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Found 28 results

  1. Last night I played around with some recipes I found online and whipped together my own compliant Thai Coconut chicken Soup. So good and fast and easy (and had leftovers), figured I'd share. My partner isn't doing W30, so I put some rice noodles in his bowl first and just ladled soup over it to soften them. 1 red pepper, cut into strips 1 container mushrooms, sliced 1 onion sliced into half moons (could also add shredded carrots, snap peas in too for more veg and would be good) 6 cups broth 1.5 cans coconut milk 2 tbsp grated ginger 2-4 split lemongrass stalks .25 cup compliant fish sauce 3 tsp (or more/less to your taste) compliant thai red curry paste 1-2 limes of lime juice 2-4 chix breasts cut into cubes (we used 4 split breasts) - but can use shrimp too. 3 scallions, sliced Lightly saute pepper, mushrooms and onions in a tbsp or so of EVOO/coconut oil over medium heat. When they've softened a bit but aren't limp, Add in broth, coconut milk, grated ginger, lemongrass, and fish sauce. Let cook together a few minutes, then add curry paste. Bring to boil and then return to a simmer for about 10 minutes. If using chicken, add in chicken chunks and cook for another 5-10 to cook through, then juice 1 lime into the soup. Taste, add salt or more curry paste if desired. Ladle into bowls (avoiding lemongrass - I leave it in the pot to continue to flavor soup for leftovers, but you could pull it out when you're ready to serve) and top with scallions - I put another bowl of cut limes on the table. So easy!
  2. Bellmaestra

    Pumpkin Curry Soup

    I made a Pumpkin Curry Soup today that was really tasty. I used a small pie pumpkin, and the texture was so lovely; it was much nicer than butternut squash and/or sweet potato. Cut a small "pie" pumpkin in half, scoop out the seeds and fibers, put cut side down on a sheet pan, and roast at 375F for about an hour. Let cool and scoop out flesh. In a large saucepan, saute an onion in ghee, and add some curry, cumin, garlic, cayenne pepper, salt, and other spices you like, such as cinnamon. Add about 3-4 cups of homemade chicken stock, the pumpkin, and a can (or tera-pack) of coconut milk, and mash together. Add some browned ground beef if you like, or you could add some chicken, or use veggie stock and leave out the protein for a vegan dish. Heat and serve When I make butternut or sweet potato soup, I usually whirl in the blender, but this was so silky and heavenly, mashing it was enough, And canned pumpkin (NOT pie filling) could substitute for the fresh pumpkin. Stephanie
  3. I'm restarting my whole30. sometimes work is so crazy, I just want to grab a can of soup from my desk & heat it up, especially those days when I didn't get to cook & bring nice leftovers in. But I'm having a lot of trouble trying to find a soup that is Whole 30 (for this month) or Paleo (when I finish this Whole30) compliant. I live in Houston, so have a lot of supermarket choices or can order from Amazon. thanks!
  4. I made this amazing soup over the weekend ( with olive oil and coconut milk, so it's totally compliant (and flippin' delicious). But even though this is my 3rd or 4th Whole30, I'm totally at a loss as to what to eat with it on the side for dinner tonight. I ate it for lunch the other day, so I didn't really need a side. Thanks, all!
  5. CateL

    Curry chicken soup

    I am so over eating the same foods ( not eating eggs makes it even worse) so I came up with a new recipe. Cooked up some garlic and onions and chicken breast in olive oil in a big saucepan. Added a heap of veggies, some pre-cooked like eggplant and green beans. Added water, stock, and chilli powder and curry powder to taste. Surprisingly tasty!
  6. CinderHeather

