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Found 42 results

  1. I felt a cold coming on and drank a Kroger brand essence-c without even thinking about it. I'm on day 13. I didn't have the box (with the list of ingredients), just the packet, so I didn't even think about sugar or fructose until I had swallowed it all. Tasted sweet and started freaking out immediately. Looked online, and sure enough, fructose is the first ingredient. ugh. Do I have to start over?? So bummed, I've done everything by the book. The even dumber thing is that I ate an orange right before I drank it, I didn't even need the stupid thing.
  2. Hi, I am new to Whole30, going to officially start on Friday, but a problem has already risen for me. I have multiple chronic illnesses where my body depletes vitamins and minerals faster than most other people. So that means I take a handful of supplements every day. The problem is I would need to buy different brands for some of my supplements that would be over $100 all together. I cannot afford that since I only work part-time. I was wondering since I need to take these supplements if that would still go against Whole30 or if because a doctor told me that my body does not get these supplement that it would not count? Thanks for reading this confusing post.
  3. RubyWizard24


    I’m wondering if most CBD oils are compliant? I use CBD for anxiety because I am extremely medication sensitive. The oil I use has grape seed oil, hempseed oil, lemon oil, hemp oil, and stevia. I know the stevia isn’t compliant - but what about everything else? I can’t go off of it, so if it isn’t compliant, will I have any success with Whole30?
  4. Thunder 6552

    Approved Supplements

    My wife has been told by her doctor that her B12 and Vitamin D are low. I don't want her to stop taking a doctor recommended supplement, but we both want to stay as compliant add possible. We start our first Whole30 next week. Can anyone recommend a supplement brand? We spent an hour in Whole foods today and nothing seemed to work.
  5. I've been prescribed high strength vitamin D supplements as I have a very low vitamin D count. The only tablet options I can find on prescription include some questionable ingredients, but I think I'll have to go with the least nasty of what's availabe, as I really need the vitamin D and over the counter lower strength capsules haven't done much to raise my levels. Which would you says is the better out of these ingredient lists (I've only listed the questionable stuff)? 1) Corn oil, sunflower seed oil and vegetarian capsule shell. 2) Microcrystalline cellulose, acacia gum, sucrose, starch, medium chain triglycerides, magnesium stearate 3) Maize oil, refined, butylated hydroxytoluene, gelatin, glycerol, chlorophyllin copper complex sodium Thanks! Jason
  6. Cate1007

    Supplements with Fructose

    Hello, i think I may know the answer to this, but want to make sure before I buy new supplements. I am going through fertility treatments and need to take a prenatal, Vitamin D, Co-Q10, and magnesium. All of the supplements I currently take are in powder for and the ingredient list has fructose in it. Would these be non-compliant on th Whole30? thank you! Cate
  7. Lawters


    Are these Whole30 compliant?
  8. Lawters

    doTERRA supplements

    I am trying to figure out if these supplements are compliant with Whole 30, these are their vegan option so I'm hoping they will. I am also wondering if the other supplements are compliant. Please if you can tell me individually which is and which isn't I would truly appreciate it. doterra-vegan-microplex-vmz.pdf V Omega.pdf
  9. These two have a long list of ingredients. Anyone got any word? The magnum primer is supposed to be the bees knees if you are highly active.
  10. I currently take Vitamin Code Raw Prenatal vitamins (I'm not pregnant...yet!). While reviewing the label, I am concerned about the ingredients below. Does the fact that they are "sprout" make any difference in them being Whole 30 compliant? Attached is the full ingredient label for reference and the link to the label can be found here: Organic Amaranth Sprout Organic Quinoa Sprout Organic Millet Sprout Organic Buckwheat Sprout Organic Garbanzo Bean Sprout Organic Lentil Sprout Organic Adzuki Bean Sprout Organic Flax Seed Sprout Organic Pumpkin Seed Sprout Organic Chia Seed Sprout Organic Sunflower Seed Sprout Organic Sesame Seed Sprout Thanks for the help!!
  11. littleapple08

    Calcium / Iron Supplements?

    Hi all! First time Whole30-er here. I'm an active runner and pescatarian by choice (and lactose intolerant, not by choice), and have been taking a number of supplements daily: a multi-vitamin, omega-3 (flax oil), biotin, collagen, and calcium + Vitamin D. I also run between 15-40 miles a week (closer to 15 now that it's January and snowy, though I am still working out hard 6 days a week.) I know that most vitamins are not needed on Whole30 but am concerned about my calcium & iron as I am training for some spring races. Having read a lot of the forum and blog, I have not seen anyone mention a calcium supplement that's approved. I already take one that's vegan but it contains fructose, which is a no-go. I don't eat red meat and the idea of bone broth is revolting..... as is eating fish bones (I really only eat fish because I got very sick not eating any animal protein and training). Would love to know if anyone has found an approved calcium supplement, (and iron supplement but I'm less concerned there) that they could recommend? Thank you!!
  12. I currently, by doctors request, take melatonin. I am not a pill tolerate individual and use Source Naturals Melatonin Complex Orange Lozenges. We are on a very tight budget, and the reason I am doing Whole 30 is because it closely matches my doctors requirements for a doctor ordered exclusion diet. The "Other ingredients: sorbitol, mannitol, stearic acid, modified cellulose gum, natural orange flavor, magnesium stearate, and silica." Amazon Product Link Please keep in mind when answering that I do not currently have monetary means to purchase another supplement and that I don't actually know if this one lozenge nightly will majorly affect the benefits of cutting all sweeteners. As of now this is the only product I have that I'm not 100% sure I will be able to cut out of my diet. Reasons for exclusion diet: Chronic Migraine and sleep disturbances including falling asleep, staying asleep, and inability to wake up.
  13. Mattyc23

