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Found 175 results

  1. Hi! I think Whole30/ Melissa needs to outlaw larabars and anything that comes in a small wrapper. I never would have even known what they were or tried them if they weren’t mentioned in the book so much. After looking at this forum I realized a lot of people are having issues with "treating" themselves with a half Larabar. I’m on week two and was doing so well, but then saw Larabars at Trader Joe’s and got one and before you know it, I was back in the store buying five. The Whole30 book talks about the "spirit" of whole30, yet Lara Bars and Epic bars literally the only brand and thing allowed that can be eaten from a wrapper. My guess is Whole30 gets paid to promote these products. But if Whole30 outlawed chips, then why would they allow sweets in a wrapper labeled "cookie." The "Cashew Cookie" larabar messes with my head. I just ate cookies on Whole30. I think that anything sweet and processed should either be homemade or outlawed. Larabars are like candy and I just don't think it's right to put them in the book so many times. I never ever would have even looked in the "bar" section of my grocery store. I get they're for emergencies, but the WHOLE point of WHOLE30 is to do things whole heartily. Wrappers are cheating and i kinda feel like i failed and need to start over again because i ate so many lara bars in two days.
  2. Sugar in Almond Butter

    Newbie, Day 7; just realized the Justin's Vanilla almond butter I used during day 5 has sugar in it? I used about 1 tbsp, do I have to start over?
  3. Hi folks! I'm on day 4 (start date was 9/10/17) and have had some cravings this week. I just read something that indicates not to head for fruit if having a craving. I have done that this week, as well as had a Lara Bar (Apple). I'll do better tomorrow! Haven't noticed much change other than I am feeling fuller than usual eating less food, and not feeling gorged when I have eaten the whole plate. This weekend is a test of commitment. Boyfriends birthday on Friday and I'm taking him to dinner. He is easy so Mexican it is--fajitas for me and that means I can splurge on the steak and shrimp! We also have a friends kid birthday then next day...which is what I'm more concerned about. I plan to bring my food to his place so I can finish preparing what I will eat. But one thing I need to plan on is snack foods. Any suggestions? Then we have dinner with his parents which is also a concern as they likely won't have items I can eat. So again, packing my dinner :-) looking forward to beating the sugar cravings soon.
  4. if i’m craving something, to any varying degree, would it be wise to “give in”? i know i’m allowed to eat whatever i want because i’m an adult but when those cravings come and i just want to make some homemade cookies with my husband on a tuesday night, is this a recipe for disaster? or is this just an opportunity to practice food freedom and ask myself if making those cookies will be worth it and if it will do more harm than good (physically and mentally)? (grated, making homemade cookies is tough because you have a whole bath right in front of you). i guess after reading everything melissa has to say about it, “cravings” = sugar dragon, which means i should ignore it/starve it. so no homemade cookies when I’m craving it? i guess i feel like i'm doing something wrong if i'm "craving" something in particular and going out of my way to get my hands on it. hopefully that makes sense! thanks in advance!
  5. Hi! I'm new forum but wondering if these hair vitamins are compliant with Whole30. I looked for hidden sugar ingredients based off the fact sheet but I just wanted to be sure... please see photo and lmk
  6. RX Bars and Lara bars

