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Found 75 results

  1. Sherri

    Hi, I had a gastric bypass years ago and have a very small appetite at one sitting so I get full then hungry half hour later. I am starting Wednesday and tried today but I can't go more than couple hours in between meals. What kind of snacks can I have? thanks
  2. When is it okay to have snacks? Sometimes if I'm more active in the mornings I get hungry before lunch or in between lunch and dinner? I'm on day 11 and still have a lot of cravings...mostly because I wasn't struck with the snacking rule. Also, is saving my fruit for last during lunch or dinner the same as substituting it for dessert? Lastly, I'll be traveling to my parents house over Labor Day weekend. I plan to cook a few meals and they know about the program but I'm not convinced I'll be able to have everything they make. Is it okay to make a trail mix (almonds, macadamia nuts and raisins) to have incase? I can't have the rx bars bc all the compliant ones I've found have cashews in them which I don't like eating bc my three year old is allergic to them. I found one larabar I could have, but it's cherry pie and that seems like more of a "treat" than a homemade trail mix. I also have some complaint beef sticks to take as well. Thanks!
  3. I finally bought some almond butter because it seemed like everyone really likes it, but I don't know what to do with it. All I have been able to find are suggestions to dip apples into it, but I do not like apples. Sarah
  4. I have recently been diagnosed with endometriosis after finding a whole bunch of previous ailments return after the birth of my son (i.e. once the endometriosis came out of it's pregnancy nap). One of the things I've found with the endometriosis is that I get really tired when I eat, and I feel sick and have tummy troubles if I eat too much in one go. And by 'too much' I mean more than about half of a standard meal. Because of this I eat really frequently, every hour or so. I know that with the whole30 you're supposed to have three big meals, but in my current state it just isn't going to work for me. Is it something I should push through (and potentially be really, really hungry for 30 days), or is it okay to let myself have the extra snacks because I can't eat enough otherwise?
  5. Snack clarification

    So, I know in the W30 book it talks about hunger vs. craving and asks "Am I hungry enough to eat steamed fish and broccoli?" If the answer is yes, and I know this sounds like a dumb question, but does it mean then you should go and eat exactly that or can you eat some veggies with guacamole and something else compliant? I know that we need to avoid snacking as much as possible to avoid triggers or simply replacing foods with other foods, but I am also seeing things about being able to have handfuls of coconut, various servings sizes for nuts, and other "best eating fats" like olives and other things that yes, I know you can cook with, but would also make for good snacks. I mean, I love pickles, bought compliant ones, but I can't figure out when to use them/eat them, as I don't see them as part of a meal, more of a snack food to begin with. So I guess my main question is where to compliant snacks and compliant snack foods really fit in or do they? Also, I find that I am particularly hungry right before dinner (when cooking) and then again later at night. Right now (day 2) I am drinking hot tea when I feel that late night calling for wine or a snack, but I wondered if before dinner a handful of nuts or something would be that bad? That said, anyone have any thoughts on snacking (not pre or post workout snacks, just general hunger snacking). Also, what are some things besides hot tea any of you do to curb that time in the evening when you would normally have a glass of wine or a snack?
  6. I'm a newbie to Whole30, officially mid-day through day 1 (golf clap). So my current schedule is a bit hectic and will continue to be so through early May. I work 8-6 and then 6:30-8:30 I coach lacrosse. So basically I'm working 12 hour days 5 days a week for the next 3 months. My worry is that I'm going to be RAVENOUS once I get home after practice. Yes I know it all comes down to planning and that will most certainly have to be done on the weekends for the upcoming week, but I didn't know if anyone had crazy schedules (I know I should have picked a better time) and found ways to help themselves get through it. I was wondering if I could bring a snack to eat (maybe cashews or something?) before practice to potentially hold me over until I get home. I know snacking isn't ideal, but maybeeee could be okay??? Beuller? Halp!
  7. I started 1/18/2017 so I'm on day five. Unfortunately on day two I came down with a mini-flu that I am just recovering from. I have sleep apnea corrected with a CPAP but this illness caused havoc with my sleep I have been on Atkins before so I'm somewhat acquainted with high protein, high fat diets. Having finished It Starts With Food, a lot of Whole30 and many forum entries, I'm pretty familiar with the program. Knowing I was going to start Whole30 over a week before I started, I started examining food labels in both my pantry and on store shelves and marking those items that are compliant. Luckily I live very close to Whole Foods, TJs, Earth Fair, Fresh Market and Harris Teeter and in a town with many tailgate (farmers) markets. I'm male, 70, married and an excellent cook. For example, today I cooked a 7 pound pork roast in my pressure cooker. The meat is base stock for whatever recipe I'm making and the stock from the cooking will be the basis for a great soup. I have a Nespresso machine and make and drink great coffee, always black. I never drink coffee after noon. Presently I'm having two problems with the program. The first is sleep. I go to bed when I'm tired and yawning, usually 10 or 11 PM. I wake up at 1:00 or 2:00, wide awake. I usually then stay up 1 or 2 hours reading or surfing, then try to sleep again, usually successfully. But sometimes not. I can be up and down as many as three times a night. The problem is, is this a side effect of Whole30 or is it a result of the flu? If the result of Whole30, how long will it continue? Second is snacking. Every evening, after dinner, I get the urge to snack. Before Whole30 I would stop in the kitchen for a bowl of ice cream, a small cup of wasabi almonds or some cheese. I'm not hungry. I realize that this is just a habit, an urge, but I still have a lot of trouble resisting. As it stands now I eat a piece of fruit, but tonight I almost scarfed down a small box of raisins. If I can't conquer this urge I'm going to have to come up with some compliant snacks. comments and/or advice is welcome.
  8. On the go Snacks

