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Found 10 results

  1. smiling_yogi

    Savory waffles - SWYPO?

    Hey, I’m wondering if savory waffles (sweet potato, coconut flour) are considered SWYPO? I’ve made them a couple times and they’re super yummy but since they are savory, I don’t feel I would overeat them like sweet waffles and I’m not using them as a stand-in for them. Usually serve them with an egg or two, avocado, and greens. Mods, yea or nay on this meal? Thanks in advance
  2. jlhayes1

    Sweet Potato Toast

    I apologize if this is a thread already. We made sweet potato toast this morning and it was great: cutting 1/4 rounds, putting in oven for 30 minutes, broiling at the end. We topped with egg and avocado and it was perfect. We want to make clubs for our packed lunch (like this: but I'm not sure if sweet potato toast needs to be eaten right away to keep it from getting hard, etc. I couldn't find the answer about having them later versus right away on any recipes. Want to make sure the texture is still good if we make it in the morning and eat it 6 hours later for lunch. Does anyone have pointers or suggestions? Thank you!
  3. Mrs_T

    Meal preps

    Hi there, 1st time poster and member here, about to start my 2nd full round (about 6 over all with failures) and due to time restraints i am looking to prepare and cook up on a sunday to help with mornings and meal1 .... 1) How long will cooked diced bacon last in the fridge if cooked up on a Sunday 2) How long will sweet potato fried up last in the fridge (wanting to make sweet potato and apple hash) Thanks, round 2 starts Wednesday 26th October 2016
  4. Hello I'm on Day 3 of my Whole30 experience and this is my first post as I am really struggling with whether I should have 1 piece of fruit and a daily serve of sweet potato with my meals if I hope to lose weight on the program? I am doing the Whole30 for the overall health benefits but I am also hoping to lose weight. I have about 20kg in total to lose and I hope that the Whole30 will set me up with good, sustainable habits to lose the weight and feel healthier this year. I am 5'2", 80KG and am not currently very active. I would love to hear from more experienced participants and the moderators about whether including 1 piece of fruit and a daily serve of sweet potato would slow my weight loss significantly? Or would they help me enjoy the program more, and therefore help with compliance? I have to admit, its causing me a bit anxiety!! Thanks.
  5. Hi all! I just wanted to throw this question out there as I feel I've seen some mixed messages on the forum. Just for background, I'm a 5'6" female, 23, about 62kg (30 days ago!), desk job (that can be very stressful but also go thorugh periods of being quite boring!), I finished my first Whole30 on Tuesday - had two days off where I mostly stayed compliant except for some smoked salmon that contained sugar and two meals out where I ate chips with my dinner both nights (or 'french fries' in the US) and have started to start my second Whole30 today. Mostly because I really wasn't ready to stop, in hindsight I should have just turned it into Whole30/60 but I think the end of my Whole30 kinda snuck up on me (where did those 30 days ago right?!?) and I hadn't really put enough through into day 31 and beyond. Also, I don't think I ever want to leave the Whole30 lifestyle so another strict 30 days will really help me to enforce good habits and help me as I prepare to 'ride my own bike' for ever. Also I think my family need a bit more exposure to me being strict on this so they realise its not a fad and actually just going to be the way I eat from now on. (I have to add here they have been great and super supported). And finally, I'm not ready to say goodbye to all the benefits I have seen in the past 30 days namely: great skin (this has been a huuuuge one for me as I have suffered from acne on my face, chest and back since I was 11), feeling better in myself, feeling slimmer and yet never going hungry, my face is so much less puffy when I wake up, I have less mood swings and mouth ulcers (bye bye sugar!), I sleep better, my nails and hair are strong and growing like crazy, I feel part of the Whole30 community, I have a handle on my cravings and mindless eating, I think so much more about what I am putting into my body and I have found a whole new love for cooking and experimenting with new foods! However much as I have loved the experience I do still suffer with energy - my energy spikes aren't determined by my snacking anymore but I do have days when I just feel like I'm walking through treacle. Plus I still have some constipation and gas issues that were part of my original IBS problems , which was another reasons I went on the Whole30, and I think I need a bit more time figuring out triggers and getting them under control. So yes sorry that background ended up being much longer than I thought! I just want to get all my thinking on the right track so this second Whole30 is really beneficial. I think recommending sweet potato is a typical response when someone is tired, and because I LOVE it and it goes with everything I'm quite happy to have 1 a day (sometime more, sometimes less) but I saw a couple of posts saying that you will never sort out your energy, and get your body to truly rely on fat for energy, unless you cut out all high GI foods, including sweet potato. What does everybody think? or have found personally? Should I keep the sweet potato in or out? (p.s. I have also cut out fruit during my Whole30 to help with my sugar dragon and obsession with dessert! so have only had 1 banana and some blueberries the last 30 days) Thanks everyone in advance for their input - lots of Whole30 love to you all!!! Sophia xx
  6. ElleBean

