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Found 36 results

  1. Now I will preface this by saying that PMS has started to kick in for me this month, so that is quite likely contributing to my frustration. I am on Day 22 and have been completely compliant, though haven't always followed the "perfect" meal template (one week, we were completely snowed in and unable to get to the market for 4 days, so we were workin' hard to just stay compliant with what was left in our kitchen). Anyways, I suffer from fibromyalgia, and the biggest NSV's I've noticed so far have been massively improved sleep and a slight reduction in my chronic pain. This has been very valuable to me, and while I hoped for more at this point, I am still happy with the results I've had. However, I am at a point where some of the restrictions are making me more frustrated than encouraged. I plan on doing a slow reintroduction plan to target what might be contributing to my previous insomnia and pain, and when I work out which foods are bad, I do plan to limit /remove them from my diet. BUT, I like pancakes and I like cookies and I like having the occasional sweet thing without feeling like it's somehow a failure for giving in to cravings. I've been getting grumpy thinking about a post-Whole30 life that doesn't involve the enjoyment of these things without it being attached to guilt (by guilt I mean "Oh no, you wanted something sweet and so you had something sweet-- shame on you for not resisting!"). I understand the reasons for avoiding "compliant" versions of "bad" food like coconut flour pancakes, for example, while on the program, and I have followed those rules, but after Whole30, I'd really like to go back to having foods that I enjoy and simply use the things I've learned on Whole30 to create healthier alternatives of those things with ingredients that don't spike my fibro issues. Am I missing the point to be thinking about a life that involves any form of pancakes, even if they don't contain my trigger ingredients? Not feeling any freedom in my food. - Grumpy PMS lady
  2. Hi Gang - I'm on day 23 of my first Whole30. I started this whole dealeo due to my uber-active sugar dragon. I LOVE sweets and have since I was a kid. But I realize I have a pretty unhealthy relationship with food, turning to sweets/snacks when I'm bored or frustrated at work or missing my boyfriend or just want that deliciously rich flavor of brownie batter in my life. I'm the girl who makes brownie batter to have it in my fridge to eat with a spoon after dinner (or sometimes as dinner). So, I am trying to break this (unhealthy?) attachment. Problem is, I don't know if I want to say goodbye to the sweets. The idea of a warm brownie with a glass of red wine has literally brought me to tears a few times in the past 23 days. I don't want to break up with that ooey gooey melt-in-your-mouth goodness. It brings me joy! It makes me happy! It gives me life! Well, that last one was a bit of an overstatement, but you get my point. And I don't notice any stomach issues after eating sweets...but I'm sure I would if I started back on my old habits after 30 days. So I'm struggling with my future after the 30 days. Do I indulge once a week? Or do I break up with something that makes me happy forever? Is it bad to get joy from (bad for you) food? Help! How to I keep my desire for cakes, brownies, cookies in check?
