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Found 9 results

  1. Day 29...Almost there!

    This is my 3rd Whole30, but I actually feel the best about this one. As many have read, it's harder to complete a subsequent Whole30 than it is to complete the first. Unfortunately, I had let myself slide back into old habits after about a year or so of being about 80/20 compliant, so for this round, I had to really jump back on the horse. The biggest effect I've noticed this time is my cleaner, smaller gut. It feels SO good to feel good inside. Although I'm not sure how much weight I've lost, yet, I'm sure I've lost a few pounds. More importantly, I just plain feel better physically, and I sleep a ton better. I'm a teacher who likes my glass or two of wine every night, so cutting that out was REALLY tough, but I've done it! I'd be lying if I said I can't wait to have a glass, but I also don't want to go back to the nightly glass or two. I can now see how sluggish and blah it made me feel AND how much that added to my fluffy middle. I'm not usually one to post in a forum, but by doing this, I'm hopeful it will be a reminder of where I was, where I am now and where I will be in the future. I feel great and want to keep it that way!
  2. My 11-year-old daughter, who is about 20 lbs overweight (114 lbs on a 4'7" frame) has joined me on Whole30 because she is desperate for change. I've been very gentle with her because I don't want her to become too food-obsessed, but 5 days in she's doing a fantastic job. However, last night she looked at me and said, "Mommy, what if this doesn't work?" I'd love to be able to give her some examples of kids who've seen changes with Whole30 but I can't find ANY on this site except the 16-year-old girl in success stories (she really loved that one!) Does anyone have a story to share?
  3. Day 22 - Feeling Amazing!

    I'm on Day 22 and coming into the home stretch on my 4th Whole 30. I thought it was my third one, but realized it's number 4. LOL! That cracks me up as when I did my first one I wondered if I'd be able to do it for a week. I'm posting because I just realized that I'm almost done and that I guess it has taken me 4 times to not be so results oriented and just enjoy eating this way and feeling this way. What way you ask? When I eat Whole 30 I'm never starving for my next meal, I don't crave pizza, chocolate, ice cream etc and I enjoy all of the food I eat. I feel happy because I know I'm taking care of myself and I'm never starving. After being on so many diets where I was just always hungry or even not on a diet and always being hungry it's nice not to be. My stomach never hurts and after getting past the first 2 weeks I do have tiger blood and my sleep is great despite stress and life being nuts. My workouts are great and I'm now energized enough to start running again as the first two weeks I was so tired I stuck with yoga. I like having the option now that I feel good. The hardest part is keeping my sink empty from dishes and meals, but that's a small price to pay for feeling good. Excited to finish this last week and a day and continue on after.
  4. Hi! My name is Kemmie and I will be 29 on Monday (yay!). I started the Whole30 because my personal trainer challenged me to it, and because I had a really bad year at work (I'm a public school teacher) so I was staying relatively active but fueling my body with all the wrong foods because I "ate" all my stress and my emotions. I ballooned up and felt awful - physically and psychologically I was a mess (the worst I had ever been), and even had to increase a current medication dosage as well as start up anxiety therapy again. Top that off with hating my job and I was my own "recipe" for disaster. The Whole30 just made sense: I was tired of fueling my body with junk, and tired of feeling bad about it. Enter Mission: Whole30. I devoured the book. Then I jumped right in! On day 13, I got frustrated because I had to start over after eating an ingredient that I didn't realize was not compliant, so I actually did the Whole43 because I ended up tacking on an extra 30 days to my original 13. Looking back, though, it was probably one of the best "mistakes" I ever made, because on day 44 (today) my results have proven astounding to me: 13 pounds down, 7 inches of fat shed from all over my body (translation: 4% of my body fat gone). In addition, I feel amazing - emotionally, psychologically, physically - every single fiber of my being is just beaming good energy and it has made me happier than I ever could have thought imaginable. I slayed the Sugar Dragon! Food had been my prison for a quarter century, and with the Whole30, I feel like food has finally set me free in so many more ways than one. When Dallas and Melissa say it will change your life, they mean it. Thank you!!! I can't wait to see where I am in 10 months... this may have been my first ever Whole30, but it certainly won't be my last! Now I have the tools, knowledge and the skills to last me a lifetime. #iamwhole30
