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Found 7 results

  1. Hi! I am at the VERY END (Day 29!!) of my second Whole 30 and started to plan my reintroduction schedule. I was looking at the reactions one is supposed to have when they are reevaluating food and realized that I had about 4 of them 3 days ago when I had dinner. My friends and I cooked up some steak (and veggies) and I ate the whole thing. ITS SO GOOD. I also had made myself a nice hamburger patty the night that's some more red meat... However, afterwards I felt the usual "I'm so full" feeling, probably bloating. And that night I couldn't sleep. And the next day and day after I had intestinal cramps. And I got a PIMPLE. First I really really wanted to make sure I didn't screw up my Whole30. I've been so good and technically, it was just meat and we didn't put anything on it except for salt. Secondly, it seems as if I might be adverse to red meat, or at least steak. I know now not to eat it, and I probably won't. And in my "other life" I didn't really eat steak except for special occasions. So I won't eat it anymore, but do you think I should just cut out all red meat? Any help is MUCH appreciated. Especially if you think I screwed up my Whole30. I really did this so I could do the reintroduction and I Hope I didn't mess anything up.
  2. Favorite Steak Rubs

    What are your favorite steak rubs? I tried the rub in this link and it was delish! I used NY Strip steaks, let them come rest at room temperature in plastic wrap coated in the rub for 30 minutes, and the grilled on the stovetop. What rubs do you like?
  3. Hi all, I thought I'd share my favorite easy weeknight dinner that I've had so far: chimichurri steak with vampire potatoes. A restaurant I like has "vampire fries" which are french fries covered with garlic and served with garlic aioli. I'm a big fan of garlic, so this has been a favorite of mine. So, instead of french fries, I cut up some red and golden potatoes, tossed them in olive oil and duck fat, and roasted them in a 375 degree oven for about 45 minutes, about 30 mins in I added finely minced garlic and then when they were finished I added fresh minced garlic (3 cloves total) and served it with homemade garlic aioli. This preparation would work with any roasted vegetables. Chimichurri steak: Blend 1 bunch cilantro, 1 clove garlic, 1 jalepeno and the juice of one lime. Marinade flank steak in it for 2-24 hours. Cook flank steak under the broiler for 5 mins each side. Let rest for 5 mins then slice against the grain. The steak under the broiler is one of the easiest ways I've found to cook steak.
  4. a dinner just got set tomorrow with a client at a steak house and while i thought i would be ok, i'm now panicking. WHAT DO I ORDER?? what do i tell the waiter, what do i need to be specific about? help!!!!
  5. Brazilian Steak House

    Can I go to a Brazilian steak house and eat ALL I can of meat? No bread, no potato salad, no fried banana... Only beef! As much as I can? It should be okay, right?
  6. Mocha Staek Recipe in ISWF

    Hi All, I am missing my copy of ISWF and I am looking to make the Mocha Steak recipe (I think that is what it is called) that is posted in the recipe section of the book. I was wondering if someone could post the recipe or perhaps provide a link to it. Just got a bunch of grass fed beef and I wanted to cook a special meal for my BF. Thanks!
  7. What do you do to make your steaks yummy?