not a long or solid as I would like, mostly due to kids waking me up - if fact, SLEEP could be the largest factor in the weight hanging on. - I need to drink more water. 62 oz/day isn’t cutting it. What I’ll do in the future, to keep doing better: - Make fruit and potatoes a once a day thing, not an every meal thing - Aim to be in bed by 8 and asleep by 9 - Read for 1hr before bed instead of watching tv - Dial coffee back to one cup per day, replace second cup with matcha - Aim to drink 3 32-oz bottle of water/day - Keep working with my preschooler on not waking us at night when he goes to the bathroom in the middle of the night. He can do it, but it helps when we prep him by talking about it before bedtime. - Let my husband take over the 5:30 feedings when he is home so I can sleep longer - Take measurements to track inches lost, not just weight - Stay on whole 30 at home. I rarely eat out (maybe once a week) so that would be a pretty complaint lifestyle, and I find it easy to do at home. - I won’t go back to having stevia in my coffee. That was the hardest thing to give up, and I think it was triggering a cycle of sugar cravings. In fact I may even give up my almond milk. I think I’m ready to enjoy coffee black, and I like the simplicity of that.