    My husband and I are prepping to start Whole30 next week and I see a lot of people talking about rxbars and Lara bars for Whole30 approved snacks. Both of these have grams of sugar listed on the label- I thought no sugar was allowed?
  7. TL:DR Day 4 saw me getting IV fluids to rehydrate and add back electrolytes after quitting soda (sodium) and switching to water. Magnesium and Potassium levels also dropped giving me heart palpitations. I knew going into this (Whole30) that I have a serious sugar addiction and most of my sugar comes from soda. I drank at least two 12oz cans a day but most days it was 4-6 cans and I never drank diet. As I'm not a dietician or even a healthy eater I never even thought about sodium levels and not getting enough. I figured it was the opposite and I should avoid sodium if anything. So there I was, 3 days after quitting soda cold turkey. I couldn't stand up without having blackness close in on me and nearly passing out, tachycardia, severe headache where I could feel my heart beating in my skull, peeing every five minutes and heart palpitations. I was drinking plenty of water plus the Whole30 book specifically said I would feel like I had a horrible hangover. Feeling like my heart was going to beat out of my chest when I was just laying in bed freaked me out enough to call my doctor. The drastic depletion of large amounts of sodium (Cokes) plus all the water I was drinking eliminated some essential, life sustaining minerals. Sodium, potassium, and magnesium I believe are the ones my doctor told me were dangerously low and helped me replace. As a side note, I normally take Epsom salt baths for Magnesium but the ES baths also dehydrate which was a big part of my problem in addition to the missing minerals. The doc told me all of those are important for muscle function, including the heart, so if I hadn't gone in I could have done serious damage to my heart. Throw in the fact that I was dehydrated, which made my blood thicker, I was asking my heart to work harder without the things it needs to do its job. I'm not sure I quite understand how it all works even now. I've been googling Whole30 with my symptoms and only found a few partial matches so I wanted to share my story in case someone else goes down the same path. If anyone has more insight for me on the mechanics of how and why this happened I would appreciate it. It was scary to be told I was hurting myself when I thought they were just the normal detox symptoms. It's 12:30 am so I'm officially on day 7 and I feel so much better. The last two days I haven't even craved my morning Dr. Pepper. That kinda makes me sad because I love soda so much but I have two small kids who I plan to be around for for a very long time.
  8. So I started my Whole30 journey today and already messed up! Grr! A couple of girlfriends asked me to lunch at work today and I said, sure, as long as we go to Pei Wei or Chipotle, where I've read you can find compliant menu items. (BTW - I had packed a lunch already, but I never miss a chance to catch up with these two fun ladies!) So we went to Pei Wei and I ordered from the gluten free menu. I ordered Spicy Pei Wei chicken, which had lots of veggies and "Pei Wei spicy sauce." Like a true Whole30 rookie, I started eating the dish only to taste the very sweet sauce. I asked an employee what was in the sauce and she told me "sugar and vinegar." Then she proceeded to rattle off all the sauces that have sugar in them. Like everything basically. So, I'm bummed I made a dumb mistake on Day 1. And I'm bummed that I'm starting over ALREADY! I want to be able to enjoy an occasional lunch out with friends. If you've done this successfully and eaten more than just steak and plain baked potato, I'd love to hear from you.
  9. Yesterday, I was making a salad, and saw a jar of mushrooms in the cupboard, and thought those would taste great on it. This has to be the one and only time since I've started this that I didn't even think to look at the label. I mean, they're mushrooms. Right? So today I looked at the jar, and they have sugar added. If I look at the serving breakdown, it says there is 0 grams of sugar per serving, and I'm not sure I even had a serving, but there is obviously some in there. So, does sugar that doesn't even come out to a gram enough to mean start over? I'm asking in the sense of reintroduction etc. I'm 21 days in, so I really would like to continue on.
  10. Oops... 2g of sugar :(

    Hi Whole30 Fam, Question for you- tonight I made chicken curry. Without thinking (I know... this is how it always starts...) I added 2 tsps of Sriracha to the sauce to make it a bit spicier. It wasn't until after I ate it that I discovered that there was added sugar in the Sriracha (ugh). Learned my lesson. It's 1g of sugar/tsp, and I only ate 1/3 of the sauce. Does that small of a hiccup warrant a restart?
  11. Headaches

    Hello - I'm on Day 25 and about once a week I'm getting headaches that last a day or two. Could this still be sugar withdrawal? I'm drinking tea so I don't think it's caffeine. Has anyone else had sugar withdrawal last this long? Thanks for any help
  12. Sugar Withdrawl

    I am on day 4 of Whole30 and have had dreadful headaches the last 2 days. I am drinking as much water as possible, but thinking this really is my withdrawal symptoms from sugar/carbs. Anyone else have similar side effects with headaches? If so, how long did they last?
  13. I finished my second full round in January and want to go again in May. BUT, during my last round I had a major trouble. After I got my Tiger Blood, my energy level dipped to a all time low. Even more troubling, I got headaches after each meal. Both continued and progressively got worse until I finished my 30 days. I made sure I drank plenty of water and I feel my whole30 was prefect as far as fats/veggies/proteins. I upped my fats when tired and did not snack unless really needed. But as I progressed through my 30 days, my desire to face-plant into a chocolate cake grew stronger and stronger. Once I hit day 31, I lost all will power and ate that cake. My headaches immediately stopped and my energy returned. I can only think my headaches and fatigue were due to the lack of carbs and/or sugar. And my body did like using fats for energy. I want to start a round, but I'm worried about a re-occurrence of the headaches and fatigue. So, if the headaches and fatigue after meals were due to lake of carbs and/or sugar, do I up my intake of carbs next time? Reduce the fats? Please someone advise me!
  14. So I'm in day 4, things are going great so far, but I'm starting to notice how many products have sugar in them. Any advice how to the difference between added sugar and natural sugars? At first I wasn't eating anything that contained any amount of sugar per serving, but so many food have naturally occurring sugars. How do I tell the difference?
  15. I won a silly, fun little office bet. So the coworkers that lost had to each give me a couple bucks. So I told everyone I would bring treats yesterday for their "donations". None of them are doing w30 or are gluten or dairy sensitive like I am. So I decided on cupcakes! I mean I knew I could handle it! I had no problem purchasing them and then taking them to work. The problem was that I bought enough so that everyone would get one. I didn't know my boss was going to bring in donuts! And I didn't know so many were taking vacation. So I ended up with 2 dozen left. When I went to consolidate the boxes, and give a dozen to a coworker with 4 kids, and take home a dozen to my husband and brother-in-law, I just did the natural thing and picked them up on the sides (trying to avoid touching the unavoidable frosting). I got frosting on my fingers from a few of them! Then I did something I've never ever done before! I washed the frosting off my fingers! It was actually a very good and strange feeling, changing a deeply rooted habit. Or starting to change it. I haven't touched a cupcake since going dairy free 9 months ago, and being gluten free almost 2 years. But I plan to make some gf and df eventually. Anyone else experience something similar? Edit: I forgot to mention I'm on day 21 of round 1.
  16. Hello! I'm in the middle of my first Whole30 (Day 21), and I'm loving the changes I'm observing so far! Just in the first two weeks I noticed my face/cheeks are less red and puffy, my stomach is less bloated, I'm not tired in the middle of the afternoon, and I'm not getting headaches! My husband and I are in this together and have been very particular about meal planning, reading ingredients lists, and keeping each other accountable. Here's my question- The first two weeks, we barely ate any fruits. This week, I bought some grapes and some dried (no added sugar) mango slices. About two hours after eating just a handful of grapes, I noticed my cheeks had gotten quite red. On the days I have eaten some mango slices, I've had some stomach/"bathroom" issues. Is it possible we took the "no sugar" restriction too far? I'm worried that moving forward, any time I eat fruit or any foods with a significant amount of sugar that I will see some negative reactions. Has anyone here noticed any similar occurrences?
  17. Sneaky labels