  3. mandalion91

    Halted progress during period

    So I’m on day 25 of my first W30 and on probably the second to last day of my period. I feel like my progress mentally (and physically) is going backwards. I ate pretty healthy before whole 30 so I didn’t experience the awful carb flu or any other bad symptoms at the beginning (or I just didn’t due to other reasons). I was seriously loving life. ZERO cravings for sugar or carbs, high energy, no snacking between meals, only 1-2 servings of fruit a day, etc. however after starting my period on day 20 it’s like I have been backsliding. Snacking on nuts and fruit between meals, 3 servings of fruit a day, and overall decreased energy. I also noticed I’ve stopped having NSVs. Could this all be because of my period? Has anyone else experienced this? I am still following meal template. Here’s an example of what I ate today: bfast: 3 eggs, half an avocado, half a sautéed pepper, 1/2 cup blueberries lunch: butter lettuce salad with grilled chicken, 2 tbsp sunflower seeds, tomato, cucumber, kalamata olives, and olive oil dinner: chicken apple sausage cooked in ghee with asparagus i also snacked on sunflower seeds, mango, and more blueberries. I just feel helpless to my sugar cravings and appetite which I didn’t feel at all in days 1-19. Feeling very opposite of “food freedom” right now
  4. So this is my third Whole 30 and I think I’ve been progressively more successful in each and learned something new. My first I probably snacked too much and I definitely turned to dried fruit and nuts. My second I eliminated the dried fruit and most of the snacking, but I still turned to fresh fruit for an allowable treat. For example, I could kill almost an entire bunch of grapes in a sitting, if I really wanted to (and some times I def did!) This Whole 30 is MUCH better - I’ve really been following the template and am completely satisfied with three nutritious meals, with virtually no cravings in between. The only snacking I do is pre-work out (shortish, slow runs of about 3 miles after coming back from injury). For whatever reason, full fat meals of olives and iberico ham seem to help my run energy. my question- while I haven’t been snacking due to cravings, I have been having a serving of fruit with dinner. Usually a Cara Cara orange since they’re deliciously in-season. Any thoughts on if it’s worth it/advisable to focus on cutting out all fruit for the last two weeks to really kill the ol’ Sugar Dragon?
  5. Hi! I think Whole30/ Melissa needs to outlaw larabars and anything that comes in a small wrapper. I never would have even known what they were or tried them if they weren’t mentioned in the book so much. After looking at this forum I realized a lot of people are having issues with "treating" themselves with a half Larabar. I’m on week two and was doing so well, but then saw Larabars at Trader Joe’s and got one and before you know it, I was back in the store buying five. The Whole30 book talks about the "spirit" of whole30, yet Lara Bars and Epic bars literally the only brand and thing allowed that can be eaten from a wrapper. My guess is Whole30 gets paid to promote these products. But if Whole30 outlawed chips, then why would they allow sweets in a wrapper labeled "cookie." The "Cashew Cookie" larabar messes with my head. I just ate cookies on Whole30. I think that anything sweet and processed should either be homemade or outlawed. Larabars are like candy and I just don't think it's right to put them in the book so many times. I never ever would have even looked in the "bar" section of my grocery store. I get they're for emergencies, but the WHOLE point of WHOLE30 is to do things whole heartily. Wrappers are cheating and i kinda feel like i failed and need to start over again because i ate so many lara bars in two days.
  6. Hi, I'm Barb and I was a Whole 30 success story back in 2015. I dId my first W90 in Jan 2015, and kept eating mostly W30 or paleo for almost 15 months. Jan 1, 2016 I felt like a million bucks after having gone through the holidays without a single binge (the usual suspects through the holidays....candy and desserts...) and went into the new year not feeling hopeless or needing to lose weight for the first time in over a decade. To make a long story short since Oct. 2016 I've been binge eating candy (a big bag almost daily,) or eating 2 donuts daily and feeling tired, lethargic, bloated and miserable, and have gained back over half of the 30# I had lost. I did another Whole 30 this January 2017 successfully...sort of. I did allow Larabar snacks almost daily when coming home from work...a.very common time to snack, I know. But otherwise did it to a Tee. Once again I feel hopeless and defeated. Daily I'm eating a W30 breakfast and lunch, and vowing NOT to stop and buy candy, only to stop and buy not 1 bag of candy but sometimes 2. I eat the whole thing before going home and thinking...praying, I won't do it again tomorrow only to wake up the next day to do it again. I know this isn't exclusive to me but feel like such a loser anyway. I'm 56 years old and so afraid of this being my life from now on. I am a Physical therapist assistant and see what happens when you lead an unhealthy lifestyle. And I felt so freaking good, emotionally and physically, when I ate clean! It makes no sense to know better and not do better, but sometimes I feel completely powerless. Thank God I'm healthy but I won't be for long if I keep this stupidity up. How do you know when it's the sugar dragon or if it's an eating disorder? (I don't throw up, and am mostly afraid to weigh.)
