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Found 96 results

  1. We Did It!

    My boyfriend and I finished our first Whole30. He lost about 15 pounds and lost 0. Even though I lost nothing it seems like my body is changing composition. Although, someone did ask me if I had lost weight. Also, I really didn't need to lose weight, so maybe that is why I didn't. We are in our late 50s. Before the diet, I ate fairly similarly except for dairy and occasional wine. I have never had much of a sweet tooth or a taste for pastries, or cakes, so leaving them out was easy. While on the diet, what I really missed was the cheese! I missed cheese so much! I also missed raw milk and organic honey in my coffee, but I discovered coconut milk, so I was okay. Unfortunately, I love coconut milk in my coffee so maybe that is why I didn't lose weight? Even though at times it was really tough, I am glad we stuck with it because I feel good and I am sleeping great! It is a little scary though what to do after the Whole30? I liked the scientific explanations for not eating dairy, gluten, grains, and legumes. I felt like we were doing something really healthy for our bodies. There was the safety and security of knowing the eating plan had a finite time frame, but what do we do now? I actually want to continue eating this way. The only thing I REALLY miss now are fresh organic English peas, and I plan on adding those back in. Also, bacon. There is no organic bacon without added sugar, so, for now, I will make this an exception too. What saved us were ORGANIC Urban Bruce Chicken and Basil Meatballs and ORGANIC Chicken Italian sausages from Costco.
  2. Round 3 completed! I need new pants! LOL

    And I just bought new ones before I went on my trip! Good problems but my wallet doesn't agree. I’ve lost a minimum of 55lbs since July 2017. I started my 3rd round of Whole30 on January 1, 2018 and during this trying time work popped up that required me to travel. Before I started my 3rd round, I want to throw in a disclaimer. During my time off from the strict 30 days I still followed the lifestyle of the program. No dairy, no gluten (allergy), no processed foods, and no sugar (only fruit). On my 3rd round of Whole30 I could feel those little aches and pains some of us have become accustomed to go away. My nose wasn’t running, headaches weren’t daily and my back wasn’t killing me like normal. I did face some challenges this round though. Because I was traveling for 3.5 weeks and living out of a hotel I didn’t have a kitchen until the beginning of week 3. Now everyone knows you don’t eat out on the Whole30. Having no kitchen I faced the challenge head on and researched local restaurants/cafes. I found coffee shops that offered boiled eggs, I tired to stock up on local cold-cut meats, fruits, and veggies. Everything I consumed I researched and if it wasn’t Whole30 compliant I didn’t even entertain the idea of consuming it. Restaurants were a challenge but having a local sibling who also has food allergies helped me pick out paleo friendly restaurants in the city I was located in. I’m not going to lie. The stress of work and not having a kitchen did cause me to skip a few lunches here and there. The moment week 3 hit and I saw my friend’s kitchen I had that ‘heavenly’ moment where I knew I could cook my frittata in piece!I lost a total of 10lbs on my 3rd round and have kept it off since. I’m going to start my 4th round when I get back from my 2 week vacation. I am currently at 180lbs. I haven’t been at this weight in almost 2 years. I don’t have an ultimate goal. Growing up and always obsessing over the number has caused me to self-sabotage. Other than feeling good and look good I have no ultimate number in mind. My birthday is July 2nd and I'm excited to see if I can lose another couple pant sizes by then. It would be the best birthday gift to myself. <3I also wanted to throw in my dad’s progress. He has lost over 80lbs doing the Whole30 program; he's been living Whole30 for over a year now. He looks, feels, and is doing wonderful. He wants to lose another 10lbs and then maintain. I’m so happy he introduced me to this lifestyle and I have a true understanding of nutrition and consumption like never before. Different strokes for different folks!
  3. Purse Dressing!

    I had a friend come to town last minute today and called to meet up around 2 for a late lunch. She called about 10am so I had some time to strategize and eat a small pre lunch just in case I had to cut everything out of my salad once we got there. She wanted to hit up TGI Friday's so I got on the computer and started reading. Million Dollar Cobb! It sounded pretty good after leaving off the cheese and bacon. They had a chicken, steak or fish option but I was fully prepared to ask them to leave off the meat and add extra eggs and avocado for me if the waitress didn't seem sure of her answers about the meat. Luckily we had the best waitress ever! I asked and the steak (which was my #1 choice) isn't marinated and they'd be happy to ONLY use salt and pepper on it. LOVE IT! So my salad (while still a TGIF salad) was downright edible and close to good, I'm pretty sure I stayed 100% AND I'd remembered my handy dandy purse dressing so I didn't end up eating it plain. I typically have a little cooler with some snacks in it and so today I added a bottle of compliant dressing and just transferred it to my purse before we went in. The waitress laughed at me but said she totally gets it because both of her daughters have a lot of restrictions. Overall even though I could have made a better salad at my house it was lovely to not get left out of the girls lunch. Go Me!
  4. This may seem like a small victory, but for someone who has always hated black coffee, this is a huge game changer! I drank coffee for the caffeine and had to drown out the flavor with cream and sugar. I have been using coconut, almond, or cashew milk in my first cup and then switching to tea. It's Day 19 and I am finally able to enjoy black coffee! I am so excited to finish my Whole30 and nix the added sugar and cream!
  5. Whole 30 - Completed

