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Found 18 results

  1. Hello, I completed my whole30 about 2 weeks ago and felt incredible for maybe the first time in my life. The first thing I reintroduced was dairy and while I didn't have any immediately noticeable side effects, about 24 hours later I had stomach cramps, bloating and diarrhea that lasted for about another day. It was enough to make me aware of the adverse reaction but only lasted about a day. After the negative reaction I went back to a whole30 diet for about a week and 3 days ago reintroduced gluten. Again there were no immediate effects but the next morning I had severe stomach pain that lasted well into the afternoon, diarrhea all day, and a headache at the base of my skull that was awful. I woke up this morning and the stomach pain is again terrible, still have frequent diarrhea and bloating, and the headache has persisted. The stomach pains are almost debilitating and it leads me to ask is this normal? The pain comes and goes but it is so severe that it makes it difficult to function. I generally have a very high pain tolerance and am not just being a cissy, lol. If this is a normal side effect is it common for it to be so severe nearly 3 days after ingesting the gluten? Are there any suggestions for alleviating the symptoms to get some relief? Any advice would be appreciated! Thank you!!
  2. Hi There, I am on Day 8 and have been sliding through with out much issue until Day 6 or 7. I had energy, I wasn't having crazy cravings. However now I'm having building stomach pain and issues. My stomach has been really hurting (like sharp pains) and I am definitely having some weird bowl movements - kind of like what others describe when your body isn't consuming the fat. I have some existing issues with mild to moderate IBS but this is way different/worse. I'm seeing some oil/floating in the bowl movements, urgent need to go and again a lot of stomach pains. If this doesn't stop I don't know how much longer I can force myself into eating this way. I also am feel so sick of meat and animal's really grossing me out which is weird because I'm very much a carnivore normally. What I'm eating: Breakfasts Chia pudding with blueberries and coconut milk Egg, two pieces bacon, cauli rice Avocado pesto, zoodles, egg Lunches Waldorf Salad with Avocado Mayo and Lettuce Cup Chipotle Salad Paleo Tandori Chicken, squash, spinach, sweet potato Dinner Lettuce wrap burgers Steak with a pepper relish and watercress side salad Paleo options on Sunbasket Taco meats with onion and pineapple on lettuce wrap, side salad with olive oil/vinegar Snacks/Beverages Sparkling water (always have consumed a lot) Nut milk latte or bullet proof coffee (occasional) RX Bars Paleo Jerkey Apple with cashew or walnut butter Pate Frozen Grapes Berries in Coconut Milk, Shredded Coconut A couple of notes: I am taking the calm drink and trying probiotics, trying to drink more water, did tea last night, I know I'm eating a fair amounts of nuts and cauliflower and those are irritants so I've laid of those some but that hasn't helped. I am feeling very much like my body needs some kind of non gluten grain to process all the fat. Please help!!!
  3. Hello all! I did the whole30 all of the month of September, with a couple of days of adding natural sugars and a couple glasses of wine. I've pretty much stayed away from all gluten, dairy, and processed anything. I'm now having some health issues and wondering if anyone else has experienced this, or has some advice. About 2 weeks ago I was told, after doing blood work, that my pancreatic levels were elevated. My symptoms are pain during and after eating, bloated, fatigued, painful abdomen above belly button. I had an ultrasound yesterday that checked my gallbladder for stones, and that came back as normal. I'm finding that eating small portions throughout the day is so helpful and really chewing my food, literally 30 times. Anyway, I felt it was important to see if anyone else has had similar issues. Otherwise, I had severe weight loss, over 22 pounds, and I'm already tiny, so I can't lose anymore. I love the idea of eating clean, but I'm wondering if I'm missing something. Thanks so much for taking the time to read this!