  7. Dear peoplewhohavefoodfreedom, I'm on Whole30 #3 (currently Day 10), which I started primarily to kill my Sugar Dragon (and bloating - woof) and I'd like to hear some real life Sugar Dragon slaying stories. Do the cravings ever actually go away? I understand needing to be prepared with the internal "Is it worth it?" conversation once I am done with my reset, but ideally I just want to NOT want it. Every afternoon at work and after most meals, I find myself craving some sort of sweet (and mostly the kind that are totally NOT worth it). Does that feeling ever go away? I'm totally cool if, post-reset, I have that conversation about a donut from my childhood hometown. But I would really like to NOT have that conversation while white-knuckling it in my desk chair about a stupid mini Butterfinger my co-worker has on their desk. For some background, I don't generally eat a lot of processed sugar outside of my reset, so I don't THINK this is an adjustment thing. Unless it's related to carbs, which I love. Hah. I just want to make sure I am setting realistic expectations with myself so I don't end up feeling like a failure post-reset. Thanks, Whole30 family!
  8. I had planned on doing my first whole 30 in January. I started out well and did 5 days straight but broke it after a bad day at work. I've since re-started a couple of times but then keep messing up by eating a sweet for an emotional reason. My fiancé is not doing the whole 30 so I've cleared out the pantry as much as I can. i felt amazing when I did stick the plan and lost a few lbs already but I can't seem to stick with it. I've struggled with binge eating for the past 10 years and as I try the whole 30 I've gotten better at identifying my triggers. (Loneliness [moved to a new place for my fiance], social anxiety, unfulfilled with career choice, as a way to procrastinate, etc) i have to bake for an event this week (I offered to when I thought my whole 30 would be ending on jan 31)which is making me so nervous. I really want to do it for 30 days but I feel ashamed that I've had to re start so many times because I feel like I can't handle the bad feelings when I'm annoyed with work or feeling upset about something. has anyone else had to re start so many times and then finally stuck with it? Any tips? I feel embarrassed and frustrated with myself. I know it's my choice when I mess up but at the same times feel so upset at time I don't know how else to handle the feelings without food.
  9. I'm on day 11 and things have been going pretty well. Tonight I'm feeling may be pms. My husband is out of town so I just made my daughter mac n cheese and I just baked a cod fillet. It was not great. Now I want to sit on the couch and have fruit and whipped coconut milk with cinnamon. It is compliant but I'm feeling guilty about eating it because I know it's a dessert type comfort food. I shouldn't eat it right? Just tell me not to eat it, lol.
  10. I am just so exhausted this time of year that all my intentions to keep mainly on-plan just went out the window these past three days. It started with a sip of hot chocolate. The next day, a full mug. Yesterday, another mug - or two! Today I bought cookies at the market; I haven't bought cookies in such a long time, not even for a holiday. Well I ate four of them for breakfast, with a bite of egg and my black coffee. I just feel myself spinning out of control! However I put the rest of the bag of cookies down the garbage disposal (a desperate strange thing for me to do. They were a little stale, honestly). Today at home I will reach for an orange if my sugar cravings get that bad. I think I have to gear up for the January Whole 30. It's not even the eating and slight weight gain, but the feeling that I have no control over the cravings, and nothing bright on the horizon except a little bit of sugar, until spring returns.
  11. I've been noticing that every day at 2 PM-ish I get this craving for something sweet. Is this out of habit or physiological or both? Should I eat more at lunch so that I fend off these cravings? I believe they are cravings because when I asked myself can I eat a meal right now it's usually a no and I just want some sort of sweet snack. How detrimental is this during the whole 30 reset? I'm trying so hard not to give in to the compliant mangoes and I promise I only eat about one serving and then I'm satisfied and can actually make myself stop eating them.
