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Found 126 results

  1. Lenten Whole30 2/14-4/1

    Hi All! I have tried and have not fully completed a Whole30. For Lent, I am only allowing myself to watch TV for 2 hours a day. With my extra time, I will spend time in the kitchen and bettering my health inside and out. I will have 30 days of Whole30 and 10 days of reintroduction. I will be going along with the Day by Day book and reading It Starts with Food and Food Freedom. Anyone else starting on Feb 14? Looking forward to a rewarding experience!
  2. Hi all - whole 30 neophyte here. I'm really looking forward to my first whole 30 journey, but I don't want to set myself up for failure, so I am really taking this planning and preparation stage seriously. Here's the deal. I have an ear infection. I was diagnosed a day or two after Christmas, and have been through my first round of antibiotics. Looks like I'm headed back to the doctor because I am feeling crappy again. I'm working slowly on getting the pantry cleaned out and starting to do some meal planning, but I still haven't picked a day to start. Should I wait until I'm better from this ear infection? Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere...I promise I did try to find it... embeesea
  3. New here...I will start on December 1st. I will start no sugar today because mentally, I am just ready. I have been a sugar addict for years and I have recently discovered that I am definitely sensitive to milk products. I tried Paleo a few years ago, as prescribed by my doctor, but I just didn't keep up on it, especially after I had met my soon to be ex-husband. He never wanted me to be healthy (he definitely wasn't) and It was so hard to fight for that. I have decided that now being in a safe place, I am going to break free from not just the bondage he and sugar had me under, but to finally take control and stop making excuses. I am ready to slay the sugar dragon and move forward. A friend of mine did the Whole30 for 100 days and has made it a lifestyle to help her kiddos and they did it as a family and saw drastic changes. I'm ready to make the drastic change for my body. I'm nearly 300 pounds, biggest I've ever been and I use to be healthy and an athlete, till college and a back injury. Just sick and tired of being sick and tired. I have goals and dreams and my body isn't going to be the result of those things unanswered. I'm ready to do this!
  4. Whole30 New Start 11/12/17

    Hello Community, I am Savannah B. I am in Orlando FL getting ready to start the Whole 30 for the first time. I heard about the Whole 30 program via Melissa's interview on the mindbodygreen podcast and I was hooked. I've looked over the website a bit and finally decided this past week to buy the book and do the program. I am doing this because I want more energy. I am training to run (another) half marathon in January and I hope after that to train to run (another) full marathon in Sep/Oct of next year. I know that with my previous races a lack of any kind of responsible nutritional program slowed me down and caused a lot of unnecessary pain during training and the race. I want to improve my performance but I also want to just improve my life. I believe, wholeheartedly, that food is where it starts. What we put into our bodies affects what we get out of them, and I think that by doing the Whole 30 and reseting myself nutritionally I can positively impact other areas of my life that are lacking because of poor input. I am excited to get started and get prepped and I am looking forward to engaging with this community as I go on. I welcome your support and encouragement. xoxo SB
  5. Starting July 16

    Anyone else with me?
  6. Hi, I am doing a reset on my Whole 30 starting today. Even though I made it 19 days the last time before I realized that I hadn't been reading labels closely enough, I am still a little nervous about falling off the wagon this time.
  7. Hey everyone, I'm going to start the Whole 30 on 6/4 after my vacation. I've already got my first weeks meal plan set up, so I'm pretty excited. I'm not new to eating real food, but I very much fell off of the wagon a few months ago and it seems like my junk food cravings are here with a vengeance this time. So I want to do the Whole 30 with no cheat days to try and kill the cravings and bad habits. I've also got dry eyes, dry skin, inflammation in general, lack of energy, and a bit of depression that I'd like to see improve. If anyone would like to buddy up and exchange emails to help each other get through those tough times let me know! I'm excited to be here, looks like a really supportive forum!
  8. Start Date Dilemma

