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Found 9 results

  1. Hi I am a 39 year old mom who has had the vertical sleeve operation (similar to bypass just not the small intestine to put it simply.) i am a healthy weight and workout all the time, I LOVE IT! I will say I replaced my food addiction with excercise. I also have PCOS and a very recently found lump in my breast. While the radiologist says maybe benign he couldn't be sure for another TWO years of testing and my OB/gyn said NOPE! You are seeing a breast cancer dr. She got me in rather quickly and I see him Monday. This has put a lot of things in my life in perspective. I bought the whole 30 book knowing that A) it is NOT A cure for cancer but it is definitely not going to hurt me (sugar has been showen to "feed" cancer) and B.) I need to get my life, sorry, healthy back on track! So I was planning on starting in 1 week, but tonight I decided to wait to see what the dr says. My OB told me if he wants to remove it that it would give me an answer now and not in two years so if he suggests surgery my husband and I decided to do it. Okay so onto my question how long should I wait after surgery (if I have to have it) to start whole 30? Keep in mind it is a relatively minor surgery. I am feeling so out of control of my life and health right now I need to plan even if it's just a start time frame! Thank you so much!
  2. habitualpurpose

    Starting TODAY 8/18/17

    Hi all Its been a long time since I've done a Whole30...TOO LONG!! I am now in a situation where I've put weight back on, I feel like crud and I'm not as strong as I'd like to be. It's been a tough few years with a son who has spent much time in the hospital and me stress eating and putting my own health on the back burner. Now I have hip arthritis and am looking at hip replacement surgery in mid November. I need to get my $&[email protected] together and get my health in order. My goals: - Slay the sugar dragon - Reduce inflammation - Feel more in control and eliminate the stress eating - Sleep better - Improve overall health - Lose weight (it really does need to happen to help ensure a smooth surgery experience) Glad to have others on the journey with me! Cheers!
  3. CrystalLite

    Hospital stay?

    I just began Whole 30 yesterday and I'm pretty optimistic, though I have spent most of these last two days with MAJOR sugar cravings. I know I have a serious sugar addiction, and so one of my goals for this month is to get that in check. Another is to try to get my symptoms of PCOS and chronic pain under control as well. And of course, I'd love to lose weight. In the middle of my 30 -- like, exactly in the middle! -- I am having back surgery to remove part of a herniated disc. I will be in the hospital overnight. I'm a little stressy about how I'm going to eat at the hospital (2-3 meals are most likely during my stay) without just leaving half the food on the tray (and likely going hungry! lol) And I can't control the foods I get beyond perhaps choosing from a couple options on a menu and they are probably alllllllllll processed and I bet most have noncompliant ingredients in them. I'm worried that halfway into it this is going to happen and I'm going to have problems. Can anyone shed light on what a day of hospital meals will mean? Does it undermine the whole process? I'm bummed out thinking that halfway into my 30 days, I'm going to "mess up." I know that no matter what, it'll be a healthier diet than anything I've ever eaten and it's actually teaching me how to cook because I don't have a choice now! ha... But the idea of the thing is to make it 30 days so you can see what your body feels like without all the crap and see if you have any sensitivities when you reintro... and I am really just going to be going 2 weeks (twice). I'm a little bummed thinking that I might have to just restart the clock after surgery and do 30 days then, because I REALLY miss chocolate, lol.
  4. I am planning my whole30 for June 1.. I'm scheduled to have surgery June 22.. if I don't eat for 2 days will I still be compliant in my Whole30 and be able to just pick up where i left off?
  5. Hello! I'm on day 3 of my first Whole30 (yaaaaaay) and I'm scheduled to have my tonsils removed in one week (day 10). The nurse told me to eat only cold, soft foods for the first few days and suggested ice creams, puddings, and other sugary soft foods... I REALLY want to stick to this plan and not stray, but I'm having a hard time coming up with various healthy foods that I can eat post surgery. I am a huge fan of applesauce (unsweetened) and scrambled eggs, so those are two things I plan on eating a bunch of, but I anticipate that'll get boring pretty quickly. Anyone have any suggestions/tips on what to eat that's soft and cold? Thanks!
  6. I had tendon and ligament repair on my ankle - have been using advil to reduce pain 2 times a day. Will this mess me my 30 day program up to much if I take? I do not want to take pain meds, so this is the alternative. My goal thru this 30 days is to detox to help reduce inflammation, but the swelling and pain are still an issue at this time.
  7. I had an ileostomy reversal surgery on May 28th and started Whole30 on June 7th, a little over a week later (so I just finished Day 14). The surgery wound is healing very well but I am not supposed to stress myself for the next three months, which means no lifting anything over 5 lbs and no exercise beyond just walking. I'm also very busy right now because I'm working during the day and taking online classes in the evenings. Consequently, I'm not getting as much sleep as I normally would because I'm doing more cooking and food-prep in the early evening and studying into the night. I'm concerned that this lack of exercise and sleep is having a significant impact on the effectiveness of Whole30. I've seen no improvement in mood, sleep quality, energy, or really any other of the usual positive effects. I also went to the doctor the other day for a post-op visit and discovered that I'm up several pounds. I can certainly feel it; I feel like I'm bloated and occasionally feel nausea. I have Crohn's but these are not my normal symptoms (constipation and gas are, and my last visit report is that everything looks healthy). I've also had either a very bad cold or seasonal allergies this entire time. Usually I drink cold care tea with local honey to help, but now I'm just drinking cold care, which isn't as effective (not a sugar thing, I only sweeten hot tea if I'm using local honey to combat allergies or soothe a sore throat). Overall, the only positive effect I've seen as that I don't have any cravings anymore. It wasn't too hard to give up extra things because my Crohn's diet is already so restricted, but now, at least, I don't feel the strong call of Oreo ice cream anymore. Is there a way I can still reap the better effects of Whole30 despite my restrictions? I have a desk job but I try to get up and walk frequently, and I take a 1-mile circuit around the building during lunch. I'm doing the best I can for sleep but most of my homework takes several hours and needs to be turned in at 11pm, and I wake up at 6:30am for work so I don't have much flexibility there. I'd really appreciate suggestions. Or just support, if you've been in a similar situation and know that it gets better. I'm sticking to this because I'm stubborn but I'm really starting to doubt how much good it's doing for me given my limitations.
  8. I am having surgery on Monday, 10/21. - outpatient so I am not worried about what I might have to eat in the hospital but I am concerned about the impact of the IV fluids, likely glucose, I will be given. I am on day 5 and doing really well sticking to the plan, just wondering of this will blow it and if I will need to start over. Any half will be welcomed.
  9. I'm a Crossfitter and triathlete who was in the full swing of preparing for my first Ironman, when a serious accident abruptly put a halt to my training. I am due for major shoulder surgery this Wednesday. My physical activity will be limited for quite some time and I won't be able to train for a significant amount of time. Until then my top priority in life is a full and healthy recovery. My normal eating habits are essentially built around the Whole30, so I'm eating fairly clean now. However, I'm looking for foods/supplements to increase or add into my diet that promote healing and recovery. I'm not talking about healing and easing soreness from a difficult workout, I'm talking about foods that will accelerate my body repairing and healing itself after trauma and surgery. Any tips or suggestions to share? As a professional musician and an ironman triathlete, my entire being is built around my body being healthy and functional. I've accepted that the next months will be the most challenging time of my life and will be patient. However, I am looking to do everything in my power to increase my chances of success and rate of healing. This includes tinkering with my nutrtion. Any help is ,uch appreciated!