    Saw this in my landlady's cupboard ... thought "hmmmm, that "Added" bit in a different font looks sneakily suspicious!" Wait, what's that on the bottom??? Ohhhh, "with Sucralose" Ok, well that's what they meant. No sugar added, but it does have Sucralose (added). Ok, I can accept that. But wait, what do the ingredients say?!!? THREE "sugars" "added"!!! Obviously an experienced Whole30'er would not be swept up by such label-writing TOMFOOLERY, what with our experience in avoiding sneaky sugars and being label savvy in general, but man, I feel bad for the rest of the world. Engineered food is a chemical chameleon!
  18. Sugar Question

    Hi everyone! I'm just gearing up to start my first Whole 30 and I want to make sure I get it right! I'm a little confused about some of the sugar stuff and was looking for some help. I completely understand that no added sugars of any form are allowed, but when I am looking at labels, I'm still seeing sugar percentages on labels that don't have any added sugar in them. For example, Red Jacket apple juice only has apples and vitamin c listed on the ingredients, but there are still 30g of sugar on the nutrition facts. Same thing for the Wegmans vegetable broth. There is no added sugar, but there is still sugar listed on the nutrition facts. Help! I'm so confused about what I should be looking at or avoiding here. Thank you all so much!
  19. Hi there, I am at the re-introduction phase and having issues with almost all of the food I didn't have during the whole 30! When I reintroduced wheat and soy (wheat, then soy), I had allergic reactions: hives, itchiness, and even throat-closing (I was almost getting Epipen!). Prior to the whole 30, I have no problem with wheat or soy, other than minor digestion issues. Sugar gave me a migraine (wasn't able to work for a half day). Rice, which was introduced the first even before wheat and soy, turned out to be OK, although I had a bit of bloating and tiredness. I feel like I am "oversensitive" to the food that I didn't have during the whole 30. At the post-whole 30, has anyone experienced allergic reactions (or allergy-like symptoms) to the food that you used to be OK with?
  20. To Sugar or not to sugar?

