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Found 47 results

  1. I am on day 25 of Whole30, but I have never felt the tiger blood or lightness I was expecting to feel. I think it is associated with the overconsumption of nuts and other snacky foods. I have always had the need to snack on something, especially in the weekend, when the kitchen is just a few steps away. My diet on Whole30 is similar to my previous diet as I was Paleo; the reason I attempted a Whole30 was to get rid of my urge to snack on something, but clearly, I have failed due to my lack of willpower. I feel guilty. Should I start over?
  2. Am I eating enough?

    I am on Day 10 of Whole 30 and I want to know if I am eating the right amount. I know that snacking isn't really compliant but I do need to have some kind of "pre-workout" so my workouts don't suffer. I workout approximately 5-6 times a week and it consists of rigorous HIIT/Lifting. I average losing 900-ish calories at each session. I do give myself one or two rest days per week. Below is a "normal" meal plan: 1. Breakfast: Med size sweet potato (topped with a tablespoon of almond butter) with 1 egg/1 egg white with spinach and four strawberries or 1/4 cup of blueberries 2. Lunch: Caulifower rice with coconut chicken/veggies and 1 small cutie 3. Snack: 5-6 Nuts and a couple of spoons of chia seed pudding 4. Dinner: Large salad plate with tons of veggies, avocado, beef tips and an egg 5. 1 date I guess I'm confused how much I can snack before working out?
  3. Hello everyone, I'm on Day 8 and have had a smooth sailing up until a few days ago. I haven't experienced the "kill all the things" phase and haven't had an issue with cravings. However, over the last 3-4 days, I've struggled with being hungry constantly, lack of bowel movements (when I do go, it's non-relieving), and tossing and turning throughout the night. A couple days ago, I woke up at 2am to a growing stomach. I'm eating Whole30 meals, cooking with oils or ghee, and have focused on eating mostly protein and fat sources. If I do have fruit or potatoes, it's either when I know I have a busy day or before a workout. Due to having more time, I've increased the frequency and intensity of my workouts which MIGHT explain some of the hunger but it still doesn't seem right. This morning, I did a workout from 530-6a, about an hour later I had a serving of W30 egg frittata AND a chicken sausage (from Trader Joes). 2 hours later I was starving. Not expecting to be hungry so soon, I had an RX bar which satisfied my hunger a bit. 2 hours later I had my lunch which was a hefty serving of W30 shepherd's pie (with sweet potato, not cauliflower mash). That kept me filled for 3 hours and then I was starving again. This is a bit frustrating as I do usually get full when I'm done eating. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance for the help! -April
  4. Snacking????

    So I'm still a little unclear on whether or not I am supposed to completely eliminate snacking. Not like crazy snacking just if I want an apple randomly can I have it or no because it isn't part of a 'meal'? All the snacks would be acceptable whole30 snacks like fruits or dried beet chips with only one ingredient (beets!). Are we supposed to only eat our 3 meals and nothing in between or what.. if someone could refer me to where it talks about this on the official website that would also be great. Thanks!
  5. Day 1 Worries

    So coming to the end of the first day of my January whole30. There has been so much temptation already. My husband is a big "whole30" skeptic and isn't very helpful when I mention I cannot have something he is having. (He's a picky eater so my love of my new fav whole30 recipes, like cauliflower fried rice is not shared. He is also very pro-dairy, pro-rice and wheat). Also, I feel like I am snacking on nuts between all meals so I stay full. I feel this might be a bad sign? I work the next two nights: I'm a night shift RN so it should be interesting how cravings play out. I'm taking a lot of pointers from paleobailey although she just announced she's leaving her job to become a full time blogger. (Congrats Bailey!) I'm going to lunch with my family tomorrow (CAVA. Anyone have one near them?) and I am not sure how to approach ordering. Do I need to ask about seasoning on the meat? I hate to be that person...Does anyone go to CAVA and can you tell me what I can order?!?! Basically I just need to feel normal and feeling pretty abnormal.
  6. I have recently been diagnosed with endometriosis after finding a whole bunch of previous ailments return after the birth of my son (i.e. once the endometriosis came out of it's pregnancy nap). One of the things I've found with the endometriosis is that I get really tired when I eat, and I feel sick and have tummy troubles if I eat too much in one go. And by 'too much' I mean more than about half of a standard meal. Because of this I eat really frequently, every hour or so. I know that with the whole30 you're supposed to have three big meals, but in my current state it just isn't going to work for me. Is it something I should push through (and potentially be really, really hungry for 30 days), or is it okay to let myself have the extra snacks because I can't eat enough otherwise?