  4. I am on Day 11 of my first Whole30, along with my boyfriend. The first few days were really rough; prior to this my diet was definitely heavy with refined grains (pasta, white rice, etc) and included way too much sugar. I definitely had "carb flu" from Day 1-4 where I felt discomfort, but no pain. But then, starting about Day 5 I started to experience something odd--after certain meals, I started to experience sharp, knife-like pains that caused me to double over about 15-20 minutes after I began eating. The first time it happened I was eating a Sweetgreen salad (Day 5: romaine, Steelhead trout, almonds, sweet potato, apple, balsamic vinegar). The next time it happened was on Day 8, when I felt extremely nauseous and had stomach pain after eating a lettuce-wrapped beef burger with homemade mayo and raw onion. Up until this day I had been eating fruit and scrambled eggs for breakfast every day, usually a meat (pork, chicken, or beef) and roasted vegetables for lunch (lots of sweet potatoes, zucchini, squash, carrots), and typically meat or fish (pork, chicken, or salmon), potatoes (regular or sweet), and roasted vegetables cooked with ghee. During the day I would eat carrots or nuts if I got to the point between meals where I was starving (which happened more in the first week and slowed down). After the second day of pain, I cut out eggs to see if that helped. Day 9 I experienced the sharp pain after eating three handfulls of nuts, so I decided to cut out nuts for a few days. I still felt pain after eating the same Sweetgreen salad that day as above, minus the almonds and replacing the Steelhead with chicken), but for dinner that night I had salmon, mashed sweet potatoes, and broccoli and felt fine. On Day 10 I had fruit for breakfast, and beef ragu over butternut squash noodles for lunch; after about 15 bites I started to feel the sharp pains again and had to stop eating. A few hours later I still had residual pain but was able to eat some carrots. For dinner, I had some Dr. Praeger's spinach and potato dino nuggets (the ones for kids, but hell, I'd just gone to the dentist and half my face was numb--I was not up to going to go to the store to get more groceries and cook a full meal). From about Day 5-Day 11 I've also been extremely bloated, and have been having some pretty uncomfortable digestive issues (light colored, greasy bowel movements). My boyfriend has been eating virtually the same diet as me, but has not experienced any of these side effects. Now I'm trying to cut out nuts, eggs, and fatty meats to see if that helps, but as of today all I've eaten is some cherries, watermelon, and tea, and I'm still feeling some residual stomach pangs. I spoke with my mom yesterday, and she told me that apparently she's always had issues tolerating very fatty foods. Does anyone ave ANY idea what could be causing this? I would like to be able to keep pushing through, but honestly if I end up having to eliminate a bunch of things while ON an elimination diet I'm not sure I can do it. I've never had stomach issues like this before. I am also allergic to avocado and sensitive to bananas. HELP!
  5. Hi Everyone, This is my first whole 30 and I'm on Day 15 and ready to quit. For context, I have been a vegetarian for 9 years (no pork for 14 years). However, I started eating fish a few times a month for the last year and I have always eaten eggs for breakfast. Six months ago, I started having some stomach issues and so I decided to try Whole 30 this summer to rule out any foods that were exacerbating the issue. My first week flew by without a hitch. I am already pretty comfortable cooking/eating tons of vegetables so I felt great. Eating so much protein was a bit of a change, but since I'm just doing eggs and fish, which as I said, I've been eating for the past year, I felt fine. This past week has been awful though. I've had stomach pains, significant irregularity and exhaustion. I constantly feel bloated and look worse than I did before. My last stool even appeared reddish (I'm hoping it was the beets I ate a few days ago and not blood) and I am at a loss as to what to do. This is supposed to help me feel healthier, not sicker! I'm ready to go back to my quinoa bowls with roasted veggies with the occasional glass of wine! Has anyone experienced decline like this? Any suggestions on what to do for increased regularity and decreased bloating? Help!
  6. I have been living a pretty healthy post W30 lifestyle for the past 2-3 years. I have done 3 W30's in the past 3 years. In the past two years I have had chronic diarrhea and digestive pain, with it getting much worse in the past 3 months. I am working with two MD' in Kaiser and one outside of Kaiser, who uses a far more holistic approach -- even though the Kaiser Md is delightfully more progressive than most. My Kaiser MD referred me to a GI specialist after hearing my complaints and after blood work had a celiac test come back slightly elevated. The GI specialist wants to to a double oscipy (at least that's what I call it)....endoscopy with a biopsy of the small intestine, and a the same time, to rule out Collitis, Celiac Disease and Chrons Disease. My biggest concern of all of this, I have to eat gluten -- and from the sound of it, lots of it -- for the next 3 weeks. I already know that gluten causes me a bunch of discomfort (pain, bloating, digestive issues, emotional troubles and brain fog), but from what I understand, there is not a way to do these tests properly without doing so. I'm torn -- my holistic MD says I can also just forego the tests and the discomfort, OR I can have my insurance actually pay for something to properly and medically rule it out. Any feedback? Why would any of you do?? Thanks in advance!!
