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Found 8 results

  1. New here...I will start on December 1st. I will start no sugar today because mentally, I am just ready. I have been a sugar addict for years and I have recently discovered that I am definitely sensitive to milk products. I tried Paleo a few years ago, as prescribed by my doctor, but I just didn't keep up on it, especially after I had met my soon to be ex-husband. He never wanted me to be healthy (he definitely wasn't) and It was so hard to fight for that. I have decided that now being in a safe place, I am going to break free from not just the bondage he and sugar had me under, but to finally take control and stop making excuses. I am ready to slay the sugar dragon and move forward. A friend of mine did the Whole30 for 100 days and has made it a lifestyle to help her kiddos and they did it as a family and saw drastic changes. I'm ready to make the drastic change for my body. I'm nearly 300 pounds, biggest I've ever been and I use to be healthy and an athlete, till college and a back injury. Just sick and tired of being sick and tired. I have goals and dreams and my body isn't going to be the result of those things unanswered. I'm ready to do this!
  2. Elmoods

    Day 1

    Hi! I'm planning to post every day in an effort to build greater accountability to myself. I've been struggling to commit and really start for over a month. Several months ago I was last committed to an anti-candida diet and I have been facing a lot of emotional resistance since then. I felt better, but didn't see other expected impact as far as any weight loss even thought I was on the diet for several months. Some inflammation went down, but that was it. I am aware now that I'm struggeling emotionally with my belief system, of which I haven't often been aware, that I don't in fact believe I have control over my physical well being on the level that I wish to, and therefore, it's easy to abandon goals and let all decisions go to the wind. It's hard to commit when you've already learned that you aren't likely to see the same number and magnitude of benefits as many others for as little as 30 days. I wish to approach this as a long term decision as the yo yo of opinions from doctors is only moving in circles and not leading to lasting solutions. At least I know I feel better on the whole 30 and understand that an anti-inflammatory diet is likely what I need long term.... that being said, I want to make the whole 30 my baseline although it's not entirely anti-inflammatory as I've learned. Today I've already errored once in having an item with cane sugar in it. Tomorrow I will change up my caffeine routine in the morning from canned yerba with added sugar to my own. I took some photos of myself yesterday to serve as an additional wake up call/ motivator in the moment. After eating anything that I don't get along with; I get so bloated I absolutely look pregnant. Anyone else out there doing whole 30 long term?
  3. smashleykoz


    I have started and failed a handful of times at Whole30. When I succeed for a span of days I feel great! I have absolutely no sugar cravings and I was actually in the best physical shape I had ever been. But I crashed, hard. I have been trying for the past two weeks to get back on track to eating healthy but I can't seem to find the same drive I originally had the very first day I started my Whole30 journey. I know what I have to eat but the sugar is always calling my name. I have tried eating more fats, cooking with more fats and drinking more tea when I start to think about sugar but I can never get my mind off of the sugar train. HELP!
  4. Hey Everyone I haven't been active on a forum in a long time, but I am so happy and grateful you are here since I know I need community support to get this done. (I'm a huge believer in group work, as my artist-support group has brought me through a lot of doubt and into a great chosen family of weirdos who love to create.) I have been a cancer survivor for 8 years now, and have been teaching for ten years. This spring I looked at myself and realized a few scary things: 1. I am way to young to be this exhausted all the time. I want to have twice this level of energy when I'm 90, and I can. 2. I used to take better care of myself, having been scared by a brush with death at 23 I did everything I could to be healthy, and that scare and care have faded away with time. 3. I want to do so much more with my life, and I refuse to waste time and energy self medicating with sugar and carbs. SO here I am promising you to start my day one on May 1st. (Along with a promise to a friend who will kick my butt if she catches me putting sugar in my coffee.)
  5. Four days ago I started trying to eat Paleo, and after having some dark chocolate and honey decided to go all in with Whole 30. I am a sugar addict, so I think that forcing myself to refrain from things that feed my sweet tooth is going to be necessary if I want to reset my habits. I lived primarily on cheese, sugar, bread, and junk food for my entire life, and this is my first actual effort to apply restrictions and guidelines. I've suffered from chronic sinusitis for the last 3 years, and have gained 25 pounds in that time period as well. The groggy, lethargic feeling just kept getting worse, and I started getting hot flashes and blood sugar drops and rushes over the last few months. I am hoping this will help me figure out if parts of my diet have been causing these problems. (I have been tested for diabetes and thyroid problems with nothing detected. And my doctor suggests sinus surgery, but I don't want to rush into that.) So far, I've found my clean meals of the last few days tastier than the crap I had been eating, though I have noticed that I have to MAKE SURE to always have something prepared. If I get too hungry with nothing ready to go, I lapse into binging on apples with cashew butter, which fits requirements but is still a binge item. Even without going stricly whole 30 the last 4 days, I am experiencing some of the symptoms listed in the what to expect forum. My sinuses are draining, throat is a little itchy, and I'be had minor digestive issues. I am a bit tired and groggy, but then again, I was before, too. The first 2 days I felt great. Hoping things pick up again soon! Does anyone know of foods that are included in the Whole 30 that tend to cause postnasal drip in case of allergic reactions? Want to make sure I am covering ALL of my bases.
  6. linzeey28

    My Journey Begins Jan. 20th

    Hi, I will be beginning my Whole30 on Monday, January 20th. I hope this thread can serve as a journal to document my progress, thoughts, feelings, difficulty and ultimately my success! I've been eating 80/20 primal for about a year now, and recently fell off the wagon totally. During the holidays I allowed myself to go down the slippery slope where cheating becomes the norm, and then before you know it your 80/20 is the wrong way around! I've since come to the conclusion, after much denial that I am a sugar addict. I have all the symptoms; bad skin, tired all the time, bloated, irritable, food driven, cravings, unable to concentrate, foggy headed etc. Basically I feel like crap! I hope to use Whole30 to get back on track, re-set my body and feel good again! I know that posting to this forum is going to be a huge part of keeping myself accountable. Any feedback, encouragement, or advice is welcomed! Thanks! L
  7. Hi everyone, I am starting this program tomorrow and am excited but nervous. I am the BIGGEST sugar addict in the world it is horrible. I have it every day and LOVE it! Despite all the horrible things it does to me I have never been able to cut it out. I have tried and failed SO many times to cut it out and I NEED this time to be different. Is anyone else starting tomorrow or recently started and want to be new online friends I know I will go through mega with drawals and will want to quit but I just cannot! I need to succeed this time! Do any other former sugar addicts have some helpful hints that have helped you through?
  8. My whole30 starts tomorrow January 1. I have made two previous attempts to only last 4 days. I am scared that I may fail. Not a great way to go into this, but I am being honest. I am going to take the strength and motivation from all the wonderful people on this forum to help me get through this. I don't post much at all, but read this forum almost daily and find so much I can relate to in the struggles of others and take away so much from the advise given. My plan is to fill out my goal worksheet, read the daily newsletter each morning, exercise, eat and sleep well and relax. Stress is my downfall. My career and work environment is very stressful and this has been the cause of failing on the Whole30 previously. I will be logging daily to keep me accountable. I so look forward to doing this knowing others are in it with me! I think that is what will keep me going. I am keeping the option open for a whole 60 or longer, but don't want to overwhelm myself at this point. Happy New Year to all! Best of luck and Whole30 on!