  7. Hello! I'm partially through the book, and I'm planning to start my Whole30 this Saturday, 7/15. I'm trying to get some things straight so I can start planning appropriately. Here are my series of questions: Snacking. Maybe I missed it, but WHY no snacking? What's the reasoning/science behind that? I also saw in another forum post that you do not recommend eating fruit and nuts/nut butters together—why is this? And is that combo acceptable when eaten together in a meal as opposed to a mid-afternoon snack? What's the Whole30 stance on smoothies? Currently, one of my favorites is blending 1 avocado, 1 banana, lots of spinach (whatever I have on hand/can fit in the vitamix), and cacao powder with water and protein powder. The recipe usually gets me 2.5-3 smoothies in the 12-16 oz range. Is this okay to consume as a pre-workout snack? Or any other times throughout the day (like an accompaniment to breakfast or lunch)? I'm worrying in advance about the no snacking, as there's usually a long period of time between lunch and dinner. My job is dependent on deadlines, so I'm not always leaving the office once 6 pm hits. A 7 pm dinner is often a pipe dream. If I go too long w/out a snack, I start experiencing low blood sugar symptoms, and sometimes a painful, distended stomach. The distended stomach is something I’m hoping Whole30 might help, but still. I'm a worrywart. I do plan on meal-prepping, but any other tips, advice, suggestions, recommendations, or guidance? Thank you!
  8. So I am on Day 8, which is actually Day 4 (I ate something by accident w/ sulfites so I am adding a couple days in at the end), but anyway--I am a teacher. I re-read the recommendations & looked at the meal template. I am also a coach, so from 8-6 I work (10 hour day) and sometimes longer. Here's my day: I eat breakfast at 8am. I then lunch at 12pm. If I am doing the "three meals a day" thing, that means I won't eat again until after 6PM (that's 6 hours), and I usually exercise after practice (645-745) and I won't eat anything until 830-ish pm on many nights. That means I'm going 8+ hours without a snack or food. I just can't do it. I also struggle with eating before exercise (it makes me throw up). So...because of the long day, am I allowed to snack in the afternoon? And if so, what are some good options? (I am allergic to raw celery and carrots, so unfortunately those are out).
  9. Hey y'all! Started my whole30 journey a couple weeks ago and completely fell off this past weekend on the ski slopes due to not enough meal prep (so i thought 3 lettuce wraps would be enough for a lunch day 1 skiing... woops, Day 2 deliriously hungry/needed carbs.. ordered french fries. Ski lodge cafes are the worst for Whole30). I'm fairly athletic (usually do 1 or 2 weightlifting classes and 2-3 yoga classes a week, sometimes sub weight lifting with solidcore) and have a daily bike to/from work which involves a 2.7 mile ride (~20 mins) each way. Been eating a decent breakfast (usually 1 egg plus some egg whites with 1/2 sweet or white potato and a serving of fruit like blackberries or a banana around 8am) during the first few weeks of Whole30. I felt great, a lot of joint pain I had has started to subside. Now as I reset to try and power through an entire 30 day cycle, I'm wondering what the guidance is because during the first 2 weeks, after I would get to work usually around 1030/11 I started to get SUPER HUNGRY. Lunch/dinner time workouts were fine because I would eat directly following the exercise. But does Whole30 count a 20 min bike ride in as an exercise? There are varying hills both ways, and I stay in the top 2 gears so I usually have a little sweat by the time I arrive. What are your recommendations?? AND WHY AM I SO HUNGRY?** **prior to Whole30 I was a classic grazer/snacker... which had gotten a little out of control over the past year, I started Whole30 to try and address some of my health issues (joint/chronic shoulder pain) and get the snack dragons under control. Thanks for any advice/guidance you all might have! -Natalie
  10. I'm on day nine and starting to get frustrated. The first few days I felt like I was stuffing myself with food, so I reduced portion sizes a little and ended up snacking more (all complaint foods) which means I'm eating pretty close to how I was before the whole 30 (only without dairy which was a big part of my diet). I'm currently nursing my 9mo, so I know snacks are allowed, but I'm trying to figure out the right balance of meals/snacks throughout the day. I'm eating until I'm full at meals, but hungry 2-3 hours later and I've needed a snack in the middle of the night for 2 of the last 3 nights. I'm also simultaneously hitting the "my pants feel tighter" and "dreaming of all the foods" phases, so today I'm frustrated. I'd appreciate some feedback on my meals to see if tweaking anything might help even out my appetite. Day 6 M1: sausage, 1/2 avocado, chard, ghee pwo chicken and ravigote Workout pwo chicken and sweet potato M2: spinach, squash, butter lettuce, chicken, carnelized onions, dressing Snack: same as M2, smaller portion M3: salmon, broccoli, avocado Midnight snack: coconut milk and chia 100 oz water Day 7 M1: 3 eggs fried in ghee, red chard, 1/2 avocado M2: 2ozsalmon, 5 mini sausage, broccoli, 2 mini sweet potatoes, ravigote Snack: chicken, asparagus, squash, avocado M3: seared steak, avocado, grilled onions&peppers, sweet potato, salad w/dressing Snack: coconut milk and chia 92 oz water Day 8 M1: 3 eggs, salad, dressing, avocado, pumpkin seeds Snack: piece of bacon M2: spinach salad w/dressing, pork, pineapple salsa M3: pulled pork, zucchini, asparagus, 1/2 avocado M4: chicken ragu, broccoli and chard with ghee Snack: chicken, guacamole, sweet potato Midnight snack: epic bar 96oz water 16oz coconut water
