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Found 9 results

  1. So I have been doing this for three days, well everything except that I keep slipping and getting an iced mocha. I posted a few days ago about this problem and have gotten so many wonderful suggestions. Somehow they just aren't working for me, or I'm not trying hard enough. The rest of the plan has been going great so far, granted I am only on day three. And maybe I am not at all on day three since I keep having this iced mocha everyday. I'm just astonished at how hard this is for me to quit! Has anyone other there really struggled with one specific thing? I feel like it is somehow a crutch for me. I get them at starbucks and they usually put four pumps of chocolate in them. I only get one pump. Does it make sense to try to ween myself to just a iced latte and then iced coffee (which right now I don't like) or should I keep just trying to go cold turkey? Thanks for any help and support!
  2. So yes, I have a sugar addiction problem. In fact, I have a binging issue when it comes to sugar. And even if it's not sugar, it's bread and carbs. How does everyone slay their dragon? When temptation rolls around, what goes through your head? Sometimes, after overcoming the temptation in that small period, the desires stay in my head... Like inception. Like a forbidden lover. One look, and I'm hooked. I notice its nooks and crannies. I can't get my mind off, and sometimes it will even last for weeks. I hate this feeling of lack of control. Please, someone help!
  3. Hi, my name is Stephanie and I'm a sugar addict. No seriously... I don't remember an entire day that I have gone without chocolate EVER. Until yesterday, which was my very first day on the Whole 30. This is my first Whole 30 and I have been doing research and reading "It Starts With Food" and the "Whole 30" book for over a month before I decided I would start Jan. 2, 2016. My first day went surprisingly well. Despite my constant cravings and my sugar dragon ROARING all day, I did it and I felt AWESOME doing it! I was, however, a terrible planner. I went to Whole Foods that morning to buy ingredients for Day 1 recipes... which cost $70... 3 meals... $70. So for all you veterans and Whole 30 pros out there.. Where do you grocery shop and how to make it more affordable? sheesh. So day 1 went well, and then I "woke" up. I put "woke" in quotes because I hardly slept last night. I was tossing and turning all night with a slight headache. IS THIS NORMAL? So for anyone who has done this before or experienced some of the things I have, I'm asking for advice! I'm also looking for support because I have two roommates; and one is a functioning alcoholic who eats dominos every day, and the other is a firm believer in sugary carbs for breakfast lunch and dinner followed by more sugar for dessert. So if anyone else is on this journey with me, I'd love to connect! Newbie, veteran, anyone! I just woke up to day 2 and I'm ready to start my day! YEAH!
  4. luvbnhealthy

    I hate that this is so hard!

