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Found 17 results

  1. Ok, it’s Day 19 and I am still having stomach issues with diarrhea and/or loose stool. I am exhausted and where is my tiger blood? Any thoughts on why this is happening or what to do??! help!
  2. Hello! Warning: this is gonna be long! I have just recently (one month ago) been diagnosed with endometriosis but I suspect that I have had it for 15 years (that's when my symptoms started). I am 28 years old. The end is my main reason for doing the whole 30. I am on day 4 and really loving it so far, the food tastes amazing and I love cooking so that part has been very enjoyable. The issue is, I am currently on my period therefore my endo symptoms are in full force. One of my most annoying symptoms is that I get very severe stomach bloating (I truly look 6 months pregnant) and stomach pain, and it flares up the worst when I eat. I have been having these symptoms for about a year, so way before I started the whole 30. I have been following the meal plan in the whole 30 book for the first week pretty closely but here is exactly what I've eaten: - Day 1: (1) 2 scrambled eggs, half and avocado, 2 tablespoons salsa fried in liquid coconut oil (2)protein salad (tuna, grapes, almonds, homemade mayo) and spinach (3) ground chicken with italian seasoning tomato sauce and spaghetti squash. - Day 2: (1) leftover spaghetti squash, tomato sauce, with a fried egg on top (fried in ghee) (2) Protein salas (as above) with spinach and a few pieces of orange bell pepper (3) seared chicken breast (in ghee), roasted potatoes and tomato (ghee), cabbage slaw, and roasted red pepper mayo. - Day 3: Was in severe pain that day. Woke up at 6:00am drank water and took pain killers. Slept till 12:30. Ate left over roasted veggies and a small amount of chicken breast with a fried egg on top (ghee) . Ate a nectarine around 5. And then ate dry rub steak, sautéed beat greens with garlic and ghee, mashed sweet potatoes with caramelized onions. - Day 4(today): (1) left over mashed sweet potatoes, fried egg (coconut oil) and 1 cup cantaloupe. The bloating was awful after dinner on night 2, bad after dinner on night 3 but not as painful. I know cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, can cause bloating and cramping, and they do in me even when I'm not on my period, so I am going to avoid those. My question is: Does anyone else on here suffer from endometriosis? What would be some soothing meals for my stomach that can help get me though my periods? Thanks in advance!
  3. So I'm on day 17 now. The first week was horrible (headaches and feeling very down and shaky), but I managed to get through it. I actually am getting used to my better eating habits now and I'm starting to enjoy the journey. But since this Saturday, after each lunch, I get a stomach ache which last until I get up the following morning. I also have the urge to throw up, but which doesn't actually seem to happen. Also along with this stomach ache, diarrhea starts. But again, when I wake up in the morning, i'm all fine again. I have breakfast mostly with eggs (scrambled, omelet, or boiled) and lunch has been a salad mostly. This week mostly salads with spinach, tomatoes, cucumber or carrots. I do eat my dinner, although I don't feel like having any and since I started the Whole30 I've been drinking al least 2-3 liters of water a day. So I'm not sure what changed and/if this happens more often? I could go and see a doctor, but I'm a bit afraid that it would mean I'll need to stop before the "Tiger Blood'' starts to kick in. Any tips for what to eat / change? Thank you in advance. P.S. Sorry about any mistakes in my English, I'm not native but hopefully it all makes sense.
  4. I am 25 days in and I don't feel better. I am still tired and my stomach still in upset...a lot. I constantly want Tums (but I don't eat them). I don't really have heartburn but my stomach hurts. I started the diet hoping to ease it, my thoughts on the culprit: Too much coffee - I keep my caffeine under 300mg because I'm nursing, but I do drink decaf Too little sleep - but I do get 7-8 hours per night. Stomach ulcers - What is it food or could it be H. pylori Is it possible the food that has been bothering me still hasn't had a chance to clear?
  5. This is a littler personal, but I've struggled with bad gas, constipation, and bloating for about 15 years (I'm only 29 - it started when I was a teenager). To the point sometimes the pain is so bad I can't even stand up and have to lie down. I've literally tried everything, even got a colonoscopy (which showed nothing). The only time I've really felt better is when I did a sugar detox last year, similar to Whole30 but you can still have some dairy. This is my first time doing W30 and I'm currently on day 23. I've noticed I'm losing weight but throughout most of the program my stomach problems seem to have gotten worse. I'm bloated almost every day, still constipated (although sometimes I get random diarrhea out of nowhere), and the pain seems almost worse than normal. My gut has also been very noisy, making "angry" noises when it's hurting badly. I was really hoping W30 would help but it seems to be making things worse - too many vegetables perhaps? If anyone has any insight, I would greatly appreciate it. I'm feeling very frustrated and upset; this is an awful way to feel every day.
  6. Day 1 Attempt 2