  11. Pre-whole30 I would constantly graze and snack (on both healthy and unhealthy kinds). I am now almost at the end of my first week of whole30 but I realize I am still performing these bad habits but now with purely "healthy" foods (i.e. grazing constantly on roasted butternut squash and sweet potato that I made a big batch of this weekend). I think this is going against every reason why I decided to do Whole30 (lifestyle change, not just a diet change). Are there tips/suggestions for how to stop these habits? I need to stop thinking that grazing/snacking is ok just because what I am eating is "healthy".
  12. I know snacking is generally not recommended, but I'm finding it challenging to avoid, especially because of my work structure -- I work from home, so I don't have any kind of commute between when I eat breakfast and lunch and when I sit down to work, and I never like to be too full when I sit down at my desk, as that can tend to lead to cramps/discomfort. As a result, I try to keep breakfast and lunch lighter, which usually results in me having to have at least one snack a day -- one between breakfast and lunch, and sometimes one between lunch and dinner. Will that still undermine the results even if my snacks are Whole30 compliant?
  13. It's my second attempt of Whole30, today being my day 12 (last time - in Feb - I barely made it through 4 days...). I'm really proud that I've gotten this far, but I think I'm having problems with snacking/fruit. Sugar was my biggest problem before this because I was constantly rewarding myself with ice cream, chocolate, etc. after a tiring workday otherwise eating quite a little although carb-heavy). Since starting #SeptemberWhole30, at the moment I'm jobless and don't study either. I'm 23, living with my grandparents (doesn't make this any easier - you can probably imagine why - but I've made it this far), I'm 164cm and starting weight was 86,8kg (around 190lbs). From 2013 I've already lost around 44lbs/20kgs. Since I don't really have anywhere to go for work/study, I have a LOT of spare time. I think it's the main reason for my snacking problem. Till few days back, I allowed myself to eat dates (like, a whole pack a day) because it was "compliant". I'm trying to stop mindless eating / snacking, but now when I('m trying to) gave up the dates, I notice myself making smoothies instead (usually coconut milk/almond milk, banana, blueberries, sometimes a tbsp of some superfood green formulas). Like, imo, I'm eating quite enough regarding how sedentary I am (If you need to see what I've usually eaten, check out my instagram). I've also trying to drink tea (caffeine free) instead. My cravings are quite manageable, like, I can pass by all the goodies my grandparents are eating almost daily (I've honestly tried to get them with me with this but they're pretty stubborn with their habits), but I just have this craving to snack (nuts, dates, fruit mostly) even if I'm full, just eaten or not even really hungry. And idk if it's because of all the fruit or just the W30 working its magic that I still feel pretty much bloated and "gassed up". My skin is a bit clearer and my cravings are, as said, manageable, but that's quite a lot about my nsv's. So, I'm asking you, for any tips or words of encouragement...?
  14. This is my second time doing the whole 30, I did it a year ago this month and did pretty well. I do have a question though, I had two eggs and 1/2 of sweet potato for breakfast, I get hungry between breakfast and lunch. Can someone suggest what I can have between the two meals. Also I do spinning at the gym and would like to know a good snack prior to the work out.
  15. Okay I'm on Day 11 and finally getting the hang of this. Still bloated and learned a lot about what I can't eat (even on this program). But I'm still nursing my 13 month old twins and I've noticed they both want to eat more often? I feel like I eat when I'm hungry and was also snacking/grazing in between. I know snacking isn't permitted but I just felt so hungry. I'd eat meals until I was full and then I'd be hungry soon after. I'm totally eating enough and still feel like I don't have much milk. I just started to add second breakfast (like a hobbit lol) and it's sort of helping ease my hunger. Am I crazy or are there any other twin mommies feel this way?
