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Found 19 results

  1. Robin Strathdee

    Don't over think this.

    Welcome all newcomers, welcome back vets, and for those of you who never left...welcome to this post. I just wanted to pop in here and remind you all to take a deep breath before you dive into all the questions about what you can and can't have. The program guidelines are clear on what you can and can't have (grains, dairy, W30 muffins), but things get a little grey when people start talking about what you should and shouldn't have. Please don't over think think this. You don't have to address every food related issue you have, break every bad habit, and shun every food that gives you comfort to succeed with your Whole30. If you need to you can always extend or repeat the process, and things will get better each time you do. My advice to you is this: Stick to the rules like they are your port in a storm (really, they will become that). Take the Moderators responses seriously (we know what we're talking about). Take community members suggestions as advice from those who came before, but keep in mind they are not the rules and not the Mods. Everyone here is well-meaning, and everyone here wants to see you succeed, but everyone here is at a different place in this journey. And finally, take comfort in these words (from Melissa Hartwig, on another forum post): Here's the thing (and this is an interesting discussion)... there are Whole30 "rules," which are strict, clearly outlined, and very well defined. No grains - and here are all the things we consider grains. No dairy - and here are all the dairy items excluded. No Paleo-fied food choices, and here's what those look like. Then, there are Whole30 suggestions for success. They're not part of the official rules, but they're things that we've seen really help (or harm) people as they move through the program. Fruit smoothies for breakfast - not a good idea. Skipping breakfast - not a good idea. Eating every two hours, all day - not a good idea. These things won't necessarily affect your Whole30 results (although they might), but if we can give you additional suggestions that will make your transition and your program easier and more effective, we're going to give them to you. Keep Calm and Whole30 On.
  2. smiling_yogi

    Savory waffles - SWYPO?

    Hey, I’m wondering if savory waffles (sweet potato, coconut flour) are considered SWYPO? I’ve made them a couple times and they’re super yummy but since they are savory, I don’t feel I would overeat them like sweet waffles and I’m not using them as a stand-in for them. Usually serve them with an egg or two, avocado, and greens. Mods, yea or nay on this meal? Thanks in advance
  3. Chelsea Cooper


    Getting ready to start my first Whole30 and I really love to eat scrambled eggs with mashed banana and cinnamon that I cook in coconut oil. It’s the same ingredients that you would make paleo pancakes out of but I never liked those or regular pancakes. I top the eggs with almond butter usually or sometimes blueberries. So is this ok, sex with your pants on or a complete no go? Thank you!
  4. amandakristine