    Why hello once again Whole30. I am going to attempt this again. Last time, I only made it to the end of day 9. It was good and bad. I felt MUCH better. Actually, pretty much amazing (and I lost 3 pounds in that small time frame!). Plus, I learn many things. And the thing was, day 9 was actually pretty good. At least, in the Whole30 world. The thing was (and I know...excuses) I was so stressed with the middle of finals occurring, the holidays were in full swing, my "time of the month" had just started and it was the two year anniversary of my father's death. And then to top it off my neighbor brought over cookies! Man, I was done and out. And when I say done and out I went hard. You can just imagine. So I enjoyed the holidays, even went to New Orleans but the thing is...ever since I went back to normal food I have just been feeling like, well, crap. So now I'm starting fresh. I bought the Whole30 cookbook, stocked up on some food, and ready to try - and complete - this for real. The semester is starting tomorrow so I wont have finals looming over me, I have a swimming class scheduled for the semester and will just have much more time to just enjoy life. Since I went off the deep end last time, like I said, I've felt like crap. I got pretty sick back to back during the holidays and from that time both my stomach and head have been in pain. Much more pain than normal. I've been pretty nauseous throughout the day and it just sucks. It's time for this to end. So basically, I started today. I was thinking of starting tomorrow but halfway through my day I realized everything was Whole30 approved and I had been in the mindset so...why not? I'm ready to go and begin this journey again. Today I had some simple foods. Banana, carrots, chicken apple sausage, avocado, hard boiled eggs. Honestly, that's pretty much the only food I've really been able to eat the last few days without feeling like I'm going to vomit so that's what I stuck to. I keep trying different foods. I guess, now that I think about it...non-Whole30 foods...and sometimes it was okay. However, many times when I went to bed my stomach was once again not happy sometimes to the point where it's hard for me to sleep. Well I guess that's it. It's a lot but it's there and the truth. I'm ready to start this again and get many more ideas on food and flavors. That was something I highly enjoyed last time and ready to try again. Here we go, attempt 2. Day 1 complete.
  7. TMI but....

    I'm only on day 2 but what I have noticed the most (besides how tired i have been today) is that I am SO gassy. I've read some of the other forums so i'm thinking either it's still transition, or it's nuts, or it's the dried fruit... but help!!!! any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Loosey Goosey

    Hey there. I am on day 23 of the Whole30 and have been dealing with stomach issues for 5 days. Granted, this is not new to me and part of why I decided to follow this lifestyle. However, I just wanted to know if anyone else is experiencing loose stools. I was doing well for the first two and a half weeks. Thank you ahead of time for your responses. Vox
  9. Morning Bloat

