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Found 15 results

  1. Sulfites?

    My partner and I are on day 28. Yesterday we accidentally had Dijon mustard that had sodium metabisulfite in it, and today we feel like dying (he has a migraine and I am nauseous/dizzy and had a headache last night - we both feel HUNGOVER). We only had a little to dip our chicken in, and nothing I'm seeing about sulfites says that these are effects. What's up?? (For reference, yesterday he had eggs for breakfast and I had chia "pudding" with almond milk and strawberries; for lunch we both had chicken soup (made with homemade chicken stock and veggies) and I also had a salad, and dinner was chicken bites with seasoning, broccoli, and roasted potatoes. What could this be? Sulfites are the only thing that's different than how we were normally eating (and we have been feeling fine).
  2. Hey guy, New here so go easy on me... started my first while 30 yesterday and bought a load of bacon from my local supermarket without realising there are added ingredients... Now my question is, what is so bad about the Sulfites etc they add to supermarket Bacon, is it going to greatly affect my whole 30? What's wrong with them and why don't we want to eat them? Do I need to bin this and go to my local butcher? I'm a sucker for not wasting food so I don't want to do this ideally but how much damage am I doing to my 30 days by eating this before I go and get more? Thanks in advance! Chek
  3. Hi all. On Day 1 I made the Protein Salad from the Whole30 book and accidentally used lemon juice with metabisulfite in it (the recipe called for 2 tablespoons). I ate this protein salad for quite a few of my lunches the first week and then on day 7 I ate a few apple slices with lemon juice on them. I didn't realize until day 8 that I was using juice with metabisulfites! I'm so frustrated and really don't want to start over. Do this really merit a re-start? I'm not sure since it was in such a small quantity... Also, I'm doing this program mainly to increase energy and hopefully clear up some acne, not for stomach problems or anything like that-- not sure if that's relevant but thought I'd add that in just in case. Please let me know your thoughts! Thanks so much.
  4. Is this compliant?

    From what I have read, this is compliant. Wanted make sure I am not missing anything.
  5. I just finished reading the whole30 and am getting ready to start the program next week.. a couple of months ago I had a severe allergic reaction (hives and asthma) and after process of elimination I believe I have a sulfite sensitivity... the whole30 seems like the perfect program for me as I am trying to eliminate sulfites from my diet.. my question is, when researching sulfites I found that almost everything I read said that all vinegars have sulfites in them, so I have been avoiding them, but a lot of the whole30 recipes include white and apple cider vinegar... I am nervous to try them but am wondering if there is anyone that knows there are no sulfites in them for sure? Also, coconut supposedly has sulfites in it so I have been avoiding that as well, but there are so many coconut type foods that are used in the program and I want to know if I am safe to try those as well. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi everyone! I love coconut milk as an ingredient, and I have since before I started the Whole30. I looked at the cans in my cupboard and found that this brand of coconut milk contains sodium metabisulfite. I am assuming this makes them noncompliant since sulfites are out. Any suggestions for compliant coconut milk? I remember seeing another brand with sulfites, but I'm not sure if most have it or these two are uncommon. Thanks!
  7. The red wine vinegar i have contains sulfites - what would be a good alternative in the whole30 ranch recipe?
  8. Hi Everyone - I'm looking for anyone who has done (or is doing) the Whole30 in Brazil. I am having THE WORST time trying to find anything pantry ready that doesn't have sodium or potassium sulfites (INS 223, INS 224, metabissulfito de sodio/potasio). I had to resort to making my own coconut milk - and while everyone says "it's so easy" it is NOT as easy as buying it off the shelf and having it on hand. I am working on changing my habits - but Coconut milk is only good in the fridge for 4 days and requires even more planning in advance if you plan to use it in a recipe. Granted - if it was only the coconut milk, it wouldn't be a problem because freshly ground coconut is easy to get at the street markets, but it isn't. I haven't found ONE vineager on the shelves (even looking at imported ones) that doesn't list the forbidden sulfites on the list. I know they are naturally occuring but all the labels I've read have listed it as "conservador". Does anyone know of any brand that doesn't use them? Also, since Brazil (at least not São Paulo) never really got into the whole "canning" thing. What do you do for an alternative to mason jars for making your own salsas, tomato sauces, etc in advance? I can't afford to pay $30 for 1 mason jar Also for those NOT in Brazil - after finishing your Whole 30 - how bad is it to re-add foods that DO contain sulfites (like the vineagars)? I'd like to leave them out for the most part, but since EVERYTHING seems to have them in them I assume restaurant foods do as well. Is it okay if you don't have sensitivity to them?
  9. While I understand the general rule: naturally occurring sulfites are okay, added sulfites are not, I'm reading some really scary stuff about sulfites. (How many ways it slips past the FDA, what a huge allergen it is, etc.) Since it is obviously in the tenets of the Whole30 to avoid/rid oneself of sulfites, I'm at a loss for how little I've found on the forum (maybe I just haven't looked in the right places!) that addresses the fact that apparently ALL shrimp, scallops, and FRESH grapes etc. are allegedly sprayed with sulfites while on the vine/boat, which is considered a process, so therefore appears nowhere on the label. How can I avoid this? These foods are allowed--what's the reasoning? Apparently sulfites are big in things like canned vegetables too. For me personally, I'm not as concerned about that, because I prefer my veggies fresh, but if we're trying to avoid sulfites, are there additional guidelines or resources I can access/be pointed toward to understand the Whole30's approach to this subject? Please someone tell me how I can have a clarified butter sautéed scallop!
  10. So I am on day 26 of Whole 30. Had on and off felt great, I have definitely lost weight, clothes fit better, sleeping like a baby, more energy during day and much stronger when exercising (Climbing/bouldering is my general weapon of choice). I also get really bad IBS, and while I still have had a few occasions of needing the toilet RIGHT NOW, the bloating and pain has completely gone. Then today, I ate some sausages. I checked them last night and completely fine: Pork Shoulder (97%), Salt, Spices, Water, White Balsamic Vinegar (0.3%) [Wine Vinegar, Grape Must, Antioxidant (Sulphur Dioxide)], Preservative (Sodium Sulphite), Sausage Casing (Natural Pork) I was so excited, I bought two packs and had two sausages for breakfast. I mentioned this to a colleague who has just started too and she pointed out that sulphites are banned. Something I had completely forgotten. I then discovered a post on here that said lots of coconut milk has sulphites in so I googled my brand, and I have been accidentally consuming sulphites all the way through. So back to day one for me :-(. It doesn't affect my plans too much as I wasn't planning on reintroducing anything yet, as I know it's helped my IBS and I have a related operation coming up. (Although I would perhaps allow the occasional Paleo Baked good thrown in, and more lenience with off-roading, following the road map). But I just feel like an absolute moron. :-(. Really down.
  11. Starting Again Feb 16