    Hi all! I'm new here. I've been reading the Whole30 book and wanted to start Monday (5/8) however we had an insane weekend of parties and events and didn't have time to meal plan or shop. I purchased a subscription to the meal planning website that is suggested and have a plan set on there. I want to start today but I still haven't been able to shop. The trouble is that I have two small kids and going on a weekday means having to bring them both which is pretty distracting. I have had a compliant breakfast and lunch with food I already had in the house. I am hoping to make it to the store by dinner though my kids have decided to take opposite naps so that's not looking too promising. My dilemma is this... I'm feeling pretty rushed and a bit overwhelmed with trying to shop and prep today and would probably be much better prepared if I shopped over the weekend and did a full prep. The biggest problem is that I have a trip on June 10th to go out of town for a baby shower so I was hoping to be in reintroduction phase by then in case there is something served at the shower that is not on plan but could be part of reintroduction. I know I'll have no control over the shower food. My friend mentioned it is family style Italian food. What would you ladies and gents do? I haven't given up on starting today just yet. I'm staying compliant until I decide one way or the other. I know my other option would probably be to start when I get back from the shower but I really don't want to wait that long. I'm so ready to change my habits and feel better! Thanks!
  9. Good morning, I'm starting my second Whole30 today and I was hoping to find others also starting today? I think that a larger support group will help me this time around! If this is your first, second or more Whole30 please join me Day 1! Thank you,
  10. Starting March 12th

    Looking forward to starting March 12th. Nervous and excited.
  11. Starting March 12th

    Looking forward to starting March 12th. Nervous and excited.
  12. Hello, I'm in the planning stages of getting ready for my first go at the Whole30. I've done my if/then lists and made my intentions clear to my spouse. I'm currently working on the meal plan and I was super confident until now! Now I'm terrified! I don't have a lot of cooking skills and as I put together my meal plan, based on the whole30 recipes in the book and our own regular fruits/veggies/meats, I'm realizing this is going to be a lot of work and will require a lot of planning and prep all throughout. So any tips and pointers would be greatly appreciated in regards to meal planning. Also, I'm pretty active. I workout 5-6 days/week for 60-75 minutes. I'm training for a half marathon (May), Spartan races (July & September), and a few other runs. I want to make sure I'm still fueled well through this process. Any pointers on foods to include in my plan? I'm looking at starting either this weekend, Feb 12, or next, Feb 19. Thanks in advance! Brandy
  13. Hi I'm Katie Muller! I'm 23 years old and I just recently (3 months ago) had a beautiful baby boy! I've always struggled with my weight and my bad habits but it wasn't until I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes while pregnant that I realized how bad those habit really were! You know the ones I'm talking about eating all the sugar and fats in sight! Not to mention feeling so un-engergetic that I did not want to excerise make that I do not want to exercise! I feel like having my son has made me realize that I don't want to feel this way anymore I want to be able to play and keep up with him once he's mobile! I want to be the best I can for him! So for me the Whole30 is hopefully going to break those bad habits and hopefully give me the engery I need to be happy and health for my son and for any future children I may have! So on Saturday January 21st 2017 I am going to start this journey to change the way I see food and break those unhealthy habits and change my life for the better!
  14. Hello - starting my whole 30 tomorrow, would be great to hear from anyone else in the UK starting same time. Happy also to hear from non-UK but will be more difficult to share supermarket/brands tips!
  15. I have been gluten and sugar free in the past, made it nearly a year and felt great! I lost 40 pounds but that was minor compared to how I felt. Then I made a few poor choices which in turn led me to making lots more poor choices and a year later, here I am. I have gained back the 40 pounds I lost plus a lot more, all of my fibromyalgia pain has returned and worsened, I feel like crap all of the time...and I am tired of it. I am in my mid-40's and still have young children at home (youngest is 5), and I want to feel better and BE better for my kids! I used to love the way I felt, and I want that back. I have the makings of chicken bone broth in the crock pot simmering right now, I have begun my Whole30 shopping list, and I am truly excited to start this new journey!
  16. Change in Plan

