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Found 74 results

  1. Hi everyone, I'm Dana. I am starting today. Whole 30 is not super different from my regular diet but I have always followed an 80/20 rule, not 100%. I have some health challenges and I really want to find out exactly what role food plays. Up until now I have been guessing, which leads to a lot of switching gears and over-thinking everything I choose. I like the reintro idea. I'd love to find an accountability buddy. I don't have anyone in my life who would be good for that. Anyone game?
  2. D1R2 Hello my name is Elissa ! I completed my first whole 30 in January of 2016 and I had never felt or looked better. I stayed fairly on track most of 2016. After some life changes and challenges in 2017 my eating habits went downhill. I currently battling anxiety and depression and have never weighed more than I do today. I am bloated, uncomfortable and my face and body feels all over swollen. I cannot remember the last time I slept through the night without waking up. I have decided to commit to at least 30 days of the whole 30 program because I want to feel good again. My appearance and how I feel as resulted in a loss of confidence and I am striving to regain that confidence. I am hopeful that by posting in the forum I will gain support from other whole 30 participants and I will stay motived and committed to the program. If any of you are willing or would like to help me stay focused on the journey I would really appreciate it. During my first whole 30 I belonged to a facebook group. We posted daily and it really helped me stay on track and be accountable for my action.
  3. Hi Everyone! I am beginning Whole30 today, May 7th, 2018! This is my first Whole30 and I am hoping there are others out there who can connect on here as well! I know lots of people started May 1st. Would love to connect with you too! Here's to a great first week (or second for some of you!) Let's keep each other motivated and show love and support! Best, Laura
  4. AliciaV08