  5. I finished my first Whole30 on February 19th. My close friends and family knew I was doing the Whole30 but I didn't talk about it much on social media. I kept a personal blog simply to log my meals, and I never intended on sharing it with anyone. If I'm being honest, I didn't want to deal with a lot of questions and skepticism. About 2 weeks into my 30 days, I had read on the post-Whole30 part of the website that sharing your personal story could inspire others and that you never know who you will reach by simply sharing your own experience. I thought to myself, "I guess so. But I don't want to get into debates with people who think this lifestyle is a fad diet, or unhealthy for my heart, yada yada." However, once I had completed it, my feelings had changed. I was on such a high at the end of my 30 days that I felt I had to say something, and I just didn't care if people didn't agree with my choices. Because I know it works for me and someone can't tell me that it doesn't. Because I completed my own self experiment and only I can testify to the results I'm feeling. So, I shared a blog post on my Facebook page with a short reflection on my Whole30 experience. This is an excerpt from my blog post... "I've never felt this good in my life. And I don't mean because of the way my body looks. (Although I am liking how my body composition has changed.) No, I'm talking about the way my body feels! And how my brain has been completely rewired when it comes to my food choices. I'm not craving junk food, or bread, or cheese (which anyone who knows me, knows I love), or anything that I know doesn't make me healthier. I never, ever thought I could view food that way. In the past, I would limit myself to eating those unhealthy foods but it was hard. A constant mental game. It was a strong temptation I was always trying to resist and giving into half the time. But now. Now! I'm not even tempted at all. That's something that has happened naturally over these 30 days without me even trying. And that's blowing my mind. My energy is up. My GI issues (that doctors have been trying to figure out for 13 years) are gone. My head is clear. My brain is retrained to view food in a healthy way. I've lost 3 inches off my waist. And my husband and I have saved (yes, saved) money by eating this way. I'd call this month a win." Since I posted this a week and a half ago, I've had FIVE people start the Whole30 already because my blog post either sparked an interest and they looked into the program or they had already heard of the program, had been thinking about starting it, and my post was the last little push they needed to take the plunge. Four of these five people are keeping blogs as they go, and I'm loving reading about their journeys. I've had four additional people contact me for more information about my experience after seeing my post. And three of my friends are now reading It Starts with Food. Not only that, I've had a lot of intellectual conversations about food with multiple people, and just getting that conversation on the table is a huge start, in my opinion. I had no idea this would actually happen. I'm so glad I could even be a small inspiration to a few people. I completed my reintroduction a little over a week after I finished the 30. I reintroduced gluten, then dairy, then non-gluten grains. I found that ALL grains hurt my tummy (I began the Whole30 primarily to figure out what has caused severe stomach pains for the last 13 years of my life) so I know to avoid grains as much as possible. I've had a few non-compliant meals since I've finished the reintroduction but I'm pretty much still eating like I'm on the program. It's definitely a lifestyle now! So the point of this long, rambling post is to encourage everyone to share their story in some way. I didn't want to but I'm so glad I did! You really do never know the impact you'll have on someone!
  6. Day 30

    Tomorrow will be Day 30. The reason I started was because I felt so poor. I was lethargic, I felt swollen, slightly dizzy at times. I went to a doctor and he fussed at me pretty good about controlling my weight. My biggest Challenge has been the fact that I have to travel a lot for work, and I have to take clients to Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. I found that I can make it work at restaurants. If its not on the menu ask but even still almost every restaurant has a grill steak, chicken, or piece of fish and they all have steamed veggies for sides. I've stuck to it and made it work and am happy to say I can report the following success. Size 52 pants to a 48 weight loss: 24 lbs feelings: I feel so much better. The only way to compare it is it was like I had the flu and I am over it now. I am now deathly afraid to eat things like bread, fried chicken, cheese, pizza, donuts because I am afraid they will make me feel sick again. I am just going to keep rolling like I have, nothing will change on my food consumption I will stick with what I am doing because its worked.