    I DID IT! Today was my 30th day!!! (yay) I feel so powerful.. I was kinda scared at the beginning of this road, I didn't think I would see any outstanding results but here I am 32 days later (I did 2 more days cause I kinda accidentally screwed up on the second day) very happy and definitely planning on sticking to this lifestyle. First of all I lost 10lbs... yup... that's the most weight I've ever lost in little as 30 Days, I started at 167.55 and now I am at 156.53 lbs My skin is definitely clearer, it isn't totally acne free but I do see improvement , its also glowy and I love it. My sleep is amazing I feel full of energy I'm a little bit scared by the reintroduction so I would love any advice on this. I don't miss legumes at all I think ...but I sometimes crave corn and a froyo wouldn't be such a bad Idea also a cup of wine sounds good. I've seen the reintroduction plan and it starts with legumes can I skip those? Can I jump right into gluten-free grain? I wanna keep on whole30-ing actually but I'm kinda relieved that If one day I really crave popcorn I can have some or that nothing will happen if I have a sip of beer or a cup of merlot. Im pretty sure I wanna keep eating like I learned in this 30 days but I also feel free and insecure about how to apply and use that freedom, do I explain myself? I also don't wanna gain the weight back, recently a friend asked me how much weight can someone loose on Whole30 , when do you plateau? I'm full of doubt and at the same time excitement, I feel like a baby who gave its first steps and now i'm ready to run! Overall this is and amazing amazing experiment and a lifestyle worth to keep, I think my mom is tired of listening how marvelous I think Whole30 is and how much it has changed my life, I can't wait for her to try I mean she's been diagnosed with osteoarthritis and I've heard Whole30 can be really helpful I really don't like the idea of her being conditioned on taking pills her whole life as her doctor prescribed so... Thank you for this, Thanks for the experience, Thanks for all the community that helped me through this journey I'll be here , I just love being part of this and I still have tons to learn.
  6. Day # 31

    I weighed myself for 1st time since I started & lost 8lbs over whole30, that's 2 lbs a week. I did catch accidental glimpses of my mid-section tire deflating over the month. I'm not craving anything to reintroduce, but I thought I'd try corn on the cob. I'm not going back to sugar or artificial sweeteners. I've never eaten so many vegetables & fruit, and I'd like to keep that up. I had no trouble adhering to the plan on the road or in restaurants. I appreciate whole30 for teaching me how to eat sanely. I am a medical doctor, but untrained in nutrition. Thank you.
  7. Started July 3rd, 2017

    Feeling great on day#21. On the road I've had meat, poultry, or fish, with vegetables, maybe baked potato, using little if any salt, but with instructions to cook or grill them plain. Left most of canned Brussels sprouts on the plate last night. Carrying hard boiled eggs, apples, bottled water in cooler in the car. Appetite well controlled, energy high (I stopped caffeine at same time started whole30 & got brief headache,) mood is good. I'm gonna stay on this for foreseeable future. Goals more vegetables & more recipes.
  8. His & Her Transformation

    My husband and I tackled Whole30 together as a way to get back on track after the arrival of our first son. We were way off the rails while juggling work and the baby and were not doing the right things for our bodies. My husband had a health scare and we decided it was time for a change. That was 30 days ago! NOW: My husband lost 20lbs, he has more energy, is sleeping better (less snoring means I sleep better too) and has stared to get active again. I notice a radical change in his mood. Instead of being frustrated and stressed he is loving, happy and supportive. I lost 12lbs, my clothes are fitting better, I can wear some of my pre-pregnancy jeans. Despite middle of the night feedings I actually have energy during my day. I am more focused at work and have more energy spend time with my family at home. We are so thankful that we found this program and ready to move into reintroduction with confidence that we are in control and on the right track!
  9. Hey all! I just successfully completed the Whole30, as of two days ago! Wanted to pass a long a short reflection on my experience of the diet as a trauma survivor: Keep up the good work, ya'll! Anna
  10. I don't usually do this