    Running a challenge group

    I tried searching the group without much luck. I have had a few people approach me about leading a group. I've done this once successfully so I know it can be tough for some people and easier for others but beyond that... I'm wondering how best I can lead them?
  5. Hi, I started Whole 30 today. I live alone. I just made my first (yum) breakfast. I realize I'm confused. On the one hand the book says for the Spinach Frittata recipe, "Serves 2." (Frankly for ALL the book's recipes it serves 2.) On the other hand the book says to save half for tomorrow's leftover meal. Soooooo, funny question: since I sliced the entire Frittata in half and ate half for breakfast, did I just eat 2 servings or 1? I am unclear if I should 1/2 or 1/4 all the recipes I make, since I am only one person - OR - keep them as is and always eat half of what I cook and save the other half for the left over next day meal. I know and get we are not counting calories etc. I want to ensure that I am not overeating, or eating for two. :-) Clarity is appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  6. I am on day 19 and had a rough day 18. I am doing the whole30 to break a huge sugar addiction and to stop binge eating. I wouldn't say the first 17 days were easy, but I never had the urge to binge ...until day 18! and then it was on! the incredible and (almost) unavoidable urge to binge reared up! Instead of devouring all of the high sugar and carb foods I would've normally eaten, I inhaled f our apples with almond butter and then four (little) boxes of raisins. It was the way that I ate all of this that was discouraging because that is how i have binged on so many other junk foods so many times before. So, I was discouraged AND having more urges to give it all up and binge on chocolate and everything else! I had even talked myself into the sad fact that it was going to happen. Luckily, I had to get in the car to pick my daughter up and i texted my husband (my support guy), 'I want to cheat!', and then took a hot shower. Miraculously, my urges went away quickly! and i am so thankful that even though I had those incredible urges, they went away and i was able to check mark the box in my whole30 journal that I completed day 18. This is such a HUGE NSV for me because normally when I get the urge to binge, the ONLY way to get rid of it is to eat and eat and eat until I am sick to my stomach. To most people, that may sound ridiculous and absurd, but those urges just overtake and it's like a completely different person is binging! I am wondering and hoping that this whole30 has helped my body and my mind to better cope and resist those violent urges! I know having a support system in my home definitely helped, but I was also amazed that once I distracted myself and also reminded myself of what a binge hangover feels like, I was able to, for the first time in such a long time, wake up in the morning so grateful that I didn't give in! Hoping this post gives someone else some encouragement:)
  7. I am going to Sundance Film Festival for 4 nights, I have to go for work, but I want to stay committed to my January Whole30 the whole time. I’ve never been to Sundance but have heard stories about it being a huge weeklong party: drinking and staying up late, shmoozing, eating out, drinking, drinking and more drinking. Ack! Anyone been to Sundance on Whole30? Anyone going to be there this weekend and want to check in with me? Would appreciate all the help I can get.
  8. I'm a newcomer to Whole30. I'm excited, and nervous. I know I can do it if I set my mind to it (and I love fruit and veggies!), but a journey like this always seems to be better/more enjoyable with people going through it with you! About me: My reasons for doing a Whole30 are very much health and wellness based. I am 36, and after a head trauma almost 3 years ago I lost my sense of smell, sense of taste (though some of that has come back thank God), and now get migraines and sinus headaches. I also have an eczema that comes and goes from time to time. I sometimes don't sleep well for no reason I can find, I'd love to loose a few pounds (I do CrossFit 4-5 days a week, but it's not helping as much as I thought it should) and I know my energy level has been better. Here's to new adventures in food, cooking and life. :-)
  9. I'm starting Whole30 on Monday and am hoping for great things. I am doing this program after numerous suggestions from my doctors and my trainer, but mostly because I seem to find myself with some new ailment almost weekly now. And all of my ailments seem to have inflammation at the root, so time to figure out the culprit and put a stop to feeling like I'm falling apart. On a personal (and vain) level, I hope to lose a few pounds (ending back up at a size 4), have clear skin (goodbye eczema and acne that has plagued me my whole life), and get off my infusions for moderate Crohn's for good. I've also let my diet slide to the point where a meal doesn't feel complete until I eat dessert...and I don't normally have a sweet tooth. THAT bad habit needs to be nipped in the bud ASAP. Today I spent the evening reading through the website, saving resource documents, signing up for the meal plan and email help. Tomorrow will be meal planning, grocery shopping/purge, and getting mentally prepared. Then I'm off to the races. My boyfriend thinks I'm crazy for doing this during the holidays, but I think this timing is easier because I tend to be more focused in the winter without festivals, street fairs, camping, margaritas on patios, long days of sunlight, and all of the other activities that can throw me off. Does anyone else agree with me? In any case, I hate the grocery store, can't cook, and have a long and slightly uncomfortable love affair with fast food. On top of that, I have a boyfriend who doesn't really support my goals (combination of him feeling threatened by change and it forcing him to look at his bad habits) so I will have to battle my demons and side step his landmines and traps. This is going to be a challenge. Any advice on avoiding temptation by your significant other would be much appreciated.
  10. I did my first W30 in Jan 2017 and it changed my life. I found what worked and what didn't work for me, I mostly did slow roll reintros. I got sick a few times and got completely knocked off the wagon eating bread (my problem food), etc. But always found my way back to mostly eating W30. My fiance and I were on a big vacation in October for two weeks to a place with a mjor language barrier. I didn't even attempt to moderate my eating and it included many foods, every day, that I don't usually eat. And when I got home, there was a sort of, "well, I'm fully off the wagon, let's eat pizza!" attitude. That lasted a few days and then I felt awful. I decided to do a R2, but only stuck it out for 7 days before caving to sugar cravings. Since then I've been back and forth. I cleaned up my diet a lot (dropped the dairy,grains,legumes) but the sugar cravings are really getting to me. Each night I eat a little something that I know is going to make my PMS worse, make me constipated, make me bloat, make my sleep restless... I wrote myself a list of reasons why I don't eat sugar, but it's like my sugar dragon is 10x the size it was before I ever did W30. My birthday is next week and then the holidays, so I'm holding off trying for another R2 until January again, but I'm scared. I had very strong resolve doing my first round and while there were times I wavered, I never quit. My fear is quitting again and again with a R2 and not being able to fully shake sugar again. Help?
  11. daphnecpcastano

    Day 10!

    I am on day 10, and I began whole30 with my husband last Tuesday (14/11). We have never felt better, our bloating has substantially reduced... We used to be addicted to sugar. Before whole30, a normal Sunday evening would be Netflix and an entire ben&jerry's pint - each. As a result of our binge eating, we were always tired, we never wanted to get up, go out, work out... We would spend all our money on fast-food delivery, which isn't very cheap here in our country. Today, on day 10, we sleep better, we have more energy, and we can see the detox happen from our tastebuds to our tummies. Lol How were your day 10s? Do you have any tips for us? XO Daphne & Gabriel
  12. essentiallysuburbanmom

