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Found 11 results

  1. HealthySnacker

    Success while snacking?? Migraines too.

    Hi there everyone, I'm writing to ask about your experiences with Whole30 if you didn't stick to big meals (i.e., following all the rules but not all the recommendations). I'm at the end of day 3, right now, and I feel like I can manage Whole30 as long as I can graze throughout the day and eat fruit as much as I like (probably five+ servings a day). Questions: have you done Whole30 this way? And if so, how did you feel about your overall results? I'm not capable of eating big meals (I get full too soon- I'm fairly petite) but I really don't get the concept of satiety that lasts for hours. I get full, then hungry rather quickly. A bit about me: My regular diet is pretty typical for Southern California: mostly vegetarian with some chicken and fish. I do eat a lot of carbs, but don't drink alcohol, I avoid fried foods, msg, processed foods & snacks. I'm saying this to give you an idea of which things are and are not big sacrifices for me. I'd love to hear from other people who started in a similar position to me. I understand that Whole30's aim is to help people change their hormones in a way that would give them more of a sense of fullness. I'm open to the idea that I may be able to eat larger meals with bigger gaps as the month goes on... but right now that sacrifice is too great ob tip of everything else. I had a migraine in each of these first three days ( for which I took triptan medicine) so struggle of this experience has been compounded. Thanks for reading. I look forward to hearing from you!
  2. HealthyLifestyle

    Approved crunchy/dry snacks?

    Hello! I'm starting my first whole 30 tomorrow. I have been eating mostly whole 30 in preperation and have found most of the food I eat is a "wet food" like meat, fruit, and veggies. Does anyone have suggestions for compliant crunchy "dry food". I'm already tired of plantain chips and nuts!
  3. Hi! I think Whole30/ Melissa needs to outlaw larabars and anything that comes in a small wrapper. I never would have even known what they were or tried them if they weren’t mentioned in the book so much. After looking at this forum I realized a lot of people are having issues with "treating" themselves with a half Larabar. I’m on week two and was doing so well, but then saw Larabars at Trader Joe’s and got one and before you know it, I was back in the store buying five. The Whole30 book talks about the "spirit" of whole30, yet Lara Bars and Epic bars literally the only brand and thing allowed that can be eaten from a wrapper. My guess is Whole30 gets paid to promote these products. But if Whole30 outlawed chips, then why would they allow sweets in a wrapper labeled "cookie." The "Cashew Cookie" larabar messes with my head. I just ate cookies on Whole30. I think that anything sweet and processed should either be homemade or outlawed. Larabars are like candy and I just don't think it's right to put them in the book so many times. I never ever would have even looked in the "bar" section of my grocery store. I get they're for emergencies, but the WHOLE point of WHOLE30 is to do things whole heartily. Wrappers are cheating and i kinda feel like i failed and need to start over again because i ate so many lara bars in two days.
  4. Hello! I'm partially through the book, and I'm planning to start my Whole30 this Saturday, 7/15. I'm trying to get some things straight so I can start planning appropriately. Here are my series of questions: Snacking. Maybe I missed it, but WHY no snacking? What's the reasoning/science behind that? I also saw in another forum post that you do not recommend eating fruit and nuts/nut butters together—why is this? And is that combo acceptable when eaten together in a meal as opposed to a mid-afternoon snack? What's the Whole30 stance on smoothies? Currently, one of my favorites is blending 1 avocado, 1 banana, lots of spinach (whatever I have on hand/can fit in the vitamix), and cacao powder with water and protein powder. The recipe usually gets me 2.5-3 smoothies in the 12-16 oz range. Is this okay to consume as a pre-workout snack? Or any other times throughout the day (like an accompaniment to breakfast or lunch)? I'm worrying in advance about the no snacking, as there's usually a long period of time between lunch and dinner. My job is dependent on deadlines, so I'm not always leaving the office once 6 pm hits. A 7 pm dinner is often a pipe dream. If I go too long w/out a snack, I start experiencing low blood sugar symptoms, and sometimes a painful, distended stomach. The distended stomach is something I’m hoping Whole30 might help, but still. I'm a worrywart. I do plan on meal-prepping, but any other tips, advice, suggestions, recommendations, or guidance? Thank you!
  5. Erica Gucc

    Need more food.

