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Found 15 results

  1. Hitting my sweet needs with Kombucha

    I know GT kombucha is compliant which I am so thankful for; however, I’m wondering if I shouldn’t drink it anymore. I was never a candy/sweet eater, but I certainly enjoyed the sweet taste of sugar coffee or the fruits in my diet. If I find that I’m craving something sweet, I drink kombucha or reach for a piece of fruit. I don’t go over board. One drink/piece of fruit is simply enough to kick that craving for the taste of something sweet with a meal. With this in mind, I’m concerned that this habit is only reinforcing my desire for some form of sugar throughout the day (even if it’s compliant, like a piece of fruit). I’m on day 4. Should I eliminate anything “sweet” for a while?
  2. Banana "ice cream"

    You guys!!! I have a major sweet tooth and gave into my cravings with some Whole 30 ingredients, a blender and some creativity. Tell me I'm not the only one to do this because it's brilliant and delicious.... 1 banana (I used room temperature, but I'm sure frozen would work too) 3 dried prunes (no sugar added) 1 big scoop of almond butter a dash of unsweetened coconut milk (not too much liquid to keep a more soft serve consistency - add more liquid if you want a smoothie consistency) Blend everything together for a creamy, frothy and filling sweet tooth temptation killer!!
  3. I am on my first round of Whole30, day 19 and feeling great! There's a birthday cake party at my office in a few days, and I am looking for strategies to cope. I could of course just not go, but this is a tiny office and my absence would be noticed, especially since we are celebrating the birthday of one of my employees. I don't usually snack between meals any more (thank you meat for breakfast!). The cake will be at 10 AM. Could I bring my own little whole30 compliant treat and eat that instead? I know the idea is to break up with treats for the most part, and I have done so. I don't want to backslide with one event, and I certainly don't want to trap myself in a tough situation (I have already sat out of work social events this month so I wouldn't be tempted). Should I bring a fruit salad with coconut cream snack or something desert-like for myself? Or is that really breaking with the whole point of this month? Ideas? Suggestions? Thanks!
  4. TOM Cravings

    Hi Whole30 ladies. I wasn't sure where to post this because it's a lady thing but also a Life After Whole30/Food Freedom/Staying On Track thing. So here I am. The cravings for all things sweet are UNREAL leading up to and during my period, particularly for chocolate. I've found some higher quality ingredient cookies and chocolate that don't seem to mess me up too bad, but it's like I can't stop at one. And even when I manage to stop at one per sitting, I find myself having something every day for the entire week of my period. And THAT eventually messes me up. Plus, to me, it seems like eating well only 21 out of 28 days is not really quite the standard I am looking for, but my "worth it,"-o-meter doesn't seem to work right during this particular time of the month. Plus, these one cookies are found are ALWAYS worth it in the moment - they are so stinking good. Every. Single. Bite. Eyes closed, romantic and everything. But then a couple days in or after my period is over I look back and am like, "Wtf just happened?" Does anyone else have this struggle? Any suggestions? The tough love version is probably just, "Stop doing that," but I'm just wondering if I'm alone in this and if maybe I'm just not learning what I'm hoping to learn from my Whole30s at all. I've done 5 and they seem to have very little impact on my Sugar Dragon long-term, but according to FFF, I can't just keep going to the Whole30 every time I look at my week and go "Oops." I JUST WANT THE CYCLE TO END. To be clear: I'm looking for ways to KILL THE EVIL SUGAR DRAGON FROM HELL, not prop up my sweet tooth with healthy alternatives. Thanks.
  5. Night time binging?

    Anyone have trouble with overeating at night? I have been doing IF for quite some time now and it works well for me. I am a law student and very busy during the day - I have very little time in between classes and taking barre exercise classes. I usually have fruit and raw veggies during the day and a large veggie centric dinner at night... then usually have a post dinner snack, or two. This habit is one of the main reasons that I am doing the April Whole30, and it is going very well so far! I am still doing IF but I am having three meals a day usually around 12pm, 3pm and 7pm. My main change has been adding more protein and fats during my earlier meals and making my dinner more satiating so that I can be more full after my dinner meal. However, despite these changes, I do feel like I am more hungry at night and crave something sweet after dinner. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  6. Last night, day 5 of my first whole30, I had my brothers over for dinner. They were amazed at how yummy my whole30 dinner was! Win #1 and win #2 it's a tradition in my family that the host makes dessert for the meal as well. I made (what I was told were) amazing snickerdoodle and chocolate chip cookies. I didn't eat a single bite! Thanks to La Croix my sweet tooth fix was met!
  7. Hello All, First off I apologize if this has already been posted, or I'm in the wrong section of the forums.. I wasn't able to find what I was looking for. So my question/predicament is what do you do with the gifts you receive from friends and family when you receive unhealthy candy, crackers, processed food, etc.? I've considered just tossing all the candy and junk food in the trash, but then I felt guilty since I know some of the items were not cheap and hard to find. I've also considered putting it in the break room at work, or giving it to different family/friends, but then I thought I'm doing a disservice to them and their health by offering them these same sweets. What do YOU do when you receive non-whole 30/paleo treats as gifts for special occasions?
  8. I am on day 23 and feeling great. Overall I have not struggled near as much as I anticipated and I am happy to say that I am planning to keep many of the Whole30 ideals in my daily life. But, the last couple of days I have been cravings sweets like crazy. I looked at the timeline to see if this is "normal" and don't see anything indicating that. It has me wondering if I may not be getting enough of something else or if my body is just like, "Hey lady, enough already where's the sugar you used to give us EVERY DAY?" Thoughts, suggestions, and words of encouragement greatly appreciated. Amber
  9. Confused By Stevia