  12. I started a Whole30 on Jan 2nd. Did really well for about 10 days, but was then hit by massive cravings, and I had a massive chocolate binge yesterday. I have a history of binge behaviour, both with alcohol and food, but it got worse when I started logging food on My Fitness Pal last year because I needed to lose some weight. I was going to quit using it for Whole30, but I told myself that I wouldn't worry about calories and I'd just use it to track macros, and if I'm honest that hasn't happened. I've continued with obsessive calorie counting behaviour and the same patterns of being "good" for a few days and then bingeing. I have been hugely stressed at work this month, due to a project I'm managing that's run into big problems, I have a big workload and I got upset on Friday and I think that's what was the "final straw" that triggered the binge. If I'm honest I have also been eating too much fruit and feeding the sugar demon as well, probably in response to stress. I know I need to quit MFP and quit logging food and just get a healthy relationship back with food and my body, and not exercise to burn calories so I can have more food - argh, I hate it. I'm a terrible perfectionist and I hold myself up to really high standards - I find that I do often set myself up to fail, and I think I've done it with my Whole30. Any tips for how I can regroup and work towards another one but with healthier behaviours and mindset in place?
  13. Right - a few days ago, on day 23, I made a very wrong decision and ate sugary things so was starting over. My new day one was yesterday and went ok. Today went well until about an hour ago when I gave in to sugar cravings again. Despite my plans to take my cake-making over to my parents' house I decided not to do that after all. I avoided any spoon or bowl-licking, no tasting - all equipment straight into washing up water. But the dragon had been woken and the cravings became so bad that I gave in again. So my question is this: Would it make sense to take a break from W30 whilst making cakes or should I persevere?
  14. Staggolee41

    First Whole30 Down!

    Day 31 - It's over! Wow... I didn't think I'd make it, but I did! Typing this as I eat my usual omelet, but with feta . Interesting... while I'm excited to have the cheese, now that I'm eating the thing I've eaten for breakfast most of the last 30 days, I don't feel like the feta is really necessary. The first several days I was eating this for breakfast, all I could think about was how it needed cheese. Posting this in Success Stories because I really hope this inspires some of you! Please let me know if you have any questions or if I can help in any way. So... recap. I'm copying this from my "home" thread, where I had borrowed Kate's format. Starting with the things I wish I had done better: Eaten out less. I got lazy some nights or on weekends mostly and ended up eating my "safe" meal at Chipotle. I still ate food I cooked most of the time, but I wish I'd been more prepared for that to happen. Paid attention more to my eating. I still tend to multitask - as I'm doing now - and don't even leave my desk for lunch. Since I'm in a support role, that means lots of distractions while I'm eating. I intend to start leaving my desk to eat more often. Slept more. Though I'm getting more sleep than I was before, I'm still short of the ideal amount, and I feel it. Drank more water. I definitely increased my intake, but this is still a work in progress. The days I hit my water goal, I felt great. I have to make a conscious effort to stop and drink some water more regularly, especially while I'm working. Given myself more time for prep at the beginning. I was very miserable at the beginning, in part because prep took so much longer than I thought it would, so I lost sleep over it. For the benefit of those reading this who haven't finished (or maybe even started) yet... things that really helped me: The forums! I was part of a really fantastic thread - read there for more tips (Strength in Numbers) - and everyone's encouragement and advice helped me make my way through the 30 days. I also loved reading some of the moderators' posts and encouraging others. Clarified butter. I wrote down my NSVs as they happened. I told everyone I know about the plan and how excited I was about it. I marked my work calendar with the days in permanent marker. I acknowledged my struggles as they happened, documented them in the thread, and talked my way through them. I tossed my (cheap, $5) scale and everything I couldn't eat. I made a display out of spices and produce that doesn't need refrigeration in my kitchen (making it all very visible and accessible meant more of both went into all of my cooking). I took meal planning and grocery shopping seriously and wrote it all out. I'm putting up