  7. Hi I have been on the Whole 30 for 23 days now and starting on Day 20 my breakfast has started to really upset my stomach. I REALLY like this breakfast so I've been having it for most of the time on the Whole30. Its in the cookbook: three eggs with salsa and an avocado. (and sometimes a banana) The last 3 days its REALLY made my stomach upset. I looked up FODMAPS and read up on it, but nothing else that seems to be a FODMAP has hurt my stomach. Its specifically this meal. Does anyone know why this would happen? Also, anyone have any other breakfast ideas? I think tomorrow I'll try an egg with mashed sweet potato. ..
  8. Severe Abdominal Pain

    Hi! My husband and I are almost done with our reintroduction process, tomorrow we reintroduce grains/gluten/wheat. Which means that almost 2 days ago, on Tuesday (it is Thursday night) we reintroduced dairy, and we did it to the nines. Now, 2 nights later, related or not I do not know, after eating dinner of hamburger, squash & green beans I am writhing with abdominal pain that is very new to me. If it's 'just gas' it doesn't feel like any other gas I've had before. Both times I've taken pepto bismol and have felt much better, but still not 100% within the hour. This pain is very similar to how I felt the entire day and night that we reintroduced non-gluten grains last week. Like I said, this is abnormal to me. I'm wondering if anyone else had similar reactions or could explain why this would come out of nowhere tonight. Also, just for reference, if after reintroduction you choose to have foods that have made me feel not that great, does it ever get better or should I expect for my body always to react so severely (which I understand is probably how it's supposed to react, the whole shin guard analogy, I get it.) Kate
  9. I'm on day 26 and I've been doing so well in regards to pain and Crohns symptoms. As of last night I had terrible stomach pain and it's been off and on all day today. I'm not eating many FODMAPS at all. Could this be just part of the healing process?
  10. So I did my first Whole40 back in October and instantly discovered a FODMAP issue, so I avoided those foods as much as I could to avoid the diarrhea, stomach pain and nausea that followed. Then I went travelling after my Whole40 was complete and took probiotics and digestive enzymes on a daily basis to help me digest the foods I would have to eat. This seemed to have worked relatively well, but I didn't like having to depend on supplements to eat. When I returned, I tried to return to a Whole30 diet and continued on the probiotics, but was terrible constipated (up to 6 days without a bm). I have stopped on the probiotics, but my stomach has returned to the flushing everything through me method as soon as I eat it, accompanied by more nausea and stomach pains. Along with avoiding FODMAPS, I've been finding that my stomach now cannot digest things like coconut milk, vinegars, almost all fruit, and the list goes on. Even if I eat the smallest amount of these foods, I can feel it just go right through me. It's like my body can't digest anything with even the remotest amount of sugar, carb or even too much oil. The past couple days I've been drinking a teaspoon of kombucha and it's literally jammed my insides and given so much pain. I just find it weird that all of these foods, even fodmap foods affect me, when they never have in the past. Has this happened to anyone else? Does anyone know what could be going on with my insides?
  11. Hi I am on Day 11, and I had this incredible lower abdominal pain, had to leave my class a couple of times, and run to the bathroom. Yuck! Am I detoxing? Gross!! I feel better now, but I don't feel like eating. I am just wondering if this is normal.