  7. Ready for Round 2 in September

    I finished my first Whole30 in early March of this year and felt amazing. Not just physically, but emotionally, too - I was convinced that I couldn't do it, and was feeling discouraged about my health and diet when a friend suggested I try Whole30. It seemed impossible, but knowing that someone I knew had done it made me a little more confident. I think the major success factor for me was preparation - I did a major grocery run the day before I started and stocked up on things I'd need; I also bought Melissa Joulwan's "Well Fed," which was a lifesaver after I started getting bored with the basics (steamed veggies and protein). Once I got more creative I found the Whole30 to be much easier to follow - and enjoy. The biggest discovery for me was that I am allergic to dairy. After years of dealing with intense acid reflux and IBS, I assumed I was in for a lifetime of stomach discomfort. Once I cut out dairy (which I was consuming three meals a day), the difference was immediate: no more stomach cramping and bloating, no more anxiety over whether or not what I had just eaten was going to lead to a desperate run to the bathroom. I occasionally have a day where I'm dealing with some mild acid reflux (maybe once or twice a month), but I am no longer taking daily medication to deal with my symptoms. I am amazed at how my body has changed after Whole30 - I lost weight in places I've never lost weight before - my hips, thighs, and bottom. My stomach deflated during my first week of Whole30 - which I attribute to both the drop in dairy intake and the elimination of gluten. Even though I've added a few things back into my diet, I've been sticking to the protein and veg at every meal ethos of Whole30. Seeing these changes in my body has made it fairly easy to stick with many of the lessons I learned from Whole30 - if I have a bad day (or week), I know what I need to do to get my eating back in line, and I know I will see results if I stick with it. My one problem...the sugar dragon roared back to life as I started slowly adding sugar back into my diet. I'm 100% under the dragon's spell again, which is part of the reason I've decided to do another Whole30 in September. I've also been a bit lazy - adding bread to meals when I'm too lazy to cook up extra veggies, grabbing a sandwich instead of preparing lunch ahead of time. I'm looking forward to reinforcing my first Whole30 lessons with round 2 - especially since I have a group of friends to go through it with me this time. I'm excited to see what is easier this time, and what's different. I know that fighting sugar cravings was immensely difficult - I felt hungry all the time, even after eating a huge meal ("how can I be hungry?! I just ate a steak dinner!"). I'm hoping to taper my sugar intake leading up to September to minimize the worst of the cravings... Wish me luck!
  8. "Oh..I could never do that" I have both said this phrase and heard this phrase uttered when conversing about extreme short-term elimination diets and cleanses. However I did just do that! Today marked the end of my Whole 30. Here are a few of the things I have gained since starting my whole 30: energy cravings gone able to go more than four hours between meals without feeling like I'm going to faint reduced need to snack between meals picked up a healthy habit of drinking more water and developed a love for sparkling water no more diet soda no more artificial sweetener no more chewing gum my addiction to grainy carbs is gone no more need for something sweet after eating a meal, love for veggies has increased immensely better sleep better skin weight loss In many ways, before this whole30, I was a prisoner to food, but, now I feel free. Moving forward, I am going to use the whole30 as the foundation for my diet. On an everyday basis - I am not going to reintroduce any non-whole 30 foods. When I go out to a restaurant or dine outside of my home - I am going to do my best to make it whole-30 friendly, but I'm not going to put my energy into making sure every morsel served is compliant. I highly recommend this program if you feel yourself stuck in an unhealthy food rut, and are looking for a way to love and develop a habit of eating whole and natural foods. I felt a little woozy a few times as my body adjusted to not eating grainy carbs and sugar, but the good days outweighed the bad. I didn't feel like I was depriving myself of food, I never went hungry. Thanks for changing my life Blair Twitter: @goingon13