  16. Can't stop snacking

    I am on Day 16. doing so well - though this past weekend and today I can't stop snacking. I sit in front of a computer all day and have struggled in the past with a bad stress-eating habit but stopped during my 1st two weeks of Whole30. I feel like it's back now- the urge to eat all day! Today I had two lunches and a late afternoon banana and nuts and raisins, then started in again when I went to pack my lunch earlier this evening! What's wrong with me?? I love Whole30 foods. A lot. I think too much!
  17. Hello, Today I've made fruity water by adding frozen berries to my mineral water. While drinking, occasionally I've eaten some berries (since they came out of the bottle). Does it count as snacking? Because if yes, that would mean I've been snackig all day long. What do you think? Thanks in advance.
  18. Evening Fats?

    In looking through my meal logs, I'm finding that Meal 3 usually hosts the most fat (perhaps too much). Is there any reason I should cut down on fat in the evenings and try to front load the day instead? This could be my old fat-phobia talking but I just thought I'd ask. Sample meal: Brussels sprouts roasted in duck or pork fat Side salad with creamy balsamic (mayo and balsamic and spices) Whole chicken breast, pan seared in olive or coconut oil Berries or mango with coconut creme and crumbled nuts/seeds
  19. Hi everyone!

    Hi everyone! My name is Shaina and I am on my second day of my first Whole30 experience. So far so good. I've always been a pretty healthy eater (not perfect by any means) and am a generally active person, but my healthy lifestyle has sort of remained stagnant and unexciting for a while and I've been wanting to try something new for a while. In recent years I've also noticed I have a very sensitive and irritable stomach and sensitive, prone-to-break-out skin, so I am really really really (!) excited to see what, if anything happens throughout my Whole30 experience. I am feeling relatively confident in my ability to do this (hopefully that is not just the "newness" of it all) but I do have a question for everyone. I travel for work a few days a week... usually never too far away but some days I can spend up to four hours in my car. I've noticed it's a natural trigger for me to grab something to eat in the car - sometimes it was a bagel, a smoothie, trailmix, etc. Today, knowing that I had to be on the road I cut up some green bell pepper and packed an apple and a full water bottle. I immediately noticed how inadequate that felt to snack on in the car. Any advice as far as on-the-road snacking goes? Looking forward to continuing this Whole30 with new and veteran members - Shaina
  20. So far loving my Whole30. On day 12 and I finally had a good run. I ran at regular speed but my HR was significantly lower than pre-Whole30, which is awesome for a distance runner. My concern is this, I'm recovered(ing) ED gal who has for the past 4 years had on and off bouts with stumbling back into bad restriction habits. The 4 days of my Whole30 I totally failed at the no snacking thing, even though my snacks were typically pre-workout they weren't template (normally a banana and some chicken or an epic bar). For the last 8 days I've been following the no snacking rule to a T. Except for once when I was at a work conference and lunch break wasn't for another 2 hours and I broke down and had half a lara bar because my breakfast had been 6 hours before and I totally couldn't concentrate. Other than that, no snacking. Anyways, I'm noticing that I'm starting to *enjoy* the empty feeling between meals and crave it, therefore my meals themselves are getting smaller and I'm getting anxiety about eating anything at all. For me, this is a trigger into a pattern of bad behavior. Just to verbalized it is a step and hard. Any advice? And yes I see a ED psychologist. I really really want to continue my Whole30 because I finally feel the tiger blood coming and I'm never bloated, no GI issues running, energy galore, sleeping like 9-10 hours a night etc.
  21. Okay, so I've made it to day 11 of my Whole 30 and things have been going well. I used to be a 6-small meals a day person, so not having the mid-morning/afternoon snacks have been a challenge but I've yet to snack in-between meals. Today however, I could't help but have a little extra food after my dinner. For the past two days I've been getting especially hungry between meals, especially if I have a lot of work going on. After dinner tonight, I was still hungry and thinking about how I wanted more of my dinner. I was worried it might just be a craving so I decided to wait and let my food settle a bit. After waiting a good 30 mins or so, I was STILL thinking about dinner. Actually, I was hungry for any kind of food at this point, even celery (which I am not a big fan of). I decided to nibble on a bit more of my salmon from dinner as well as some carrots and celery dipped in 1/4 avocado and about a tbsp of homemade mayo. Initially I thought is was a little odd to be snacking on fats after just eating dinner, but from what I read snacking on something like fruit (my initial plan) is not as good of a solution. So if I happen to be hungry again after a meal, what is the best way to mend the situation? Is snacking on more fats a good thing? Thanks everyone.