    Actually, I have never done this, ever, however, I will post the results of my January 1 - 30 Whole30 journey. It began at 6:00 a.m. on January 1 and ended 12:00 midnight on January 29. I'm 59 1/2 years young, stand at 6'2", and on January 1 I weighed 260 pounds. I followed the food program religiously and enjoyed spinach omelets for breakfast, salad with protein (usually bean-less chili - there were days when I picked them out of the chili) for lunch, and steak, pork, chicken, veal, and fish with 1/2 a plate of vegetables for dinner. I road a recumbent bike 30 minutes a day every other day, and alternated with 30 minutes of light-weight/hi-rep upper body exercise. I enjoyed bacon with my breakfast on the weekends. I did not step on a scale the entire month, however, I did take pictures on Sunday mornings. On January 30 at 6:00 a.m. I weighed 235 pounds. I'm posting here, because the program worked for me. I am in maintenance mode now, and enjoying adding different foods to my diet. I've lost another 3 pounds since February 1. I'm on this road now and will follow it wherever it leads. I'm hoping it is as far away from the end of 2016 as I can get. Good luck! Best regards, JoeJustJoe
  11. Succesful camping trip

    This weekend was my first camping trip as a Whole 30 participant. While looking forward to the outing, I was dreading how I was going to keep up the momentum with my plan. This was days 14-16 of my first W30. I planned well ahead, which turned out to be key to succeeding. I knew that the two local stores carry very few if any compliant items so I took everything with me. Breakfast each day was bacon, sausage, eggs with mushrooms, tomatoes and plantain slices. I soon learned that the stove in our trailer is not powerful enough, nor is the pan big enough to cook a meal like that properly. Tip: don't ever try to eat partially cooked plantain slices, even if they are coated in bacon fat. I saved the bacon grease for other tasty things in the future. Having paid that much for compliant bacon, I wasn't about to waste that greasy goodness. Lunch was a cop out - technically compliant but not high quality but I didn't go off program. I had an apple with cashew butter. Lesson learned here is that unsalted cashew butter without added sugar tastes like I would expect spackle to taste. I will be adding salt to the rest of the carton. I'm fine with it not having sugar but it lacked taste altogether. I added some shrimp for protein. For the dip, I used my homemade BBQ sauce. It wasn't quite 'right' but kept me away from the dip that came with the shrimp and had goodness knows what in it. Dinner the first night was supposed to be grilled chicken with veggies and potatoes with ghee. Our grill didn't work so I had to cook the chicken forever and a day in a skillet. My home made ghee probably wasn't made right. I think I left milk solids in it. This is the second time I've eaten it and it didn't sit well with me. Had I not tried W30 I would have had no clue that dairy wasn't my best friend. Saturday night dinner was the big challenge. A group potluck. I thought about hibernating in our trailer but that's not how this works, right? I offered to bring the veggie tray but instead of buying a tray at the market, I brought the veggies and went overboard with a huge selection. A friend cooked tri-tip to perfection on his portable smoker. With a couple of spoonsful of guacamole, I had one of the best W30 dinners I'd ever eaten. Unfortunately, I overdid it on the meat to compensate for not having any of the delicious looking desserts. The meat was beyond delicious and I was just plain greedy, which didn't sit so well afterward. OTOH, it was a different kind of full and bloated to my previous daily feeling. I went for a long hike. I didn't drink any alcohol, and guess what? it wasn't any big deal. Making lots of progress here. Jill
  12. I have been struggling a bit and really wanting to eat -- and not necessarily Whole30 compliant foods. Then I took a moment to reflect on what I have accomplished already.....I stayed on track when our family got last minute premium seats to the Royals baseball game and nibbled on homemade mix of compliant jerky, nuts and dried fruit while my family ate nachos, dogs and drank beer and diet soda. I stayed compliant at the movies, again with my homemade mix and a contraband La Croix water in my purse. I skipped the celebratory cupcakes at an office party. And we just had our huge annual family party where we make traditional Croatian cabbage rolls and povatica (yummy nut bread) -- I made cabbage rolls that did not have rice in the filling and cooked separately in my own pot. I also froze a piece of povatica so I could have it later if I so choose. Apparently I have more resolve and commitment to myself than I realized! Looking forward to the next few days and what I can learn from the reintroduction. Thanks for being here to listen!
  13. Finished My 4th Whole 30

    I finished my Whole 30 on Tuesday and this is my 4th one so I know what I can eat without much effect and what I need to avoid. I'm not doing reintro this time. I didn't think I would really experience anything dramatic as this is my fourth time doing the program, but I feel like I did. This whole 30 was the easiest one yet. I just did it. I didn't complain about all the cooking/cleaning and the fact that I couldn't have wine wasn't as horrible as it can be or as it sounds. I attended social functions and it wasn't that bad to not drink. While I don't drink every day I do enjoy once or twice a week having something and I thought it would be hard and it wasn't. During this whole 30 I kept track of all my non-scale victories as they happened. By Day 3 I wasn't hungry all the time, by Day 4 I was less bloated. By Day 6 I had energy to start working out again (yoga only). By Day 14 I was sleeping good and my energy was back. By Day 15 i started running and felt really amazing and thought wow now my energy is really back. On Day 19 due to a crazy work day I didn't eat lunch for hours and I felt totally fine (that wasn't a goal it just happened and normally would be disastrous for me). By Day 21 I realized I was never ravenously hungry (as at times I used to be) and I noticed that things that might normally bother me (work, stress, etc) didn't faze me much. The last 7 days of this Whole 30 flew by and all of a sudden 30 days had passed. Yesterday I had some wine and fish tacos and both were delicious, but today I'm eating Whole 30 and I feel great. This was a really good Whole 30 and I think the best one yet. I hope now that I'm riding my own bike when I want to go off of this way of eating too much that I'll look back at this list to remind me why I like to eat this way. Ps. I dropped down a size in my jeans and also lost 7 pounds. I was happy about that too.
  14. Completed 45 Days!