a chalkboard strip on the wall in my kitchen so the week's menu is always visible, even though I've finished my Whole30. I rewarded myself with non-food items during the plan - new books at the midpoint, flowers at the beginning of the fourth week, and a new, fancy scale and fitness tracking wristband for finishing. Benefits Aesthetic Roughly 8-10 lbs lost (hard to say because there was so much fluctuation up to my start date) Definite loss of fat around the midsection, front and back Face seems thinner (to me) Softer, smoother skin and hair Stronger nails that grow like crazy Less tired-looking Less acne/less oil on face Down a shirt size and a pants size, my ring comes off much more easily, and I have to use a tighter hook on my bra Cooking & Eating Reintroduced to my kitchen - woohoo! Loads more confidence in the kitchen Much easier to make good choices now (also don't feel like I'm missing out) Weirded out now by things that companies position as food that really aren't food Heightened awareness to what's in everything Comfortable eating without worrying about calories (this is so huge) CLARIFIED BUTTER!!! Lots of cool new tools and techniques in the kitchen No negative reaction to eating cooked spinach (always upset my stomach before) Emotional Cut the cord with sugar - no longer feel like something is really wrong if I can't have it (bahahahaha my sugar dragon is DEAD) Able to work through tough moments more, rather than avoiding them by eating something compulsively in the moment or later on Significantly reduced anxiety and depression (though this is a process, and I'm only beginning it as of about three weeks ago) Don't feel limited by the scale Proud of myself for completing the challenge, proved to myself that I have much more discipline than I give myself credit for (just have to stop being so darn lazy, and tiger blood helps with that) Smiling a lot more More confidence socially Don't feel the need to have alcohol to have a good time (proved this to myself last night, when I didn't break the guidelines to have a drink at a company happy hour - hung out with my club soda with lime and had a great time) Don't feel impacted by advertisements for food anymore (they seem so bizarre now!) Health Minimal/no heartburn (no Tums needed for over a month now!) Improved vision? (leaving a question mark there because this seems absolutely crazy but I can't ignore the fact that I can read small print signs with my bad eye that I for sure couldn't have read before, though my vision isn't perfect; will confirm when I see the eye doctor soon) Lower resting heart rate (have to confirm this, but I just did a few runs through it using the stopwatch on my phone and counting myself, and all were lower than the last several measurements) Better recovery time on injuries, sunburn, and illness Improved dental health (no change in toothpaste or routines, but less gum and tooth pain) More regular digestive activity Easier to get out of bed every day All in all, I'm totally thrilled that I did this, and even if I hadn't lost weight, I'd be thrilled with every other benefit. I will continue to eat with intention and try to stay away from take-out. I was actually REALLY hungry for breakfast this morning, despite a good dinner last night, which is so different from my life pre-Whole30. Again... please let me know if I can help you!
  15. Hi all, So today is day 5 of my whole30. So far, I've been positively radiating from the past couple of days... until I looked up a few things: 1. I ate brunch at a local restaurant on day one. I had asked for no dairy anywhere in my dish, but there was pesto sauce that contained parmesan in it that I consumed. I didn't know I consumed diary at the time, but I realized today when I went to the same restaurant, ordered the same item with the same request, and the waitress delivered it without pesto, telling me verbally that there was dairy in it, so she made the dish without. Ugh! 2. I got lunch on day 3 at a local salad place. I ordered a ton of vegetables with grilled chicken and brought compliant dressing from home. Thought nothing of it-- until I went to the restaurant website and saw that the chicken MAY have contained gluten. So, another (possible) mistake to my tab. I often eat out, so this is probably why I keep getting into these frustrating situations. But my problem is now that I'm losing motivation to continue. I live in a dormitory-style building, so I am not able to cook often. So, I rely on convenience to do my whole30 (I know, I'm just asking for tough love right now!) I felt great, skin clearing up, better energy, etc etc. until I found out the ugly truth about what I'd eaten. I just don't see how I can avoid all of these ingredients when they're literally everywhere! Does anyone have tips/their experience to share?