  22. Hi! I'm new to this forum, so I hope I'm doing this right. I am on Day 7 or so of W30, and I find I am really hungry towards the end of the day. I exercise intensely first thing in the morning (Insanity). I prefer to work out on an empty stomach. I have eggs and veggies with some fat for breakfast post-workout, but I'm just not hungry enough to hunker down with three eggs plus two veggies, etc. (I'm full after two eggs and some veggies). I have a filling lunch (chili, coconut cream "sour cream", veggies) and a comparable dinner (steak or chicken, oil-based sauce, veggies, maybe 1/2 a sweet potato or some small roasted potatoes). But I eat dinner early (5-5:30 PM) to get my kids down for the night, and I get super hungry three hours later, when I've still got a couple hours of grown-up time. I figure my body needs the energy, so I have a compliant snack. From what I've been reading, that's not recommended. Would I then be better off just having a small second dinner? I can forego the coconut, macadamia nuts, and raisins snack if I can have smaller serving of what I had for dinner. Thoughts?
  23. Hello Whole30 Lovers, My name is Steph and this is my First Whole30. I'm an ex-collegiate athlete transitioning into the "real world." Beside adjusting to the new stresses of jobs, bills, student loans, relationships, and everything else in between I started struggling to find my new "healthy" lifestyle. I was a competitive swimmer my whole life, and consuming ridiculous amounts of calories just to keep up with two-a-day work out regimen. There was nothing off limits and it felt like no matter what I ate or how much I ate, I was leaner, stronger, and more toned than I had ever been. When the swimming stopped…..the eating habits did not. I continued to eat, eat, and eat some more. I lost all my muscle, gained more than just a few pounds, and I had adapted a horrible relationship with food. I've tried everything from reducing calories, only eating vegetables, juicing for days on end, cutting out this, cutting out that, this trendy cleanse and that popular diet. Nothing was making me feel better, and I certainly wasn't losing any of that weight. I realized I knew nothing about nutrition and what I thought was "healthy" was actually not healthy at all. Scary Stuff! So…A friend recommended the Whole30. I read the book in two days, and eagerly started my journey the next day (March 2nd). For the first time I feel like I have the ticket to success. The first week has been tough so far, but I'm excited about the way things are going. BUT I MISS SNACKING (especially sweets)! Thats my hardest obstacle by far. This snacker, is dead set on sticking with this program! Looking forward to the rest of my Whole30 journey, and reading all your posts for support and help along the way. Here's to a healthy lifestyle…that lasts a life time! Stephanie
  24. I'm on day 17 of my first whole30. I'm also a painfully chronic snacker. I used to get so hangry if I didn't have food every 2 hours that I carry food in my purse all day long, every day, no matter what. Breaking this habit is really proving difficult for me, and I wondered if you all could let me know if you think I'm on the right track? Yesterday I ate three snacks (my old habits). I'm training for a half marathon, and I ran 10 miles the day before, but I don't want to blame it on "runger" before asking someone else first. I read this forum all the time and I try to stick to the advice you all give, but I have a big problem with my "sugar dragon" too, so I'm wondering if that's connected to my snacking habit. I'm also just terrified that I'm eating too much. Here's what I ate yesterday: M1 (8:30 am): 3 eggs fried in ghee, 1/4 sweet potato with about 3 TBSP almond butter, 1/2 avocado, about 1 cup assorted sauteed veggies (carrots, celery, kale) Got hungry about 3 hours later. Snack was a larabar (I know this is a bad snack) M2 (12:00 pm): Trader Joe's chili lime chicken burger, 1/2 avocado, 1 hardboiled egg, side salad with carrots, sugar snap peas, greens, oil, and vinegar. Still hungry so I ate 2 handfuls of plantain chips and a tangerine. So hungry for a couple of hours, finally gave in about 4pm. Ate a banana and about 3 TBSP almond butter M3 (6:00 pm): bowl of homemade indian butter chicken and cauliflower rice (a friend made for me at her house). Had seconds. I was then still so hungry when I went to bed, but I denied myself another snack Is this really just the sugar dragon forcing me to snack? I try to eat eggs, sweet potatoes, squash, strawberries, or a green veggie for a snack some days but yesterday I was bad about the bananas and larabars. I love granola, oatmeal, and bars so much. I feel like without them I would be so unhappy. But if that's what is keeping me so hungry I can try giving it up all together next week. I would love any advice you all have. Thank you in advance.
  25. I am always hungry. I am not sure if my portions are correct or not, but I cant stop snacking in between meals. Probably a dozen handful of cashews a day. I just finished day 4. I am 5'11 263 lb male. Am i doing this wrong?