    November First

    Hi I'm a SAHM with a Doterra side business, I have chronic health issues and a special needs child so we are already mostly paleo, but hoping to do whole30 in November to help break some bad habits that we have gotten into, wondering if anyone wants to join on Nov 1 and form some sort of little support group? I have never done whole30 before so looking for HELP!!!!
  13. I never know what to say with posts like this, but here I am, attempting to wittily explain why I'm back here again at the beginning. My first foray into Whole30 was several years ago, and it went well, at first. I'm not sure exactly what happened to make my friends and I quit with a week and a half left, but I never followed through. Flash forward to the present, and I am currently at the highest weight I have ever been, and I'm even struggling with body image issues that had not popped up in a while. My doctor has warned me about the medical issues that I'm currently experiencing, and I am just tired. Tired of always struggling with food, with my health; tired of making excuses and falling back into my self-abuse cycle; and tired of being tired! I want to finally succeed and change my life, but I know that I won 't be able to do anything without accountabliity. So here I am! I'm taking this next week to figure out and prepare my Whole30 regimen, so I will start Monday, November 6th. I am hopeful I will find support and be able to give support in return. Thanks for reading!
  14. Hi everyone! I'm planning to start my third attempt at Whole30 on Monday, 10/1, and am hoping I can find some support from someone going through at the same time! I'd love for someone to join me in supporting each other and cheering each other along. I've tried twice before - once, I realized I accidentally ate sugar, and the second attempt right after, I ended because my partner who was doing it with me also gave up! I know I can do it, but I also know that a buddy would go a long way on the journey. -psychologeek
  15. Skirtstheissue

    Starting August 1st

    Planning a few weeks out to start August 1st. I'm very excited and know this will be an amazing journey. Who is with me? Go team!!
  16. Hi all, Starting my Whole 30 today. I've done a ton of diets but this one is not about losing weight for me. I realize that dairy and especially sugar affect my energy, mood and so many other things. Motivated but fearful. Any tips for this newbie?
  17. Hi Whole 30ers! A friend introduced me to It Starts with Food last weekend and I've read (and reread many sections) the book and am excited to get started ASAP. I have exactly 30 days that fit between two travel dates so I'm currently in the planning phase and basking in my excitement as I'm sure I will experience an emotional roller coaster. I'm a vegetarian but occasionally eat fish so for the next 30 days I'll be relying on fish and eggs as my main source of protein. I'm not super excited about that much protein (I'm a fan of The China Study) but I'm really attracted to the reconditioning of our food mentality and just overall relationship which is my main reason for embarking on this journey. I'm excited to interact with everyone here and share experiences! To start it off, if you had one piece of advice for me, what would it be?
  18. mrsmonte02a

    5/1 start date -- buddy ??

    Hi I started my Round 1 yesterday 5/1 and would love to have a buddy. Anyone starting around the same time interested to help support each other? 38 y/o mother from NY!
  19. If anyone dealing with SIBO/IBS issues would like to offer/receive support and solutions to ongoing issues, please join! I'm on day 3 of the Whole 30 program and am tired and disgruntled, bloaty, poopy. But it's been only 3 days so give it time. I've been diagnosed with SIBO and am looking for others who are dealing with the same issues. I also have IBS and have recently learned that people with IBS commonly have SIBO. Healing the gut is tricky because you can't just put it in a cast and stop using it for a while like a broken arm. My gut feels as if it really does need a break though and I'm thinking of taking a day to not eat anything but chicken broth and maybe some blanched kale. I'm considering doing that tomorrow for just a day. Any suggestions? Is that not cool on Whole 30? SIBO = small intestinal bacteria overgrowth. You can read more about it here. My doc put me on two weeks of antibiotics - an herbal remedy is also avail, but the antibiotics were actually less expensive with insurance. She also suggested following the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD), which is similar to Whole 30 but there are some glaring differences as well. I have a friend who was also diagnosed with SIBO and she did the Whole 30 program and raved about it. That's why I'm here. I'm integrating both SCD and Whole 30. Staying compliant on Whole 30 and SCD isn't too hard since Whole 30 restricts more foods - so I'm following the Whole 30 program with a couple MORE restrictions (SCD allows for honey, yoghurt, etc but since I'm doing the Whole 30 I'm not eating those right now). There are a couple-three food items I've found that Whole 30 allows that SCD restricts for SIBO peeps. They are: Potatoes Yams and sweet potatoes Water chestnuts In a nutshell, these above food items are complex carbs that sit in our guts longer and feed harmful bacteria in our small intestines, which then multiply and produce byproducts that inflame the intestinal wall. Other more simple carbs are single molecules and much more easily absorbed by the intestine wall. I can handle no yams/potatoes/water chestnuts as well for 30 days. It's a bit sucky because I LOVE yams. But I'm willing to go to any lengths to heal my gut. Please reply if you are experiencing same or have a testimonial to share or solution to SIBO/IBS issues. And/or you just need to rant. And/or you find other foods allowed on Whole 30 that are restricted on SCD!
  20. Amy Beth