  16. To make a long story short, I ended up with ~250 unbaked chocolate chip cookies in my freezer, and CCC's are the Balerions of sugar dragons in my world! I have already committed to taking a few dozen to coworkers, I'll take some to elderly family members, and a few more to local fire/police/EMS stations...but that will still leave several dozen in my home! How do you mindfully deny the temptation of your biggest weakness?
  17. I'm having trouble with sugar! I'm on day 7 and I have found myself turning to dates and nut butters when a sugar craving hits. I know this is a big no no, but I can't seem to break the habit or divert my attention! I feel like instead of having ice cream I'm just now turning to dates, nut butters, etc... Suggestions?? My sugar dragon is my main problem and I need to kick it FOR good! Help!!
  18. So yes, I have a sugar addiction problem. In fact, I have a binging issue when it comes to sugar. And even if it's not sugar, it's bread and carbs. How does everyone slay their dragon? When temptation rolls around, what goes through your head? Sometimes, after overcoming the temptation in that small period, the desires stay in my head... Like inception. Like a forbidden lover. One look, and I'm hooked. I notice its nooks and crannies. I can't get my mind off, and sometimes it will even last for weeks. I hate this feeling of lack of control. Please, someone help!
  19. (mods, wasn't sure what sub to put this in?) Ok all, I'm wondering if there are any better artists than me out there? I was thinking it'd be cool to have some visualization of the dreaded "sugar dragon"! Both in threatening form, and in the defeated form. Was thinking instead of fire, the dragon would spray sugar. Also instead of scaly skin, he'd have the texture of gumdrops: The trouble is, I don't really know how to do those textures/effects in Photoshop? There's some images of spraying snow that might work for sprayed sugar? So, in the interest of helping us all brainstorm, here's some concept sketches I made. (pretty rough, don't make fun of me! ) Sugar dragon looking mean: Sugar dragon attacking poor SAD city: Knight using silverware instead of a sword: Sugar dragon being starved out in a dungeon: Sugar dragon with empty pantry, nothing to eat: let me know if I'm totally weird, or maybe on to something, or any comments in general I suppose.
  20. finishing day 20. have stuck to program with all guidelines, but cravings are still rampant. i survived halloween today and i wont eat any of the candy because i have made a committment to see this through, but i still want it. i still think about cake and sweets (my weak area). ive been trying to really cut back fruit b/c i use it as a crutch sometimes (i have had 2 larabars in the 20 days, both used poorly when i wanted something sweet due to stress and caved). im aware of how i am using the fruit (and the 2 larabars), but its been hard. i am also eating a lot of winter squash-probably more than i should. the thought of totally removing fruit and starchy veggies is something i cant even deal with-i have gone down that route before (on atkins style approaches) and its just not sustainable. i just wish i could get past these cravings and i fear i never will-that it will just be something i always struggle with. (separately, and not helping much-i have stayed off the scale, but do not see much if any change in my clothes-so that is adding some frustration on top of things). any thoughts?
  21. When we saw this at our local grocery store checkout, we just HAD to share with the forum. (Wish there was a section just for Whole30 humor!) But sadly, in the end it isn't funny that a lot of these bad habits start young and as a parent, it takes a lot of teaching and avoiding things like this:
  22. I almost have my best friend convinced to try a Whole30 with me in August (as much Whole30 as we can do living at home with parents who foot the food bill and think we're crazy), but she absolutely hates her coffee black. She sent me a recipe she found for a homemade hazelnut creamer made with soaked hazelnuts, water, coconut oil, and sweetened with pureed dates and asked me if she could have it on the Whole30. My assessment was that while the ingredients are legit, this creamer would not be Whole30 because it isn't in keeping with the spirit of the program. It is clearly SWYPO for a person who loves their flavored coffees, and its purpose would be propping up the craving for sweetness, having the same effect and satisfying the same brain tantrum as just adding sugar would. To me, it would be tantamount to eating Larabars for dessert (which was my SWYPO during my first W30). In my understanding, sugar is sugar, dessert is dessert, and sweetened creamer is sweetened creamer, but I wanted to present this to the experts as a case study. Am I correct in judging this creamer non-compliant? Thanks!
