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Found 7 results

  1. Swimming on Whole30

    One of my goals for my first Whole30, today is Day 10, is to increase my energy level and possibly performance during morning swim workouts with my local masters/adult club (roughly 3000 meters, 3 or 4 timers per week). I am 49 (5-0 in July) and while never competitive on an accomplished level like high school or college, love swimming enough that it's my primary form of exercise. Since I started the Whole30, and realizing I am only 10 days in, swim workouts have been a struggle, or more of a struggle than usual. Can I expect to experience an uptick in energy over the next few weeks? I have been following the recommendation to eat a little protein before workouts (tex-mex chicken frittata "muffin", e.g.) followed by a full breakfast (more of the same with fruit, handful of almonds usually). As of Monday I added potato/starches to 2 or 3 meals. Anyhow, just looking for general nutritional advice and or insights. I'm swimming through the doldrums in the meantime, hoping the water starts to feel a little lighter over the next few weeks. Thanks!
  2. Muscle Loss

    Just finished day 30 last night and am really enjoying the clear sinuses, increased energy and better productivity at work. The only downside has been noticeable muscle loss in the legs & glutes. I dropped from 192 lbs to 178 on a 57 year old 6'3" frame and it's all been from the lower half. I'm a 3-4xweek spinner, typically burning 800+ calories per session. The end result has been a noticeable decease in stamina during workouts. Any advice on what I can add into my diet that will help regain muscle would be most appreciated.
  3. In roughly the last week or so of my Whole30, I will start swimming again for my college team and I'm extremely concerned about being properly fueled (especially for the two-a-day practices). Morning practices start at 5:15 am and go until 7-something depending on the day. Afternoon practices are around 4:30 pm until 6:30. I already am aware that I need my pre-workout meal for at least the morning practices (I was thinking a hard-boiled egg or a spoon of almond butter--if I can stomach either) and a post-workout protein/carb which I haven't figured out yet (something that can sit in a steamy pool locker room for at least 2 hours or more and be edible afterwards). My main concern is being able to make it through the grueling practices without any major side effects. Should carb-loading on starchy vegetables be my main concern during my main meals? I'm just a little overwhelmed with the whole idea of trying to eat 6-7 meals in the span of one day (besides all the classes and other activities I have during the day) and also not completely dying or throwing up during practices. I also noticed there wasn't a topic (to my knowledge) for purely competitive swimmers so I figured this could be helpful to others in the same situation or something similar.
  4. Hi guys. I have quite the dilemma on my hands. I'm starting my Whole30 on the 26th of August (two days before I go back to college). The only problem with doing my W30 during college is that I'm also on the swim team (where carb loading is a popular pass time). I'm concerned that I won't be able to stay properly fuelled and finish my reintroduction correctly when the time comes because after every meet its either pizza or pasta for dinner. There's also the issue of keeping enough carbs in my system to survive grueling two-a-day practices. For meets, I was thinking about packing my own lunches before the meets (maybe a mason jar salad with lots of carbs or something?) and snacks during the meets (dates + almond butter and some homemade larabars) however, I don't think that I can also bring along dinner... And bringing enough food for a multiple day meet is out of the question. The other issue is that my campus is a residential campus so getting food from off campus is more difficult (mainly due to swimming and my class schedule). So making my own meals is an extremely rare possibility. At most I want to say that I could make it to the local grocery store once a month, but I'd be on my bike so there's that limitation. Also, since it's a residential campus I'm at the mercy of the dining hall and whatever they cook their meals in or "secret" (read: non-compliant) ingredients they sneak in. However, we do have an allergen-friendly line (which avoids all the major allergens) only sometimes they have legumes and other things that I personally just don't like. I guess my real question is is whether I should attempt to do a "Whole365" (even though it's not recommended) until swimming season ends and then do an actual W30 after it does. Or what other options I have. Thanks in advance for your help.
  5. I'm on Day 7 and feel great, except for one thing. The last two days I've had leg and toe cramps that are pretty painful. I swim most days and two days ago had both thigh and toe cramps. I hopped on my bike yesterday and the same thing happened. Any suggestions? I don't eat beef or pork, but do eat fish, eggs and chicken and so far have followed the plan exactly. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi! So every morning in the summer I have swim practice at 6:30 AM and I am just not hungry enough at 6 AM to eat a sufficient meal 1/breakfast, nor do I have the time. What is recommended that I eat before?? I will be eating a real meal after if that's okay, or is there something else I should do? Ahhhh thank you!
  7. Two-A-Days

    I swim for my college, so practicing in the summer is necessary. At this level, even taking a day out of the pool isn't an option. Unfortunately, it is also our off season, so I use my summers to build up my strength training because it is so hard to keep up a focus on strength during the season. This means that I'm swimming from 5 AM to 7 AM and then lifting during my lunch hour at my internship. My lifts have been sluggish and my heart rate quickly spikes. I've increased my carb intake (sweet potatotes mostly), but I wanted to know if I should be eating 7 meals per day with this training schedule: 2 pre-WO, 2 post-WO, and the standard 3? Also, I was wondering if anyone had tips/suggestions for the types of foods I should be eating before and after each workout? Thanks!