    I'm all alone in this

    Hi everyone, I am starting on Wednesday and cannot wait! I have been suffering with severe acid reflux for 7 years and hate taking Nexium. I am just worried about doing all the cooking myself. I've been spoiled for 27 years with a husband that does all the cooking, but he isn't quite getting that every ingredient counts so before I let him cook for me I will have to do it myself. Hopefully I can retrain him to cook for me the Whol30 way quickly since cooking is not my strong suit. I really want to get off my meds. Besides taking Nexium everyday, I also have to take Synthrod for my menopausal sluggish thyroid. I want to feel good again!!!! I'm looking for support as I start my journey! Thanks, Amy
  21. Finished my W30 on 2/1 and had been doing pretty well finding my way in a world of non-compliant food possibilities. One thing I quickly learned was that exposing myself to sugar in the form of dessert means my immunity will plummet and I will immediately come down with whatever I was successfully fighting off before. I was exposed to A LOT of sick people during my W30 and never got sick, but got 2 mild colds and the stomach flu in the month following the W30. Anyway, after I got the first two colds, I realized sugar was really hurting me and was primarily eating compliant style 99% of the time. But then we went out for my partner's mother's birthday and had a piece of cake after. Next day BAM! stomach flu. Two weeks of being completely non-compliant. Bread, rice, gatorade, lots of applesauce, not a single vegetable until almost 10 days in. Yes, broth too, but my stomach could not tolerate other things. So now that I'm about 4 days into being recovered from the stomach flu, I've been completely off the wagon with eating. Really low vegetable consumption, eating more sugar and certainly WAY more bread (which was really my problem food before W30). My body is revolting like whoa. I feel like there's no going back once you've done a W30. I ate a salmon skin salad the other day, which was probably cooked in the shittiest of oils and had all kinds of skin break outs and pelvic pain like I haven't had in a few months. I'm ready to get back on the wagon. Have other people been through a complete derailment and then gone back without doing another W30 round?
  22. DocAnne

    Start Date: February 1

    Hi all, I'm new to the Whole 30, need lots of support to change my habits, as I am flying solo in my house. My family supports me, and yet they want to continue to have the comfort foods they want.
  23. Hi there, I'm on day 9 of the January Whole30 and can report that I'm doing well for the most part! I'm starting to experiment with cooking different things and feeling confident even at restaurants to ask questions and make sure I'm getting only what I know to be on the plate. And that's how this topic came to be... The other night my boyfriend and I were out to dinner and were having an open conversation about if my Whole30 was impacting him at all - I asked because I was curious. He responded that besides eating different things for dinner (which we eat together most nights) that it was only indirectly. However, inquiring a little further he expressed some doubt about the longevity and it's impact to our relationship. He likened it to having dated a vegetarian in the past where he felt he was under fire every time they were together. If he picked a place to eat that she couldn't eat then he'd feel bad or even that it just limited them to try new things. He followed that up with saying that it hadn't felt that way with my Whole30, but as an example that he can't suggest we go get ice cream because I'm not eating it. Anyone else had a significant other express this and have comforting words for them? I can see where he is coming from because we both enjoy trying new foods and that's a big part of the culture we like to intake while traveling/exploring. But I just hadn't envisioned that being problem. In my future food freedom, that's exactly what those times should be about. Enjoying food when it is worth it for me and not when when I choose to. It was a surprise to hear that he was looking to the end of 30 days, whereas, I'm in this for the long haul of health benefits. Thanks fellow Whole30ers. This is my first post in here although I have to say I'm probably googling something at least every couple of hours in here!
  24. Aside from a brief kill all the things for the latter half of day 5, things have been relatively smooth. Some detox, some cravings, but I worked through it and felt very committed. it's day 8 and i'm pmsing. I probably didn't eat enough food this morning so I'm probably hungry even though I don't feel hungry. I had a fight with my mother this morning and have started to feel my typically supportive bf getting a little frustrated with eating whole 30 for dinners, even though he's eating other things. I'm feeling so lonely and depressed today and have been crying on and off all day. And typically when I feel this way I left myself eat whatever will cheer me up. It's not always junk food, but it's definitely stuff that I'm not eating right now on W30. I don't really want to give it to emotional eating and eat something SWYPO, but I'm just struggling. I feel spent, like I don't want to look at another pot or pan or dish. I'll ask my bf to cook, but I know it's challenging for him to cook compliant when it's my diet and not his (i'm making him sound less compassionate than he is about it, i think it's more my guilt over asking him to do it than his actual attitude). I want to curl up on the couch and cry and eat pizza for dinner. There's not really leftovers to eat tonight.. the thing I was gonna make for dinner would give us some leftovers. I know if I eat a small meal i might feel better but i'm just so bummed right now.
  25. xojwatsonxo

    Day 1 11/08/2016

    Today is my Day 1! I would love to connect with some people who are also on Day 1 or close to it for support and accountability. I definitely need recipe help too because I'm fearful I'll get tired of the same basic foods.