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Found 7 results

  1. CMB227

    Third week and counting

    So, I am into my third week, and if it were not for my commitment to lowering my cholesterol numbers, I probably would not be continuing with Whole 30. Contrary to what Ms. Hartwig states in the intro, this is hard. I have been through child birth, grieved the loss of loved ones and endured plenty of hardships. While it is a different type of hard, I contend that it is more difficult in some respects than the difficult life changes listed. This changing my eating habits requires deep down changes in the way I do just about everything from going out to fixing ANYTHING to eat. Food as also been a soother and emotional release. Stuffing the emotion is something I faced a long time ago and won. I will never forget the day that a wave of raw overwhelming anger/fear/helplessness engulfed me. I was in the kitchen near all of the foods I would normally grab to stuff down the negatives, but this time I didn't. I literally hung on to the counter screaming inside my head as well as out. In my head, I kept saying, "What's the worst that can happen? Feel it, Let it roll through you! What's the worst that can happen?" I made it through without stuffing, and it changed my life. I wish I could say that I lost all kinds of weight, but I didn't. However, I am not longer an emotional stuffer. I just pretty much stopped gaining. I am and have been about 25 pounds overweight for many years now. I mostly likely would not have started Whole 30 if not for my cholesterol. I do not want to go on any cholesterol lowering drugs. My young Standard Poodle puppy keeps me active. I did not know what VERY ACTIVE meant until she arrived. At nine months, daily 40-60 minutes walks are mandatory to maintain sanity on all fronts. Between the daily walking #nottoday30knotwindsofflakemichigan and this clean eating, I hope it will be down. I don't recheck cholesterol until April, so I will introduce somethings, but the no sugar rule will be kept. I needed to let some of this fly because it has been getting more difficult recently. I am having a "What's the use?" crisis and hope that venting will help. At least I have my puppy to keep me busy, and it is off to obedience class we go. Have a great day, You all.
  2. This is my first Whole30...I started on Wednesday, August 2nd. I would love to hear what people are eating and if their tastebuds are as grumpy about the changes as mine are. I am distracting myself with the 30-day guide and forums...if I didn't have kids to watch, I think I would literally feel like laying in bed the entire day. I know all of these negative feelings are only temporary...I am definitely looking forward to a time when my energy and happiness is no longer directly connected to amount of sugar I consume!!!!! Is there anyone else out there whose tastebuds are not "on-board" yet?
  3. Hi, I just finished my first Whole30 and of course (given my usual abuse of self) couldn't wait to jump on that scale....only to find that I have lost 6 pounds. For a gal my size (started at 239), 6 pounds usually melts away in the first week. I have been super active (even hiked for 12 miles a few days back), with daily workouts that are at least 60 min. long. I swim or walk amost every day, with 1-2 days off. I have followed the program religiously (or so I think). SO what gives? Yes, I feel so much better. My clothes are not that much looser, however, but my ring finally fits! I'm still hitting the snooze button a few times each morning and still waiting for the Tiger Blood, especailly in the morning, as I have never been a morning person. Did any of you find the weight loss to be slow in the beginning? I am determined to stick this out (hopefully, for life) as I do find that I feel better overall and I will continue on the program. I just want to know if perhaps I'm not doing something according to plan. Perhaps too many fruit or nuts (I eat a piece of fruit and snack on nuts once a day)? Perhaps too many sweet potatoes? Carbs generally make it hard to lose weight for me, but I have never given up so much to lose so little weight. Need some inpiration to keep going.....
  4. So I'm on Day 6 and have been following it strictly until today. The thing I am struggling with is buying organic everything is so costly. I'm having a hard time finding certain things that fit into the plan (balsamic vinaigrette, deli meat, tuna, etc) that also fit within my budget. I honestly don't miss sugar or grains. I miss cheese & yogurt a tiny bit. I have an autoimmune disease so I feel like that limits what I can eat even more. I ate tuna today then realized it had soy in it. UGH I guess I have to start over which means a total of 5 weeks on this plan and I'm just not sure I can stretch my budget. I tend to get bored eating the same things over & over I feel like I will end up starting over frequently simply because I'm tired of eating eggs for breakfast. Any advice would be great. Maybe Whole30 isn't for me. Priscilla
  5. Here goes. I have been REALLY struggling and am mired in all-or-nothing thinking. I feel like an addict! But I had never seen myself this way before completing my first Whole 30. I did not struggle the first time around (this summer), except for the usual (had some cravings, a little headache the first few days) but mostly, I was pumped! I loved the control (all or nothing) and I felt so good for the whole month. I lost over 10 pounds and many inches. I never felt tempted to stray from the template and thought to myself, "why would I ever eat any other way?" I had the blood of a tiger for sure. Then I did a quasi-reintroduction, while also being out of town. When on vacation with my family, I started drinking wine again. Then when we got home, the slippery slope began. I made plans to do another W30 in September, and in the two weeks before that start date, I went completely off the rails and had this yucky entitled feeling (forgetting, I think, that I actually don't feel deprived on the W30!). By the time I started in September, I had gained back a bunch of the weight, but my second W30 (9/1-9/30) went well and I had similar results as the first. I wasn't as pumped as the first time around--the novelty wore off a bit I think. Anyway, I'm getting to the worst part. I decided to take a few days "off" and then do another 30 days. Maybe my mistake was to take the days off, but I have started at least 3 times and haven't been able to do more than 2 days in a row since. It hits me at night, and I'm craving especially alcohol. It scares me that I'm craving wine because to me, alcoholism is serious and somehow shameful. But then so is food addiction, and these days, the drinking of the wine leads to eating of the sugary carbs and I feel very out of control. I never, ever would have described myself as a sugar or food addict before this whole thing started. I'm not blaming the w30 but I am curious about it as it relates to this all-or-nothing entitled adolescent that has come out in me. There is no question that eating clean, and on template is a really good way for me to be at my healthiest, physically and mentally. But I apparently have to be entirely rigid to be able to do it all? Or maybe I'll get better with practice? Or maybe I can't drink wine? Wah. I would love to hear from others who have struggled like this and found their way. Or anyone at all, even if you haven't found your way but you're trying like I am. Thanks.
  6. Kerith