    I keep saying to myself, "I'll start tomorrow." I start off really well, then get a craving or see something and decide to cave. Normally, it's sugar related. I've been eating my Greek yogurt as my only dairy maybe 1-2x per week, but I'm fairly sure I can cut that with no problem. As far as grains/pasta - I eat them maybe twice a week so pretty sure I can cut those. But it is the sugar!!! What a demon it truly is! I think I am getting a hold on it, and it rears its ugly head. It started with my husband's birthday, then my son's birthday. Up until then, I was weaning myself off, but now it has struck back with a vengeance. Yesterday, Ice cream and chocolate chip cookie. Those chocolate eggs with the creamy centers (3 today!). It's been something just about everyday since last Tuesday. I am not beating myself up over it, but I just want the temptations and cravings to go away. I love to eat clean. I know it makes me feel better, but everytime I think of not having a particular food I really enjoy, it makes me want it. Yes, I know I'm an adult, but I guess the kid comes out in me when I think of giving up sugar. I'll just keep working on it. Tomorrow is another day.
  5. Its the end of Day One. I didnt fail. Go me. But I'm feeding my sugar dragon alot of eggs...and he aint happy. I've been paleo for a while with one large exception-sugar. My sugar dragon eats stevia on, well, everything... and "bars": Larabars, Questbars, Clif Bars, PRbars, Rxbars, XYZbars...mostly after meals (all of them) and late at night, like any good little sugar dragon. So I decided during my whole 30 there would be no bars of any kind, and obviously no stevia. So today I fed him fat instead of bars (except once when I gave him a banana), a TON of fat. We're talking easily 200+ grams. I ended up eating 6 total good sized meals, and I am not a large person that needs to eat this much. But it's the only way I could get him to stop bugging me. If I can kick my sugar addiction I'll count my whole30 as a success no matter what, but my question is: Is it common to have to eat this much to stop the sugar dragon? If so, is it just during the initial period? At this rate, I'm pretty sure I'm going to get super fat during my whole30. Anybody else dealing with this, or better yet, know how to fix it?
  6. This has got to be a first: I decided to give Whole 30 a try as a result of looking for a Julia Child chocolate cake recipe on the web. My search took me to a lady's website where she had posted the recipe two years ago. Curious as to what she was doing now, I clicked on the main page - she had completed her 30 days on Whole 30 and lost 14 pounds! Wow. I will admit up front that my main reason for doing this is weight loss, but secondarily I really do need to get my blood sugars down a bit. So sue me, I'm vain. I lost quite a bit of weight 3 years ago but for the past year, it's really been a struggle. My main problem is sugar addiction. I am a total stone freaking sugar loving addict. Mainly I eat it in the form of baked goods, which I make at home. I eat half and give half to friends, especially on walks and hikes. I really responded to the "Tough Love" section. I've been through a lot in the last two years: two broken wrists, assorted other issues. I'm totally healed and healthy and ready to take control of my eating habits - so giving up unhealthy foods should be a cinch, right? Why is it that a day is so long to live through, but the months fly by in a blink? Anyway, that's it for me. I'm cleaning out the pantry this weekend and starting May 19. Please if anyone out there is starting on that date, join me!
  7. I'm feeling horrible today after slipping up yesterday. I have a history of compulsive eating, and last night I wound up really craving nuts after work. I was on day 4 of my second attempt at whole30(I had started once before that and only made it to day 3.) Even though I set a rule for myself not to eat nuts for the duration of my whole30 because I know its a trigger food, I caved and had some dry roasted macadamia nuts, which only intensified my craving and led me to eat some almond butter, which I then realized had added sugar. Angry at myself for having the nuts and going off plan with the sugar, I'm completely threw in the towel and picked up two pints of haggen daaz ice cream on the way home. I ate about half of each one and made the mistake of putting them both back in the that ended up being breakfast this morning also, followed by a mocha. Now I'm feeling like $h!t...bloated, cramped, spaced out, and most of all guilty and discouraged. I am planning on making tomorrow day 1 again, although I will not be having any more non-compliant foods today. I would love to find a friend on here to help hold me accountable. Maybe someone with similar issues so we can motivate each other. Any tips from whole30 veterans are welcome of course. I have tried enlisting a couple of my friends, but they both keep falling off the wagon and don't seem to care too much. Also I should metion I live with my fiance who has no interest whatsoever in this way of eating. Luckily, he doesn't usually keep foods in the house that trigger cravings for me. I should also add that I am doing whole30 in hopes of alleviating my PCOS symptoms, including acne, irregular periods, and wheight gain and more importantly, to overcome the "sugar dragon" and stop binge eating once and for all.. I am 5'2, 142 lbs, 20 yrs old. Other than binging on unhealthy, carb-laden food, my diet was good to begin with. I have been doing paleo for a few months, and before that I was doing a lot of lean meat, eggwhites, vegetables, and small amounts of oatmeal and sweet potatoes. I feel much better with more fat and less grains. I am confident that this is the right plan for me, I just a serious boost right now to get me past the first week.
  8. I'm tired of being a slave to sugar. I have been on the Paleo wagon for about two years now but have been unable to kick the sugar habit on my own. I am completely frustrated with my own efforts to stick to a sugar free lifestyle. I find myself having arguments, in my head, about whether or not I'm going to stop and buy a candy bar (or three) on the way home or when I shop for groceries. This is something that happens every, damn day. I have not been able to do this on my own. So, time to be accountable to someone else because I am not able to be accountable to myself. I work at a martial arts gym and have the opportunity to encourage others to improve their health and fitness by changing their diet. I usually suggest they read "It Starts With Food." I often feel like a hypocrite when I tell them that eliminating sugar is a huge step in getting their body moving in the direction they want. It's time I walk the walk and not just talk the talk. I actually feel pretty confident today, my day 1 of the Whole 30. I have told a bunch of my friends, my boss and posted on Facebook that I am going to do this. Makes it much harder to quit when others are looking to you as an example. I am sure there will be days of struggle but I am looking forward to making a positive change in my diet and seeing what benefits will follow. Not too many expectations other than eliminating sugar. I am hoping to feel better overall as there should be less swing in my blood sugar without the 3-6 candy bars a day. I don't really know what else to expect. Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome. I have proven that I don't know what I'm doing so time to look to others who have been successful and emulate their behavior.
  9. So I apologize in advance... this post does not take the one day at a time approach. I completed a Whole 30 August 29th (started July 31st) and felt like I made amazing progress as far as energy and just general approach to life. I don't have a scale but my body composition changed favorably, same clothing size but less squishy (super technical right). I'm at the top end of my healthy weight range with a good amount of muscle, but have gained about a pant size over the last couple of years and could stand to relose it. Also, toward the end I saw significant gains in my Crossfit WODs and in my running performance. However... my day 31 consisted of a total porkfest. I convinced myself that eating birthday cake for lunch would be a great way to really test what gluten, sugar, and dairy do to me. Please keep in mind I have known since late 2010 that I'm severely gluten intolerant and likely celiac (have not had testing done). And now fast forward a week and I am completely, totally back to being a sugar fiend. And feel like shit. And don't want to work out AT ALL... negotiating with myself to quit Crossfit, which until recently I loved. WTH? Super fail. Even during the Whole 30, I felt like I was creating some extra wiggle room for myself as far as the sweets went - lots of sweet potatoes, a fair amount of fruit. Particularly sweet potatoes after dinner, justified with "well I ran five miles today". Hmmm. I guess my question is this: for some of us with big time sugar reactions/addictions, is there a possibility that post Whole 30, there will be no "okay" level of added sugars? That it might be out forever? Have any of you experienced this, the total forever elimination of sweets? Again, sorry if this post rambles a bit... it's just tricky. Most of the people in my life either have little to no sugar issue or have a sugar issue but haven't made much progress with it. I need some Whole 30-er wisdom here please .