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Found 10 results

  1. Hi everyone this is my first Whole30 and overall I think it's going really well. Today is the halfway mark and I just can't get this off my mind. I have been a vegetarian/vegan for the past 9 years and am now eating animal protein because I am a firm believer that the soy and grain replacement products for meat have been extremely detrimental to my health. I also can't see a way to get enough protein from just plants themselves. Many vegans out there may disagree with me, but after 9 years of trying to nourish myself I am only left with IBS and other inflammatory problems in my body. On the Whole30 my energy is still leveling out but overall I feel much better. HOWEVER, I can't help but feel like I am eating way too much animal meat! I have reinforced my belief system for so long that humans can live healthy, long, sustainable lives completely from plants and too much meat can ruin your health. The Whole30 is really shaking up this value. I have especially drank the cool-aid when it comes to the negative affects of the meat industry on climate change. On Whole30, the only way I can seem to make meals work is if there is an animal protein on the plate. I suppose it's a bit of an existential crisis for me. Does anyone have any research, reflections, or thoughts on this topic they would like to share with me? I know this is not the majority. Most people go through this epic lifestyle change to become vegetarians/vegans and here I am going in the opposite direction. Thank you in advance for all of your help.
  2. I've done three W30s and several resets in the past 3 years. Last year was the best shape I had ever been in physically and mentally. I was doing fantastic - I was eating relatively clean and active. I managed to do this in a busy year of 2 travel trips (China/Portugal) as well as several sun trips (All inclusive - Jamaica) all in one year. I did resets when I came back from all these trips and was feeling great. But slowly this year I began to slip - my eating habits, my mental clarity, and mindset. I don't know why, there wasn't anything that really changed me from continuing that healthy life style. I adapted it when I felt it was necessary last year and managed to get back on track. I felt great walking down a trail/road just feeling happy. I still work out three times a week with Crossfit but the energy and strength isn't there. And I must admit, I can now easily stop with my husband, after work for dinner and two beers (and sometimes 3 if its real hot). I will say I'll do better tomorrow but it seems that 'tomorrow' never comes. I don't know what causes this. I loved doing the W30, and even resets as they help. But how do you get into the mindset again, I would prefer not to do a W30 or do I? maybe another reset? I have to be strong enough to say 'No' to the nice cold beer on the way home from work. But does one do this again so they feel good as they once were? Maybe I should read FFF again, its been awhile. Does anyone have the same struggle?
  3. Hi, I need some help......I am a serious chardonnay drinker (20+) years. I quit drinking 30 days prior to starting the W30, but I wanted to know if this program is harder for those that are addicted to alcohol. I am on day 25 and I'm really struggling with depression, lethargy crankiness and stomach upset. Is my body still trying to detox from the wine as well as foods with sugar? I don't want to quit since I'm so close, but this has been going on for several days now and want to know if it's normal. Thank you.
  4. Hi, I'm Andrea, and I'm new to the Whole30. I started on May2nd, so this is my 5th day, and I'm struggling. I felt really crappy on day 3 (apparantly normal) and came down with a bad cold yesterday. It's hard to keep motivation when I feel sick, and when I don't want to cook (because I feel sick). I almost caved yesterday at the grocery store, because I wanted to buy some of my old "comfort food." But I didn't cave. So has anyone gotten sick early in their Whole30? And if so, what helped (besides sticking with the program)? I'm sorry I'm whining...but I need some moral support right now. I'd also love to be part of a group that started (or is starting) in early May.
  5. Hello! So I'm currently ending Day 7 of not having a normal BM. I'm going blunt, I tried going yesterday and today only to pass maybe 5-6 hard, dense little rabbit turds. That was a struggle and didn't want to put any more stress down there (if you know what I mean). Hemorrhoids have been inflamed, even without the straining from yesterday and day. -I am on no medication -my crohns disease is in remission -I don't have pain, yet it's uncomfortable -bloating is steady and increased after eating -I perform abdominal exercises to get the muscles working -drink over 64 oz of water daily (trying to drink even more in this state) -tried incorporating caffeine, raw carrots, and apple cider vinegar mixed with water (usually helps me if there's an issue in the past), detox hot tea -began abdominal massages today Normal day of meals... Hot tea (green, ginger, mint, detox) B: 2 cooked eggs in EVOO w/ kale, black pepper, sea salt, turmeric//palm sized beef// raw grapes, raw avocado, raw whole banana with lemon juice on top L: Sage burger//raw grapes, raw avocado, raw whole banana with lemon juice on top (made up multiples, usually it's different yet that's all I had available that day)// raw carrot D: Whole30 mayo on compliant ingredients for chicken turkey salad (celery, dill, chives, grapes, avocado) 12 oz Hot tea (green, ginger, mint, or detox) S: sweet potatoes cooked in EVOO, rosemary, thyme, sprinkled avocado seed, sea salt, black pepper Hot tea (green, ginger, mint, detox) --thought hot tea would help I didn't want to get to the enzymes or magnesium yet I'm debating now. I'm on Day 25 and have been compliant throughout. I still get hungry yet become bloated afterward. I almost don't want to put anymore food down there. Never had an issue with any of these foods before or when on the Whole30 diet. 145lb (before I started Whole30 and not sure current weight) sleep is well workouts are an extreme struggle unlike before I started energy is steadying out and it's amazing not cold as much after eating mood is well I'm a chick Anyone that took the time to read this-thank you and I appreciate any time or help you put forth. For sure, I'm grateful (I know, theres a lot there) Enjoy the day wolfgang
  6. I travel for my job so I knew I'd come up against HUGE obstacles but the hunger monster is going to be the death of me! I brought as much food as I could pack for 4 days but it doesn't feel enough and the hotel restaurant can only be so accommodating! Yes, the struggle is real today! I'll go workout and distract but I'm sure I'm not the only one in this journey that feels the same.
  7. Just putting it out there....I began my second Whole30 on 3/27. I did my first about a year ago and managed to lose 15 pounds even though I did not work out a lot. I was living in busy, crowded Bergen County, NJ and working for a luxury store in a very large mall...retail hours suck! So this go around, I live on a farm (still NJ but NWNJ) where we raise grass-fed cows and sheep, pastured pigs, pastured egg-laying hens and grow all of our fruits and vegetables organically. Sounds like it should be easier, right? Wellllll.....this time I work at a Creamery....we make 30 different types of artisanal cheese, yogurt, butter and gelato. I. Am. A. Cheesemonger. I sell our delightful products to the masses daily. The struggle is real people. Between living on one farm and working on another....I am pretty active. I don't stop moving until about 2 1/2 hours before bed. The challenge is to do every physical task mindfully....I make it a point to move with purpose. If I have to pick things up...I "squat" them up. If I am going up the steps(and I do A LOT)...I "lunge" up the steps. When I cut the cheese(heh heh...CUT THE CHEESE...yep, that joke never gets old) I do calf raises while doing so. And so on. And so on. And so, while there are aspects of this Whole 30 that will make things easier...there are very different obstacles this time around. I'm tightening up the laces on my sneakers....eyes on the prize.
  8. Wilting