    Hi there! The Whole30 Daily keeps referring to Primal Pacs, but the Primal PAC online store is 'temporarily closed'. What are other brands and options for snacks on the go? I am on Day 11 and would LOVE something easy to grab and simple for an after workout snack. I also have a business trip next week I would like to be WHOLE 30 prepared for. Thanks!
  9. Guacamole?

    I'm thinking about making guacamole but don't know what to eat it with if not tortilla chips! I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions for a good alternative to chips with guac! Thanks!
  10. Compliant Snacks??

    Hi there! This is my second time around, and I started yesterday. It has become clear to me that I need to plan for compliant snacks. Something easy and portable. I had a gastric bypass in 2003, a revision in 2015. I eat smaller portions, and need to eat every 2-3 hours. Warming up leftovers isn't always an option, and eating fruit or nuts isn't always a good idea either. Fruit is a trigger food for me, so I am trying to limit it and only have it with my main meals. Any good ideas to make a portable, complete mini-meal/snack?
  11. I know snacking is generally not recommended, but I'm finding it challenging to avoid, especially because of my work structure -- I work from home, so I don't have any kind of commute between when I eat breakfast and lunch and when I sit down to work, and I never like to be too full when I sit down at my desk, as that can tend to lead to cramps/discomfort. As a result, I try to keep breakfast and lunch lighter, which usually results in me having to have at least one snack a day -- one between breakfast and lunch, and sometimes one between lunch and dinner. Will that still undermine the results even if my snacks are Whole30 compliant?
  12. Food To Go

    I am starting my 8th day of the program and it has been going great. Starting this Monday I will be having a job where I will have to pack my lunch. I would appreciate any ideas as to what to bring for a lunch on the road. Thanks everyone and lets do this.
  13. snacks

    I'm so happy with my three meals but i do get hungry mid afternoon and sometimes in the evening. I know this plan doesn't promote snacking, but if i'm hungry, what should i eat?
  14. I need all of your help because I seem to be missing something. Are there RXbars, Epic bars, and Larabars that have 0 grams of sugar? Every label I have read says they contain sugar. I just want to have some in case of emergencies on hand. Where are you finding them that do not contain sugar?
  15. There's Just One Hitch...

    Brand spanking new to Whole30 and couldn't be more excited to start this new adventure! However, I have a wee snag and could use all the advice I can get my eyes on! I work out of town and reside in a camp when I'm on shift. Before I fly up, I pack as many Paleo/Whole30 approved snacks and a couple of frozen homemade meals. However, while I'm in camp, my meals are prepared daily, I'm not allowed to leave the camp during my shift (so no grocery shopping), nor can I take leftovers for lunch the next day. The bright side is the camp does provide fresh raw veggies and fruit. My main concern is the protein. Because I have zero control of my meals, the quality of the ingredients, or their preparation, I fear I will not be successful on this adventure. Is anyone else in a similar position and have been successful on the program? Does anyone have suggestions on what I can do regarding my protein intake?
  16. Hey there! Thanks so much for taking the time to help me out. I am a veteran Whole30-er (this is my third round!) but I'm in a bit of a pickle. The last two times I did a Whole30, I was able to eat a regular three meals a day (8am, 12pm, 6pm-ish every day) which helped me from getting hungry and kept the sugar dragon packed tightly away in a locked chest where it belongs. However, I am a student working part-time with weird hours this time around, and I can't eat during work, so I'm not sure how to get the food I need while complying with my work's policies. My waitressing shifts start at either 3pm or 5pm and go until 11 a few days a week, and I don't get breaks. The rest of the staff waits and eats dinner after work around 11pm, but I work in a very busy restaurant and I've always found that my energy lags during my shifts. I'm trying not to snack this round of whole30, but I'm not sure what to do to get me through those shifts. I'm not quite sure what to do here. I know much of the Paleo community believes strongly in intermittent fasting, so perhaps this is a good opportunity for that. I've got a few ideas-- I could have a small amount of snack things for dinner that I can grab quietly between tasks (chia pudding maybe?), I could fast during those meal periods, or I could eat dinner around 11 with everyone else. I've done all in the past, but I'm not sure which solution is most in the spirit of the Whole30. What do you guys think? Any creative ideas? Solutions you have for when you can't have proper meals? Thanks so much for your help!! One grateful health-nut to the next, Rose
  17. I'm on Day 4 of my second Whole30 and finding it much easier this time around, although still not easy, of course. One thing I'm focusing more on this time is eliminating excess nuts and fruits from my diet, which was a problem for me last time and which I know can be an impediment to a successful experience. However, the reality is that I have blood-brain barrier hypoglycemia, which means my blood glucose will test perfectly normal but my brain isn't getting what it needs out of it all. It's a life-long problem that no amount of proper eating can take care of, defective physiology in other words. Sometimes I get flat-out HANGRY and need something to give my brain a kickstart, and prevent myself from verbally eviscerating people until I can eat a proper meal. I know that Larabars are permitted as emergency snacks for situations like that (I don't like having hunger rage, or passing out for that matter), but about three weeks into my last Whole30 I got back some allergy testing results: Turns out that I'm allergic to almonds, which are an ingredient in all Larabars. Are there any other compliant bars that I can buy, or can anyone suggest a compliant recipe? I'd almost rather buy them, so that I only have a limited number on hand and am not tempted by a pan of them. I looked at every single bar I could find today and they all had sugar in them, usually as the first ingredient! I did see in another thread that Epic bars are ok, but they're painfully salty for me and it's the carbs that I need. I also looked at RXBars, which were also mentioned, but they all had sugar (by any other name). Any suggestions would be very much appreciated! <3
  18. WHole30 baby