    I'm on Day 24 of my 2nd Whole 30 and absolutely loving the effects so far. I mean, LOVING. However, I've found that I'm still often bloated in the mornings (this is something that I've struggled with for a longgg time). If I eat later at night, it's some nuts or nut butter, not a ton of green leafy vegetables or anything like that. Sometimes it goes away after an hour to so of being awake, sometimes not. Does anyone else struggle with this, or have any ideas as to what could be causing my morning bloat?
  10. Good morning, My husband and I are on day 5 of the Whole30. Since day 2 we both have been having diarrhea and today we both had a stomach ache in the morning. I have been reading a bit about FODMAPS and think that may be the source, but thought I would post here to see if it may be something else. I am also having problems adding enough fats to my meals, my husband has been adding avocado and I don't really care for it, so ideas for adding fat would be helpful as well. Our last few days of meals are as follows: Tuesday B - 3-4 fried eggs, carrots, cashews for me & 1/2 avocado for him L - Steak, celery with cashew butter D - Turkey, carrots & potatoes made in crockpot in chicken broth Wednesday B - 3-4 fried eggs, carrots, cashews for me & 1/2 avocado for him L - Turkey, carrots & potatoes made in crockpot in chicken broth D - Chicken stir fry with snap peas, carrots, broccoli, spinach and sprouts made with clarified butter & olive oil dressing
  11. Hey everyone, Aplogize in advance for any TMI. So I finished my whole 30 on the 31st and I couldn't wait to drink wine! The first weekend wine was all that I reintroed (along with honey in some paleo treats) since it was all I was really missing. Prior to the whole 30 I would have a few drinks on weekend nights and have a glass of wine a few week nights at home without any major issues. However, on day 31 I had 2 glasses of wine and my stomach PAYED for it the next day. I have IBS, but this was really bad even for me (Diahrrea). I was searching in the internet and I saw that red wine is bad for people with IBS so I thought, oh it's probably just the red wine. Last night to try it out I had a vodka soda made with Tito's Gluten free vodka. Felt fine while drinking it, but this morning I'm running to the bathroom! After one drink! Could whole30 have made me intolerant to alcohol?? This doesn't seem to make sense. I should be able to have one or two drinks without have bathroom issues the next day! Has anyone else experienced this? Any advice or insight? Feeling pretty bummed.
  12. Help! Stomach pain?

    Today is the end of day 15 for me - I am adding days to my W30 due to accidentally eating some non-compliant items 5 days ago... Anyway, I finished dinner and was still kind of hungry so I made some plantains. Shortly after my stomach started feeling really uneasy. I haven't went to the bathroom since yesterday. Now I feel gassy and nauseous and I have no idea what it is. Here's my dinner: Small bowl of Chocolate Chili, 1 section (1/8) of a roasted acorn squash, small side salad (baby spinach, cherry tomato, raw sliced bell pepper, raw jicama and homemade Caesar dressing (Well Fed). Any suggestions!? I'm really not feeling good... Normally when feeling like this I would take Tums or Pepto Bismol. I haven't taken anything yet because those look to have iffy ingredients. Edit: this morning I woke up with a headache... I don't know what's going on!
  13. Hi - Can't help notice all the "OMG stomach cramps, diarrhea after I eat!" posts on the board here in the last couple of weeks. I am trying to embark on a Mostly30 (I am having alcohol in herbal tinctures for Lyme treatment) and I've done a successful Whole3o before, and have had several abandoned attempts since then. I've experienced bloating and indigestion each time somewhere around Day 8 that lasts about a week. Then it clears and all is well with my digestion. Well, this time I experienced extreme cramping right after eating something I've eaten many times before with no problems, followed by burning diarrhea (sorry if TMI) and had that reaction every time I ate meat or eggs for three days. I could eat bananas and apples, almond butter, bone broth without any discomfort. I had ginger tea with honey, and that's a no-no but honey and ginger tea kills viruses. I held that all down no trouble. I know for a fact that there's a stomach virus going around, so I figured I had it. Then i figured I was over tut. Went out of town and I ate completely off plan for two days and was fine with my digestion (that was the only thing that was fine though). Then today? Back on the wagon, eating clean. I cooked myself some eggs for lunch and BAM - same problem. So now I have no idea. Again, I've never had any reaction like this to eggs or meat before last week. Not even on previous Whole30s. Maybe it's a combination of a stomach virus and dietary changes? Just do want to put out there that there 's a stomach virus going around that produces cramping and diarrhea like this, I know several folks who have/had the same symptoms, but aren't on Whole 30. Hope this post helps some of you who are experiencing this and maybe we can compare notes. As for me, back to fasting with ginger tea and broth until tomorrow, Thanks.
  14. Day 4 - Stomach ache!!!!