    I did it!!!! I completed my Whole 45!!!! I chose to extend because didn't feel like my gut had healed enough to do reintroductions (I have ulcerative colitis). Honestly, if we weren't going on a once in a lifetime trip in a few weeks (Italy!!!) I would continue on. But I want to give myself ample time to get thru reintroductions and go on my vacation armed with the knowledge of how my body works. Some days felt hard, but mostly if I planned, meal prepped and ate good, flavorful food then I was good to go. Lucky for me I also had a supportive husband on board who took on making most of our dinner. He was a lifesaver for me. I never experienced "tiger blood" though half way through I gave up coffee so I think I was battling having a lack of caffeine in my life. Non-scale victories: Clearer, smoother skin - no aggressive breakouts Stronger nails Lighter period and little cramping Confidence! I never thought I could complete 30 days let alone 45. This program is teaching me about my body and how to properly fuel it and for that I'm grateful. And for the scale victory - 7 lbs. It was never about weight loss, but that was a nice added bonus. My introduction: My food log:
  15. I finished the Whole30 on Friday!!! What everyone wants to know is how much did you lose? The answer is 12 lbs! I'm very happy with that number. I am even more happy with feeling better. My blood pressure continues to stay down, even lower than before. Others notice and my clothes fit so much better. I've gone down one size! I'm giving a lot of thought to the reintroduction. I want to keep my plan at 80/20%. Even the things I thought I wanted, aren't tempting. So I know I've learned so much and want to continue eating well and feeling better. I share my success with all of you to help keep you motivated. It's worth the small sacrifices to live healthy! Sent from my iPad
  16. It was a tough 30 days. I'll admit it. But, though I still crave bagels and pizza and anything bread or pasta-related, I stayed compliant for the entire time and have gotten much better at fighting off the food demons. I lost 13.5 lbs. My skin is clearer. I'm rarely hungry. I feel much more in control and confident in my ability to stay the course. And, at least for the final week, I had a ton more energy. I've got another 30 lbs to lose, but this was a great way to kick off my new regime. From here, I'm switching to Weight Watchers while doing the reintroduction. I don't eat processed or "diet" foods so it should be interesting. My goal is to also keep the gluten to a minimum. rule. NO TAKEOUT IN THE HOUSE! If I'm going to treat myself, I have to sit myself down at a restaurant with someone else. No more sneaking food that's no good for me and pretending like it didn't count because no one saw.
  17. I’m a foodie, an overweight foodie. And being overweight has never been a big enough motivation for me to permanently change my eating habits because, as a foodie, I didn’t want to give up mind blowing delicious food. Then in my late 30s I developed a host of medical problems. Overweight, uterine fibroids, anxiety, mental health issues, severely aching joints, all year long ‘seasonal allergies’, mysterious mouth rashes, bloating, IBS symptoms, chronic illness, asthma, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, tired all the time, lower back pain and finally in January at age 40 I had knee surgery for a torn meniscus and was told I had severe arthritis. This was apparently why I couldn’t kneel down or take the stairs. I also kept experiencing rare issues that ‘less than 2% of the population gets (according to my doctors) such as a tooth that disintegrated for no reason, infections and a whole host of conditions that were labeled as ‘auto immune responses’. There is more, but the bottom line is that my body was failing me and I knew it but felt powerless to fix it. So here I am 40 years old, having a hard time getting out of bed and walking in the morning due to muscle aches and joint stiffness. I’m on more meds that I can count and I need a pill organizer. And honestly I just get scared that if I’m this bad at 40 I’m going to be in wheel chair by 50 and I don’t even want to think about 60! I’ve tried diets before, some even successfully, but again as a foodie, weight was never a big enough reason for me to change. But facing the fact that at 40 I felt doomed to thrive or have a healthy life, and I just didn’t want to be in pain anymore, I started actively searching for an answer to my ailments. Several health care practitioners suggested I go Paleo but after a short bout of trying it I gave up. Then Whole 30 was introduced to me by a friend. I bought both books, read them cover to cover and prepped for my W30 for 6 weeks! I re-did my pantry, planned my first weeks’ meal plan and emotionally came to terms with my fears and resistance about giving up so many things for 30 days. In the end I said, ‘it’s just 30 days and I’m not making any promises past that!’ Those 30 days went by like a flash! Sure the first few days were difficult but after that my health improved so much that I felt like I was thriving and healthy for the first time in years. And I never gave up my foodie ways – I just shopped weekly off my menu plan and tried all kinds of new and amazing recipes that my family gobbled up! It felt like I had found my calling. I’m happy to say that I completed my Whole 30 and after re-introduction will be doing another round with several family members. And I fully intend to adopt a Paleo lifestyle. All the ailments I listed above are GONE! Poof vanished just like that! And I mean ALL of them. And the best news is that my cravings and emotional attachments are mostly gone as well. I feel like a whole new woman and I can move around, bend, jump up and down, run up and down the stairs and feel great! I joined the gym and took up swimming again – nothing crazy just making sure I move several times a week in a way that is fun for me. I now enjoy being outside, gardening, hiking and I look forward to exercising with my friends and family. I don’t worry about being the person that can’t keep up with others. Whole 30 is nothing short of a miracle but the bigger miracle is I did this work and healed myself. Without this program I feel like I would have no hope for a healthy or happy future. And one embarrassing/amazing confession: I used to go to the grocery store and really judge people’s shopping carts while waiting in line. Especially the people with all the fresh produce and lack of packaged foods and sugary treats. I’d look at those carts and think “wow how boring, I’d rather be overweight and be able to eat tasty stuff than have to be like that!” Well guess what? Today at Whole Foods while checking out I realized that the cart I used to be jealous of was now my cart! And it’s so NOT BORING! I now have the relationship with food that I never thought possible and the health that comes along with it. And in case you are wondering, I dropped 13 pounds along the way. Although the other health benefits far outweigh the weight loss. I know that weight will continue to come off as I pursue this new lifestyle and that works perfectly for me. Thank you WHOLE 30 and thank you Melissa and Dallas Hartwig for inspiring me with a program that can provide all the health and wellbeing that was missing in my life.
  18. Day 29: is this tiger blood?