  12. Stomach Pain

    Hello! I am on day 3 of the whole 30 and am experiencing intervals of stomach pain. **Warning** Going to go into more detail about poop. OK- I warned you. So today I have had 2 loose stools. After the second one, I got a bad stomach ache. I know the book talks about how this program gets rid of "stomach bacteria" that live on sugar. Does anyone know if that could cause me to have stomach aches? Also, I haven't ate this much fruit/veggies in a lonnnnnggg time. I have ate processed foods and lots of sugary stuff for years. I think I am somewhat past the withdrawl stage. Had headaches yesterday, but nothing today. Generally feel OK today. Grumpy with spurts of happiness for the most part during the day, this evening I have been calm/fine. Is this normal? Is it possible for your body to have these kinds of reactions just from only eating whole foods? What an eye opener if so.
  13. Hello Everyone! I finished my first whole 30 on April 24 of this year and I've been battling digestive issues ever since. After my whole 30 ended I began reintroduction of grains and dairy in small amounts. Two weeks passed and I felt completely fine. Then suddenly I began getting extremely ill immediately after eating. At first I had severe pain in my upper middle abdomen, nausea, acid reflux, and vomiting for about three weeks. At one point I even went to urgent care because the pain was so severe I was afraid I had been poisoned or something. Now I'm experiencing bloating, cramps in the lover abdomen, and diarrhea. It doesn't matter what I eat. Everything is making me sick. I've been reading on here that other people have had similar experiences. I'm hoping that someone who has had this can tell me how long it took for your digestive system to get back on track? Any comments or suggestions are much appreciated. Thanks so much!
  14. After battling with gut problems for many years, increasing food allergies and sensitivities along with ever increasing weight, I stumbled across the W30 website while doing some research on the Paleo way of eating. As I sat there suffering terrible heartburn and acid reflux, I was struck with the 'tough love' section on the website and how much it resonated with me; that this program is not hard in the scheme of things. After previously making excuses as to why I couldn't possibly give up alcohol, or how hard it would be to be compliant 100% of the time, I went to bed feeling energised by the tough love and commenced the very next morning. I have been gluten free for many years and mainly dairy free (except for the odd bit of butter and cheese), knowing that both bothered me, in varying degrees depending on how much I consumed. I had also almost completely cut out sugar, having noticed the terrible blood sugar crashes I would get after eating it. So my food intake wasn't too dissimilar from the program, but I wasn't 100% strict all of the time. I started to notice changes around Day 3. The heart burn and acid reflux had gone completely. I realised how constant it had been as it was so noticeably absent. My stomach has been so sensitive for such a long time, that I had also got used to severe bloating, cramping and wind after eating. I could eat what I considered a safe meal and still suffer, without rhyme or reason I felt. Around Day 3 this also vanished. Heading into my 2nd week, I started to notice the significant changes to my energy levels. I hadn't really believed the website or Whole30 Daily emails about the abounding energy levels, but lo and behold, it happened to me. It even got to the point where I had so much energy I was bouncing around late into the evening and had to work hard at getting myself into bed at a reasonable hour. Yet even after those late nights, I would awake feeling refreshed and bursting with more energy. Midway through the 2nd week, I also noticed my skin was looking better. It wasn't looking bad before, but now it had a glow to it. I also noticed that patches of skin which have traditionally been very dry and required lots of moisturiser, now needed none. My clothes started to feel less tight and by the end of the W30 people were commenting that I looked great. Another noticeable difference around this time was the stability in my hormones. I didn't feel like a crazy lady at that time of the month! Hoorah! There were moments when I found it challenging. After a hard day, I really wanted a nice glass of wine and it took a lot of willpower to avoid it. I commenced my W30 towards the end of November, so I went into a very social time which was challenging. I had several Christmas parties to attend, a hens night, an all day catered work event; and managed to stay compliant. I drank A LOT of sparkling water with lime or lemon to pretend I was having an alcoholic