    SWYPO Question

    Hi everyone! So I have been seeing this recipe posted saying it is Whole30 approved... can someone give me a definite answer on if this would be considered SWYPO or no? I feel like it is borderline a recreation of baked goods. Thanks! Amanda
  5. Today is my 22nd of 30 days on Whole30. So far, things have been great! Cravings are down, I feel more energetic, I look more svelt, I'm eating smaller quantities of food, and the food I eat tastes more vibrant! All good things! It was disheartening then, to learn this morning that I have been unwittingly breaking a rule of the program. Apparently, even though none of the ingredients violate the Whole30 parameters, eating something that resembles a corn tortilla means that I’ve totally missed the point of this program, and should in theory start over. Day 1. This Sex With Your Pants On (SWYPO) business is the biggest knock to the credibility of this program. It truly makes no sense and presumes a lot. It is a fine suggestion in most situations, but to make it a rule is problematic and changes this from a program about health and a healthier relationship to food, into a program about deprivation for deprivation’s sake. There are a number of presumptions in this reasoning that are simply false. Take for instance “given the constructs of your Whole30 program, you’re stuck with Paleo pizza.” This presumes that I can’t possibly enjoy a substitute for an unhealthy food, and that these substitutes are inherently, objectively inferior to the food they may resemble. Under this presumption, I will inevitably be led to feelings of frustration (moderator edit to remove inappropriate content) that can only fuel intense cravings. This is simply un-true. I have truly enjoyed eating paleo tortillas, and I would submit that depriving myself of these would have a more negative longer-term impact than including them in my Whole30 diet. Eating these tortillas has shown me that I can have a taco meal that has no grain, is low carb, and is just as satisfying to eat as the thing it imitates. Were I to deprive myself of this experience all together, who is to say that instead of getting excited about a truly healthy, unproblematic food substitution, I wouldn’t spend the 30 days craving a “real” taco, and then go right back to them when the program ends? Now, I’ve given myself an alternative path to walk: even after the Whole30 comes to a close, I can continue to eat these healthy, delicious taco shells. Adhering to this SWYPO rule would have meant I would have never discovered these… ever. If this program is truly about health and healthy living, then wouldn’t it make sense to try to create sustainable habits? It seems to me that the current philosophy excludes these kinds of culinary experiences in ways that I know personally would likely lead me back to the same old bad habits that I’m trying to break. The infamous criticism about most diets is that they are unsustainable because you yo-yo, and this rule seems in keeping with that problem. I find myself wondering what other delicious, healthy “junk” food alternatives I’m missing out on because of this. Perhaps I would love paleo pizza and be excited to eat it several days a week, reaping all of the health benefits of grain-free, low carb, high protein, healthy fat, whole foods. But, with the SWYPO rule, Whole30 has already decided for me that that pizza sucks, I would never like it, and eating it would only be a frustrating experience. So I guess when this is done, I’ll just go back to eating regular, gluten abundant, greasy, carby, cheesy, sugary, bleached flour crust pizza instead. Another aspect of this rule that is discrediting is the inconsistency of it: “Do not try to re-create baked goods, junk foods, or treats with ‘approved’ ingredients.” Well, what’s a “treat”? Is that any food that I enjoy? So is the point of Whole30 to not eat anything that tastes good or satisfying? Meanwhile, here are some foods that are Whole30 approved: Larabars (way less healthy than my paleo tortillas), squash chips, sweet potato toast, zucchini noodles, jicama shells, squash fries, mayo, latte, raspberry lime spritzer, broiled grapefruit, ranch dressing, kombucha (this one is confounding since a main ingredient is sugar), and cranberry sauce. And where do you draw the line? A paleo tortilla is basically an omelette, and that’s Whole20 approved… [moderator edit to remove inappropriate content]All I know is that I now genuinely crave paleo tortillas and could be happy eating this healthy alternative for the rest of my life, instead of just going back to corn tortillas in a week. That’s a healthy habit that will carry me much longer than 30 days. [moderator edit to remove inappropriate content]
  6. careergirlwhole30