    Hello ALL!!! This isn't my first day this is actually my 3rd day (April 7 2016) but I am still a whole30 baby and like all babies I am throwing food tantrums but with a few sips of mint tea and extra GALLONS of water I am happy to say that I am still going strong. Please feel free to recommend any egg-less breakfasts options, recipes with chicken (seeing how it is the only meat that I eat) and most importantly snack options even though I know snacking isn't recommend but a girl's gotta EAT! Love you all!!
  19. Ive been off sugar for two weeks and started My Whole 30 last Monday 3/28/16. I am doing really well during the day- Im good at following rules and FEEL ALIVE! Here is my challenge; late. night. snacking. I know I read that we aren't supposed to eat in-between meals. When I relax at the end of the day on the couch I am used to snaking, munching and thats usually my sugar time. I have resorted to chewing on almonds instead of breaking down... does anyone else struggle with this? What did/do you do that works? thanks - Don.
  20. I'm having trouble with sugar! I'm on day 7 and I have found myself turning to dates and nut butters when a sugar craving hits. I know this is a big no no, but I can't seem to break the habit or divert my attention! I feel like instead of having ice cream I'm just now turning to dates, nut butters, etc... Suggestions?? My sugar dragon is my main problem and I need to kick it FOR good! Help!!
  21. Too much food??

    I just started Whole 30 yesterday and I am having a hard time with the amount of food to eat at meals and which snacks to eat as well. I know the book discourages eating too many snacks and encourages eating more at meals but how much to too much food? I have been on Weight Watchers on and off (because of pregnancies) since 2010, so my WW trained brain is having a hard time with eating more at meals and some of the snacks (like nuts. They are a lot of WW pts for a small amount). Does everyone eat a serving size or just enough at meals to make you feel full??
  22. My husband and I are going on a day snowboarding trip next weekend with our 6 month old son. We are taking turns watching him while the other rides the mountain. I have pre-made meals that are ready to go in my fridge but I don't have access to a microwave in the lodge. Does anyone have any good snacks or cold meal suggestions that'll make it easier for me so I don't have to order food? Much appreciated! Brei
  23. I am curious if any of you have had a conversation about the Epic bars that are promoted from the Whole30 site. I ordered them to have as a snack while doing Whole30 and am surprised that they contain brown sugar---one of the items on the "naughty" list. Also, throughout Whole30 literature there are references to deli meat being a no-go because of Carrageenan--however on page 195 of Whole30 book the first thing on the protein list for good food on the road is deli meat Any clarification on these items would be great----thanks! T minus 2 days and counting until kickoff.
  24. Does anyone have any tips for making myself like hard boiled eggs? During my first Whole 30 (August of 2013), I went from spending 31 years hating regular cooked eggs (texture, taste, everything) to eating (and loving) eggs almost every morning for the last 17 months. Now that I am doing my second Whole 30, I want to figure out how to like hard boiled eggs. I have the same problem, I don't like the taste, texture, smell, etc. But I really need some easy protein available. When I made myself like cooked eggs during my Whole 30, I had to scramble them over potatoes for about the first 15 days to get used to the taste, then one day was able to just eat them. Does anyone have any suggestions for a similar type of thing for hard boiled eggs?
  25. Snacks!!

    What kind of snacks are good on the Whole30 program? I want to make sure that I have the minimal amount of snacks, but at the same time I would like to have them around constantly so I don't eat the foods that I am not supposed to eat. I am in the middle of reading the books and just trying to prep as much as possible. Here is my first weeks meal plan: the 1st line is breakfast, line 2 is lunch, line 3 is dinner, and the 4 line is snacks. Any suggestions???? Thanks! Donna