    Hey all! Just wondering if anyone has decided, during reintro, not to reintro added sugar? I gave w30 a shot in January, made it to day 19. Added sugar is my Food with no brakes, and I feel helpless around junkfood/sweetened foods/etc.; I've struggled with binge eating in the past too. I'm planning on doing a round 2, but want to plan ahead. I was wondering if anyone has had similar experiences & if they decided to continue to leave sugar out of their diet?? What are your experiences? Is it challenging?? Even if you dont have this experience, any insight would be greatly appreciated!
  21. Under doctors orders I went dairy/ gluten free which led to me feeling amazing which led me to whole30. About 2 weeks ago, I got a cold which has now morphed into Bronchitis and I feel like garbage. Why when I feel like garbage do I want to put garbage into my body!? I am not on a 30 day right now but have been eating a Paleo diet. The last 4 days I have lost desire:energy to get in the kitchen and take care of my food prep and myself. I've beeen sucking on cough drops that contain sugar and have been consuming honey. Being Insulin Resistant this was a very poor choice on my part as now the insatiable hunger is back. I want All.The.bread and I just ate 2 pancakes so I could take my antibiotics WHAT????? (thanks for not putting them away DH) what the heck did I just do!? HAS anyone experienced a terrible/cold or flu? What do you take? What home remedies do you use that are sugar/honey free? I believe that introducing the sugar from the cough drops started a downward spiral. Time to reset ASAP.
  22. I'm looking for ideas on how to incorporate added sugar as a separate reintroduction day. I'm looking to do more than just adding a little honey to my tea. Does anyone know any recipes that incorporate things like brown sugar, agave, or honey into whole30 compliant meals? I've been trying to look for ideas, and the only one I've got is roasted acorn squash with (clarified) butter and brown sugar, but my boyfriend (also doing the whole30) does not like that meal. Any ideas? More details on why I'm doing an added sugar reintroduction: Today is my day 30 (Yay! And to my knowledge I never broke the rules!) and I'm slowly going about the process of planning for my reintroduction. I have some pretty severe gut issues, so I'm not in any hurry to start my reintroduction, but I will want to test every possible substance that I consume to see what might affect my stomach. I've been reading up on differing opinions regarding the option of reintroducing sugar. From what I've read, I have decided I would like to reintroduce sugar. Besides the gut issues, before I started my Whole30 I would get horrible food cravings for things like cake, brownies, cookies, etc. (I'm sure many of you know what I mean!) I definitely felt controlled by my cravings. If there were snacks at work, I would repeatedly make trips to the teacher's lounge to steal more and more snacks in a day. My mother also bakes these ridiculously awesome cakes and elegant desserts for fun and for friends, and I enjoy helping her a lot, but that means that I end up eating a lot of sugar as "quality control" of the scraps and icings... so delicious! And so bad for me. But I'd like to test sugar by itself to see how much of my negative feelings might be the sugar itself as opposed to the other ingredients.
  23. Hello everyone! I am planning on starting a whole 30 with a friend in a few weeks after I get back from a trip. I have done several whole 30s in the past with less than stellar outcomes. Admiringly, I have a really hard time taming my sugar dragon and I find myself feeding it with 'technically compliant' fresh fruit. I know this is not in the spirit of the program, but it seems so extreme to cut out fresh fruit in addition to everything else! I've tried cutting out fruit and anything that even tastes sweet in the past and it makes me feel so deprived it leads to binges. Is this just a wave I need to ride out? Double down with the willpower for the first week or two to get over the sugar cravings? Has anyone else found themselves feeling out of control with fresh fruit? I've tried limiting myself to two servings per day, but it almost seems easier not to have any at all because once I have SOME I want MORE and MORE and MORE. It helps to not eat fruit by itself- only incorporated into dishes, but I find that the sweet flavor can still be a trigger. In 'Food Freedom Forever' I love the idea of the craving buster reset, and am thinking I need to add fresh fruit to the restricted list in addition to dried fruit, nuts and nut butters. I would love to hear about anyone else's experiences/thoughts/opinions -- thank you in advance!
  24. Soooooo... I don't know if this is a legitimate concern or if I'm overthinking this as I'm wont to do but I'm concerned about two things: 1. frying food and 2. sweet food ... and well 3. frying sweet food. I live in the tropics so ripe plantains are available year round and I swear to you there is nothing sweeter in the world that pan-fried ripe plantains. The really ripe ones where the skin is black and you think it should be thrown away. Those are the sweetest! I love them and they are compliant and it's so easy to cut up a plantain, pan fry it in coconut oil and split it between my three meals for the day (so I'm not eating a huge amount at any one meal) but I'm starting to feel guilty about it cause they are so darn sweet! It's a burst of sweetness in your mouth and my brain says that there is no way that could be good?? I don't binge on it and I don't eat it by itself, always with protein and veggies... so I'm okay right? Or is it too sweet? And is it okay to fry food once I'm using coconut oil? I feel like I'm cheating anytime I pan fry something. Can I make a batter with egg and arrowroot flour and fry chicken with coconut oil? Regardless of whether it's complaint would this be bad for me?
  25. Good morning, I am on my first Whole30 (Day 5) and have a question. I have been tracking my food (I know it is a no-no) but really wanted to get an idea if my eating was better or worse with the challenge. Surprisingly, to me, it is better. What I have really noticed is my sugars. The first three days I ate some form of fruit- apples for two days and grapefruit the other. When I check my sugars via the tracking app I noticed the first 3 days my sugar grams were around 25-30 (I am being compliant- based on my research it is the fruit). Yesterday i didn't eat any fruit and my sugars were at 10 grams. Today is the day I have a major headache and really fit with the timeline... I am wondering if I need to cut out the fruit to really keep my sugars in check... thoughts? Suggestions? Please don't lecture me about tracking... it is something I have done for years and will slowly give it up. If it makes you feel better I haven't stepped on the scale at all and it is REALLY hard for me to walk away from it every morning. Thanks for your suggestions.