    Soup vs. Smoothies

    So, I have a question. I'm contemplating another Whole30. I know that while the smoothies I love are technically compliant, I shouldn't have them, because of the drinking the food thing. So, why are pureed soups okay? It's the same consistency as a smoothie, just eaten with a spoon instead of sipped. If I make a smoothie bowl, and eat that with a spoon, would that be more acceptable? (I'm not being argumentative, I'm genuinely curious.)
  7. Getting ready to start the program with my husband and daughter. I don't have much of an appetite in the morning and don't like eggs so was very disappointed to read my green smoothie is not recommended. I am underweight so don't care about losing weight. My smoothie is mostly baby kale & spinach greens with W30 approved coconut milk and about a half cup of frozen fruit mix (peaches, strawberries, etc..). with flax & chia for omega3 and fiber. I've always felt it is a nutritious way to start the day since I'm not hungry enough for a meal. In reading through the recipes on this website,, I ran across the 'Green Goddess Soup' which is basically pureed veges. Here is the last instruction: PUREE soup with an immersion blender or in a blender or food processor until frothy and smooth. I don't understand how this is approved yet a green smoothie is not.
  8. WildChildGoneGood

    Split Pea Soup - Can I make it?

    I tried to search this forum before asking... but is homemade split pea soup Whole 30 compliant? I know sugar snap and snow peas are okay - I've already done a round of W30 (in June), but am ready to start another round. I love split pea soup and I know I can make it with compliant chicken broth (that I make myself), so really the peas are the question. Where does this land in the W30 can I have it category? Thanks! Beki
  9. Go figure, I have a cold. It was pretty bad yesterday (day 2) and I kept waking up in the middle of the night to cough my heart out. My whole life I usually get a cold in the springtime, but this one is especially hard because I cannot just go and cook up a can of Chicken Noodle Soup. Today's email let me know that it is common to get sick in the first week, but that does not make life any easier. Does anyone have any advice during this time? What kind of cold remedies worked for you (Whole 30 approved)? Thank you!
  10. shoshwh

    Pressure Canning Bone Broth

    Does anyone know if it works to pressure can bone broth? From a food saftey perspective I know it is fine, but the question is will the broth lose its healing properties if it is cooked at 240 for up to 90 minutes. Specifically, I am wondering if the gelatin will degrade enough to no longer be beneficial and if the broth will end up tasting thin, Thanks!
  11. I start my first Whole30 tomorrow, and while I've had a lot of luck finding great recipes for the slow-cooker, I've had less luck with soups. In the winter, soup is my FAVORITE. So, if you have any ideas, please let me know!
  12. Tessina

    couple questions

    I have been using a George Forman grill to cook my patties, should I instead be frying it in olive oil? I'm working ot make my body burn fat, but I've been stupidly draining off the fat I am supposed to be eating haven't I? Also.. soup.. due to budget constraints I dropped to 1lb of Ground beef in my soup, should I add olive oil to my soups? And currently consists of GB, half a green cabbage (red cabbage too expensive >.<), 4 to 5 small/med russet potatoes diced, 1 can of petite diced tomatoes - no salt added, and spices. While it filled up my crockpot I feel something is missing that it isn't balanced. Am I just over thinking things?
  13. DurhamDoesPaleo

    Zucchini Soup - Hot or Cold

    I've made this Grant Achatz zucchini soup three times, and had to visit it one more time to verify it's Whole30/Paleo appropriate... and it is! Just replace the butter with clarified butter or ghee. I'm so excited to use the last of my farmers' market zucchini on this recipe one last time. I love it hot, even in the summer, but every once in a while, cold hits the spot. I keep the batch in the fridge and portion it out so I can decide whether I want it hot or cold. I hope you enjoy it!
  14. I ate some Vegetable Soup at Souper Salad. The ingredients list included all Whole30 vegetables plus "seasoning". I figured that was spices and such. I looked at the nutrition facts and a bowl of the soup has 2 grams of sugar. I called and they said they have a small amount of sugar in their seasoning base. Should I start over? I'm on Day 11 and I've done awesome until this soup.
  15. jeluca

    Bone Broth

    Hi There, I'm getting organised and am making the bone broth. I asked the butcher for soup bones and he gave me lamb shanks all cut up (with quite a bit of meat still on them). Anyway, I have all the ingredients in my 5.5 litre slow cooker and not surprisingly it is full to the brim (5.5 litres is equal to 5 quarts) Just wondering how long it should take to reach a boil? It has been sitting there on high for about 2.5 hours now, it seems to be almost boiling but that seems like a long time. Also, I'm not sure if I have the right type of bones. Thanks Jane
  16. kb0426

