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Found 3 results

  1. So I started today - A first timer on Whole 30. Might not have been the best planning I've ever done, lol. Went to bed last night with a headache that is pounding this morning. Have very limited Whole 30 approved food in the house (enough for today, but I have to get creative with the fats until I have time to clarify some butter) but grocery shopping is the plan for post work day - I'll make a good shopping list starting with the Whole 30 printout at lunchtime. ABOUT ME: Menopausal middle age woman, overweight and activity limited - but trying to address the activity thing, right now working up to 10,000 steps. Stopped smoking - cold turkey a year ago, and put on about 25 pounds since stopping. Arthritic type flare ups and a host of other inflammatory type symptoms led me here. I'm 'allergic' to eggs (supposedly, as my childhood DR. had me eliminate them from my diet when it looked like they could be problematic to me and my father IS allergic to them, but I've never been tested, nor do they smell or taste like 'food' to me so my only exposure to eggs is as an ingredient with lots of other things. WORRY: My food habits do not seem to be similar to most in the Whole 30, so I'm afraid it won't be as much help to me and not sure what to expect over the 30 days. Sugary sweets are just not my weakness (i don't think I've even had ice cream in 10+ years and I've never missed it) - as a matter of fact, when I bake cookies or make fudge (usually for family at holidays) my body sends me a clear signal to stop and not over eat them. I drink my coffee black, prefer carbonated water to a diet soda, and would choose fresh ripe pineapple or cantaloupe over that cookie 9 times out of 10. MY WEAKNESSES, I think, are salty, starchy, cheesy and breads. And a meal that doesn't contain grain food, or starch like potatoes, or at least legumes has never really made me feel "FULL" MY OTHER BIG WORRY: Veggies. How to eat enough veggies when I just despise 'BITTER' taste. I mean this goes beyond 'I don't like' (i.e. I don't like blueberries. I can and will eat them, I just don't care for them.) But lots and lots of veggies have what I think of as this 'BITTER' taste and I literally get dry heaves when I taste a dish that has a lot of, say, green pepper because it tastes, to me, like BITTER poisonous garbage. This BITTER taste seems to overwhelm all other tastes in a dish. Cheese can almost sometimes tame bitter taste to something almost palatable, but no cheese on Whole 30. I mean I can imagine eating 7 meals a week with the veggies that don't taste like that to me (tomato, onion, broccoli, carrots, cooked spinach, iceberg lettuce) but that isn't a very varied diet, and I'm worried it won't satisfy when it is 21 meals a week for which I need to eat a good serving of veggies. With omelettes being on the eggy no-no list for me, I figure I'm going to need to make a lot of hash/soup/stews to get those veggies without torturing myself or inducing dry heaves by including the 'bitters' into my diet. Therefore, breakfast is my biggest worry for including enough veggies, honestly. I don't dare allow myself white potatoes on the Whole 30 because it is a unhealthy eating 'trigger' for me, like a sugar treat or mock ice cream might be for others. HOPEFUL: Aside from a couple of Arthritic flare ups recently, my inflammatory symptoms are just unpleasant, not yet life altering. But they get more and more unpleasant as the days go by and I'd like to nip them in the bud, get healthier, and lose some of these extra pounds. From what I've read, I think the Whole 30 has a good chance of getting me there. I'm doing Whole 30 solo, but given my personality, I think that will be just fine, I just wish to find more folks like me (salt/starch weakness, sugar indifferent) to find out what I might expect. Thanks for reading, - this is kind of an accountability post to me, a post to keep me honest. Good luck and I'll probably update this post for my own benefit as time goes on.
  2. Hi Everyone, This is Day 4 of my first official Whole30! So far, so good, but I'm curious to know if anyone has any tips for avoiding temptation in a household where I'm the only one doing the challenge. Husband and kiddos eat healthy, but not fully paleo. Basically, on the nights that I cook dinner I'm making a meal for me and a separate one for everyone else. I've managed to swing it so that it's complimentary so far (e.g. I'll make Whole30 approved meat sauce and pasta for everyone else and zucchini noodles for me.); however, it's only Day 4 and I can see that this could start to get a little exhausting. Is anyone else in the same situation? If so, any tips or advice? Thanks in advance! -Keegan P.S. I am loving the daily emails! They are spot on with what I've been feeling/craving. Nice way to start each day.
  3. Starting May 1st!

    Hey everyone, I'm gearing up to start my first Whole30 in May and I'm super excited! The end of April marks one year since I broke my leg (fibula.) I let my injury sidetrack my eating and basked in my self pity by eating whatever I wanted under the guise that it was easier and I couldn't cook for myself anyway so why not? I was walking without crutches by 2 months and without a boot by 4 months but I was still in self-pity mode. Over the course of a year I gained about 20 pounds and recently started waking up my boyfriend with my new habit of snoring. I suffer from seasonal allergies, significant joint pain in my knees (since Jr. High) and almost constant brain fog. Based on what I've been reading, Whole30 might just be the thing I need! I have experience with going paleo, but I've never gone this strict. I've always made an exception for alcohol and dairy because I didn't think they'd be big problems. I'm dreading giving up dairy because I love cheese on pretty much everything and half and half in my morning coffee. My boyfriend will not be participating with me, but he's very supportive of my choices and will do his best to keep me on track when I feel like giving up. He eats whatever I put in front of him and when he cooks he's very mindful of my food options. I have two friends who will be doing the Whole30 with me. We'll serve as each other's direct support group and share ideas and struggles with one another. I'm looking forward to seeing how this affects each of us and our friendship as we set out on this together. I look forward to talking to more Whole30ers. Thanks! Katherine