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Found 10 results

  1. I am planning on starting my whole30 journey Monday October 3rd and would love to start a group consisting of likeminded individuals looking to uplift and motivate one another. I need as much help as I can get!
  2. I am in my mid 20s and looking to do this for a nice reset on my system! Want to be more aware of food and what I put in my body. So excited to start this but kind of nervous to! I can do it though. I won’t fail!!!
  3. Sweeden17

    Starting the Whole30 on 7/23

    I don't have much to say other than I'm going to start this coming Monday! I'm more apprehensive than excited in this moment. But I've got my day by day book and hopefully you all to support me! Thinking about using my Instagram (which has gone completely unused) to take pictures of what I eat. What do you think? Any hashtags I should especially use? Besides #whole30
  4. Hello! i am Jasmyn, and today I begin my Whole30 journey! I foresee struggles, and achievements, but most notably, I foresee change and growth. Please help hold me accountable on my solo journey it’s tough for friends and family to get it, so I may need your support. Thanks and here we go!
  5. lovelylivvv

    August 21st Start Date

    Hi, I am starting Whole30 next Monday, August 21st. I have my last beach trip planned for the summer this weekend, then it's time to get serious! I'd love to meet & chat with people starting that day as well and hopefully stay connected throughout our 30 days. Anyone else starting next Monday?
  6. Hey everyone! I stumbled upon Whole30 and I'm looking forward to starting my journey to physical and mental wellness September 5th. Why am I taking the dive into this? Well, after moving to the great state of Georgia last year, I have indulged in every southern fried delicacy you could imagine. So yeah... my body is not very happy with me! It's been a year long binge-eating wine-drinking marathon. Because of this, I've noticed a huge decline in my energy and a significant increase in my waistline. I briefly attempted a clean-eating stint when I was introduced to cross fit. Cross fit didn't stick with me but I remember how great I felt from eating clean. I'm hoping to get back to that point where the greasy fatty junk food makes me disgusted instead of salivate at the mouth. Plus, I'm getting married next year so now is the time. Any advice and words of encouragement would be greatly appreciated!
  7. Feeling inspired by feeling like sh*t at the end of a brutal summer. Lots of travel (yay), but also lots of crazy heat, ice cream, white wine, and poor choices. I'm lethargic and inflamed (like, skipping morning meditation and puh-leaze no way I'm doing yoga). Ain't nobody got time for such craptastic living, so here we go! Sending big high five out to all the others in the same wagon and on the same schedule. Can't wait to hear how it goes. Already dreaming of my morning coffee! ❤️
  8. Alicia C

    Start Date August 1, 2016

    Starting my first Whole30 on August 1, 2016. I have a couple of work buddies who are starting at the same time. We have the books and we have the motivation (different for each of us) and now we have each other. We'll keep you posted. Alicia
  9. So I hosted a party at my house last night (day 11). I did my best to prepare foods I would choose to eat. One item I was planning to make, my mom made for me. It was made with noncompliant mayo but there really wasn't any other choice. Other than one glass of wine and some mayo I did really well. I felt strong and wasn't white knuckling it the whole time. I felt some effects from my food choices this AM, but OK overall. I got right back on my Whole30 plan this morning with no problem. I do not plan to start over, I plan to continue. Has anyone else faced a social situation like this? A small serving of an off plan food/drink? What was your experience after? This has been such a life altering experience already, I am in this for the long haul. I feel like I made some choices and I am moving forward.
  10. Sarah_rose

    Starting October 1st!

    Hi I'm new and my name is Sarah! I'm big into being active and eating healthy. I am a long distance runner as well. Unfortunately I've had some crappy experiences with eating disorder on eni went to treatment for one, another sort would take over. I'm fighting bining right now and thinking this non processed style of eating is worth a try! My body could use a good reset! I'm nervous because I do run a lot and this will be very low carb especially to what I am use to but if am excited for the challenge!