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Found 14 results

  1. Starting tomorrow January 3rd

    Hi, after being hungover on the 1st, feeling somewhat depressed and very low on motivation today I just sat down and read a few pages of my whole30 day by day. Excitement is back and I'm looking forward to improving my relationship with food and hopefully saying good bye to a few physical ailments. I go through phases of eating healthy and I see very positive effects in my body and overall moods. From time to time I "fall off the wagon" / go over board on sweets and what have not. I'm looking forward to saying good bye to cravings, sugar hangovers and bloat.
  2. I did my first W30 in Jan 2017 and it changed my life. I found what worked and what didn't work for me, I mostly did slow roll reintros. I got sick a few times and got completely knocked off the wagon eating bread (my problem food), etc. But always found my way back to mostly eating W30. My fiance and I were on a big vacation in October for two weeks to a place with a mjor language barrier. I didn't even attempt to moderate my eating and it included many foods, every day, that I don't usually eat. And when I got home, there was a sort of, "well, I'm fully off the wagon, let's eat pizza!" attitude. That lasted a few days and then I felt awful. I decided to do a R2, but only stuck it out for 7 days before caving to sugar cravings. Since then I've been back and forth. I cleaned up my diet a lot (dropped the dairy,grains,legumes) but the sugar cravings are really getting to me. Each night I eat a little something that I know is going to make my PMS worse, make me constipated, make me bloat, make my sleep restless... I wrote myself a list of reasons why I don't eat sugar, but it's like my sugar dragon is 10x the size it was before I ever did W30. My birthday is next week and then the holidays, so I'm holding off trying for another R2 until January again, but I'm scared. I had very strong resolve doing my first round and while there were times I wavered, I never quit. My fear is quitting again and again with a R2 and not being able to fully shake sugar again. Help?
  3. Wooh, can't wait for the challenge! It is the end of Day 1 in my Whole30 journey, and I am already feeling the sugar cravings set in. For the past couple years I have experimented with dietary alterations ( originally around my hashimotos Hypothroidism, which has caused acne, low energy levels and other health issues) from vegan to AIP Paleo, and at this point I have come to grasp the major sources and habits of my body's discontent. My food lifestyle is 90% paleo, with exceptions here and there (college is stressful) and a wavering nightly sweet tooth which has the power to absorb all of my attention and focus it onto dark chocolate and paleo "desserts". Many times when I do indulge, I tend to get into a fix that is seemingly impossible to come out of. After feeling my energy and stress levels on a rollercoaster this year, and eating half of a pan of paleo carob brownies last weekend, I decided it was finally time to start this journey. Day one was a bit difficult; I am swarmed with work and had counted on grocery shopping that has not yet happened, but I am not too worried. My tastebuds have a reasonable amount of experience in paleo-world and I have gained resilience in tough times. I still am unsure about eating eggs, still need to get used to no rice or honey or syrup this month, and want to work on planning and time management around homework and meal-preps. I am open to any and all tips from college students doing Whole 30!!
  4. Post workout meal

    I am on day 4 of my reintroduction. The last week of my Whole30, I really amped up my workouts. But I don't think I ate enough to fuel and refuel. I rarely did a post workout meal but just ate a bigger breakfast. Not the best idea as I crashed by the end of the week. This week I've been trying to do better. Since my Whole30 was complete, I thought a small glass of no sugar added juice (4 ounces) and collagen protein would be sufficient as a post workout with breakfast shortly afterwords. But my sugar cravings have returned! Could it be the juice? What's a better post workout meal? I usually have little appetite right after so I need easy to digest.
  5. Started yesterday! (June 22nd)

