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Found 5 results

  1. Hi! I've been going pretty well and I am on day 19 today, and been feeling awesome on my Whole30, but for the past five days or so I have been waking up with a really puffy face and swollen hands. My eyelids have had intermittent hives on them throughout the program...that seems to have gotten better these past few days, but now it is replaced by swelling of my eyelids and the rest of my face. And my hands are puffy to the point that I can't get my rings off or even make a fist because my fingers won't bend all the way. Also, I know I have lost inches in my waist; I can see a drastic difference in my natural waist where it dips in. BUT I feel like my muffin top has gotten bigger. I feel like my stomach pokes out a lot and even my hubby commented that I seemed to be gaining in my belly even though my waist was a lot smaller looking. In all honestly, I feel like I look pregnant my stomach pops out so much. I'm wondering if this is a reaction to either coconut, eggs, fish, avocados or almonds. I have added in enriched almond milk in order to get more vitamin D, and two days ago switched to a coconut/almond milk mixture (Unsweetened Silk). I do on occasion have a handful of raw almonds, but I haven't in about a week (though I did have pistachios on the 23rd, which I've never really eaten before...but this all started before that). I have been eating a LOT of fish on my Whole30, and while fish has never bothered me before that I know of, maybe in bigger quantities it's having an effect??? I have been using a moderate amount of coconut products - I use coconut oil in a lot of my cooking, and I also use canned coconut milk but haven't for a few days. I have been eating eggs pretty much every day of my Whole30, but upped my intake a few days ago to three at breakfast instead of two. I have eaten eggs my whole life and never had a problem like this that I noticed, but maybe because I'm eating more eggs, more often it's showing up as an allergen? And I LOVE avocado...I have at least one a day on most days, and I try to get in more with my meals. Before the Whole30 I would occasionally make guacamole and that was the extent of my avocado consumption - maybe twice a month. Now I eat one or more daily. Again, is that something I should be suspicious of as an allergen? So...all that said, it may not even be a food allergen...but if it is, I would like to know. Should I cut out all these things at once or try them one at a time, or what do you all suggest to find out? I will post a few days of my meals...just have to go to my food log and copy them over.
  2. Claudia Bauder

