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Found 11 results

  1. HealthySnacker

    Success while snacking?? Migraines too.

    Hi there everyone, I'm writing to ask about your experiences with Whole30 if you didn't stick to big meals (i.e., following all the rules but not all the recommendations). I'm at the end of day 3, right now, and I feel like I can manage Whole30 as long as I can graze throughout the day and eat fruit as much as I like (probably five+ servings a day). Questions: have you done Whole30 this way? And if so, how did you feel about your overall results? I'm not capable of eating big meals (I get full too soon- I'm fairly petite) but I really don't get the concept of satiety that lasts for hours. I get full, then hungry rather quickly. A bit about me: My regular diet is pretty typical for Southern California: mostly vegetarian with some chicken and fish. I do eat a lot of carbs, but don't drink alcohol, I avoid fried foods, msg, processed foods & snacks. I'm saying this to give you an idea of which things are and are not big sacrifices for me. I'd love to hear from other people who started in a similar position to me. I understand that Whole30's aim is to help people change their hormones in a way that would give them more of a sense of fullness. I'm open to the idea that I may be able to eat larger meals with bigger gaps as the month goes on... but right now that sacrifice is too great ob tip of everything else. I had a migraine in each of these first three days ( for which I took triptan medicine) so struggle of this experience has been compounded. Thanks for reading. I look forward to hearing from you!
  2. CherDeez


    I am having a hard time eating a large breakfast--I get hungry between breakfast and lunch. Any suggestions for in between snacks?
  3. Hi y'all. My office does a really big open house for clients. The food is 'catered' in by all of the staff. I'm looking for quick/easy appetizers or finger foods that I can make in large quantities. Any suggestions would be most appreciated!
  4. Hi! So I’m on day 31and self-evaluating! I have a lot of positives and also know I have a lot of deep seeded issues with food that I need to work on a bit more. I was curious how to improve my Whole30. I know I need to cut down on snacking (I’ve been binging on carrots and celery) and started “rewarding” myself with dried fruits and almonds which has become an issue. What would you suggest to help this? also, I use compliant collagen peptides in my coffee in the morning. Is that ok? Previously I had also been adding MCT oil, but was curious if that is something I should take out? thank you!
  5. Hi, I sure hope I get some response to this as I am *only* on Day 2 of W30, but each day done is a victory, amiright? Anywho, you guys: I am probably the most picky person on the planet. Can someone help me with the following: Finding food that make me feel full. This was my menu yesterday: Breakfast: scrambled eggs made w ghee Banana Water Lunch: W30 Compliant Deli Turkey (3 slices) Salad w tomatoes, cucumbers, shredded carrots - NO dressing: as I attempted the W30 Ranch and must've done something wrong Watermelon cubes 3. Dinner: Rosemary Pork Chops w Potatoes & Onions Cucumbers Pineapple I do NOT like, hard boiled eggs, nor do I like nuts/seeds of any sort, almond butter, avocado, coffee. Send help. My snacking consists of a few grapes! Ideas????? I am a mama and have to have ENERGY to go!! Any help/tips/suggestions is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO appreciated!!! Much love!
  6. Marj K


    Hi. I'm just wondering if these are allowed as a snack: If not, are there other recs for vegetarian/pescatarian snacks? I usually do a carrot with some sunflower seed butter or a few almonds and 1/2 an apple or something. or is it best to learn not to snack if possible?
  7. Hi, everybody! I have a question about snacks. On the log talk, I´ve been reading that most of you usually eat some snacks between meals. Is that ok? I´m not pretty sure, but I don´t know if we can eat more than 3 meals per day. Anybody can help me? thanks in advance!
  8. Jordan O

    HELP on snacking

    I am on day 12 and I’ve been doing great! No snacking until yesterday and I’m hungry between meals again today! I’m following the guidelines for how to balance my meals I just need to snack so my stomach stops grumbling! It makes me feel like I’m failing?!?!
  9. I apologize for what will surely be a LONG intro post... I've been having a variety of issues so far in my Whole30, the biggest ones being the common "loose" stool problem and also being hungry between meals/needing self-contained snacks. As a college student going for my BFA in musical theatre, I have LONG 12 hour days with multiple dance classes + occasional trips to the gym (trying to work on my strength since dance requires it but is a lot of cardio), and to top it all off, I have very little money for groceries, AND am a horrible cook. Looking for suggestions for my ailments (I will try cutting back on eggs, which I love but have been eating almost every morning, and cashews, which are my main snack/fat source but are probably causing my digestive issues): any afforable meal preps, since I am short on time to cook during the week?? And snacks I can grab and go? I feel I am eating enough at each meal because I feel satiated but also suffer from grumbly, angry tummy post-meal--but then again, maybe I'm not because I'm always hungry between meals? Always looking for better fat sources (I don't think I'm getting enough); I despise olives, and I like avocado, but usually not on its own. Need to cut the nuts. THANKS FRIENDS
  10. NatalieMarshall

    Game Day Recipe Recommendations

    Favorite Super Bowl Game Day Whole30 compliant recipes, go! Specifically looking for a chili I can make in my slow cooker. I feel like there are SO many different recipes out there on the internet and I don't know who to trust! Would love some recommendations Thanks!
  11. Sugar free barista

    Meal interval

    So, I'm on Day 7. The first week at work I got through with 100% fruit juice, fruit pouches or dried fruit, fruit/nut bars on breaks, or when my energy was lagging and I needed a quick boost of energy. I work in a physically and emotionally demanding job where I'm on my feet 8 hours, can not eat or drink on the floor, am not in charge of when I take my breaks. ( I get 2 10 min and 1 30 min break during an 8 hour shift). I always eat breakfast before work however I walk to work so I am usually needing more fuel before my first 10 min break. This week I think I should eat something before I go on the floor, as well as at my 10 min break. Since dried fruit/fruit/fruit juice is not looked upon favorably, would something like Epic bars be more in line with the program? I also have rxbars and while a whole bar would be too many calories for a snack, perhaps half a bar before work and half a bar on my first 10 would be a good strategy. Anyone else in this kind of situation with work? As a side note some of the people I work with are either more then or close to 20 years younger then me, some of them are closer to my daughter's age then my own. I am the only full time person in my position at my job, and the only full time person my age at my job. It is a fact that my job is made for younger people, but since I am youthful, I can do it. I say that to underline how physically demanding the job is.