  9. Hi guys! I just purchased the Kindle edition of 'It Starts With Food' and am really enjoying it. The reason I bought it and am now going to start the Whole 30 program tomorrow is because for the last 18+ years I've struggled with IBS symptoms of the diarrhea, cramping, and bloating type. It comes and goes in severity and frequency but it's always there. I'm fortunate that it's never gotten to the point that I've been bed ridden but the symptoms certainly interfere with my health (obviously), my energy levels, and my ability to work. Case in point, I recently stopped working as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor because I was so drained (I was working too much overall but the IBS definitely played a role.) What I'm looking for is some stories of Whole 30 program success from those with similar IBS situations, particularly the diarrhea-type IBS... What worked for you what didn't? Any advice about additional measures, dietary changes that you found helpful in controlling/lessening your symptoms? (Ex. cutting out FODMAPS, coffee, etc.) Did the Whole 9/Whole 30 protocol take care of all symptoms, lessen them, or make them worse? Here's a little more background on me... I'm at a healthy weight (and don't want that to change), ~30 years old, and my husband and I are planning on starting to start trying to conceive in January. I do have a regular cycle but I do worry about how my digestive issues will affect my actual chances of conceiving and the health of a growing fetus. I take medication for hypothyroidism, Vitamin D, Vit C, fish oil, and a multi. I had a full blood work up two weeks ago and all levels are normal. I do have a history of anxiety and depression due to my family history as well as the deaths of two immediate family members. Was on medication for a year but now control with meditation/yoga, exercise, and talk therapy. Coming of the medication (Cymbalta) wrecked havoc on my IBS so I'll do whatever I need to to stay off of it! I was working out entirely too much because of my job (read 2-4 hours of exercise 5 days per week) and am so glad not to be doing that anymore (since 3 weeks ago). I took a week off from anything except walking and stretching and now try to get in some activity 5 to 6 days per week but keep it around 45 min and moderate in intensity with the exception of a long hike each weekend. I don't plan teaching again anytime soon so I am on the job hunt and hope I can get back to feeling healthy and energetic before starting a new position. ETA: My face has also been breaking out a lot lately and that rarely happens. Could be from the change from working out a ton to now being active a reasonable amount. I will interested to see how the Whole 30 protocol affects this. My diet is overall quite good and not that far removed from the Whole 30 program... *Lots of fresh veggies at lunch and dinner *Moderate amount of fruit, usually at breakfast *Almost always have a small afternoon snack in addition to my three meals (typically a non-dairy KIND bar sometimes with fruit) *Cut out Gluten containing foods, and the remaining small amount of dairy products I still ate a month ago *Usually have eggs, fish or occasionally beef once a day *Drink 1 cup of coffee in the morning and 1 in the afternoon *Drink lots of water. I often drink home brewed, unsweetenend herbal tea and homemade lemonade made with fresh lemon juice and lemon stevia from NuNaturals. *Generally drink a cup of coconut water after workout/run etc. A typical day of eating now looks like this... Breakfast ~7am: 2 Egg and 1 banana pancake topped with nut butter, figs or strawberries, and cinnamon (also have 1/2 to 1 cup of coffee with almond milk) Lunch ~12pm: big greens and veggie salad topped with salsa and avocado, 1 slice homemade gluten free bread, and 1 portion canned salmon Afternoon Snack ~3pm: non-dair kind bar with or without fruit or homemade oat/nut/flax seed granola with almond milk (also usually have 1 cup of coffee with almond milk) Dinner: Usually very similar to lunch but sometimes make homemade sweet potato soup or homemade gluten free, dairy free veggie pizza. Evening Snack/Dessert: homemade oat/nut/flax seed granola with almond milk and berries (Lots of water and herbal iced tea in the morning, when active, and throughout the day.) The main changes that I need/want to implement to be on the Whole 30 is... *Cut out the non-gluten grain products I'm eating daily, particularly oats *Cut out any soy and legume products (usually have them ~once per day *Make my own almond milk to replace store bought (used to do that but stopped because of cost and the fact that it spoils easily) and replace any other processed foods *Eat more meat *Cut out my evening snack/dessert (generally homemade oat/flax/nut granola with almond milk) *I generally eat sunflower butter instead of peanut butter but need to cut the PB out completely *Eat more meat/fish *Stop consuming stevia. Sorry this is such a long explanation - any help, advice you have is much appreciated. Thanks so much!