    Struggling. :(

    I need some suggestions. I'm struggling hardcore. I'm on night shift as a nurse.... and while that always makes me nauseous anyway, having salad and meat at 2am makes me seriously gag. I am on the fence about meat in general - never been a huge meat eater - does anyone have suggestions? I've been feeling light headed and dizzy at work, which is definitely not a great combo when dealing with sick patients. I've been using Nom Nom Paleo, but since I've been eating like crap for 30 years, none of this food tastes "amazing" to me... Help!
  7. So I wasn't going to post to the forum. That's what I told myself on day 1. But not it's day 14 and I am seriously struggling. I was good up through day 10. It felt like a game. I went out with my buddies and I REALLY wanted to drink. (For the record, I'm 23 year old guy who spent 4 years in the military and the last 2 in college. I reeaally like to party). I didn't drink though. Then Saturday I we playing poker with some friends and watching everyone else enjoy tobacco and beer. I used to dip and I quit cold turkey a week before I started whole30. So I wanted to dip and drink all weekend but I didn't. Then last night. I was soooo bored with the vegetables and the meat and I just wanted a f&$%ing pizza. One of those new super cheesy crust pizza hut pizzas. And I wanted to eat the whole thing, not just a slice. So just to have something in my mouth I crammed down a half pound hamburger patty. This morning I'm frustrated. I had 3 eggs and broccoli for breakfast and it was delicious but boring. I'm also doing P90X. I'm 5 weeks in and I'm capable of way more now than I was 5 weeks ago so I'm pushing myself harder and harder and I think the lack of carbs may be getting to me. I'm SO over sweet potatoes though. I'm gonna have an apple and some blueberries with lunch today because I need some sugar.. Something. I don't know. I WILL NOT quit before whole30 is over, but I don't want to order a large pizza on day 31. I want this to be my lifestyle but I don't know if I can keep this up for the next 60 years if I can't make it through 30 days. Also, I want some Sweet 'N Low in my g*d [email protected] coffee. I hate you whole9. I love you though, you're changing my life! But seriously, I f***ing hate you.