  23. I'm on day 17 of my first whole30. I'm also a painfully chronic snacker. I used to get so hangry if I didn't have food every 2 hours that I carry food in my purse all day long, every day, no matter what. Breaking this habit is really proving difficult for me, and I wondered if you all could let me know if you think I'm on the right track? Yesterday I ate three snacks (my old habits). I'm training for a half marathon, and I ran 10 miles the day before, but I don't want to blame it on "runger" before asking someone else first. I read this forum all the time and I try to stick to the advice you all give, but I have a big problem with my "sugar dragon" too, so I'm wondering if that's connected to my snacking habit. I'm also just terrified that I'm eating too much. Here's what I ate yesterday: M1 (8:30 am): 3 eggs fried in ghee, 1/4 sweet potato with about 3 TBSP almond butter, 1/2 avocado, about 1 cup assorted sauteed veggies (carrots, celery, kale) Got hungry about 3 hours later. Snack was a larabar (I know this is a bad snack) M2 (12:00 pm): Trader Joe's chili lime chicken burger, 1/2 avocado, 1 hardboiled egg, side salad with carrots, sugar snap peas, greens, oil, and vinegar. Still hungry so I ate 2 handfuls of plantain chips and a tangerine. So hungry for a couple of hours, finally gave in about 4pm. Ate a banana and about 3 TBSP almond butter M3 (6:00 pm): bowl of homemade indian butter chicken and cauliflower rice (a friend made for me at her house). Had seconds. I was then still so hungry when I went to bed, but I denied myself another snack Is this really just the sugar dragon forcing me to snack? I try to eat eggs, sweet potatoes, squash, strawberries, or a green veggie for a snack some days but yesterday I was bad about the bananas and larabars. I love granola, oatmeal, and bars so much. I feel like without them I would be so unhappy. But if that's what is keeping me so hungry I can try giving it up all together next week. I would love any advice you all have. Thank you in advance.
  24. OK so I've been posting questions like a madwoman so I hope everyone's not sick of seeing my name. Anyway, I dipped my toes into Whole30 condiments by making compliant mayo and ordering a couple of products from Tessemae's. I hated all of the above. I'm really frustrated and want to make something fun and interesting. I've always adored BBQ sauce and I'd like to make some to go with my compliant chicken nuggets. I finally found a recipe that doesn't call for date paste, rather the sweetener is fresh orange juice. I'm scared to death of feeding my raving sugar addiction. (We're talking serious, here). Do you think this will be a problem? Thank you all for helping me out. :-)
  25. Hey all! I'm doing my first Whole30 ever. I spent months prepping and priming myself to do something that scared me half out of my wits. (I have a legit sugar addiction and a lesser but still potent comfort/junk food addiction). I finally started on Wednesday, the 4th, so this is my fifth day. I keep waiting for something to change - my body, my mood, my energy... NOTHING is happening. It's like I've not even changed anything except that I want sugar and junk food. But even that is perfectly normal! I crave things just as much as I did before, not more, not less. I've read avidly about the Whole30 "timeline" and others' experiences and none of it is happening for me! The only thing is that I feel depressed, listless, and outrageously anxious about food choices. Last night I had a nightmare that I gave up on the Whole30. (Not a "food dream", either) I woke up practically in tears. What am I doing wrong?!?! I'm so afraid that I'll somehow push myself through these next 23 days, only to find at the end that nothing's improved. My skin, which suffers from chronic acne, has cleared up SLIGHTLY, but it's barely noticeable. But when I was eating crap all the time but not eating gluten or white sugar then my skin was just as clear as it is now! I feel like I'm stressing and putting all this work in for nothing. Any help??