    Approved magnesium

    Wondering if this brand is approved I have done countless research and have no definitive answer. Just getting into my whole 30 and my sleep has been seriously disrupted. I just happen to have these magnesium on hand and Was wondering if they are compliant.
  14. Hi! I am new to Whole30. Right now, I want to take someone's head off, but that is a different story. Wondering if anyone has found a brand of supplements or vitamins that are Whole30 compliant? Almost every single one of my vitamins has soy or some form of sugar. I am directed by my doctor to be on Vitamin D and Magnesium, but I also take Acidophilus, Biotin, Folic Acid, B12 (this one appears to be compliant) and Omegas/Fish Oil. Help! The Vitamin D, Mag and Acidophilus are my biggest concerns. I could look into a multivitamin but need to watch the Vitamin A. Thank you in advance!
  15. Michelle V


    My friend and I are just about to start the program. We want to do our planning and research first. I have been reviewing the approved foods, supplements, etc. However I have been taking Isotonix (anti-oxidant, Vit A, B, C, D, K, and calciuma) as a regular part of my health regime and know what the consequences are of not taking them. I have read the labels. I would like to maintain this. Is there anyone else that may have been in the same boat? I searched the site but did not see it.
  16. CecileC

    Red Yeast Rice supplements

    I think this one may stump the Mods. I apologize in advance and ask anyway. I take a supplement called Red Yeast Rice to keep my cholesterol under control. It's been used for centuries by Chinese herbal medicine and in the 1970s the Japanese were able to isolate lovastatin and monacolins, both cholesterol lowering drugs, from the red yeast rice. So my question is whether red yeast rice is compliant. Yes, it's rice which is not compliant, but it's been exposed to a benificial mold and is somewhat changed. For more information on red yeast rice, here's a link to the Wikipedia article. Thank you.
  17. Jacqui R

    Collagen Supplement

    Can I still take my collagen powder supplement?...I just dissolve it in sugars & gluten free
  18. Hi All, I take a few supplements from the MyProtein range. I just assumed that these would be compliant but now im not so sure. I hope they are! I would appreciate any input. Please see attachments.. Thanks.
  19. So I already had to restart my Whole 30 on day 5 because it turns out that the case of broth that my partner bought from Costco (the one that looks exactly like the fully-compliant broth that I normally use) lists cane sugar as the 3rd ingredient and I used it in 2 sauces. That was demoralizing, but I bit the bullet and began again. I realized this evening that the melatonin that I take so that I can sleep contains a small amount of rice powder . . . it's listed in print so fine that I needed a magnifying glass to see it and was not on the part of the label where the other ingredients were listed. I have since triple-checked all other pills of any kind to be sure I was not missing something else that was non-compliant. I am told that Advil and other strictly-necessary OTC's are ok despite having some small amount of starch. Normally I don't sleep very well and take both melatonin and an antihistamine that is sleep-inducing to get a few hours of shuteye, though I take breaks from the antihistamine since using it uninterrupted is not great for you and it becomes less effective the more you continually use it. My nighttime ritual would also include a couple of glasses of red wine if I weren't on the Whole 30, and I have successfully gone without alcohol for the duration. So my question is: do I have to start over again because of a few possible milligrams of rice flour each night? I'm on day 4 of the re-start (almost back to where I was before the sugar-broth fiasco) and honestly I nearly cried when I thought of having to restart again, going without the melatonin, or having to spend more money on a new supplement that is compliant-- doing Whole 30 is already breaking the bank since I am a woman of modest means right now. If I do have to start over, does anyone know of a compliant brand of melatonin? Below is a picture of the offending brand.
  20. I'm planning on doing another Whole30 in the next week or so. I feel that I struggle with appropriate meal portions and have recently started taking a fat-burning, muscle preserving supplement called Vintage Burn by Old School Labs. I feel that this has helped a little with appetite control and has given me a little more energy, especially for workouts. It is pill form and the ingredients contain; green tea leaf extract, green coffee bean extract, raspberry ketones(?), olive leaf extract, caffeine, bacopa leaf extract, garcina fruit extract, chrysin, forskohli root extract, in a vegetable capusle, other ingredient listed is vegetable stearate. I know this would probably be discouraged but would this supplement be compliant during whole30? Thank you!
  21. Yikes! I was taking my multivitamin as usual this morning when I casually glanced at the list of ingredients, only for these horrors to jump out at me: -Colours (Titanium dioxide E171, Iron oxide E172) -Purified talc (WTF?!) -Modified starch -Maize starch -Copper sulphate -Mannitol -SUGAR What the hell is all that about? Do I need to reset or is the dose too small to affect my Whole30? Please help... Nicole x
  22. chelsealdavidson