    Just starting Whole30 today. If we're supposed to be weaning ourselves off of sweets and things with a sweet flavor, and not supposed to use stevia to sweeten anything, why are we allowed to have fruit that I think is even sweeter than stevia? I had some grapes and pineapple last night that I swear gave me cavities! I love having a cup of herbal tea with a half a packet of stevia. Is that really not allowed? What if I beg?
  10. Never joined online group before, but I have also never been real successful... Hoping to find a correlation there. Previously tried Wheat Belly with some success, but tired of creating "substitutes" for grain foods. This time I'm looking more for "feeling good" than weight loss, (but weight loss will be appreciated! ) mostly aches and pains, joint stiffness, tiredness. Also want to be FREED from cravings and the sugar high/low seesaw. I LOVE sweets/chocolate/bread/pasta/milk/cheese and MOST of all birthday cake with buttercream frosting. Being new to forum- group support I will be looking for any support I can get.
  11. Cravings!

    I'm on day 15, and cravings are hitting really bad. I was at a baby shower (for my brother and sister-in-law and my nephew who are all living with us) yesterday and there was carrot cake, it was so difficult to stay away from it. And not only that, it (and all the food) was brought back to our house and so it's just hanging out in the kitchen. I'm having a really, really hard time with cravings! What do you do when cravings hit? Any help or suggestions are very much appreciated!
  12. Hi Everyone! I'm a 25 year old female - I've been following the Paleo diet for 8 months now and do power/barre yoga 5x per week. During these past 8 months, I have been eating very strict paleo - no dairy, no gluten, no added sugar, etc. (I recently cut out nuts and fruit in efforts of weight loss). I would slip off the wagon 1-2 nights per week and just binge on whatever non-paleo foods and junk I could find. PROBLEM #1 -- I've always had a sweet tooth so it's not easy for me to stay whole30, 7 days per week. I start to feel deprived and miserable. In efforts of trying to lose 10-15 lbs and STILL be happy - I've decided to stick to whole30 guidelines Sunday-Friday and for a 16 hour window on Saturdays, I'm allowed to have a few of my favorite cheat meals - ice cream, pancakes, cookies, etc. Do you think doing this will affect my weight loss goals at all? PROBLEM #2 -- I quit drinking (sort of) 8 months ago when I started Paleo. I have probably had a total of 5 drinks during this 8 month period. However, I'm really starting to miss it. I enjoy having a few drinks with friends on the weekends when going out. I was thinking about allowing myself 3-5 drinks (low calorie) on each Saturday night (cheat day). Do you think doing this will affect my weight loss goals at all? Like I said, I'm very strict throughout the week for 6 days straight. If I can still do the two things listed above AND stay strict on these 6 days - I'm wondering if I will still be able to shed some pounds? Thank You!!!
  13. cravings!!

    I am on day 6 of the whole 30 and am struggling. I saw the recent fb post about how day 6 can be hard and have been reading that it gets easier after the first 7 days. CRAVINGS! I still want ice cream, popcorn, chips, etc...but the worst is alcohol. It is really hard to be social and not have a drink when my friends are. How do you deal with the cravings?? Also, I want to lose a few pounds and people say to cut fruit and nuts for this. I feel like it would be even more difficult to live off of only meat and veggies for 30 days when I normally wouldn't be eating meat even once a day (off whole30). Any other suggestions diet-wise?
  14. So I know the whole30 is supposed to help me face my sugar dragon and get rid of the cravings, which is one of the reason I'm doing a whole60. I know I love sweet stuff way too much! But I'm on day 27 and I still want cookies, cake, brownies, ice cream, pancakes, cheesecake, waffles, starbucks fraps, hot chocolate, candy, cinnamon rolls, smores, etc! The cravings have not gone away at all! I even dreamed last night that I was stuffing my face with smores. I think I ate like 4 of them in my dream. And that wasn't the first dream I've had on this whole60 about eating sweets. So will the cravings ever go away? If I'm still craving it at day 27 just as much as I was before the whole60, will I ever get to the point of not wanting sweets everyday?
  15. I made it to day 12 today, which felt like a huge accomplishment! I am battling binge eating and so far have had to start my whole 30 over three times, first after 3 days, then 5 days, and now 12 days. I am hopeful that this will be the last time, but I am feeling horribly guilty for slipping up. Like last time I got off track, I was baking cookies for a charity, and wound up eating three monster-size cookies. The last week was insanely stressful for me because I had a family member in the hospital, yet I managed to stick perfectly to the whole 30 and I even ramped up my exercise routine to include more sprint work. I was feeling great and even wore a tank top to the gym, which I haven't felt confident enough to do in a longggg time. Now I feel like I have undone all my hard work and have to go back to hiding under a baggy t-shirt. Other than the guilt and shame, I have never felt this sick to my stomach from eating. In the past, I have done way worse binge eating, letting it go on for hours, even days. Now I feel like throwing up, my heart is racing, and I feel so weak that I am laying down now feeling paralyzed. I have never experienced anything quite like this, yet all I had was a few cookies. I at least feel good about the fact that I was able to stop eating a lot sooner than I normally would have on a binge. I know I will be right back on track tomorrow, but I am really upset about having to start over and dealing with the water weight and sick feeling. Does anyone have any tips on how I can recover and move on? I'm thinking about skipping the post-workout carbs and backing off on salt and fruit for the next couple days. Does this sound like a reasonable plan? I will also be drinking extra water to try to flush my system out. I would really appreciate some encouragement right now.