    Rheumatism and inflammation

    Hello everyone, I need some help here. I have arthritis and am in a lot of pain. This is not working for me, yet. I have cut out dairy and grains, which I managed in a 10 day wind down. I did not eat poorly before, really, but had a real challenge also reducing the sugar. After TWO days of following the meal plan, my hands, feet and face were red, totally red. The problem: I am chronically ill with an autoimmune disease, various types of rheumatism. I was diagnosed in 2004 and have treated it well through dietary regulation and exercise. I don't eat much acidic food, no pork, little red meat, little nightshades and slaw. But these were on the menu the first two days in large amounts: 3 eggs for breakfast (instead on one, that I usually have), ground meat, squash, bell peppers, slaw, potatoes, tomatoes. After eating very much of these for three days, I am in a lot of pain and back on Ibuprofen, against pain and inflammation. Not good. I am trying to continue, somehow, and am trying to read about autoimmune with Whole30. Not easy... Any advice?
  3. Hey there! I'm on R2D8 and for the last two nights I have endorsed bilateral joint swelling in my hands. It began Saturday night around midnight and was gone when I woke up the next morning, but it started again Sunday evening while at work (around 11pm or so). Saturday night I endorsed more swelling compared to Sunday night, but the swelling was present nonetheless. Joint swelling is a common symptom I have with food intolerances (ie, I've been lactose intolerance for years and joints will swell if I have too much, and after completing my first whole30 my joints would swell after drinking alcohol) and I do believe this is related to something I have eaten in the last couple of days, but I can't pin down the culprit and was hoping for some insight. Here's a food diary for the last 3 days: Side note: I'm a nurse, and only have an opportunity to eat 2 big meals on the days I work, so I try hard to have a mini meal or small snack every 2-3 hours during my shift. Friday: M1: basil chicken, sweet potatoes, zucchini, coffee M2: chicken salad (compliant whole30 mayo, grapes, celery, herbs, chicken), sweet potatoes M3: steamed shrimp with peri peri rub, various veggies (onions, carrots, broccoli), side salad Saturday--working M1: eggs, guacamole, sweet potatoes, coffee, fruit, cashew butter Mini meals consisted of: Rx bar, almonds and cashews M2: chicken salad, side salad (with tomatoes and sunflower seeds, compliant dressing), sweet potatoes, banana M3: Kale salad with steak Sunday--working M1: eggs, guac, sweet potatoes, coffee, berries, cashew butter Mini meals consisted of: Rx bar, almonds, small dish of chicken salad M2: chicken salad, side salad, sweet potatoes, banana, carrots, and zucchini The cashews I had on Saturday had peanut oil in the ingredients list (Unknowingly ate them), and I thought maybe I was reacting to the peanut oil, but when my hands started swelling again on Sunday I began thinking it was possibly something else, such as the almonds. I would be surprised if it were the eggs and cashew butter- as I eat both almost every morning for breakfast, but I'm interested to hear everyone's thoughts.
  4. Day One- Already feeling urge to quite. Don't worry I'm not going to, but wow does food have a hold on me. I come from a family of large overeaters. I think I've been overweight since birth, and am now at an all-time high of 338lbs at 32 years old. When I first went away to college I actually lost weight while everyone else gained the freshman 15 and was at my healthiest adult weight ever when I was 21. The secret back then was eating on my own schedule instead of that of my family, eating mostly salads because it was easy and I didn't want to take the time to cook. Mostly though, I think it was that about 4 nights a week we would slam back a bunch of shots and then go dance at the bar for about 4 hours straight. My body had never experienced that level of fitness! Of course then I got a boyfriend, became more serious about studying, gained it all back and haven't really stopped gaining since. I am a fairly logical person, so the idea of a diet never made sense to me because they usually don't actually sound very healthy (nothing but grapefruit for how many days?) or just plain stupid (I'm not going to eat something because cavemen didn't? Well maybe if they had fire they would have!), and what happens when you stop dieting anyways? So instead, I would read tons of nutritional information in books and online, and then make non-committal proclamations about how I would "try" to eat less of certain foods, or I would "reduce" the frequency of eating out, or "limit" by heavy carbs. Of course this never worked because if you don't set specific boundaries, it's really easy to break them. Before long I was once again putting whatever tastes good in my mouth without giving it too much thought, and eating until it hurt. Now I am at a point where I weight twice as much as a healthy person, I am tired all the time, have limited focus and motivation, plantar fasciitis, chronic ear aches and allergies, low-back pain, and lymphedema (severe swelling in the legs and feet due to circulation issues). My husband and I are talking about starting a family soon, so I know that now is the time to take action to improve my health and habits. I am 100% committed to this nutrition plan, unlike any other attempt at change I've ever made, and yet... like I said, it's 9:30pm on day 1 and I'm dreading having to go in the kitchen in a minute to prep food for tomorrow. All I want to do is eat ice cream in front of the TV and stop for a bagel on the way to work in the morning instead of prepping a stir fry and eggs tonight like I planned. It really shouldn't be hard, but I've had to admit to myself that I really am addicted to sugar, to pastries, to grains, and to coffee. So like any addiction, the only real way to beat it is to go cold turkey. (I wonder where that saying came from) Hello, my name is Rachel, and I am a food addict. I'm hoping that if I keep reminding myself, that it will help keep me on course. Day 1 is almost over. I can do this.
  5. srp1777

    Hands and feet swell

    This is a problem I have always had, but thought someone might be able to shed some light on the subject. When I work out, my hands and feet swell and it can take 12 to 24 hours before it goes down. I went for a walk/hike last night and my hands are still slightly swollen. I have never been able to figure out what is causing it and I figured it would stop once I got my diet completely cleaned up, but I am on day 23 and it is still happening. I have tried both increasing and decreasing my sodium intake with no luck. Does anyone else have this problem?