    Hello, I am approaching the two week mark and I am struggling SO HARD. All I think about is putting bread in my mouth. Plus, it's hard working as a night nurse with this. I feel like I haven't seen/really felt any change. Am I rushing? How can I help myself finish? Thanks all
  9. Started July 26th

    Hi everyone !!! I'm Joanna. Just 4 days ago I started whole30 again. I did one few weeks ago for 12 days only, so I'm pretty much restarting once more I was good until today. I can't feel decrease energy and sudden cravings,here and there. I'm struggling a little I'm gonna need your support
  10. I'm on day 11 of the whole30 and while I do feel pretty good and don't want to give up,. I find myself having a hard time with my job as a baker. How the hell can I make something without taste testing it?? I have to make a dessert for 26 people tonight and I'm scared to do it because its always been important to taste what I make. It doesn't mean eating an entire cupcake but I need to know if the buttercream tastes good or not. I can usually rely on my family as a second opinion but they aren't foodies so most things taste pretty good to them. I'm torn between wanting to allow myself to taste test (in a way that wouldn't be enough to add lbs) and keep with the principles of the whole30 for a lifestyle change, or just sticking with the program all the way through. I can see myself eating like this for a long time, while allowing cheats on occasion, so do I really have to finish the program to be successful or will following the whole30 99% of the time be enough? I've lost 4lbs already which is great because I've gotten past my weight loss plateu and at 148 lbs and 5'6 it's not exactly life or death obesity. I guess what I'm looking for is some advice or guidance from the whole9 community. What should be more important right (very important obviously), or my reputation as a Paris trained baker and the high expectations that come with that?