    Honest SWYPO Question

    So I just finished my Whole30 yesterday (yahoo!), and I have an honest SWYPO question which I know has been discussed a million times, but I really want to understand the answer to it. From everything I've read banana pancakes (banana + egg) are considered SWYPO and therefore not whole30 because it's considered different from eating an egg and a banana separately, bring up a different psychological response, and are not following the spirit of whole30. On the other hand, zoodles and cauli-rice are encouraged--now here is what I don't get. When I eat zoodles, they remind me of pasta-I put pasta sauce on them, add some meatballs, and it's a meal very similar to what I would eat pre-whole30. This same meal is even in a whole30 blog post labeled comfort food ( My question here is, doesn't eating zoodles in zoodle form promote a different psychological response than sautéed zucchini circles? Isn't it trying to replace a food that you (most likely) previously ate too much of before whole30 and had a psychological connection to (i.e. comfort food)? I have the same feeling about cauli-rice--no one, and I mean no one, eats as much cauliflower as they do when they use it as cauli-rice for a curry, burrito bowl, etc. Lots of people love white rice, and they are replacing it with this substitute. My point is that just like banana pancakes neither zoodles nor cauli-rice taste like what they are replacing (pasta and rice), but most people are eating them as a replacement for what they used to eat and because they crave that comfort food of pasta and red sauce or curry and white rice. Even more confusing is that pure wraps ( were declared not whole30. I feel like that is the most similar thing to zoodles/cauli-rice so it super confused me. Pure wraps were simply coconut, just like cauli-rice is cauliflower and zoodles are just zucchini-why are they a no-no and zoodles/cauli-rice is not? So my question is why are banana pancakes and pure wraps different and considered SWYPO when zoodles and cauli-rice are not? I know this is a hot topic, so please know that I'm asking because I truly want to understand--I may disagree with the reasoning, and that's fine-I don't make the rules, but I do want to understand them.
  7. Hi all! This is going to be messy, and if you are feeling a bit frustrated with Whole30, I'd actually recommend not reading this and moving on to a more encouraging thread. That said- I need to get a few things out there. I know, Day 10 is one of the hardest days, blah, blah, blah but I have few bones to pick with this program: There are the superficial things. I feel like I'm eating too much meat (from an environmental stand point), eggs are driving me crazy, I just really want to have a salad dressing that actually tastes good, etc. But none of this is that big of a deal. Overall, I've had tons of positives so far. I definitely went through a sugar detox, and I'm amazed I've went this long without chocolate. This is probably the longest I've done so in my adult life, actually. I'm eating tons of vegetables and loving it! And I usually don't miss bread and cheese (except at that NFL playoff party where everyone had pizza). My physical side effects were mostly on days 2-4. Best of all, my husband is making the best dietary choices I've ever seen him make. But (and this is huge, ginormous but), I have a major issue with this program. And honestly, its also one of the reasons I chose this option. Yeah, I know. I'm a conflicted, confusing person...but here it is: Legalism. The rules, the black and white, the "tough love". It's too much. I think its warranted in many facets of the program. I agree with the basics of eliminating dairy, grains, legumes, added sugar etc. for 30 days and then seeing what the reintroduction does for you. I agree that there should be no scheduled cheat days and that there are no accidents. I even agree with restarting when it is clear that the rules have been violated. However, SWYPO is where I believe there should be a gray area. For the most part, I accept the concept that you shouldn't recreate desserts, breads, etc. Using odd substitutions to recreate things doesn't usually pan out. However, there a few things that baffle me. For instance (and I can see the eyes rolling already from all you mods and die-hard whole 30ers)- egg/banana pancakes. No one would complain if I ate a banana, two eggs, some compliant chicken sausage and sautéed veggies. But heaven forbid I mix the egg/banana together! IT IS LITERALLY THE SAME MEAL! (nutritionally speaking...) Of course, if a person had a deep connection to pancakes, they shouldn't go there, but really... Now I know, this is going to get a lot of response about how your brain lights up the pleasure centers based on how your food looks, blah blah blah... Ok. Then tell me how banana-egg pancakes are any different/worse that LaCroix? It is a fizzy drink with an honestly yucky taste that comes in a pretty can....just like diet coke. How is LaCroix not SWYPO, but egg banana pancakes are? Just saying... Anyway, I know everyone is going to focus on the pancakes here, but I just wanted to say that I'm going to continue my 30 days as compliant as I can- but if I bend the rules here and there, does it really matter if it leads to lasting healthier choices?