    Hi W30 community Started the program yesterday. I wanted to do this mainly to drop loose some of the weight I gained since high school, find a way not to get any bigger while my leg is healing from surgery (2 month recovery time ) and not be constantly tired for my 9am summer classes. I already miss sugar. And desert. Its going to be hard breaking the ritual of dinner then desert. I also go to bed very late because of all the homework I have to do so I tend to get really hungry, even 2-3 hours after eating dinner. I usually would make myself a bowl of cocoa krispies but yesterday I had turkey chipotle mayo wraps instead. That seemed to work okay. Pride parade weekend is saturday and sunday so I'm anticipating having a really hard time because all my friends are going to get smashed so i'll be their sober babysitter all weekend. I feel like I won't have as much fun. How is anyone else going to handle pride with friends who want to drink?
  6. Dear peoplewhohavefoodfreedom, I'm on Whole30 #3 (currently Day 10), which I started primarily to kill my Sugar Dragon (and bloating - woof) and I'd like to hear some real life Sugar Dragon slaying stories. Do the cravings ever actually go away? I understand needing to be prepared with the internal "Is it worth it?" conversation once I am done with my reset, but ideally I just want to NOT want it. Every afternoon at work and after most meals, I find myself craving some sort of sweet (and mostly the kind that are totally NOT worth it). Does that feeling ever go away? I'm totally cool if, post-reset, I have that conversation about a donut from my childhood hometown. But I would really like to NOT have that conversation while white-knuckling it in my desk chair about a stupid mini Butterfinger my co-worker has on their desk. For some background, I don't generally eat a lot of processed sugar outside of my reset, so I don't THINK this is an adjustment thing. Unless it's related to carbs, which I love. Hah. I just want to make sure I am setting realistic expectations with myself so I don't end up feeling like a failure post-reset. Thanks, Whole30 family!
  7. hi there Whole30 community! just wanted to share how i feel on my Day 23. I started the program mostly for the health reasons ( my sugar cravings were uncontrollable!!!!!) . I know that this is not a weight loss diet and benefits of the program are so much greater that just shedding the pounds. however i was 172 lbs on 8/17, my first day of the program and and i am [edited by moderator to remove weight] for last couple of day i have noticed that my sugar cravings are less and it seems i am able to do the right plate composition as i am now holding about 5 hour intervals between meals. however what was surprising to me, that this morning my usual portion sizes for greens and protein seemed too much food to handle. weeks ago looking at the same amounts on my plate i would say it was too little. overall i am very happy how things are going thus fur. i do not lie , i still have cravings for junk food and sugary treats, but i am managing it so much better ! Soon I will be traveling for few weeks covering different countries across different time zones, this will probably be a test to how i do in this circumstances, i would like to be prepared and keep the program going till finish 30 days and beyond. so i would like to get as much feedback from the community as possible on "survival" during travel, adjusting the eating habits to new environment and time zone too. thanks in advance,
  8. Hello, I have recently embarked upon my first W30. I have been scouring the forum for tips and suggestions of how to help cope with sugar cravings and what I have found has been helpful in terms of food intake, but I think what I really need is some accountability and emotional eating advice. Basically, I have a very low fruit intake (maybe one piece per day) so as not to trigger the sugar dragon, yet I am still finding that after dinner it is extremely difficult to stop myself from reaching for some nuts (which I have read is not a good snack choice on it's own), due to my desire for sugar. This morning at 4:00 am I woke up with a dream-like vision of a muffin like I have never had before. I crawled out of bed in search of one before I had time to fully wake up (but don't worry, there were no muffins in the house, anyhow). None-the-less, a craving literally woke me up which tells me that the W30 is definitely what I need to be doing and simultaneously makes it *feel hard*. When I did come to my senses, I was so irritated I couldn't have a muffin that I decided I would eat some almonds... When these types of extreme cravings happen, I justify eating a handful of nuts. I tell myself that as the W30 goes on, I will develop my ability to just say "no" to my cravings (that do not involve hunger), but I am wondering if I am being a little to easy on myself. I want to get the most out of my W30 and that means cutting out any emotional/boredom/tired/aimless snacking. Any advice on how to help the mental/emotional side of things would be great! PS, another time that these cravings and eating when not hungry tend to go hand in hand is when I see someone eating something that I want (icecream, chocolate, cookies) and I know I can't have it. Then I tend to try and soothe myself with a handful of nuts or veggies. I really want to work on this because I know that eating when not hungry is just NAHT GOOD! But like I said, I need some accountability/support about how to toughen up with myself. Thank you in advance for your advice
