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Found 50 results

  1. CherDeez


    I am having a hard time eating a large breakfast--I get hungry between breakfast and lunch. Any suggestions for in between snacks?
  2. Hi y'all. My office does a really big open house for clients. The food is 'catered' in by all of the staff. I'm looking for quick/easy appetizers or finger foods that I can make in large quantities. Any suggestions would be most appreciated!
  3. Hi! So I’m on day 31and self-evaluating! I have a lot of positives and also know I have a lot of deep seeded issues with food that I need to work on a bit more. I was curious how to improve my Whole30. I know I need to cut down on snacking (I’ve been binging on carrots and celery) and started “rewarding” myself with dried fruits and almonds which has become an issue. What would you suggest to help this? also, I use compliant collagen peptides in my coffee in the morning. Is that ok? Previously I had also been adding MCT oil, but was curious if that is something I should take out? thank you!
  4. Hi, I sure hope I get some response to this as I am *only* on Day 2 of W30, but each day done is a victory, amiright? Anywho, you guys: I am probably the most picky person on the planet. Can someone help me with the following: Finding food that make me feel full. This was my menu yesterday: Breakfast: scrambled eggs made w ghee Banana Water Lunch: W30 Compliant Deli Turkey (3 slices) Salad w tomatoes, cucumbers, shredded carrots - NO dressing: as I attempted the W30 Ranch and must've done something wrong Watermelon cubes 3. Dinner: Rosemary Pork Chops w Potatoes & Onions Cucumbers Pineapple I do NOT like, hard boiled eggs, nor do I like nuts/seeds of any sort, almond butter, avocado, coffee. Send help. My snacking consists of a few grapes! Ideas????? I am a mama and have to have ENERGY to go!! Any help/tips/suggestions is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO appreciated!!! Much love!
  5. Marj K


    Hi. I'm just wondering if these are allowed as a snack: If not, are there other recs for vegetarian/pescatarian snacks? I usually do a carrot with some sunflower seed butter or a few almonds and 1/2 an apple or something. or is it best to learn not to snack if possible?
  6. Hi, everybody! I have a question about snacks. On the log talk, I´ve been reading that most of you usually eat some snacks between meals. Is that ok? I´m not pretty sure, but I don´t know if we can eat more than 3 meals per day. Anybody can help me? thanks in advance!
  7. Jordan O

    HELP on snacking

    I am on day 12 and I’ve been doing great! No snacking until yesterday and I’m hungry between meals again today! I’m following the guidelines for how to balance my meals I just need to snack so my stomach stops grumbling! It makes me feel like I’m failing?!?!
  8. I apologize for what will surely be a LONG intro post... I've been having a variety of issues so far in my Whole30, the biggest ones being the common "loose" stool problem and also being hungry between meals/needing self-contained snacks. As a college student going for my BFA in musical theatre, I have LONG 12 hour days with multiple dance classes + occasional trips to the gym (trying to work on my strength since dance requires it but is a lot of cardio), and to top it all off, I have very little money for groceries, AND am a horrible cook. Looking for suggestions for my ailments (I will try cutting back on eggs, which I love but have been eating almost every morning, and cashews, which are my main snack/fat source but are probably causing my digestive issues): any afforable meal preps, since I am short on time to cook during the week?? And snacks I can grab and go? I feel I am eating enough at each meal because I feel satiated but also suffer from grumbly, angry tummy post-meal--but then again, maybe I'm not because I'm always hungry between meals? Always looking for better fat sources (I don't think I'm getting enough); I despise olives, and I like avocado, but usually not on its own. Need to cut the nuts. THANKS FRIENDS
  9. NatalieMarshall

    Game Day Recipe Recommendations

    Favorite Super Bowl Game Day Whole30 compliant recipes, go! Specifically looking for a chili I can make in my slow cooker. I feel like there are SO many different recipes out there on the internet and I don't know who to trust! Would love some recommendations Thanks!
  10. Sugar free barista

    Meal interval

    So, I'm on Day 7. The first week at work I got through with 100% fruit juice, fruit pouches or dried fruit, fruit/nut bars on breaks, or when my energy was lagging and I needed a quick boost of energy. I work in a physically and emotionally demanding job where I'm on my feet 8 hours, can not eat or drink on the floor, am not in charge of when I take my breaks. ( I get 2 10 min and 1 30 min break during an 8 hour shift). I always eat breakfast before work however I walk to work so I am usually needing more fuel before my first 10 min break. This week I think I should eat something before I go on the floor, as well as at my 10 min break. Since dried fruit/fruit/fruit juice is not looked upon favorably, would something like Epic bars be more in line with the program? I also have rxbars and while a whole bar would be too many calories for a snack, perhaps half a bar before work and half a bar on my first 10 would be a good strategy. Anyone else in this kind of situation with work? As a side note some of the people I work with are either more then or close to 20 years younger then me, some of them are closer to my daughter's age then my own. I am the only full time person in my position at my job, and the only full time person my age at my job. It is a fact that my job is made for younger people, but since I am youthful, I can do it. I say that to underline how physically demanding the job is.
  11. Does anyone have any tips for making myself like hard boiled eggs? During my first Whole 30 (August of 2013), I went from spending 31 years hating regular cooked eggs (texture, taste, everything) to eating (and loving) eggs almost every morning for the last 17 months. Now that I am doing my second Whole 30, I want to figure out how to like hard boiled eggs. I have the same problem, I don't like the taste, texture, smell, etc. But I really need some easy protein available. When I made myself like cooked eggs during my Whole 30, I had to scramble them over potatoes for about the first 15 days to get used to the taste, then one day was able to just eat them. Does anyone have any suggestions for a similar type of thing for hard boiled eggs?
  12. Ashley Meldonian Jutras


