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Found 4 results

  1. Hi - It's my first whole 30, and I'm on day 16. I'm trying to break a post-dinner snack habit, especially to stop eating a couple of hours before bed. But even after a meal with protein, I find myself looking for snacks an hour after dinner. I'm going for much healthier snacks than pre-whole 30, but have not felt many NSVs yet and wonder if this is the reason. Does anyone have tips or experience cutting out this habit? Thanks! 2 days of meals: Breakfast - tea with cashew milk, 3 fried eggs (in ghee), 1/2 avo, 1 medium white potato with 1 tsp homemade aioli Lunch - 1 cup vegetable soup, 1/2 cup shredded boiled chicken tossed in mayo, 1/2 medium sweet potato Mid-afternoon - coffee with cooconut milk Dinner - 1/2 cup boiled chicken, 2/3 cup grilled veggies, bowl of watermelon post-dinner - cup of blueberries with 1tsp almond butter Breakfast - tea with cashew milk, 2 slices of sweet potato toast with 3 fried eggs Lunch - handful of chicken cubes (pan fried with spices), 2/3 cup of cauli rice, large handful of garlic stuffed olives, handful of blueberries with 1/2 tsp almond butter Snack - Tea with coconut milk Dinner - 1/2 cup shredded boiled chicken with spicy mayo, 1 cup of caulflower, aubergine and potato stir-fry post-dinner - large bowl of watermelon
  2. Hi Community, I'm on day 4 of the Whole30. It's been ok. I'm definitely tired, but I was tired before because of the sugar spike and drops for my previous carb and sugar heavy diet. Based on the my co-worker's experiences, the book, and looking at some of the comments of the forum this is to be expected. I'm a big grazer so I'm stuggling with trying not to snack and failing miserably. Also I had the vertical sleeve about 6 1/2 years ago. I still have great restriction so I struggle with trying to get a sizable amount of fat, carb, and protein at every meal. But I figured, it's better to eat smaller portions of each so that I have a fat, carb, and protein at each meal that not to have one of these macro nutrients at every meal. But because I'm not able to each much at 1 time, I'm finding I'm hungry again within in 1-2 hours of eating. Again I don't know if this is my bad habit I've developed with snacking and grazing all day through the years or if I'm really just hungry because I can't consume enough nutrients at any given meal. I also need clarification on the following: 1) I have been snacking on Whole30 approved foods. Today I grazed more than I did in the first 3 days which concerns me. But I haven't made it through a day yet without snacking. Any ideas? 2) If you need an emergency snack on the run, do nut butter on the go pack count as just a fat or is it complete mini meal in that it contains fat, carb, and protein? I think I read somewhere that if you do snack try and make sure you have representation of at least 2 of the macro groups. Just wondering if I would need to eat something else in addition to nut butter packet. 3) If I'm eating say a green salad with Whole30 approved Prime Kitchen Avocado ranch dressing, half an avocado, and a protein cooked in olive oil for a meal, does that mean I can't have the avocado as my fat for the meal if I cooked my protein in olive oil? Does the salad dressing also count as a fat? Just tyring to figure out if I should be counting condiments as a fat too? 4) One day I had 1 egg cooked with maybe 1/2 tablespoon of ghee (spinach, onions, sun-dried tomatoes, and nut cheese), 1/2 avocado, 2 pieces of bacon, and maybe 3 ounces of almond milk. Again with my restriction from the surgery, this was alot for me to eat. And really, I shouldn't drink and eat at the same time since this can reduce restriction and stretch your stomach which can allow you to eat more over time, limit the nutrition you can get in during a meal, and promote grazing following weight loss surgery. Does the almond milk count as a fat or is that simply considered my compliant beverage of choice? The ghee and the avocado are both considered fats on the plan. Can you eat multiple fats in a meal? Or is it ok to have them both in a meal as long as I don't exceed the total recommended amount of fat portions per meal. Since the book says per meal: 1/2- to a whole avocado or 1-2 tablespoons of cooking fat, I figured I didn't exceed the total fat allowance per meal. I would appreciate any guidance you can give. Thanks
  3. Shane Peterson

    Avid snacker...

    Hey everybody.. day 4 here, feeling all around fine besides occasional light headache and wanting to go to bed earlier. My problem is SNACKING. I have been snacking on compliant cashews, pistachios, larabars, beef sticks. This is usually between breakfast and lunch since eggs and fruit dont usually hold me over till lunch. How bad is it for me to snack if they are compliant? Ive always been a huge snacker, so I am wondering if its best just to tough it out between meals.. thoughts?
  4. Hi all, So the past several days I'm just finding myself so hungry in the morning after breakfast. I usually eat breakfast around 8:30am. And then I feel starving at 11:30am. And yes, the kind where fish and broccoli sounds good. I've done pretty well with not snacking in the afternoon (which is actually my normal before the diet). The past few days I've had a hash of sweet potato, chorizo, kale, bell pepper, onion, zuchinni and yellow squash (delish btw). Maybe about a fist full of this hash. A few days I added a half an avo. Am I really just not eating enough? I think my body is also not used to me eating breakfast. I used to just eat a bagel after I got to work so now I'm really focused on eating down and being relaxed while eating before going to work (which I love this habit and hope it stays with me). Also worried my snacks aren't full enough of what I should be getting out of the snack. Morning snack usually is an apple, almond butter, and a mini beef stick if I'm really hungry. Any thoughts? I feel like I'm having fats but maybe not enough. Maybe the large portion to me isn't as large as I think it is? Maybe my body isn't used to eating breakfast? I really don't want to rely on having a cup of coffee to keep me full. Or maybe this is just all normal and my body just requires an extra mini meal! Any thoughts help! I'm learning what works for me :)