    My name is Tiff, I am 24 years old and from Californa. I am starting the 15th of this month. I need to do something like this to do a reset. I have been getting a lot of health problems like sleep and blood issues as well as some secondary PTSD due to some family problems. I want to get these under control and find a way to become healthier without doing a crazy diet. I like food too much to do things like count calories or to cut out meals. Just looking for a group that would keep me going and hold me accountable to sticking to the 30 days.
  17. I'm new and this is my first post. I'm debating on a start date. I was going to jump right in tomorrow, but I'm traveling out of state for a week this Thursday and I'm not sure tomorrow is such a great idea. I will be at the mercy of others, as far as meals go, and will be helping with the care of my elderly mother. I am "semi-retired" now and when I'm home, I'm completely in charge of my meals/meal planning. I also thought about following the program as best I can while I'm gone, but not declaring an "official" start date until I get back. What do you think? I really want to get to the bottom of my digestive issues and really don't want to put things off for another two weeks. I haven't done the program before because I refused to give up dairy for 30 days! I'm trying to be a big girl now and have accepted the possibility that dairy just might be the problem!
  18. Day 1-October 14!

    My husband and I started Whole 30 today! Made some Whole 30 Chili-yum!
  19. October 15 Start Date

    Hi All! I am starting my first Whole30 tomorrow, Oct 15, and am both excited and terrified! My "freshman 15" hit me in grad school thanks to 5 years of comfort eating/drinking and nothing seems to be budging it now that I'm in my early 30s Overall, my health feels like it could be a lot better and I really want to change my emotional relationship to food! This is gonna be tough, as I work a high stress job and just moved to a new city so will be learning how to cope with everything in new ways! I appreciate any advice, support, or encouragement you all have
  20. Starting 1st W30 October 12

    Hi. I'm Kay and I'm starting my first Whole 30 today, Wednesday, 10/12/16. Hubby and I arrived home here in Florida on Monday after being up north all summer and I grocery shopped yesterday so I feel I'm prepared. I love to cook so that's no issue. I also love vegetables so good there. I'm happy to have found the forums for support and guidance. Wish me strength and perseverance :-)
  21. Starting 1st W30 Oct 10!

    Hello! My name is Hilary, and In will be starting my first Whole30 on October 10 2016. I have ben struggling with extra weight that may be connected to underlying medical issues... I read "It Starts With Food" and later The Whole30 book and something clicked. I love cooking, and am thrilled that the W30 aligns with my general approach to food - eat seasonally/organically and locally when possible. Happily prepping and planning until I get started on the 10th!
  22. I'm Ashley, a 26 year old female from Toronto, Canada. I am so excited to finally be committing to my first Whole30 challenge for the month of September beginning on the first. I am hoping to normalize my digestive system and have a better handle on my health and nutrition in general. Looking forward to supporting and being supported in these forums!
  23. Can't decide on a date

    My 40th bday is in a week and a half. I've got a trip to NYC and a trip to San Francisco between now and then. Two of the girls in my office are starting w30 tomorrow, so I want to start, but I'm worried I should wait until after my bday. The good news is my travel companions are healthy people and will understand if I start now. thoughts?
  24. I've read the Whole 30 and am really anxious to get started. I read everything about picking a start date that will work with your schedule and projecting out 30 days to see what's happening. My issue/ question is: I very much want to start tomorrow (my daughter's birthday, which is meaningful to me) but because I have an extended work trip coming up immediately after the 30 days (I'll be in Chicago at a trade show for 12 days with lots of group dinners), I feel like I won't be able to do the reintroduction properly. Between working long hours at a show with catered sandwiches and group dinners out, I know that the challenge might be too great for that long of a time period. However, I really want to feel the benefits of increased energy as I gear up for the show which is why I want to get started now. So here's my question: do I start it knowing I won't be able to do the reintroduction properly, and then do another immediately following, or should I simply wait until everything is done? I know there's never a "perfect" time. For reference, I'm generally a pretty healthy eater and completed a similar challenge last year (14 Four)... however bad habits of sugar and grains have crept back into my diet and my body is not happy. But I get the basics of it and have done well when I strive to eat meals in compliance. Thoughts???
  25. Getting acquainted...

    I was just introduced to this program this morning by my naturopath and I am very excited to get started! So much information on this site, but I have purchased a couple of the books and am enjoying reading all of the questions and comments. I am looking forward to starting my Whole30 next week! Start date 8/14/2016!