  9. This is my first Whole30. I'm on Day 2. The main reason I'm doing this is because I am sick and tired of sugar controlling my life. The second reason is because I have spent the last 26 years in a dysfunctional relationship with food. I want to stop this! Unfortunately, ever since I started (yesterday) I've been plagued by intense anxiety over whether I'm "doing it right." I don't know how to let this feeling go. I had two Larabars (compliant ingredients) and a pouch of almond butter last night because I was so hungry and irritable. This morning I had an enormous breakfast with plenty of fat, protein, veggies, and fruit, but I was starving an hour later and now I'm fantasizing about dates (the fruit ;-) ). Would it be OK to eat Larabars with a meal? (NOT as dessert) Just to give myself something to look forward to? I'm so scared that I'll mess it up and not kick the Sugar Dragon to the curb. On the flipside, I can't deal with this anxiety for another 28 days! It's almost like a bought of OCD! (real OCD - not the cutesy kind.) I also find that I'm rejecting compliant foods that I enjoy because I'm afraid that comfort/happiness = food addiction/emotional eating. Please help! :-(
  10. Its not a good day. I'm going crazy over a ridiculous sugar craving! I have never, in my whole life, desired to eat as much candy as I am today! I grew up without it because my mom was a sugar Nazi and even as a grown up I don't eat candy like the average person does. No snickers here and there for me, no cookies, no cakes and pies. Sugary sweets are not my thing. Today however, I want it all! I went through the grocery store just fine then come time to check out all the sweet treats are at the register and around the lines and damn the man, all I could think while waiting my turn is: "Ohh! I want that chocolate covered popcorn. Ohh! I want m&m's! No! I want that Payday down there -oh shit there's a Heath bar!" Are you serious?!?! I have cut out ALL sugar as per the whole30 plan, even stopped using seasoning salt because low and behold there's effin' sugar in it!! Sugar is everywhere and want to be there too. I've been on plan and never had a craving for rotten foods for 60+ days and now it hits me? UGH! What the hell? I haven't had bacon in MONTHS and I want bacon...but have yet to find a brand in Colorado that doesn't use sugar. I need support and I also need someone to tell me which brands of bacon don't have sugar on the ingredient list...(and obviously minus all the things I can't pronounce). I will get through this day but I need help and prayer that it doesn't happen tomorrow too. Lame Lame Lame Day! I want candy, no a cinnamon roll, no ice cream, waaaaaaaaaah!
  11. Good morning, I am four days post whole30, it ended just days before Halloween and I was so proud that I didn't crave Halloween candy. I have been eating all compliant foods. I keep a food journal using, most days I get optimal paleo rating. It's been a great tool to make sure my macro and micro nutrients are in balance. So, I went grocery shopping today and decided, I'm going to make some "cookies." Said cookies were made of organic almond butter, no added sugars. cashew meal, chapped walnuts, 2 tablespoons of raw cacao and topped off with a pecan. I dropped them in roughly 1 ounce dollops on a wax paper lined cookie sheet and froze them. I had one and it was a gateway to sugar cravings. WHY?!? Because I called it a cookie. It's in the early hours of the morning here on the East coast, why am I still awake? Online school. It's the only time I can fit in the gargantuan amount of reading I have to do for my classes, not to mention do the laundry and clean. I have a 5 year old who is a busy bee and a perpetually sick and grumpy 1 year old. I'm also active duty Navy along with my spouse. I coach soccer in the spring and fall, thank goodness soccer season just ended after my double game on Saturday, now I can catch up on breathing, lol. So back to my post, my sugar craving ends in me eating a whole (organic, no soy lecithin) dark chocolate bar. Hello, 40 grams of added sugar in one sitting! I feel like a failure and I'm not looking forward to the amount of time I'm going to continue to crave sugar in the coming days. Crap. I can't believe that I went off the deep end after only 3 days post whole30. Any advice? I wonder if the sugar beast will ever die.
  12. Hi there, After several false starts (reset, reset, reset!) I'm starting the program today (well, I guess Day 1 will be tomorrow). I have Celiac Disease, so I'm already gluten free. But I'm really struggling with giving up sugar and chocolate and chips -- I go to sugar and chocolate when I'm tired, which is often, and I realize I'm making the situation worse. Beyond the weight gain, I want to try to reduce inflammation. I have fibromyalgia and a fair amount of pain and fatigue. So, I'm just looking for buddies for support as we do this plan together. Laura
  13. hi all I'm a noob and I've had a look around the forum but can't find anything on this, so i'm just hoping i can get a little help with late night sugar cravings. Some time after 10pm everynight I've been having EPIC sugar cravings. Anyone else have this issue or know of a way to combat it? thanks!
  14. L-Glutamine for Sugar Cravings

    This totally works for me when I am consistent with it...I take 3000mg in the morning before breakfast and 3000mg in the afternoon if I am having particular trouble with cravings. Does anyone else have experience with l-glutamine? Or thoughts on using it for the cravings?