    Hi! It's my 4th day of whole 30 - my best friend just finished hers and she loved it. I'm not a sweets person - I turn my nose up at chocolate and ice cream (excepting special occasions) and cakes and candies. I'm 5'7'' and 148 pounds, so I'm not doing this to lose weight (well, maybe a lillllll), I just thought I would try it out for a healthy lifestyle. I have a historically bad stomach, so I try to keep it home-made, easily digestible foods. Not a big frozen foods/take out girl... So honestly, I'm not having a terrible time with the change in menu or cravings. I feel fine in that respect. The problem is that my stomach is KILLING ME. I rarely eat this much meat or fish so maybe it's shocking my system, but I honestly feel so sick and would rather just not eat anything because of it. And it's not like I'm to full or anything. Has this happened to anyone else? Does it go away? xA
  15. Today is Day 45. I started having an upset stomach about 5 days ago. And it's not getting better!! I had a great first 40 days, everything was very "normal." I haven't changed anything and my husband is fine so I don't think I ate anything bad. I'm so frustrated, and no history of IBS or anything. What to do?!?
  16. I have been Whole 30'ing for a bit now and wanted to give peanut butter a try. Peanut Butter was once a great go-to smothered on veggies and paired with fruits like apples and bananas. I re-introduced peanut butter into my diet this week and found some nasty after effects. I woke up feeling bloated and moody. I didnt feel as energized as I have been while whole 30'ing. I am interested in others thoughts on peanuts/legumes. Have you introduced them? How does eating peanut butter make you feel? for me...its not worth it. Buh-bye to peanut butter!
  17. OK, so I am on Day 17 of my Whole 30 and doing pretty well! But last night at around 10pm, my stomach started aching and kept aching until I fell asleep. The last thing I had eaten was dinner at around 7pm, which was chicken and green veggies (zucchini, green beans and green bell pepper). These are things I eat all the time, so not sure why they would cause this. When I woke up this morning my stomach was again a little achy. I ate a banana, then had some egg whites with tomatoes and squash flower, cooked in coconut oil (SIDE NOTE: this morning I discovered that the olive oil spray I'd been using most mornings for my eggs had soy lecithin in it! ARGH!! Do I have to start over now? And could that have been the cause?). Stomach is feeling somewhat better now but still not totally okay. I'm just wondering what would have caused that so seemingly out of the blue. By way of background, my first 9 days or so on the program I was seriously constipated, then finally got regular after starting a Calcium-Magnesium supplement (1000mg calcium and 500mg magnesium). I'm also taking 1000mg fish oil omega-3 supplement. Could it just be my digestion system adjusting still? I know in the scheme of things, 16 days of clean eating doesn't make up for 39 years of serious grain consumption! Also, just to give all the info, my typical daily meals consist of: Breakfast: Scrambled eggs or egg whites with spinach and tomato (or other variations) Mid-morning snack: Macadamia nuts or an apple with some almond butter. Lunch: Large salad with chicken and various toppings (yesterday was raisins, coconut flakes, sliced almonds, and coconut oil; olives make frequent appearances too). Spinach is the main leafy green, but I sometimes mix in red lettuce as well. Dinner: Meat (chicken, steak, pork chops) with colorful veggies (either sauteed or steamed) OR a salad like the above. Post-Workout Meal: Sweet potatoes with coconut oil and egg whites (hard boiled). Occasional snacks: Mixed nuts, sunflower seeds, banana, cherries or other fruit, celery, olives. Sorry for the long post! Just wanted to make sure all the info is out there. Thanks for any help/ideas you can provide.