    Hello, I just received a lot of beef jerky as a gift for my upcoming whole30 and an ingredient in it states "encapsulated citric acid." I realize that citric acid is OK, but what's up with that word encapsulated? Sometimes they put parenthesis afterwards describing what the item was encapsulated with, but this beef jerky does not state it. This is the product: SOGO Snacks - beef jerky (original flavor) Ingredients: Beef, water, sea salt, encapsulated citric acid, celery juice, black pepper, red pepper, granulated garlic, coriander, onion powder, white pepper, in beef collagen casings The amazon description states that it is whole30 friendly, but it isn't an official snack, so I thought I'd ask through this forum. Thank you for your help! (By the way, I cannot find a search option for the forum, so that I can quickly search if this has been discussed before. If I missed it, my apologies). - Ash
  13. I finally bought some almond butter because it seemed like everyone really likes it, but I don't know what to do with it. All I have been able to find are suggestions to dip apples into it, but I do not like apples. Sarah
  14. Sherri66


    Hi, I had a gastric bypass years ago and have a very small appetite at one sitting so I get full then hungry half hour later. I am starting Wednesday and tried today but I can't go more than couple hours in between meals. What kind of snacks can I have? thanks
  15. eglwaernk


    I'm thinking about making guacamole but don't know what to eat it with if not tortilla chips! I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions for a good alternative to chips with guac! Thanks!
  16. When is it okay to have snacks? Sometimes if I'm more active in the mornings I get hungry before lunch or in between lunch and dinner? I'm on day 11 and still have a lot of cravings...mostly because I wasn't struck with the snacking rule. Also, is saving my fruit for last during lunch or dinner the same as substituting it for dessert? Lastly, I'll be traveling to my parents house over Labor Day weekend. I plan to cook a few meals and they know about the program but I'm not convinced I'll be able to have everything they make. Is it okay to make a trail mix (almonds, macadamia nuts and raisins) to have incase? I can't have the rx bars bc all the compliant ones I've found have cashews in them which I don't like eating bc my three year old is allergic to them. I found one larabar I could have, but it's cherry pie and that seems like more of a "treat" than a homemade trail mix. I also have some complaint beef sticks to take as well. Thanks!
  17. EricaEV

    On the go Snacks

    Hi there! The Whole30 Daily keeps referring to Primal Pacs, but the Primal PAC online store is 'temporarily closed'. What are other brands and options for snacks on the go? I am on Day 11 and would LOVE something easy to grab and simple for an after workout snack. I also have a business trip next week I would like to be WHOLE 30 prepared for. Thanks!
  18. I started 1/18/2017 so I'm on day five. Unfortunately on day two I came down with a mini-flu that I am just recovering from. I have sleep apnea corrected with a CPAP but this illness caused havoc with my sleep I have been on Atkins before so I'm somewhat acquainted with high protein, high fat diets. Having finished It Starts With Food, a lot of Whole30 and many forum entries, I'm pretty familiar with the program. Knowing I was going to start Whole30 over a week before I started, I started examining food labels in both my pantry and on store shelves and marking those items that are compliant. Luckily I live very close to Whole Foods, TJs, Earth Fair, Fresh Market and Harris Teeter and in a town with many tailgate (farmers) markets. I'm male, 70, married and an excellent cook. For example, today I cooked a 7 pound pork roast in my pressure cooker. The meat is base stock for whatever recipe I'm making and the stock from the cooking will be the basis for a great soup. I have a Nespresso machine and make and drink great coffee, always black. I never drink coffee after noon. Presently I'm having two problems with the program. The first is sleep. I go to bed when I'm tired and yawning, usually 10 or 11 PM. I wake up at 1:00 or 2:00, wide awake. I usually then stay up 1 or 2 hours reading or surfing, then try to sleep again, usually successfully. But sometimes not. I can be up and down as many as three times a night. The problem is, is this a side effect of Whole30 or is it a result of the flu? If the result of Whole30, how long will it continue? Second is snacking. Every evening, after dinner, I get the urge to snack. Before Whole30 I would stop in the kitchen for a bowl of ice cream, a small cup of wasabi almonds or some cheese. I'm not hungry. I realize that this is just a habit, an urge, but I still have a lot of trouble resisting. As it stands now I eat a piece of fruit, but tonight I almost scarfed down a small box of raisins. If I can't conquer this urge I'm going to have to come up with some compliant snacks. comments and/or advice is welcome.
  19. I know snacking is generally not recommended, but I'm finding it challenging to avoid, especially because of my work structure -- I work from home, so I don't have any kind of commute between when I eat breakfast and lunch and when I sit down to work, and I never like to be too full when I sit down at my desk, as that can tend to lead to cramps/discomfort. As a result, I try to keep breakfast and lunch lighter, which usually results in me having to have at least one snack a day -- one between breakfast and lunch, and sometimes one between lunch and dinner. Will that still undermine the results even if my snacks are Whole30 compliant?
  20. merih