drink. I realised that if people thought I was drinking vodka and lime they didn't hassle me to drink. Eating out was sometimes challenging as I didn't have a lot of choice on the grain and dairy filled menus, but I was surprised at how accommodating some restaurants were. Instead of saying I was on a diet, I decided to tell a white lie and say I was highly allergic to the banned foods, so they took me seriously. It did give me the opportunity to have conversations with people I wouldn't normally have and (hopefully) open their eyes to a new way of eating. I also learned that I can achieve something as important as reclaiming my health. I doubted that I would be able to complete 30 days when I commenced, even telling myself that a few little cheats would be ok here and there. But I surprised myself and didn't slip up once. As each day passed, I felt such satisfaction that I had completed another day. I signed up for the Whole30 Daily emails, and I proudly clicked 'I did it' after reading each one. I also started Instagramming my meals, connecting with complete strangers who gave me such encouragement. I read many posts on the Forum, although didn't actively participate and I read It Starts With Food and found it so easy to understand and digest the information. I also sought out blogs, websites, Pinterest boards, Instagram pages and the W30/W9 Facebook page for recipe ideas, inspiration and motivation. So now to my results. I lost 4kgs on the scales but more importantly lost 2kg body fat and gained 0.5kg muscle. When I compared my before and after photos I was quite surprised by how noticeable the difference was around my middle. I remained strict for another 4 days, finally breaking for a long awaited Christmas party. An all day affair, the old me would have drunk throughout the day, snacked on all of the processed food available and not made sensible food choices. Instead, I slowly sipped on a couple of drinks (a wine and a few vodkas), drank a lot of water, and didn't go near the processed food. Even still, I had a terrible headache the following day, my blood sugar was all over the place and my stomach was very upset and angry. I couldn't believe how much of a negative impact just a slight splurge had on me. The following weekend I ate at a friend's house, and accidentally ate dairy. They had put cheese into a green salad, and I ate some without realising it was in there. For nearly 2 weeks I have suffered from terrible pains in my joints, particularly my ankles and knees, and my stomach has been very unsettled. Muscle pain has returned in my back with a vengeance and my chiro noted that my spine had stiffened up. All this from a tiny bit of cheese! I now know I need to avoid dairy completely. I ate my first bit of sugar on Christmas Day. The majority of the food was compliant with the program, but I made a Paleo pecan pie, using dates, honey and coconut cream instead of sugar and dairy. Even this was too much for my system and has left me with headaches, blood sugar crashes, stomach pain, bloating and an upset stomach. I'm actually glad I've had the opportunity to experience these side effects, as it has made me feel more determined than ever to return to the program. I am going to commence my 2nd Whole30 officially on 1st January (although will be 99% compliant until then) and look forward to continuing it into the new year. If you are reading these posts like I did when I was considering commencing the program, and are looking for inspiration or words of wisdom, all I can say is give it a go. It's only 30 days which is nothing in the scheme of your life, and you have nothing to lose. And if you're anything like me, you will find yourself feeling so much better that you wished you did it years ago.
  15. I'm two weeks into my Whole 30. I'm using to make sure my macros in line. (I know you aren't supposed to count calories but I would prefer to have my bases covered with my macros) I have chronic gastritis. The first week I was having great bowel movements but now I am in pain after any time I eat. Apple cider vinegar will help for a little while but I am severely constipated and it feels like there is a bowling ball in my stomach. The gastritis is doing much better though. Heh. What I am eating Breakfast - Turkey sausage and caramelized onion fritatta with one of our farm share apples Lunch - Chicken Stew with loads of veggies (added gelatin to help coat my stomach), roasted butternut squash with pepita pesto Dinner - Seared steak salad with spinach and balsamic caramelized onions, veggie detox green smoothie with pear, apple, carrot juice, parsley, ginger, celery I'm getting about 30 grams of fiber a day, I eat plenty of healthy fat. I take probiotics. This is getting frustrating and would love any advice.