    Hello Newbies! I'm on Day 23 and came across some hidden sulfites. Darn those suckers! So I'll be starting over again. Third time is the charm eh? This will be my third start on my first try. I'm not going to get down about it though since all my fat pants are too big. Something was working! I just want to get the full benefits. I want to get rid of the redness on my face (sulfite related perhaps?) and have my glucose run again. I imagine its gone down even with the sulfites but I can wait another 30 days to lose some blood. Have a great day everyone!
  12. Hi everyone, I'm not clear on the Vinegar situation. I just read the labels on all the bottles in the supermarket - balsamic, apple, wine etc - and they all contain sulfites. I'm reading in It Starts with Food that sulfites occur naturally in many foods and are a by-product of fermentation. So I'm assuming that, with regards to the Whole30, sufites are okay in vinegar not okay when found in any other food, and possibly especially when they are coded, such E224. Is this right? Thankyou, Angelina
  13. I'm on day 4 of my first Whole30 and just ate a bowl of sauerkraut with leftover chicken. I had been excited to find sauerkraut without sugar added, and failed to notice it had sodium bicarbonate and sodium bisulfite in it. Crap. Does this require a restart or is it a "lesson learned, move on" experience? TIA!
  14. sulfites intolerance?

    hey! I was wondering: I'm in Day 19 and doing really good and loving it. For weeks before starting I had annoying tummy issues with bloating, stomach ache and stuff after almost anything I ate. I am much better on the diet. The first week was perfect, the second slightly worse, but I'm assuming it's all the cleaning process. My question is: I started adding small amounts of balsamic vinegar with natural sulfites to salads and I think it caused the return of my problems, bloating especially. Is it possible that this means a sulfite intolerance? Is that a common symptom? Or is it contingent maybe? I don't seem to have other symptoms, except itchy rash but I think it started once I started using tide so my plan is to get rid of that and see if it helps with rash. But is this enough evidence to assume sulfite intolerance? And another thing: I found a sort of honey balsamic vinegar which is supposed to be a sulfite-free substitute. Is it whole 30 compliant? I know honey itself isn't but maybe? Thanks! o.
  15. Hi everyone, I have seen several different threads on the topic of Balsamic Vinegar (or any vinegar for that matter) and Sulfites. There were several different schools of thoughts and I was just a little confused. So, for clarification, and correct me if I am wrong: Vinegar has naturally occurring sulfites? If the ingredients list states "Red Wine Vinegar, Grape Musts" and that is it... but it says "contains Sulfites" at the bottom not in the ingredients list it's okay to have?? Some have said that if it contains sulfites AT ALL it is out for the whole30. So I am a little confused and would love it if I could get some clarification. I'd love to use it on salads and to marinate beef but don't want to have a "stupid" slip-up and ruin my whole30 from a technicality. THANKS!