    It's day 29 for me today, and I'm feeling so proud! When I started this whole30, I really wasn't sure if I'd be able to do this for 30 days, and I'm pinching myself that tomorrow is day30. Reading up before I started, I suspected I might have a problem with fodmaps, so I eliminated those too, plus nightshades and eggs. That didn't leave a lot to eat, and I've been away from home for 20 of these 30 days. But because of that I've eliminated almost every previous excuse I used to tell myself about why I couldn't stick to a healthy eating plan. It IS possible when you plan ahead. Lots of NSVs: my skin has improved a lot, although I still have some rosacea on my cheeks but it has improved a lot. Sleep has been the biggest benefit. I'm astounded that i can put my head on my pillow and be asleep almost straight away. This is from someone who got a prescription for sleeping pills from my doctor 18 months ago because I found it so difficult to get to sleep. And 11pm is now a late night for this former night owl. So i'm waking up early every morning, without an alarm and feeling refreshed. I'd have done whole30 years ago if I knew that the payoff could be this. My clothes are looser, but I won't be weighing myself on day31, because I've realised the number on the scale isn't that important. That in itself is a NSV. I've proved that I can make a commitment to myself and see it through. I'm eating 3 solid meals a day, no more snacking, no more 'recreational eating'. I eat within 30 mins of getting up and I have my last meal at least 3 hours before bed. Those are routines I will keep. I didn't exercise much during the whole30, although I did take up pilates and then this week saw a 10k coming up in my hometown in 5-6 weeks time and thought 'I'm going to do that' (i ran a couple of 10ks last year but haven't done much running over the past 6-8 months. So today i went for a walk/run - and I LOVED it. I was out for over an hour, and it felt so good, to move my body, just to move my body, and because I had energy to burn. Not to slog for punishment or trying to attain some goal, just for pleasure. Yesterday I had been thinking 'well tiger blood never really kicked in for me' but then this evening it occurred to me that feeling that way on a run is indeed tiger blood! For the first time in years I am able to really listen to my body. I haven't been that active in the forum, asked a couple of questions and thanks for the help I received. I think I'll be a lot more active during the reintroduction period! P.S The $15 I spent on the 30 day email support was worth every penny. I loved being able to click 'I did it! Another whole30 day in the bank' at the end of every day.
  19. Day 30!