  8. Is it still considered SWYPO if you are hosting a party and you want to make dessert for you guests?
  9. I am on day 5. All of the ingredients are compliant, but it was really sweet and now I feel guilty. I ate it right after my lunch because I had heard they were compliant. I had never had them before this. Please help!
  10. Quick two-part question related to exercise around life during the W30: I went through an initial enthusiasm with tracking apps like Strava and whatnot, I used to track all my runs, all my rides, etc. And at some point I got disenchanted with the notion of a quantified life and got rid of all my apps, didn't track anything, and it was really nice. A friend challenged me on Map My Fitness the other day so I thought, what the heck, I'll get the app just for this since competition plays zero factor in why I like riding, running, etc. You seem like you can't get away from calorie counts on these apps, which to me seems to veer really close, in principle, to getting on the scale. I get that many people on the W30 are probably a lot more scientific about it than I am, but I like the 'ballparking' principles of the meal plans and proportions, and if I learn what satiates me then I really, really don't care about calories in/out. (Especially since, as many of the mods have pointed out, health and exercise has a lot more to do with finer details rather than total calories.) And while I say I don't really pay attention, sometimes the counts on the apps mystify me: this morning I rode 44km in around 2 hours, with about 20km being a very nice, easy going recovery pace ride which was with a friend, and the 10km to and from the meetup point about twice the pace, not breathless but perspiring and working at, maybe 80% of what I think my capacity probably is. This app thinks I burned over 1,000 calories in that time. No way, right? I ask the more experienced athletes out there if, in your experience, this aspect of tracking apps is even marginally correct, and, do you consider calorie tracking to be of the same sort of practice that weighing oneself is?
  11. This is my first Whole30. I'm on Day 2. The main reason I'm doing this is because I am sick and tired of sugar controlling my life. The second reason is because I have spent the last 26 years in a dysfunctional relationship with food. I want to stop this! Unfortunately, ever since I started (yesterday) I've been plagued by intense anxiety over whether I'm "doing it right." I don't know how to let this feeling go. I had two Larabars (compliant ingredients) and a pouch of almond butter last night because I was so hungry and irritable. This morning I had an enormous breakfast with plenty of fat, protein, veggies, and fruit, but I was starving an hour later and now I'm fantasizing about dates (the fruit ;-) ). Would it be OK to eat Larabars with a meal? (NOT as dessert) Just to give myself something to look forward to? I'm so scared that I'll mess it up and not kick the Sugar Dragon to the curb. On the flipside, I can't deal with this anxiety for another 28 days! It's almost like a bought of OCD! (real OCD - not the cutesy kind.) I also find that I'm rejecting compliant foods that I enjoy because I'm afraid that comfort/happiness = food addiction/emotional eating. Please help! :-(
  12. I almost have my best friend convinced to try a Whole30 with me in August (as much Whole30 as we can do living at home with parents who foot the food bill and think we're crazy), but she absolutely hates her coffee black. She sent me a recipe she found for a homemade hazelnut creamer made with soaked hazelnuts, water, coconut oil, and sweetened with pureed dates and asked me if she could have it on the Whole30. My assessment was that while the ingredients are legit, this creamer would not be Whole30 because it isn't in keeping with the spirit of the program. It is clearly SWYPO for a person who loves their flavored coffees, and its purpose would be propping up the craving for sweetness, having the same effect and satisfying the same brain tantrum as just adding sugar would. To me, it would be tantamount to eating Larabars for dessert (which was my SWYPO during my first W30). In my understanding, sugar is sugar, dessert is dessert, and sweetened creamer is sweetened creamer, but I wanted to present this to the experts as a case study. Am I correct in judging this creamer non-compliant? Thanks!
  13. On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the worst for you, how bad is "monkey salad"... i know that a lot of forum people have been very scathing but banana, macadamia butter and coconut flakes just hit the spot!!! I am on day 24 of my first whole 30 and doing okay. I would probably be regarded as being at goal weight (I have not weighed myself so I don't know) and I am ramping up my running after an injury. I started the whole 30 to crack my 15 cup a day addiction to coffee and skim milk and a pretty savage junk food tooth. I have not really had a problem with giving up any of the forbidden foods except the coffee and skim milk... and I am still learning to enjoy drinking it black... not 15 cups a day though. Is "monkey salad" SWYPO?
  14. Caitlin W