    I understand the meal template should keep you satisfied. But I just can't eat all that food in one sitting. Eat till I am physically full, but I still am hungry. Poor nutrition absorption due to Crohns. Lost a lot of weight and hadn't been able to gain back. Not losing anymore for months and I don't want to lose now. I don't care to gain, but I just want to eat. More. Food. But I can't do it in 3 sittings. What do I do?
  6. Hi friends! My husband and I are starting our first Whole30 on April 1st and we've been planning a lot, but there's one area I need some help in. We normally do a small protein shake post-workout to recover & replenish, so I'm having a hard time figuring out some real food options for post-workout snacks. I know they are supposed to be protein + carb, but I was wondering if I could get some examples from you lovely people on what your go-to post-workout snacks are for recovery! We do CrossFit, so any of my fellow WOD-lovers, feel free to weigh in
  7. Rkz220


    Hello all-- looking for advice...I work 3 12 hour shifts per week, and on a typical workday I usuall eat breakfast around 6am, lunch around 1-2pm, and dinner when I get off work at 8pm. Is it acceptable to have a snack between my breakfast and lunch since I go so long between those two meals?
  8. UCslug


    I am starting my first W30 on Tuesday and am feeling good about following most rules but need some help with the "snack" rule. I work early so I generally have to have breakfast by 6:45am and then don't have lunch until 1pm. I can't make it through all that time without at least something to hold me over. I have been working on reducing the amount I eat, but still am starving by 10 or 11am. I generally eat either carrots with celery or a handful of nuts and a quarter of the pear (the other 2-3 quarters I eat with lunch). I know there isn't "technically" a rule against snacking other than to try and have a mini meal if I do snack. Any ideas about compliant things one could eat for a morning snack? I can make it through from lunch to dinner and I do eat a large breakfast so I can't just add more there. Thanks for any ideas!
  9. Maya Angel

    Olive Color Preservative

    Just did my shopping for my first W30, which I'll be starting on Monday with my parents. : ) My dad loves olives, and I wasn't sure about the one can we purchased? It contains an ingredient list of: Olives, Water, Sea Salt, and Ferrous Gluconate (to maintain color). Does the "Ferrous Gluconate make the can non-compliant?
  10. Okay I'm on Day 15 and everything is going really well for the most part. But: my first week I was hungry all day so I ate snacks in the morning, afternoon, and evening. I woke up hungry, I went to bed hungry. During the second week, I got hungry and had a snack in the morning or afternoon twice, although one time I was super hungry but I just didn't have a snack with me. So, here I am, day 15. And I'm hungry! Here's what I ate today: Breakfast: Two pieces of egg casserole (egg, bacon, bell pepper, spinach, a tiny bit of sweet onion) and sweet potato hash browns Lunch: Zoodles (let's say 1/3 of a zucchini) with between 1/4-1/3 of a cup of tomato coconut sauce and a palm-size portion of pork chop Then I got hungry about an hour and a half ago and one of my awesome coworkers gave me some salmon (don't worry, I checked to make sure it was compliant and she knows how seriously I'm taking this). The salmon was a little less than palm-sized. And now I'm hungry again! What gives? It's not going to be a big deal for me to wait until 7:30 to eat dinner, but my stomach is actually growling. I thought for sure having a small snack of protein would help me out here. When I try to bring a big lunch, I can't finish it, because I get so full. But a couple hours later, I'm hungry again. And it's not like this is happening all the time, but it's still frustrating and distracting, particularly since I'm at work. So, what should I be doing differently?
  11. So, today is day two for me. I am normally a very clean eater, mostly paleo plus dairy. But lately for the last two-three weeks I have found myself indulging in candy, cake, etc. So I decided enough was enough and here I am. I need this and I feel mentally great already just knowing that I am back on track and I have a plan! But I have some basic questions maybe some of you more experienced folks can answer. 1. Is it normal to pee more often? I feel like I haven't had a whole lot more water than usual, but I have noticed more trips to the bathroom. 2. I have had a low grade headache since yesterday. I assume this is normal.... any tips? 3. Today for lunch I had a salad with pork at Chipotle topped with guacamole... and I feel so icky and have a stomach ache. I wonder if the fat triggered something? I have gall stones but I can usually avoid attacks... think this is related? 4. Just to be clear, I should have protein before I workout and a protein (plus optional carb) after? I workout at 5am and have to be at work by 8, so there isn't a lot of wiggle room for post workout snack and then breakfast. Can I make breakfast my Post workout snack/meal? 5. I know a snack isn't recommended but I"m a teacher and lunch is at 10:45 am. I need a snack to make it through to dinner usually.... what type of snack should I have? 6. I wonder if I am eating enough carbs? I am very active and cross fit or run 6 days per week. It's only day two, but I want to make sure I"m eating enough. Thoughts? Thank you so much to all who take the time to read and answer!!! <3