  16. Around day 15 I started feeling GREAT! Energy ramped way up around day 17. My clothes were fitting better, I felt great, and suddenly, like I had never started this Whole30 journey, I woke up bloated on day 20. It hasn't gone away. Bloated, gassy, stomach pain almost after everytime I eat. Admittedly I think I ate too many fruit and nuts on days 18-19 (I was working, running errands, busy, and out of groceries- so I relied on what was quick, easy, and available). Things I will admit- -I love fruit. So I have about 3 servings a day (one with each meal) -I have a long span of time between my lunch break and when dinner is finally ready, so I often end up eating nuts, or raw veggies with guac. -I only have 1 cup of coffee a day -I haven't been drinking as much water lately. I know it's probably not enough. Things I have considered- -Too many fruits and nuts? -Problem with nightshades? -Eggs? I eat 2-4 a day. Sample: Day 21 Breakfast- 1/4 of a quiche (eggs, sweet potato crust, ground turkey, rosemary). black coffee. Banana. Lunch- Leftover moroccan chicken (recipe from ISWF book), salad greens and raw veggies, avocado, avocado "ranch" dressing. (homemade, whole30 approved ingredients) Snack- raw almonds Dinner- "pizza spaghetti"- (spaghetti squash, ground turkey with italian seasoning, whole30 approved pepperoni, eggs as a binder, spaghetti sauce). Fruit bowl (1 banana, 1/2 cup blueberries) Day 22 Breakfast- 2 hardboiled eggs, 1/4 avocado, banana with almond butter. coffee black Lunch- Left over "pizza spaghetti". Small green apple Snack- Raw carrots and cucumber, guac. Raw almonds Dinner- Citrus chicken salad- (lemon pepper grilled chicken, greens, slices of orange and grapefruit, citrus dressing) Snack later- couple of oranges (this is unusual for me, but my bf was complaining about all these oranges we have that can't go to waste. weak excuse, I know) **Horrible stomach pain before afternoon snack, and after. Horrible pains after dinner for several hours. Day 23 (today) Breakfast- 3 hardboiled eggs with avocado. banana. almond butter. black coffee Lunch- chicken breast with seasoning (definitely some peppers- paprika, cayanne, chipotle), raw veggies and guac, small green apple. haven't had anything else today. Lunch was about 2 hours ago and I am miserable. I feel like I have eaten a pile of cookie dough and pizza, followed by a beer and hard cider. I have pain and tenderness in my abdomon, and severe bloating (like end of first trimester pregnant look) HELP? Things were going SO WELL, and now this change? At a point of wanting to quit if this is how I am going to feel
  17. Hi all, I'm at the end of my first week on this program. I've felt pretty good so far. I never experienced any fuzziness, weakness or moodiness that others report. The only issue I'm having right now is with all the protein I have to eat 3 times a day. Just so that you better understand where I'm coming from, I'll go into a little detail about my past eating habits. I ate vegetarian about 75% of the time and pescatarian the other 25%. I ate grain based foods sparingly. Most of my food had come in the form of veggies, eggs, legumes and fruit with the occasion grains and fish. For this Whole30, I am still eschewing land animals so I find myself eating a lot of fish and eggs. I am clearly not used to such a huge amount of animal based protein in my diet. I am experiencing discomfort, bordering on pain after meals since day 3. I believe it is the high amount of protein coupled with the fact that I am eating more than ever. I used to have smaller meals with a snack or 2 throughout the day. While the rest of my body feels fine, and I don't even get my afternoon shakiness anymore, my stomach is just not enjoying this process. I am not snacking at all (though I keep dreaming about dark chocolate squares). Thanks for any insight! EDIT: My husband, who is doing this with me, is reporting muscle cramps. Any ideas?
  18. cramps and nausea - help!

    Hey guys, I've started the whole30 3 days ago and my mom spontaneously decided to join me. She is skeptical about the rules but wants to give it a try because she needs to change her eating habits (she is overweight and has knee problems). I know we have both only just started the program and enjoy our meals quite a lot. However, we are already running into troubles: While my mum has been suffering from painful cramps in her calves and toes since yesterday, I was nauseated last night and tonight and got stomach cramps that kept me awake. My mom has never had problems with cramps before and I have never had any stomach conditions either. I also didn't adjust my diet drastically as I've been eating paleo for several months already. I really want to follow through with the program. But I can already see how my mum is starting to doubt the whole thing. She is a doctor and generally doesn't believe in guidelines like no dairy or no legumes... All this is making me very insecure. Should we just push through? Take supplements? Or is the whole30 just not for everyone? It makes me miserable and discouraged to think that I am making my mum feel bad when she trusted me and my research instead of what she learned in medical school... Thanks in advance for your help.