    burgers and breakfasts

    Are burgers compliant as long as they are made with complaint ingredients? If the answer is yes would it be considered SWYPO if you used portobella mushrooms as buns? What about sweet potato pancakes as buns? I know pancakes in the sense of breakfast pancakes are banned but potato latkes are okay (I noticed this from a previous post). So if burgers and buns are okay then can I use the potato latke or a pancake that is pretty much a sweet potato latke as the bun or does that fall under SWYPO. The recipe uses shredded sweet potato, coconut flour, ginger, nutmeg sea salt, and eggs. It's basically the sweet potato hash recipe you have on instagram but in "pancake" form. I'm really not trying to be a PIA with this question, I'm just trying to get some clarification. Also for some clarification...a lot of the breakfast options are eggs and I feel like I will get sick of eggs very quick. Can I do something like a sweet potato "oatmeal" with shredded sweet potatoes, spices, raisins, nuts and coconut milk to change it up and still be compliant? Please advise. Thanks.
  15. aimeegoudas

    The Great Pancake controversy

    Okay - major debate in a number of groups. Let me start by stating I have read the book and I "get it." In the context of paleo pancakes, they are totally swypo, for anyone, because you are trying to make a normal food use alternate flours, baking soda, etc., and you get a pancake. What are exhausted by eggs. Can't deal with another scramble, omelet, sunnyside, hard-boiled....Egg "muffins" are okay....they are eggs mixed with other savory, non-flour ingredients and baked in a muffin tin for ease and portability. So you mix some pureed pumpkin into your scrambled eggs and cook. Because of gravity, centrifugal force, whatever, they happen to form a circle on the pan and resemble a pancake....but they are basically an omelet. Same goes for egg and banana...etc. Basically scrambled eggs with fruit/veg. So if i zhuzh (sp?) them in the pan so they are messy looking like a scramble, they are okay, or if i fill the whole pan and call it an omelet, it's fine, but if they form a circle ("pancake") they are not okay and swypo? These pancakes happen to fit in a ziploc in my purse easily so i can sneak into meetings where there is no compliant food to eat. But even for the others who want pancakes...does the shape really make them swypo/noncompliant? Please give me an official answer!!!
  16. I have a confession: I've been eating coconut butter as "dessert" It started as taking a spoonful when I was still hungry after a meal (already a mistake, I realize!). It's SO EASY to fool yourself into thinking that it's okay because coconut butter doesn't contain added sweeteners, and "it's just fat so it's allowed". But it's obviously still some serious SWYPO (at least for me)! It's infuriating to realize that my first Whole30 was all a sham, but live and learn, I suppose. My "real" Whole30 starts NOW. Does anyone else find that coconut butter feeds their sugar dragon? Also, any tips for overcoming the dessert habit?
  17. I make a cashew "alfredo" sauce, using ghee, cashews, garlic, and coconut milk. I can't seem to find anything on it, but it seems like it might be a "SWYPO" kind of deal. Is it?
  18. Hi all, long time reader, first time poster... I am currently on day 16 of my 2nd round of the Whole30 - I completed it successfully about 6 months ago and had a great experience, with my only complaint being lack of variety in my menu for the month. So this time, I have been experimenting with more recipes, and it's been a much yummier Whole30 so far. But this leads me to a question for the Whole30 experts... At what point does a recipe cross the line in SWYPO territory? I do understand the SWYPO concept, and am fine with not trying to Macgyver up some Paleo brownies or pancakes or bread... But at what point does it go from just "combining ingredients to make a yummy and healthy recipe" to becoming the Whole30 violation of "SWYPO"? For instance, this recipe for a baked cinnamon cereal. The website on which it's posted ( says that the woman who made it did so to have as a breakfast during the Whole30... But I wasn't sure. Is this SWYPO? And if so, what part of it crosses that line? Makes six 1/2 cup servings 1/2 cup milled flax seed 1/2 cup hulled hemp seeds 2 Tbl ground cinnamon 1/2 cup apple juice 1 Tbl coconut oil Combine the dry ingredients in a Magic Bullet, blender or food processor. Add the apple juice and coconut oil and process until fully combined and mostly smooth. Spread the batter out on a parchment lined cookie sheet until nice and thin – about 1/16 of an inch thick. Bake in a preheated 300 degree (F) oven for 15 minutes. Lower the heat to 250 degrees (F) and bake for another 10 minutes. Remove from the oven and using a pizza cutter or knife, cut into squares about the size of the keys on your computer keyboard. Turn off the oven and put the cereal back inside for about an hour, or until it's crisp and breaks easily. If it's still soft, keep in the oven until completely dried out and crisp. Serve with unsweetened almond or coconut milk. Thanks in advance to those who answer... Amy
  19. Folks, Are deviled eggs considered SWYPO during your Whole30? And while I'm here... What about Brussle sprout "chips"? Spaghetti squash and compliant tomato-sauce? I'm not talking about making paleo cookies with almond flour, ghee and cocoa powder sweetened with fruit juice (ha) but I would love to hear some other foods that seem innocent but are actually SWYPO and a no-no during your Whole30 Thank you!