    I'm so happy with my three meals but i do get hungry mid afternoon and sometimes in the evening. I know this plan doesn't promote snacking, but if i'm hungry, what should i eat?
  21. I'm on Day 4 of my second Whole30 and finding it much easier this time around, although still not easy, of course. One thing I'm focusing more on this time is eliminating excess nuts and fruits from my diet, which was a problem for me last time and which I know can be an impediment to a successful experience. However, the reality is that I have blood-brain barrier hypoglycemia, which means my blood glucose will test perfectly normal but my brain isn't getting what it needs out of it all. It's a life-long problem that no amount of proper eating can take care of, defective physiology in other words. Sometimes I get flat-out HANGRY and need something to give my brain a kickstart, and prevent myself from verbally eviscerating people until I can eat a proper meal. I know that Larabars are permitted as emergency snacks for situations like that (I don't like having hunger rage, or passing out for that matter), but about three weeks into my last Whole30 I got back some allergy testing results: Turns out that I'm allergic to almonds, which are an ingredient in all Larabars. Are there any other compliant bars that I can buy, or can anyone suggest a compliant recipe? I'd almost rather buy them, so that I only have a limited number on hand and am not tempted by a pan of them. I looked at every single bar I could find today and they all had sugar in them, usually as the first ingredient! I did see in another thread that Epic bars are ok, but they're painfully salty for me and it's the carbs that I need. I also looked at RXBars, which were also mentioned, but they all had sugar (by any other name). Any suggestions would be very much appreciated! <3
  22. ShaunaWhole30

    There's Just One Hitch...

    Brand spanking new to Whole30 and couldn't be more excited to start this new adventure! However, I have a wee snag and could use all the advice I can get my eyes on! I work out of town and reside in a camp when I'm on shift. Before I fly up, I pack as many Paleo/Whole30 approved snacks and a couple of frozen homemade meals. However, while I'm in camp, my meals are prepared daily, I'm not allowed to leave the camp during my shift (so no grocery shopping), nor can I take leftovers for lunch the next day. The bright side is the camp does provide fresh raw veggies and fruit. My main concern is the protein. Because I have zero control of my meals, the quality of the ingredients, or their preparation, I fear I will not be successful on this adventure. Is anyone else in a similar position and have been successful on the program? Does anyone have suggestions on what I can do regarding my protein intake?
  23. I'm having trouble with sugar! I'm on day 7 and I have found myself turning to dates and nut butters when a sugar craving hits. I know this is a big no no, but I can't seem to break the habit or divert my attention! I feel like instead of having ice cream I'm just now turning to dates, nut butters, etc... Suggestions?? My sugar dragon is my main problem and I need to kick it FOR good! Help!!
  24. Trex0814


    What kind of snacks are good on the Whole30 program? I want to make sure that I have the minimal amount of snacks, but at the same time I would like to have them around constantly so I don't eat the foods that I am not supposed to eat. I am in the middle of reading the books and just trying to prep as much as possible. Here is my first weeks meal plan: the 1st line is breakfast, line 2 is lunch, line 3 is dinner, and the 4 line is snacks. Any suggestions???? Thanks! Donna
  25. I have a question regarding fueling for long distance runners... This is my first Whole30, and my goal is to get away from processed protein and fuel (*previous quest bar addict here) and reset my body. My typical day consists of a morning run between 5-9 miles at 4:30 AM (fasted) with varying degrees of intensity (at least 2 days a week are high intensity speed training) and either weight training/bikram yoga in the afternoon. Once a week I have a long run 14-20 miles. I eat breakfast immediately post run (typically and elk burger, 1/2 a sweet potato and broccoli or spinach). The issue is I am starving by 11am and have been having an epic bar almost every day (I know no snacks, but I'm dizzy by this point). I work full time and have two toddlers so lunch is whatever leftover meat I have and salad or veggies. I don't have a lunch break so this is typically a fairly small meal. Again, by 3:00pm I'm starving and eat a pre-workout snack of tuna, chicken and veggies. Post afternoon training is dinner, which is normally elk, antelope or chicken with sweet potato and assorted veggies in coconut oil. After I've put the toddlers to bed by 8, I'm starving again and seriously craving a banana and with raw almond butter. Because I'm doing a fasted run in the morning is it ok to eat at night? I feel like I can't sleep I'm so hungry. I feel like my stomach can't handle any more food at "meal" times but I know I'm calorie deficient. As a distance runner I'm fairly lean (avg about 13%bf in training) and don't want to lose any weight that would compromise my health, lead to injury etc. So is it ok to add snacks that are Whole30 compliant?!