    Extreme Aggitation // Aggression

    I am on my second Whole"30" (I completed a Whole21 a year and a half ago, and am now on a whole40+ and going strong) with the exception of half and half in my coffee (dairy doesn't bother me, and if I don't have it in my diet it affects my vocal cords. I may be the only singer onthe planet who NEEDS dairy to sing well...). Either way, I've been working out consistently for the last 2-3 months and eating extremely clean for the last 6 weeks. In the last week or so I have grown increasingly aggitated. I did have a stressor added in my personal life, but nothing too extreme, and I have been to the gym to "work it off." Anyone else find themselves dealing with extreme frustrations as they continue in their whole30? Any supplemental nutrients I may need that I am unaware of? I had started a thread previously re: this odd feeling to cry I had about 4 weeks ago, but I figured by the 6-7 week mark (wherever I am, I have no idea), my emotions should be levelled out. I don't have really any cravings anymore, and I'm eating minimal sugar (fruit sugars, I mean), so no spikes and crashes. I have also found that I am still not re-set in my hunger. If I am not intentional in watching the clock I can go for HOURS without eating and not even notice a single pang in my stomach (though, I will exhibit symptoms of hunger in other ways, i.e. sleepiness). My original Whole30 ("Whole21") I actually ended up starving myself (I hadn't read the book yet) because I was eating so little, and then it backfired. I don't THINK I am eating too little right now, I've been pretty intentional. Just wanting some input / perhaps hear from whoever has struggled with such an extreme emotional pull. Thanks, Chelsea
  23. misskay

    Stevia in Supplements

    Hello, We are starting tomorrow (!! !!) and we are very excited...went through all of our foods, stocked up pantries with Whole30 lists in hand, etc. Even starting ramping down on all non-compliant foods for a few weeks now. Thought we were in GREAT shape but now I'm panicking...I just found stevia leaf as the last ingredient in my liquid, all natural, plant based supplements. I have read all of the suggested supplement brands and searched the forum. And yes, I'm about to be "that person" who this really not okay? But I ask because I have a terrible time with pills so my naturopath & doctor put me on liquid forms of things a few years ago. I've purchased the BEST ones I can find but they all seem to add stevia leaf at the end. So IS this the same as salt containing sugar? Because it's so little? If not, I will buy the capsules. (This is not a doctor>Whole30 situation, I do have a choice, albeit a difficult one due to my issue.) For example (see attached label):
  24. I would really appreciate a validation from a moderator or Melissa about whether my 13 days in won't count (meaning I have to start over). I've searched the forums, but I get some conflicting senses of what's okay or not okay. In one place I read that taking one bite of something means you have to start over. Then I read that we need to take it easy on ourselves and expect that it's not perfect, etc. Therefore, I'm asking for guidance/recommendations/verifications for the following mistakes I've recently discovered that I've made. Carrageenan - I discovered recently that my toothpaste has carrageenan. When I research online, there is a LOT of differing opinions about the negative aspects of carrageenan, as well as (apparently) different forms of carrageenan with varying effects. Vanilla extract - there wasn't added sugar, but I didn't think about the fact that it is preserved with alcohol. I've used it a couple times in my coffee, but only 5-6 drops at a time (I used to use a lot of sugar, and I'm still craving it, but so far this is the longest I've ever gone without any direct sweetener/sugar of some kind). Homeopathic / Cell Salt remedies - I've recently learned that the pills that the remedies use to deliver the remedies are lactose based, meaning I've consumed a little dairy? I realize in the big picture that these are such tiny amounts that common sense would seem to indicate there's not a problem (I haven't done any of these things daily except use my toothpaste). That said, a HUGE part of the psychological support I need is to be 100% confident I'm doing this right. I need to know, at the end of 30 days, that I'm not in a position of "it didn't really count" for the "full reset effect" because of these things. Can you help? Again, I would really appreciate an 'official' response. Not that I don't appreciate the 'community' support, I just need that official 'proof' so I can be completely confident in continuing and in reaching 30 days. Thanks very much, Lake
  25. SunshineHazel

    Secretly Sabotaged

    I have been secretly sabotaging myself......with three days left to go..... I was diagnosed a few years ago with two vitamin deficiencies so I take several vitamins everyday (well at least 4 out of 7 days, no ones perfect). So yesterday I went to the pharmacy to pick up some more vitamins that I was running low on and for the first time it dawned on me to read the label. Much to my horrific surprise I discovered that almost all of the vitamins I have been taking contain some form of Soy. Even more shocking some of them even include a form or sugar and/or sulfites. I haven't been seeing the results I was anticipating and now I know why. I feel so disappointed.