    This is my first Whole30. I feel better, stronger, tougher and I believe that I can achieve anything. Through this month I became more active, felt more energy (even though I think I still say: "Im tired" too often) and even loved my wife and daughters more. I got on the scale today to find that I lost 12 pounds. I'm super happy with that. I gained the same amount during two and half month and was about to "lose it" again to my bad habits. My history with weight is long and with great highs and lows (from 276lb to 180 lb at least 5 times in 20 years and with many "small" 20/30/40lb weight losses). My current point 220lb Is not thin, but it is becoming. I can slip to 250-270LB in not time. I'm happy that a conversation with a friend a year ago got me to check "what is that Whole30 is all about?". I will send her the link to this Topic. I'm sure she will happy and proud (thanks Amy). For now I'm continuing with the program. First because my diet was already very similar (no diary, no MSG, nothing processed) and the main change (no gluten) is a change I'm keeping for now. Second because I feel that for a life long bad habits I need a longer correction and Third because I didn't read the reintroducing chapter yet... Thank you very much. I'm sure many of my friends/family will follow. If you have good income stream from Israel that is probably me selling the program to someone (I can work on commissions ). Ido.
  20. Hi, my name is Irene, and I'm a... Whole 30 convert! When a friend first told me about this program, I was terribly sceptical, not to mention quite fearful of a whole month without I'm not an alcoholic, but I do love a glass of red wine or good french champagne (or two). I began on April 1, straight after a quite indulgent 4 day holiday in Bali where I unfortunately picked up a nasty parasite, so my first 5 days on Whole 30 was ironically made quite easy because I didn't feel much like eating because I was sick. To my surprise, after reading the book and preparing myself for all the terrible symptoms I would experience in the first two weeks, I did not have any cravings at all....( maybe the odd bacon thought would drift in and out!) Sugar wasn't a problem, although I found it UTTERLY AMAZING how sugar is in EVERYTHING! I thought bread would be a killer, and cheese and wine, but in fact I did not really miss them nor crave them. I think it's because I was able to have such fantastic food; great roasts, delicious fruit and vegetable dishes, yummy omelets and frittatas, incredible curries and soups, salads galore. My husband and daughter plus a couple of friends joined me on the Whole 30 adventure, so I had lots of support. Here's some of our results: My husband lost 5 kilos, me 2.5. I thought it would be a bit more weight loss, because I look slimmer. I didn't care much about the weight loss and I didn't weigh myself for the whole 30. Health benefits: We both feel great, lots of energy, sleeping well and waking up easily. This may sound like nothing (and for my husband it is nothing), but for me it is ENORMOUS! I have not slept properly for over 5 years because of menopause, so this alone is reason enough for me to stay very close to the program. People mostly have commented on my complexion, saying how clear and glowing it is (truly, they use the word 'glowing'!) The first benefit I noticed was my gums stopped bleeding when I brushed my teeth, then I noticed my muscle aches and joint pain disappeared. Our gut benefits were quite different: my husband became more than regular (sometimes 3-4 times a day) and I became slightly less, even missing a day here and there. Absolutely no bloating, reflux or heartburn (after I got rid of the parasite anyway!) My nails are lovely and I don't feel the need to sleep every afternoon at 3 pm. We survived many tests including a football game in a fully catered corporate box, two parties, and many dinner parties with friends. I have not felt like drinking alcohol even yet and I'm now three days past my Whole 30 finishing line. I feel calmer and better able to cope with life's various crises. I have been a 'problem eater' all my life, with a very unhealthy relationship with food. I'm not over-weight, but I am quite obsessive about never becoming so, and am a yo-yo dieter, excessive exerciser and occasional binge eater. In the past I was bulimic on and off for years. Now I don't go to the gym pump classes, just do a lot of stretching at home, and an occasional stationary bike class, as well as some lovely actual cycling.. you know.. outside! So where to now? I feel like it was not one food group only that caused my various problems, because despite what I just said, I have generally eaten quite healthily for more than twenty years. I'm not overly keen to reintroduce anything much, although I quite like porridge in winter so I'll see about introducing that. I also will likely have an infrequent glass of wine with my husband, but I think I'll stick to water most of the time. We now love an enormous variety of herbal teas, and I've learned to drink black coffee. We both would like to continue Whole30 at home and only eat off the program when other people are cooking for us. All the best to everyone who takes the challenge. It's totally worth it.
  21. Well then, I finished my 3rd Whole30 one week ago and last Friday, I took a test and there she was, the second solid pink line on the pregnancy test! After about 5 preggo tests later I'm still trying to manage my shock. Good shock! This is our third baby. We thought we'd give it one last go, thinking because I have endometriosis, it may take some time. Well, it happened with our second child that we got pregnant doing a Whole30, and now again the month after I'm off birth control and we start trying. This, after my first baby was IVF because I was told I'd have less than a 5% chance of ever concieving on my own. We are convinced it is really all about what you eat! Now, on to more practical matters, the last time I finished the Whole30 when I became pregnant, my morning sickness and food aversions kicked in pretty quick and I pretty much fell face first back into bagels and cream cheese, etc. This time I'm more aware but I'm a bit anxious of these aversions rearing their ugly little heads and pulling me off the paleo/whole30 track. Any other mothers out there have good suggestions/advice at getting around these aversions and staying mostly compliant? I'm not doing a Whole30 at the moment, just trying to maintain the goodness and eating well ~85% of the time.
  22. Hi all, I completed my first Whole30 around 5 days ago. I was a vegetarian for many years: like many others here, I was eating a primarily "healthy," low-fat diet consisting of grains, legumes, and vegetables, though I did indulge in ice cream and sweets from time to time. But 3 years ago, I was beginning to suffer from inexplicable bloating, swelling, crippling fatigue, and joint pain. The most noticeable and strange symptom was the joint pain - my hands and feet would turn bright red after any meal, though particularly after eating any food cooked in oil. Before these symptoms began, I had always maintained a regular weight between 100-102lbs (I'm 5'1"); when these symptoms began, I got so scared to eat anything that I dipped to 90 lbs, tried to do a series of vegan/vegetarian elimination diets, and when none of these worked, I got frustrated and gained up to 108 lbs at one point. I constantly woke up with a swollen face, arms, legs, and hands every day. I have been tested for autoimmune diseases (negative) and other potential GI disorders (also negative). Late last year, I finally got a comprehensive food allergy testing and was found to be allergic to eggs, dairy, and various types of nuts, legumes and seeds. So after 3 years of living in a haze, I decided to try the Whole30 this year. During the 30 days, my symptoms fluctuated quite a bit, even through the last few days. Still, I've experienced significant recovery. My energy levels are elevated. I have only very mild or momentary joint pain after my meals now. Waking up in the mornings without any swelling and sinus symptoms feels miraculous. Overall, I would like to continue with Whole30 principles and build on my current success. One aspect of the diet that I am having an issue is incorporating healthy fats. I have not been able to tolerate any cooked oil very well. I love the taste of olive oil, but it gives me terrible joint pain for some reason. I have not been able to get used to the smell/flavor of coconut and avocado oils, and my digestive symptoms worsen dramatically when I eat nuts, seeds, and eggs. Having been a vegetarian for a long time, the smell of animal fats is very tough to stomach, even though I have started eating lean meats for the Whole30. Whole avocados are good, but I can only eat so many of them. I find myself relying on starchy vegetables for the feeling of satiety most of the time; without eating large amounts of them for breakfast and lunch, I feel very lethargic. I know this all sounds like I'm being way too picky, but I would greatly appreciate your feedback on things I could try in order to incorporate more fat into meals. One very minor concern is that I have dropped to a consistent weight of 95-96 lbs, which causes my body to lose my period (other than that, I feel just fine and more energetic!). Regardless of the number on the scale, I would like to be consuming the nutrients that will help me continue to heal and recover. Thanks for reading!
  23. Never been so well!