    Whole30 Cupcakes!

    Now the title is probably going to freak a lot of you out. I did NOT make actual cupcakes or do any paleo baking. What I did make was compliant meatballs and mashed sweet potato...and I assembled this like a cupcake by popping the finished meatballs in mini cupcake wrappers and piping the sweet potato on top. Some of you may say it's psychologically cheating but I personally don't think so. Cooking my eggs in a metal cookie cutter on the pan doesn't trick my brain into thinking I'm cookie any more than this recipe makes me think I'm eating a cupcake. I'm 17 and I'm a baker so the whole30 has been life changing but not as fun as eating normally. I've pretty much slayed my sugar dragon on the 19 days I have been on this program and I feel better than I have in a long time! And after tonight's dinner I don't feel like I've cheated or need to have sugar at all. The nutrients of whole food is still there and I don't think it counts as paleo baking whatsoever. If you do, feel free to explain why. I wanted to share a little whole30 fun to those who have wanted to entertain guests and still eat what they are eating. Because how nice would it be to have a dinner party that is still fun without having to explain why you aren't eating certain things.
  7. Hi, I'm on day 16 and I feel like crap. I have virtually no energy at all (I find it hard to do even one pushup, I used to be able to do 15-20!!) and my brain is fogged. To be honest, I would rather stay in bed all day. Unfortunately, I have loads of work to do, and I would like to get back to exercising as well (couldn't exercise because I had a cold last week). Now, what should I do? I read that you should up your starches if you feel your energy levels are low. What good sources of starches could I use? I can't have pumpkin (major bloating & pain) and sweet potatoes cost a fortune over here. Should I just have a few white potatoes? (I know they're forbidden) I eat root veggie cakes (beets, parsnips, carrots) but honestly, I don't like them very much and they're a lot of work to make. To be honest I don't think they helped my energy levels either. (Maybe starch isn't the problem here?) I'm confused. I really need to get back to exercising, I miss it
  8. lizzie_s

    Finding canned sweet potato

    I can't find canned sweet potato or yam to use in the salmon cakes. Even Whole Foods only has them in heavy syrup. Last time I ended up using organic baby food, but the consistency is very thin. Anyone have any ideas on where to find the things or what to substitute? Thanks!
  9. bgoldenjr

    Need help with this dish

    I watched this short video and made this dish tonight. It is ground beef, sweet potato, onion, and asparagus. I pre-steamed my sweet potatoes for 3 minutes and my asparagus for 1 minute. That all went pretty well. The beef is lean, grass-fed/finished. I am looking for wisdom from you more experienced Whole30 chefs. I didn't add any seasoning to this and it had flavor, but I want to add more flavor without adding salt. I put a tiny pinch of nutmeg into my 2nd helping and that was ok. Any ideas as to how to kick it up a notch, besides pepper or garlic? I also felt this was all too dry. We drizzled some EV olive oil on it and that helped a bit. Afraid to put too much on it. We talked about just adding water and making it more soup-like. Any thoughts on this? Thanks! -Bill
  10. InkblotJo

    Bananas post-workout?

    Hey all, I enjoy my post-workout sweet potato, but I've been craving some variety. I remember that we want vegetable carbs rather than fruit-based carbs post-workout, but I wonder if bananas would be appropriate since (to the best of my limited understanding) they're more glucose than fructose? Thanks for the help! - Jo