    Cauliflower Soup

    I adore Melissa Joulwan's Golden Cauliflower Soup. The challenge, however, is that I don't always have beef broth on hand. I won't buy any in the store; I have become a snob. Here is her recipe in case you are interested. So, when I recently came across this recipe that uses very few ingredients and just plain water, I had to give it a try. I am so glad I did! All you need is olive oil (go for coconut if you prefer), onion, cauliflower, salt and pepper and time to make it. I plan on bubbling up another batch this weekend, and will likely make it a double. It is SO good and simple! Enjoy!
  17. NewStart2014

    Whole 30 Seafood/Chicken Laksa?

    Hi all, I'm just wondering if anyone would have a recipe for Seafood/Chicken laksa they would be willing to share? thanks
  18. Yum! I made this soup tonight: http://kitchenconfid...ato-soup-recipe My changes: I skipped the curry powder (so not a fan) Added about 1/4 cup coconut milk for a little more creeeeeeaminess and mouth feel. If you use a traditional blender, please put a towel over the top and vent it slightly. There, that is my disclaimer so you don't sue me for a green ceiling. I am enjoying a cup right now while I wait for my chicken wings to finish cooking! Mmmm this is going to be so good with breakfast tomorrow . If you are new to the whole30 - this is not your whole meal! Make sure you get some protein in your belly too!
  19. kb0426

    Chowder, anyone?

    So I suppose if you grew up on New England Clam Chowder, or Rhode Island Clam Chowder or even Manhattan Clam Chowder, you would argue with me that this is not a proper recipe for chowder. First of all, there are no clams. Before I give you the link I am going to tell you what I subbed/removed so that you don't have to scurry back from the recipe and tell me it is not compliant. I figured that out and made the approriate changes. I used no corn. I used sweet potato instead of white potato. I used homemade chicken stock instead of wine. I used coconut milk instead of milk. http://cookingweeken...l-chowder.html# I am looking forward to making my coworkers jealous next week with this bowl full of goodness for lunch! Enjoy!
  20. Wynne Jones

    Caribbean Seafood Stew

    In my email for Day 25 I got a link to the most magical soup ever. It made me so happy! Soup usually doesn't fill me up enough, but this was rich and satisfying. I made mine with shrimp and pollack, and the only change I made was to add half a cup of vegetable stock since I let the coconut milk simmer a bit too long and I thought it needed more liquid. YUM!
  21. Clare Dunn


    I am feeling in need of some warming winter goodness, but my mind has gone blank on recipes! Please can you spam me with your best soup ideas! I have a crock pot & a normal food processor but nothing fancy like a Vitamix. Thanks.
  22. I just got diagnosed with a nasty sinus infection and I'm one of those people who tackles too much at once so I don't have a lot of time to cook. But my doctor highly recommended that I eat soup and also gave me a very strong antibiotic. By the time I get home from work I only have about an hour before I have to be out the door for play practice, so I'm wondering if there is a SOUP that I could pick up on my way home that is Whole 30 friendly? My original plan was going to be to cook a chicken breast, add it to chicken broth with carrots, onions and parsley--but like I said, I'm concerned about time making it. So... any suggestions on this would be super helpful. Girl wants to get better fast. Thanks ahead of time!
  23. Meg Hamilton

    Ideas for Leek Soup?

    I just got a wild hair to make yet ANOTHER pot of soup! I swear I make soup every week! I remember a friend made a delicious potato-leek soup and may want to replicate something similar. Any ideas? My first thought is to use parsnips instead of potatoes. Next idea, just make a green soup (celery, onion, leek, spinach?) and then add some puréed cauliflower for the creamy feel.
  24. Simone

    Soup for breakfast?

    Okay, I understand the smoothie-point, but how about soup? Can I have a homemade chunky vegetable soup as a sensible meal or not?
  25. Rachael2288

    Kale & Spicy Sausage Soup!

    I made a homemade, really yummy soup the other night. If you like the sound of the title check it out on my blog! http://freckledfoodi...-sausage-soup-i Enjoy