    Well, I am on day 22 . Never felt better in the last 20 years. Maybe I have lost 2 size. Wake up in the mornig with a lot of energy, feel great all day long. I have a long story of notworking diet. I am a chef and gained something like 100 lb in the last 20 years. Oh, I have also lost more than the double of that, but never switched that switch in my mind that change everything. I have lost my binge habit, completely. I mean, I am loosing some other binge behaviour that disrupted my whole life, and this thanks to you. Perfect diet for me. No Cravings of any kind, never hungry, great energy and I had changed my relationship with food. And that's forever from now. I knew that there was something wrong with refined carbo, also with milk and cheese. I was able to eat some 10 oz of cheese in a single binge session. I really does not feel anymore the necessity to do it. Now when I eat it' real appetite and not craving and my stomach tell me stop way before I had emptied my dish. You have no idea what this mean to me... Something I hade nevere accomplished in more than 45 years of very complicated relationship with food. So Thanks!!!! I am making a lot of advertising to your program all'over the world between my friends and relatives. Nad I was able not to cheat a single time. Well mayby I have tested the cooking grade of a risotto or pasta or omeophatic doses of crumble of my bread butreally not relevant. I mean can two rigatoni and 0.1 oz of risotto make any difference? In any case I am so happy: the worl is my oyster. And I am going to keep that scheme of diet forever. I really need only to reintroduce some legumes carefully because I want to low down a bit the meat, but this scheme, I am sure,will bring back to my 180 lb naturally in less that one year from now. Thanks, Thanks and Thanks again!
  24. Hello Whole30-ers! I think we all know (or have discovered) that planning and preparation are keys to success with the Whole30 (as well as pretty much any dietary/nutrition/lifestyle overhaul). Outside of meal planning and preparation (a topic in and of itself), what are other little tricks you've learned to use to help stick with and maintain (for those post-Whole30) good habits? I feel like it's easiest in my own home, where I have the most control over the ingredients and preparation methods. I feel like it's a bit harder at my office, where terrible packaged/processed snack foods abound (see "Steps to Success at the Office"), and hardest of all out at restaurants and friends' homes where the ingredients and food preparation are out of my hands and temptations abound: - ASK QUESTIONS: how have foods been prepared and with what ingredients? Be specific and be detailed. Of course, I wouldn't expect very good answers at say, McDonald's, but higher-end restaurants should be able (and happy) to give you this information and often will be delighted to accommodate your requests. They will know the difference between clarified butter and non. The same goes for friends and family members if you have entrusted them to cook for you. With the latter, you might even have the benefit of standing in the kitchen with them, to check labels, ingredients and cooking methods as they go. - BRING YOUR OWN: if you can't get answers as per the above, or you don't like the answers you get ("why yes, there IS soybean oil and added sugar in the pasta sauce"): bring your own. Small travel-size bottles or containers of oilve oil and balsamic vinegar for salads if you can't trust the house-provided options to be compliant; compliant salsa and baked sweet potato or plaintain chips for the next "game day" party; a compliant main dish to share for the next potluck, etc. - PLAN EMERGENCY OPTIONS: (see the Whole30 download on travel) - I am already thinking ahead to my upcoming trip to Europe and the 14-hr flight might NOT have compliant options on board (but even then, it never hurts to ask!). I won't realistically get a suitcase full of produce or meat through security (I can't even ship Epic bars because of import regulations on meat products), but I can (and will bring): packets of coconut butter, packets of nuts & dried fruit, and compliant Larabars. I might even do a few cans of tuna, carefully wrapped and packed in my suitcase. I've decided that it's possible but not realistic to be 100% compliant on my trip (all the more reason why I am only doing an "unofficial" Whole30 leading up to the trip), but there's no reason to abandon the good habits I've started. What do YOU do? Let me know if any of the tips above help you out! Cheers, -Lauren (GGG)
  25. Steps to Success at the Office

    Hello Whole30-ers! I think we all know (or have discovered) that planning and preparation are keys to success with the Whole30 (as well as pretty much any dietary/nutrition/lifestyle overhaul). Outside of meal planning and preparation (a topic in and of itself), what are other little tricks you've learned to use to help stick with and maintain (for those post-Whole30) good habits? I feel like it's easiest in my own home, where I have the most control over the ingredients and preparation methods. I feel like it's a bit harder at my office, where terrible packaged/processed snack foods abound, and hardest of all out at restaurants and friends' homes where the ingredients and food preparation are out of my hands and temptations abound (I'll make a separate "Steps to Success for Travel"). Here are some ideas I've used (yes, I'm fortunate that I have my own desk where I can stash stuff; and an office kitchen with a fridge and microwave). - I brought my own blender to the office and I am allowed to store and use it in the shared office kitchen (this is a holdover from my smoothie days, but I discovered that you can quickly make a great soup using steamed vegetables - in the office microwave - plus coconut milk, hot water and seasonings). - I brought my own toaster to the office and I am allowed to store and use it in the shared office kitchen (not that I've had much of anything to "toast" lately). - I keep the following in my office fridge: a jar of compliant salsa (spices up any meal), lemon juice (for adding to hot or cold water or squeezing on food), olive oil (for drizzling on salads & vegetables), balsamic vinegar (for salads), canned coconut milk (for coffee or soup, as above, or spooning over pretty much anything!) - this saves the trouble of bringing these things in travel containers every day and risking spills in my ever-expanding lunch bag. I might even bring in a bag of frozen shrimp and a bag of frozen vegetables to keep in the freezer (who else really uses that in the office anyway?)! And when I make some homemade mayo, I will bring in a jar of that too (but with a special "hands off" label - I'm not sharing that with my office mates!). - I keep the following in my office kitchen cupboards: cinnamon (for dusting on stuff), sea salt & black pepper shakers (for seasoning) - you could add bottles or jars of whatever your favourite seasonings/spices/herbs happen to be! I also have access to microwave-safe dishes, a sharp knife, a cutting board and a can opener. - I keep the following stashed in my desk: packets of coconut butter, canned tuna & chicken, canned olives, packets of raw or roasted nuts and/or dried fruit (no added sugar, no sulfites - check your labels!), and compliant Larabars (these are in decreasing order of preference. I know Larabars are not ideal, but if they keep me out of the office box of Krispy Kreme donuts then they can help). I've got pretty much everything I need to be a Whole30 MacGyver in the event of unexpected lunch meeting - complete with pizza or other catered no-no's - or a late night deadline that necessitates a mini-meal when I can't cook a full template meal. I'd love to get my hands on some compliant Epic bars and Rx bars, and compliant jerky would also be an option. Again, in no way are these meant to replace template meals but when you unexpectedly have to stay late to finish a project and the team orders in take-out, you now have a "safe" option. - I also keep prinouts of my favourite Whole30 downloads at my desk for quick reference: the meal planning template to keep me on track with template meals; the shopping list for omnivores to remind me of the best choices; and the travel guide when I need to figure out a compliant snack. What do YOU do? Let me know if any of the tips above help you out! Cheers, -Lauren (GGG)